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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – On Soundcloud & Heston Blumenthal spying



The Soundcloud service On Soundcloud turns one today! The partnership program allows users of Soundcloud to make money from their work and uploads in the US. They said in a blog post:

“What started as a select group of 20 partners representing 2,000 labels has grown to over 600 representing over 25,000 labels, many of them independent.”

They say that in their first year they’ve paired up some big name brands with soundcloud creators to create great working partnerships. They have also signed upcoming artists to the service who will also get money for their contributions.

Find out more here:



A little creepy Heston. Heston Blumethal has announced that he will be googling his patrons in order to get an insight into their food likes and dislikes. The slightly unnerving plan means that when people call up for a reservation they will likely be googled by the restaurant team and their preferences noted. This is all for his Fat Duck restaurant, where apparently he had already been doing to keep a record of regular diners preferences. He also consulted with Derren Brown to find out how to find the right information from his guests without them being too aware of what he’s doing.

So this if the government spying on you wasn’t enough, then now you know Heston Blumenthal is too.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 21st August – Soundcloud gets ads

Here are your Likes and Fails for the day.



Soundcloud is going to be adding adverts to their platform for the first time ever. This is being introduced alongside a program which will allow it’s content creators to make money on the platform, which sounds much like YouTube’s offering. The program will have three tiers, partner, pro and premier, of which the premier is the highest tier. Premier allows content creators to make money through their tracks through advertising, but only when their tracks are played in the US. The revenue made will be split between the content creator and Soundcloud. At the launch of this program the premier tier will be invite only.

So from now on US listeners will begin to hear the adverts when listening to certain tracks on the site. These will initially be from mostly the company’s brand partners.

Alex Lijung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud said:

“The introduction of advertising is an important step for creators. Every time you see or hear an ad, an artist gets paid… In addition to supporting creators, ads will keep the service free and open for people to listen to SoundCloud.”

The partner tier is free for content creators and lets you share your first track as well as recieve feedback and basic stats. The pro level is the same but paid and with more upload time and more detailed stats.



You may have heard about the recent horrific news of James Foley an American Journalist who was beheaded at the hands of the IS terrorist group. There is unfortunately footage of the event spreading around online which is said to be harrowing and unsuitable for viewing, especially if it were to be seen by youngsters. There are now warnings in place that watching, downloading or sharing the material is illegal, and that you should not go seeking the material.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said:

“We would like to remind the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.”

YouTube says that they are actively trying to remove the footage, as well as removing accounts which belong to extremist groups and terrorists. This alongside a Twitter campaign encouraging people to not share the clip and to remove it if they had already. Twitter have been deleting tweets that include links to the video. This should help to remove the attention from IS which is what they so greatly crave.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Like and Fails – 20th May – Facebook brings back vote feature & Twitter not buying SoundCloud

Here we are again, and here are today’s Likes and Fails!



Facebook is to roll out a feature to encourage voting among users. Its previously used feature ‘I’m a voter’ allows users to broadcast the fact that they have voted in their current elections. This was very popular and instrumental in getting young people to vote during the 2012 presidential elections in the US. The feature was also previous;y used in India when a new prime minister was being selected in recent weeks.

It is likely the button will feature when UK elections take place soon and it is planned to appear in the European parliament votes, Columbia elections, and for other citizens later this year, such as those from Scotland, Brazil and South Korea.

The button only reveals to your friends that you have voted, and does not reveal the way that you voted. Unless you want to broadcast that yourself with a status update! Facebook also says that it expects that 400 million people will see the ‘I’ve voted’ message on their News feeds this year which is a third of all users.


After yesterday’s news about YouTube moving to purchase Twitch, there have been slightly louder whisperings about rumours that Twitter was moving to purchase SoundCloud. Now this could be a good idea for them as their #Music app failed and was finally pulled this year, and they’ve always said that Music is one of the most discussed topics on Twitter.

SoundCloud is known as the ‘YouTube’ of audio and is widely used by many bands, artists and DJs to help promote their music with over 250 million users worldwide. The rumours were that Twitter was interested in purchasing the audio giant but now a German news site has reported that that is no longer the case. They say that an offer has not been put in for SoundCloud and people close to the companies say that Twitter have ‘definitely decided against it’.

So there you go, Twitter is, reportedly, definitely, maybe not buying SoundCloud. Who knows, but it seems unlikely for a company who seems to be more worried about their current business failing.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 13th August – SoundCloud with Google Plus and Prince George


SoundCloud and Google  Plus have done a little team-up together and launched SoundCloud embedding in Google Plus posts! SoundCloud is the first third-party developer that Google+ has teamed up with for plug-in audio files. This isn’t their first team-up, they previously joined forces before to let SoundCloud users login to the site/app through their Google accounts. This is great news to help Google increase their following, with Facebook’s user base becoming uninterested, Google Plus can add new features such as this to help them grow. This is a great step in the right direction for Google Plus.


Some extremely (ahem) exciting news comes our way today that K-Middy and Wills are planning to debut some more pictures of Prince George to the world via everyone’s favourite online medium, Twitter. Now they claim to be the new hip and trendy royals, but they should have surely learnt by now that people sharing pictures of their children online are not the internet’s favourite. Cooing over their child’s first spat up haribo or their expertise at the shape sorter is not something we’re very interested in. Of course we know these pictures will be a lot classier than that and for some reason greatly anticipated by the public, so we’ll let them get on with it. It’s the principal we don’t like.


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by Helen Stirling