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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th September – Illustrated Typos parody account & DiGiorno’s Twitter fail

Here are today’s Likes and Fails. Today we found a hilarious Twitter parody account which illustrates typos made on Twitter. We also look at the Twitter brand fail from DiGiornos Pizza which was a bit of a mistake.


Now there are countless numbers of parody Twitter, accounts, you might think that it’s unlikely that there can be anyhting original, or even funny anymore but its been done with the creation of Illustrated Typos. @Illustratedtypo is a funny account in the same vein as the immensely popular @CrapTaxidermy, this account is reliant on hilarious images.

The woman behind the account has been making photo constructions based upon peoples’ Twitter typos. Some of these typos are famous on the internet themselves so it’s pretty funny to see them brought ‘to life’.

A lot of the images are celebrity based, a personal favourite is the ‘Dusting Hoffman’ image as well as the misinterpreted song ‘Don’t go Jason Waterfalls’. These images are also on the Tumblr version of Illustrated Typos which goes hand in hand with the Twitter account. Enjoy a look at some of the funniest images below.

tumblr_n7it1lI2Qy1td1y2to1_1280 jason waterfalls

dusting hoffman


You may have heard a little about the NFL domestic violence story that’s been featured in the news the past couple of days. Basically the story is that Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice has been suspended from his team because of news breaking that he had assaulted his then fiancee, now wife. Then, footage emerged on TMZ of the assault in an elevator which showed him punching his fiancee and her falling to the ground out cold. Following the team’s managers seeing the footage, Rice was removed from the team all together. Obviously this is a very high profile story, especially with the football season having just started. The story was heavily discussed on Twitter, especially the fact that his wife decided to stay with/marry him following the assault. Which bore the hashtag #WhyIStayed, where men and women discussed why they stayed with their abusive partner, as well as the hashtag #WhyILeft trending too.

So an American pizza brand DiGiorno Pizza, saw the #WhyIStayed hashtag and clearly did no research into why it was trending and tweeted the reason they stayed was pizza. See below.


Clearly this was a serious mistake on the brands part, and many were upset with the trivial nature in which the brand had got involved with the hashtag. The brand however quickly noticed and deleted the tweet  within minutes. Though there were many tweets at the brand about how careless their tweet had been.

This could have been a worse brand fail had they not dealt with their mistake straight away. They began creating and sending personal apologies to each person who had Tweeted about the rogue tweet. The apologies come across as sincere and it doesn’t feel as if too much damage has been done to the brand, plus everyone makes mistakes, so it would be silly to ostracize them over one tweet.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social media Agency’s Round-up blog – 7th July – Djokovic brand tweets, American Apparel apologise, Facebook engagement, Harry Styles’s favourite tweet

It’s Monday, and here’s the Round-Up of Social Media news you may have missed.

1. Djokovic won Wimbledon yesterday

The Wimbledon Mens singles came to an end yesterday and Djokovic beat Federer to win the title, and as usual a few brands hopped on to the bandwagon and created some original images to celebrate his win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had Federer images pre made too, ready to go out for whatever the eventuality. It was mostly brand ambassadors of the tennis star who congratulated him but a few other sports brands chipped in. You can see a few of the tweets below.


2. American Apparel apologises

American Apparel has apologised after they accidentally posted an insensitive photograph on the 4th of July. The photo in question was an image of the space shuttle Challenger disaster where all 7 people on board were killed. They say that the photograph was reblogged on Tumblr in error after the staff member in question thought that the image was of fireworks. It has also been made clear now that the member of staff was born after the events in the photo and so was unaware of the significance of the photograph.

3. Facebook Engagement

Two people have got engaged after meeting through mutual friends on Facebook, and it all started with a Poke. The couple got engaged at Facebook’s headquarters after the guy proposing pretended that the couple had won a competition for a free tour of the Facebook grounds and building. When the couple got to the square he got down on one knee and the message ‘Nafis, will you Marry me?’ appeared on the outdoor screen. They say that they first got in contact when Steven poked Nafis on Facebook and they struck up a conversation from that meeting.

