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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 5th January – Reddit success and Netflix blocking

It’s the New Year and we’re back with a brand new, 2015 edition of Likes and Fails!



 Reddit have had a very impressive year, and continue to grow despite a large number of people I know saying ‘I don’t get it’ about the site. A statement I couldn’t disagree with more. I get it. I can’t leave it alone. Well, I can, I’ve become less and less of an addict over the past few months, just checking it a couple of times a day at work to watch out for the next big thing online. The site is often the birthplace of the next big thing online, whether it be a viral video or an AskReddit thread, which becomes massive a few days later when it’s regurgitated on to Buzzfeed.

So, on to the news, it’s been reported that Reddit had a whopping 71.25 billion page views over the year of 2014. The information, handily encapsulated into a colourful infographic, tells us other facts about the ‘front page of the internet’s’ yearly activity. There were a whopping 535 million comments posted on Reddit articles, photos, posts and nearly 400,000 new sign ups to the site from 195 different countries. This proves that it really is growing globally. There were 5.7 billion votes made on the 54.9 million posts made to the site.

Reddit isn’t going anywhere soon, apart from up.



All you Netflix loving citizens should be concerned, well according to the UK’s online media sites anyway. If you’re one of those who enjoys accessing the global Netflix catalog via questionable means, VPNs or proxies, then you could be in trouble, in the foreseeable future. The developers at Netflix seem to have found a way to block certain VPNs and proxy servers on the Netflix app, which is preventing certain users from accessing the content from a different country.

People often opt to use VPNs and proxies so that they can access new and different content on the app. This is because each county offers a different selection of content, rather than Netflix having one library of shows across the world. So there is clearly a desire for a greater selection of content.

There has been a call for Netflix to crack down on this before from film and TV production companies/studios who are concerned (well clearly, about their money) but also that it allegedly harms regional broadcast agreements.

At the moment it is only affecting certain blockers and proxies so you might still be ok for now, but it is definitely something that Netflix are going to focus on more in the future.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 4th November – Sarah Gallagher Needed & Russel Brand’s PARKLIFE

Here are today’s Likes and Fails for your viewing pleasure!



A young man from Canada who recently  broke up with his girlfriend had booked a Christmas and New Year travelling extravaganza with her, and realised that his tickets were going to go to waste if he didn’t figure something out. So he did what any normal person would do and posted on Reddit. He posted in /r/Canada and began his search for someone who shared the same name and general credentials as his ex girlfriend. So basically his search for an Elizabeth Gallagher has taken the internet by storm and some Elizabeth Gallaghers are beginning to step forward! It does sound like it would be a great trip to get involved with, starting with a flight from JFK to Milan and then travelling through Europe and over to Asia.

There is no update on his pick yet, and if he can find the right Sarah Gallagher, but he does say that he will not force the person who accepts his ticket to travel with him and spend time with him. If they want to then he says great, but otherwise he will just see them on the planes and offer them a glass of wine in New York before take off! Sarah Gallaghers get in there now! Find out more from his post here, and on Buzzfeed.


One of the more funnier memes to happen recently is the use of Parklife to irk Russel Brand. Now we all know that Russel likes to go off on one with his vocabulary filled rants which sometimes come off as a little absurd. So a tweeter realised the similarity between his ramblings and that of the narration in the Blur song Parklife, and consequently replied to Brand’s tweets with the simple exclamation ‘PARKLIFE’.

The meme has been taken further with one person reviewing his book on Amazon with one star and the simple one word review ‘PARKLIFE’. The meme than hit Vine where snippets of interviews with Brand have been intercut with a clip from the Parklife video.

It’s all very funny but I do worry that Brand might get a worrying idea, like remaking a version of the song himself. Let’s all pray now that this doesn’t happen.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 30th October – RedditMade & Topshop mannequin photo

It’s time for today’s Likes and Fails. Today we’re looking at Reddit’s new venture, RedditMade and a picture of a Topshop Mannequin which is going viral.



Reddit have added a new service/section to their website called RedditMade which hopes to help creatives on the site to realise real products and sell them through the system as well as raising money for organisations you support. The pages says: “You can create almost anything you want on redditmade, whether it’s a hat, sticker, glass, or something super specially customized and unique. We’ll help you make it happen! Want to make a T-shirt? You can create your design and make your campaign go live in just a few minutes.”

