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Social Media Audit

Our Social Media Audit service doesn't just look at your social media. We'll evaluate your SEO and website too in order to give you a full digital health report of all of your services.

We have worked with some of the worlds largest brands to help them ensure that their social media campaigns not only adopt a best-practice approach, but remain innovative, engaging, and deliver the returns that they really want.

social media audit

We will look at all of your social media accounts, as well as your website and your blog to see if there is anything you're missing that will really help you to stand out. Once we have audited your sites and accounts, we will work with you to understand the key deliverables and outcomes you want from your social media campaigns and then prepare a social media strategy document to take you through what's what and to prepare you for the future.

The strategy document covers all of your existing activities as well as any wider areas where we think you should have a presence. We will also audit your accounts to see what you're currently doing and how we think you could be doing it better. This could be anything from giving you advice on engagement, right through to helping out with the creative.

Our aim is to help you build on and develop the social strategy that you already have in place to see how it can improve. Not only will be help you out with implementation and ideas, we will also leave you with examples of brands who are doing it well and that are relevant to your sector. Sure, Cadbury's might be nailing it, but that's no help if you're an extreme sports insurance company.

social media kickstarter

Campaign ideas are our speciality, they're our bread and butter, so if you are looking for some creative ideas to get your name out there, then we'll put our team to work and come up with a campaign that is tailored to you specifically. We can be involved as much or as little as you like, so just let us know what you're looking for and we'll do the rest.

We work with every size brand and can tailor a package to suit any budget, so whether you're a tiny start-up just testing the water, or if you've already got thousands of followers, but you feel things just need to be spiced up a bit, then get in touch.

Prices from £2,800

Need a fresh start? Our Audit service is just what you're looking for

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