4. Harry Styles sends Twitter into meltdown

As per usual a member of One Direction has sent Twitter into meltdown, this was after a fan noticed that Harry Styles had favourited a questionable porn themed tweet back at the end of May. Obviously this discovery quickly made fans a little over excited, and of course a hashtag began trending almost instantly; #Harrydontlickanything was picked up by fans worldwide (in case you’re confused, the original tweet referenced licking something…). He’s since un-favourited the tweet and has replaced the favourite with many pictures of cute puppies.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Monday April 28th 2014: De Niro’s Debut and Teens Desert Traditional Social Media


Robert De Niro has become the latest celebrity to embrace the digital world, with his first Vine video. Don’t get too excited though, he doesn’t have an account yet.

He chose to make his debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, with the help of celebrity Vine video creator Jerome Jarre, and the video has already had a whopping 173,900 likes.



A survey has found that teenagers are turning away from “traditional” social media sites, while Instagram, Tumblr and mobile messaging services like WhatsApp and Snapchat saw a boost.

In fact, Snapchat was the service was the service that saw the biggest increase, with a 60% increase in users between Q3 and Q4 2013. Facebook saw a 9% drop, while Twitter use dropped 3% and YouTube fell 7%.

We’ve known for a while that the kids are enjoying Tumblr these days, but the migration to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat just re-enforce that teens really don’t like hanging out on social networks where their parents are.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th March – Coca-Cola’s new campaign & Google Plus has a small update.

It’s Likes and Fails time and today we look at Coca-Cola’s ambitious but impressive World Cup Social Media campaign and we look at the newest update to the Google Plus platform.


Coca-Cola has begun to announce some of their marketing strategy in preparation for the Rio 2014 World Cup. The company has a great idea to get countries from all around the world involved in the big tournament. In one of their first promotions for the World Cup, Coke have created a video in which Brazil’s blind football team get the chance to touch the Cup, a privilege which is usually only reserved for  FIFA dignitaries and previous winners. The video is very Coca-Cola, with the usual feel of their videos noticeable in this one. An uplifting story with a happy ending, and of course enjoying a drink of Coke.

The biggest project is to get people from every country to participate in the world’s largest photo mosaic at the opening match in Brazil. The mosaic will make up the ‘Happiness Flag‘ as Coca-Cola puts it, which will feature 1 million faces of people around the world. People can get involved, adding their photo to the roster by either posting on Facebook, Tweeting with the hashtag, posting to Instagram with the hashtag or emailing them directly. You also have to add in your country hashtag so that the lovely people at Coca-Cola know where you’re from.

They have also just launched a branded Tumblr page specifically in time for the launch of this campaign. Tumblr is to be the base where they tell all the stories of the run up to the World Cup and of the Cup’s travels across the world.


Google+ has made a small interface/design change over the last week, which personally I feel should have come much sooner. The change means that posts with links attached now display a larger image much like competitor Facebook. Before, the link posts contained a small square icon image and small bit of info, whereas now there is a noticeably larger image with more info about the link. You can see the comparison here, with the new iteration at the top.

The change does appear more visually pleasing, but it is one update to G+ that I’ve been waiting a while for and I can safely say it should have arrived sooner. Any links posted previously keep the same look but any new posts will take on the new format. Overall though, a good update for the network.

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by Helen Stirling


Cheltenham Festival – If social networks were in a horse race.

This is what the Race Card would look like if Social Networks were involved in a horse race.

Overview: The race is a tough one to call, but if I had to take a guess I’d definitely take a punt on Twitter who has showed increasing promise and uptake. Though I’m not one to discount Instagram, who is also in with a chance, and has been going from strength to strenght recently, especially one to watch now it’s wearing filters for the first time. However this is a wide-open race and it could really be anyone’s for the taking. E/W shout: Facebook.

1. Twitter


The likely winner! Twitter may be slowing in growth but this 8 year old network has shown itself one of the most popular out there. It may find itself up against some tough competition here, but it shows consistency in it’s trends and hashtags and will definitely be a front-runner. It has recently seen some falls, but looks sure to pick itself back up and race stronger than ever.