The new feature is currently in Beta but it should be interesting to see how this new venture fares for the site, which notoriously hasn’t changed it’s layout since well, who knows when. Not that I’m complaining, RES makes the site utterly usable, yes I’m a bit addicted to the site. I wonder how this commerce section of the site will work out, whether it’ll be like a new Etsy, or if there will be more to it, with suppliers getting involved to help creations to come to life.


Another day another controversy about women’s body image. An image of a girl in Topshop has gone viral after a photo was taken of her next to one of the Topshop mannequins. Now this may not sound controversial but in the image you can see that the size of the mannequin is bordering on what would be unhealthy if it were a real person. The girl standing next to the model is a size 8/10 and the mannequins legs are about half the size of hers. They basically look like sticks. The image was posted on Twitter by the girl in the photo’s friend and instantly got attention from Tweeters. It has been retweeted and favourited over 9,000 times and generated a lot of conversation. Many called the mannequin appalling and irresponsible, but others countered with the fact that it was just a mannequin and that it was simply there to put clothes on.


If the argument was less about bashing each other about their views and more about actually fixing the issue in the media then perhaps some real change would be made.

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by Helen Stirling


Net Neutrality – What you need to know. (10th September – Internet Slowdown Day)

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘Net Neutrality’, if you frequent Reddit, it would have been hard for you to not hear about it. The current argument mainly concerns the USA, but I thought I’d give you an overview of what it’s all about, what the current argument is and what’s happening with all these websites showing their solidarity as well as how it might affect the rest of the world (specifically the UK).

What it is

So if you take a look at the Wikipedia for ‘Net Neutrality’ it tells us:

“(Net Neutrality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication.”

In what Jeremy Kyle likes to call layman’s terms, this means that every user on the internet should be equal and that every user should be able to start up a website or service and be able to provide this to any other person with an internet connection, just like any other websites and services.


What Happened

The problem reached boiling point back in January; the Court of Appeals in the US ruled that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) did not have an obligation to make sure that all internet traffic would be treated equally. Basically allowing ISPs to prioritise certain internet allowances, as well as being able to arbitrarily block consumers from certain content.

This suggested that ISPs may begin charging more for users to gain access to certain sites and services or perhaps block users from competitors or popular websites in an attempt to earn more money from a subscription. Further still this could affect the diversity of content on the internet. Minority websites may be forced to pay ISPs for acceleration to match richer competition, which could call the death of smaller websites with smaller incomes.

There was a large amount of backlash surrounding this ruling which is understandable. It favours the ISPs and the telecoms providers in the USA and doesn’t think about the consumers or those that make up the web, the content providers. Many advocates of Net Neutrality have come forward to show their support for equal internet for all. Especially notable are large online tech companies such as Google, Netflix, eBay and Amazon.

A proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in America works to try and bring back some neutrality following the January ruling. It would require that all telecom providers to ensure that

“all users have access to an internet experience that is sufficiently robust, fast and effectively usable”.

It also calls for a ban on providers blocking access to downloads of legal content but proposal does leave the door open for the providers to charge for prioritised data delivery. Which again is something that is very unpopular with consumers.


How it affects the US and UK differently

Now clearly at first glance this doesn’t sound all that horrendous, it does sound similar to how ISPs already work here in the UK with competition between companies, making a healthy market with choices for consumers. This however is different in the US. There is little competition in the US because many homes only have one option for their ISP, (most of the time, their local telephone company). Though occasionally there is the option between a phone provider and cable and in rare cases the third option of an independent fibre optic company. So the lack of competition is especially bad for consumers because if their provider begins violating Net Neutrality they are in most cases completely powerless.

There could be some side affects in the UK with the loss of Net Neutrality in the US. The first thing that may affect consumers here is if ISPs in America manage to find a way to extract money from content providers, then it’s very possible the same could happen here, as we already know that ISPs are money hungry. In other business terms, if you wanted to provide a new website or service aimed at America then there is every possibility that you would have to font more money to ISPs in America so that your consumers would be getting a speedy and satisfactory service. Also as mentioned before, there could be a reduction in the diversity of websites, this will affect worldwide users.

Netflix slowdown

Internet Slowdown Day

So what is happening now – specifically today – is that some of the large online companies based in America are hosting an ‘internet slowdown’ day to raise awareness of the issues that these sites and consumers face without Net Neutrality. The two biggest and most outspoken advocates are Netflix and Reddit, who are both taking part. Many of the sites taking part are displaying the well known buffering ‘ spinning wheel’ icon on their homepages, but will be running their sites as normal, as opposed to rumours that they would be slowing down their sites to show people the affects of no Net Neutrality.

