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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th November – Band Aid 30 & Spotify teams up with Uber

It’s Monday and here are the first Likes and Fails of the week. Christmas seems to have hit here in the office this week and so our first Like of the week features the brand new Band Aid song.


So yes it’s here, the new Band Aid single has been released and starting it’s fight to the top of the charts as well as helping to fight Ebola in Africa. The video was released online on YouTube this morning and it already has 130,000 views which isn’t to shabby, though not exactly earth shattering. The good news is that with the text line for the song raised over 1 million pounds in just 5 minutes! Which is very impressive, as well as showing the giving nature of the country in times of need (if it’s well publicised enough!).

Though there are clearly those who would like to find something wrong with the song/the cause/the celebrities or anything they can get angry about, we should try and focus on the good that the single is doing and that nearly every penny raised will go to fight Ebola in Africa. Hopefully the amount raised will truly help the cause and that we can wipe out Ebola indefinitely.



Spotify has teamed up with the controversial taxi cab app Uber so that you can decide on a Spotify playlist to play in the hosts car whilst they drive you to your destination. Now initially this may sound like a cool idea but really, think about it. Do you really want to annoy the person driving you around – technically with your life in their hands – with music that could drive them to drive you off the road. Yeah no not the best idea. I mean obviously Uber drivers are not going to drive you off the road, but you know what, it’s their car, let them play their own music or enjoy the sound of the road if that’s what they prefer.

I bet when you drive your own car you are the one who decides on music or at least decides who is allowed to be in charge of the music. With this new app team up drivers have no choice. They already have to deal with no cash in had, now no control over their music and there is already the possibility of driver-less cars taking over the roads in a few years time. Things are not good for professional drivers at the moment are they. Let them destress with their own tunes.

The CEO of Uber had this to say:

“For Uber we’re trying to always create highly evolving experiences, the opposite of which of course is the taxi world that came before it.”

“Now I can get in [an Uber] and my music is playing. And for Uber it’s the first time we’ve personalised the experience inside the car and for music lovers that is Nirvana, it’s a really awesome place to be.”

So well I guess he prefers the sound of his music over the sound of a happy driver. Unfortunately I imagine any backlash from the drivers will not be listened to and for them I imagine that the draw of the money from the Uber journeys is more than that of their own music tatstes.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 11th June – World Cup madness & Uber upsets cabbies

It’s today’s Likes and Fails and today we’re loving all the world cup features that Social Media sites have added to celebrate and aid coverage of the event. We’re not so impressed with Uber who have managed to upset London’s cabbies as well as kicking them while their down by adding them into their app.


We’re loving all the new World Cup features that are beginning to show up on different Social Media sites. First thing this morning we noticed a new little banner at the bottom of the Google homepage which shows a cartoon Brazilian football player doing some keep-ups, and says ‘Tour the streets of Brazil, painted in celebration of the games’. which if you click takes you to a gallery of streets in Brazil which have been beautifully decorated in honour of the World Cup. You can then tour the street you click on, like you would in Street View, a great idea which really shows you the team spirit that Brazil has right now.

maps view brazil

Another thing which both Facebook and Twitter have created is World Cup ‘hubs’, these are like landing pages which show you the current trends surrounding the event. On Twitter’s ‘hub’ there is a main feed which shows you live tweets from football focused accounts and filtered keywords, all from an algorithm, surrounding the World Cup and current/upcoming matches. It also shows the live scores on a scoreboard on the left hand side of the page, and on the right hand side there is a list of all the participating teams’ twitter accounts. They’ve also reintroduced hashflags which adds your teams’ flag to your tweet when you hashtag the three letter country code. E.g. #ENG.

On Facebook they’ve added to their fairly recent Trending section, by having a World Cup hub as well. They have much of a similarity to the Twitter one, but they add posts from your friends about the World Cup to the feed on this page, as well as featuring trending news stories about the matches. On the right of the centre feed is the Facebook pages for the teams that are playing next as well as the live score of matches in play, and a fan map which shows the most popular players and where their fans come from.

Also another quick aside regarding the world cup is that FIFA have officially launched their official Instagram account, which is already filling up with great football pictures and getting us in the mood for the first match tomorrow!


Uber app London luxury cab services

Who would have thought that a simple mobile app would lead to suspected gridlock in central London today? That may very well be the case. Thousands of black cab drivers are today expected to stage a peaceful process by convening at Trafalgar Square, and not taking fares for this period. The protest is regarding popular taxi booking app Uber, which allows the user to find nearby cabs via GPS and also allows you pay through the app with your pre-entered payment details when the journey is over. The black cab drivers of London are not impressed because they say the app is not used legally because it acts as a meter, which private cars are not allowed to use.

It also seems that Uber wanted to kick the cabbies while their down, as today (the very day of the protest) they’ve announced that they’re adding black cabs to the service.

There’s expected to be chaos in central London today because of the protest so watch out for that if you happen to be going there, and I hope the dispute between the cabbies and Uber is sorted out agreeably soon.

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by Helen Stirling