2. Instagram


This relative youngster to the field has shown impressive form, and it has taken to the going well. The field definitely has space for this runner and with new addition of filters for the first time, it’s sure to attract some backers. The previous photo finish was a close call for this entry, but no other competitors came close. In a new stable with stable mate Facebook, it looks sure to give a good performance from here-on and push the text-filled front-runner to it’s limits.

3. Vine


The youngest in the field and the most spirited, this guy is a fan favourite who always pleases. Though initially an unsure bet it has improved ten-fold through the previous season, with some strong runs in its favour. Has been known to run in short 6 second bursts, but usually can repeat that technique frequently. Shows willing and is eager to please.

4. Pinterest


This a popular runner for ladies day, many favouring this across the boards. Has previously been pinned as an outsider, but now shows increasing promise as a frontrunner. This is one not to be discounted, it’s one runner that can keep the pace and stay the distance.

5. Google Plus


This runner has not been sure what to do for a while now, integration with the YouTube stables was it’s recent venture, but YouTube commented this just isn’t working for him. When first joining the game it showed substantial promise with many singing it’s praises before it had even taken on a whole season. However it has mostly failed to live up to the initial hype. However it is a solid bet with very few problems ever noted, and could be soon living up to it’s pledge.

6.  Facebook


Though I really do Like this entry, it is running a little past it’s prime now. At 10 years old it has struggled with recent changes, and taken a few falls. Perhaps worth a punt E/W because of a prolific following; but losing favour and definitely needs to show more to prove it’s one to stay the course.

N/R: Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr

These runners didn’t make it to the race because one was too young, one turned out to not even be a social network and the other was too crazy, respectively.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 28th January – Pinterest and Tumblr

Here are today’s likes and fails, with news from Pinterest and the world of Tumblr.


Lots of great news from and for Pinterest this week. The site has had another new feature added called ‘interests’ where it will begin to predict your pinning interests and give you inspiration based on what you’ve pinned in the past. There will be a new ‘explore interests’ button next to the category choices you usually see on the site. The feature is currently only a ‘preview’ mainly to cover themselves if  there are any glaring mistakes, though it should become a full feature soon.

Other good news for Pinterest is the news that the site is now popular for sharing content than emails. Impressive!


A new Tumblr has surfaced today called Texts from my homophobic mother  which is made up of text screencaps which show the conversation between a son and his mother who has not accepted the fact that he is gay. Many of the messages are offensive and have apparently been going on for 3 years! Some are sceptical of the genuineness of the texts featured on the blog, and either way it’s a fail, on the mums part or on the part of the insensitive blog owner. As the once great Macklemore said: same love. Or something.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 15th January – Tumblr @s & #middleclassinjuries

Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


Tumblr the home of ‘fan-girls’ and ‘fandoms’ who are very into BBC’s Sherlock, (so much so that they crashed Tumblr as the last episode of this series aired) have made an official announcement. The announcement is that Tumblr users acan now @ other users to tag them in or direct a post toward them. @ing other users has been available before as a sort of ‘easter-egg’ but this is the first time Tumblr have officially announced the feature. Now typing the @ symbol will create a  a drop down suggesting the user you may want to tag. This is an exciting new move forward for Tumblr in heading toward becoming more of a social network than just a blogging site.


The other day on Twitter the man below tweeted the thing below and #middleclassinjuries became a thing. It very obviously references the popular ‘first world problems’ meme and copies the idea well. People began tweeting him back and it created many funny responses. I suppose you’re asking why this is a fail? I’m not entirely sure? Maybe because it is too much like first world problems. Lets have some original memes!


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 2nd January – #Sherlock’s triumphant return & Snapchat security breach

Welcome to 2014! Here we are with today’s edition of Likes and Fails!


Last night the much anticipated event happened. Sherlock’s new episode aired on BBC One and was met with much online expression such as joy, anger and confusion. Since the episode airing Twitter has been going mad tweeting their opinions as well as their theories as to which scenario from the show was the real way that Sherlock faked his death. Tumblr, home of Sherlock obsessives has also been at it with funny images and screencaps aplenty today. Here are a bunch of our favourite posts from the madness below!