So there we go, that’s what is happening today and that’s what Net Neutrality is. TIL.


Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, BGR

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by Helen Stirling


Monday Social Media Round-Up – 8th September – Will and Kate expecting second child,Reddit bans /r/thefappening, Horrific Ice Bucket Prank & Girl charged with homicide over Facebooking whilst driving.

Here’s the Monday round-up for your perusal and to catch up on some of the biggest Social Media news this morning. Including the exciting new breaking news about Will and Kate!

Reddit bans nude celeb photo subreddit


Reddit has banned the subreddit blamed with hosting all the leaked celebrity nude images from last week. The subreddit /r/thefappening was created on the day of the image leaks and shared links to the images, and as soon as images were taken down by cease and desist letters there were more and more re-links to the content which Reddit were finding it harder and harder to control.

There is some moral questioning around these photographs, clearly, because these images were stolen and intended to be private. So it’s understandable that the admins at Reddit wished to ban the subreddit, also it’s likely that celebrities have very powerful lawyers which have pressured Reddit into removing the subreddit. ]

There are some that are questioning Reddit’s moderating however, mainly because there are other questionable subreddits which contain questionable as well as illegal content which Reddit allow to exist still. Some have been said to contain bestiality, and some that even feature the same issue as what /r/thefappening was doing; sharing links to stolen pictures of nude women being posted against their will. There has not been any comment on these subreddits from the admins as of yet.

Ice bucket horrific prank 

So the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has been around for a while now. Some high school age kids decided to play a ‘prank’ on an autistic teenager who was convinced to take part in the challenge. The boy stood in just his underwear beside a garage, expecting to be showered in ice cold water and to help raise some money for the charity, however the cruel kids instead poured a bucket of bodily fluids over the boy, in what’s been described as a horrendous hate crime. The parents of the child decided to release the video with the boys identity hidden, to show what had happened in in some hope to find the cruel kids that did it. Some celebrities (Drew Carey, Jenny McCarthy) heard of the story and decided to donate money towards to reward fund to find the teens that were involved in the horrible video, so now there is a $30,000 reward.

Girl using Facebook whilst driving is charged with homicide

A girl in North Dakota has been charged with negligent homicide after driving her car at 85mph, looking at Facebook on her phone and then rear-ending another vehicle which killed an 89 year old grandmother.

Investigators apparently found no evidence that the girl had put on the breaks before hitting the vehicle suggesting that she was distracted up to and at the time of impact. They alos found evidence that she had been on Facebook as well as having sent texts since she had been in the car.

This is the first homicide decision for a crime like this but the decision came because it was proven that she was recklessly driving with no concern for endangering those on the road around her. A stupid mistake that will affect this girl for the rest of her life.

Kate and Wills are pregnant!

Whilst I was writing this a Twitter announcement was made that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. Exciting news! No doubt that Twitter will go even more mental over the next couple of hours, than it did just a minute ago when the news broke, and I’m sure we’ll quickly see bookies put up the odds for the baby’s gender as well as name suggestions flying around. Congratulations to the couple.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Friday August 1st 2014: Sharknado 2 and a Redditor Fail


If we’ve learnt anything from Twitter, it’s that the internet community loves a ‘so crap it’s good’ sci-fi movie. who could forget box office sell-out (or not) Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus? No-one. Exactly.

So after Sharknado caused an internet sensation last year, obviously the natural thing to do was to create a sequel, right? Well, luckily for us that is exactly what happened, and Wednesday night saw the premier of Sharknado 2: The Second One.

In case you’re unaware of the plot of the Sharknado franchise, it’s essentially a tornado OF SHARKS terrorising various cities, namely LA in the first film, and heading across to NYC in the second. Makes sense.


When the first Sharknado premiered in July last year, it generated 5,00 tweets PER MINUTE at its peak, and hit 387,000 social mentions. NBCUniversal later revealed that Sharknado was the most “social program on all of television –- broadcast and cable –- as well as Syfy’s most social telecast ever.” Tekkers.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes there will be a Sharknado 3.


Reddit has banned one of its most popular users from the site due to vote manipulation, after they discovered that he was maintaining five side accounts which were used to upvote his own content and downvote others.

The user, who’s screen name was Unidan, is known off the internet as biologist Ben Eisenkop. Before the ban, he had the second highest total comment karma of all Reddit users, which is pretty darn impressive.