Snapchat hasn’t had a good end to their year with a security breach of 4.6 million user’s personal information! This information appears to be all taken from American users and reveals their full usernames along with their phone number and their main location. The information was leaked onto a website which lists all of the data and makes it all downloadable too. The hackers say that they released the information to show Snapchat’s breaches of security, ”Our motivation behind the release was to raise the public awareness around the issue, and also put public pressure on Snapchat to get this exploit fixed.”

Not great news for Snapchat when online privacy is something people take very seriously these days, especially not a good thing to come out shortly after turning down a $3 billion offer deal, I can’t imagine anyone will be offering up sums like this again if problems like this persist with the app. The current news is that CEO Evan Spiegel says the company is working with law enforcement, and will update when  they can.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 22nd November – #mirrormirroratkylesdesk & #AskGaryBarlow


As you may already know we here at ASMA love a good Tumblr blog. We’ve found a new one. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk is fantastic; set up by a worker (Kyle) in a Boston who works in a mirrored building and frequently sees people checking themselves out in the mirror as you can’t see inside but you can most definitely see out. This gave Kyle a fantastic idea to take pictures of the narcissists on the street, and he’s handily cataloguing them all onto on Tumblr blog. Here is an example from said blog below. Good Work Kyle.


#AskGaryBarlow is the latest hashtag to be taken and twisted by those pesky Twitterers. Gazza was answering fan questions on Twitter to help promote his new single, and of course Twitter took the chance to turn it into something more interesting and amusing. Luckily most of the questions aren’t malicious but instead just humorous.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media’s Brand of the Week – Thursday September 5th 2013: Urban Outfitters

We’re not really sure why it’s taken us this long to feature Urban Outfitters as our brand of the week, but we’ve finally come to our senses. Check out which platforms their using and how their doing it below.



Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 14.44.33

Facebook – Urban Outfitters

Likes: 1,824,170

Although their branding appears to be slightly different on Facebook, compared to their other social channels, there isn’t much we can fault about Urban Outfitters’ efforts on Facebook. They’re updating great content on a regular basis.

They don’t seem to interact much with the commenters, but when it’s just people saying ‘OMGGGG <3 <3 <3′ that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Urban Outfitters are all about cool and original design, but as well as just promoting their products, they also links to interviews and their blogs.

Twitter – @UrbanOutfitters

Followers: 743,252

Urban use the same branding across their Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages, and their eye-catching design certainly does the job.

They update their Twitter feed regularly with relevant, shareable content, and they make sure they reply to customer service enquiries as well.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.44.36


YouTube - uotv

Subscribers: 9,055

Unlike a lot of the brands that we feature on our blog, it’s great to see that Urban Outfitters actually update their YouTube account on a regular basis, which is excellent news.

Check it out for interview, videos, products and how-to’s.

Instagram – urbanoutfitters


Followers: 902,468

What makes cool stuff even cooler? A gosh-darn sepia filter, that’s what. UO are nailing Instagram, and their excellent stock room certainly helps with that.

Follow for cool content and pug dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 14.41.59

Tumblr – Urban Outfitters

Tumblr is great for creative brands like Urban Outfitters, and they use it to play to their strengths. Sharing great fashion pics and cool content, with some product shots, we’re definitely going to be re-posting later.


Pinterest – Urban Outfitters

Followers: 88,923

Again, similar to Tumblr, it seems that Urban Outfitters use Pinterest in the same way that everyone else does; to post cool stuff that they find online. The have items from their stores on boards such as ‘UO Catalog’, but they also have boards like ‘Pool Party’ and ‘Word Up’.

We likey.

Google+ – Urban Outfitters

With similar branding to Twitter and Pinterest, UO appear to have their finger on the ball on Google+ as well.

Again, you can find sweet links to products, deals and both beauty and fashion advice. We all know that pictures are key to G+, and Urban Outfitters seem to be very aware of this too.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 15.03.48



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by Iona St Joseph