Big Deal Ron Burgundy

Unidan has been ‘shadowbanned’ from the site permanently, which means that all of his submissions and comments from now on will be immediately flagged as spam, which makes it impossible for other users to see them.

It’s safe to say that Unidan was preeeeeetty popular on the site, having participated in at least 3 AMAs, giving his own TEDx talk, and even having his own subreddit, but other users are pretty mad about his violation of Reddit’s rules with one comparing it to finding out that Lance Armstrong had taken steroids.

Don’t anger the Reddit Gods, we’re pretty sure they control a large portion of the internet. You have been warned.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 25th July – Reddit secret diary & Pinterest inequality

Here are today’s Likes and Fails! Today we look at a secret diary two redditors kept up for a year on the comment section of an old post. We also today saw the gender diversity figures from Pinterest and they’re having the same issues as Twitter announced yesterday.



 Reddit has been the home for some secret diary keeping over the course of a year. The two redditors met on a bit of an  interesting post from a man who had slept with his own mother and was hosting an AMA. In the comments section they somehow decided to become pen pals after some banter and this led to an impromptu diary within the comment section of the thread. From there the year long journal began. the first post was from user ‘portablebook’ and was posted on May 20th 2013. It was fairly mundane with some mention of computer games and redditing:

“Not much happened today, planted some flowers in the backyard, tended to my chili garden, played a few hours of DayZ, spent alot [sic] of time on Reddit, listened to music and studied for exams.”

User ’clicktoaddtitle’ responded with:

“I had a big test in school. That’s pretty much it. I might play some videogames later.”

You can see where this is going, the pen pals wrote back and forth to each other for one whole year until it came to a close earlier this year.

Some highlights were when two weeks in to the journal, one of them had an epiphany and realised if they ere to die tomorrow all they’d have to show for it was computer gaming.

The comment thread was somehow noticed by a user on Reddit and they shared it to the best of subreddit, and since people have been enjoying reading an insight into two strangers lives.



So yesterday we told you about the stats Twitter released and that less than a third of their global workforce was female, and we also said that as a Silicon Valley tech giant it wasn’t alone. Google, Facebook and Yahoo! all reported similar numbers. Bringing questions about diversity and ethics to the forefront. Now today another giant has released their diversity figures and it’s a very similar case, though this tie it’s surprising as that company is Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest as a site and app is female dominated, with much of the site being used for women’s fashion, wedding planning etc…

A whopping 81% of Pinterest’s leadership roles are held by men and 79% of their tech roles are also held by men. This shows a huge gender gap in the amount of men and women working for the company. There is however one sector where the women outnumber the men and this is the business side of things. There are 66% women in this sector.

Again as we mentioned   yesterday the gender issues are not the only ones in these large tech companies. Pinterest also has a lack of ethnic diversity in their workforce too. 92% of their workforce is either Asian of Caucasian, another figure which the company realises needs sorting. They said

“While we’ve made some progress in diversifying gender at the company, we haven’t done as well in representing different ethnicities, and we’re focused on getting better,”.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 21st July – Twitter to improve DMs, MH17 opportunists on FB, Weird Al new video & last week’s AMAs

Welcome to this Monday’s Round-up blog. We’re filling you in with all that is happening in the Social Media world. Enjoy.

Twitter is to improve Direct Messaging


Twitter says that they are to begin updating mobile Twitter apps so that your entire direct messaging history is available and viewable on your mobile. As well as this they are also planning to streamline the task of deleting direct messages on your mobile too. Twitter have been tinkering with DMs in recent months after a spate of interest in mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Line. The changes added have been pop up notifications on web, making the messages more prominent, as well as testing a feature where any user could send another a direct message whether they were following each other or not. There is also speculation that Twitter will be offering group messaging as an option soon too.

Definitely watch out for some new updates to DMs in the next couple of months.

MH17 opportunists set up Facebook pages

 MH17 scam

Some not very nice news regarding the MH17 plane crash has surfaced. It suggests that scammers have been setting up Facebook profiles in the names of some of the victims of the crash after claims that credit cards and identities have been stolen from the crash site. The names of some of the deceased, including children, had been used to set up fraudulent Facebook pages. The pages shared videos which supposedly linked to the plane crash but instead linked through to a spam site with loads of pop ups for suspicious services.

Luckily Facebook have now shut the pages down, but unfortunately it seems that looters have definitely been going through bags on the crash site as virtually every bag that the media have seen has been opened and left lying in the fields.

Weird Al Yankovic – Lame Claim to Fame video

Weird Al Yankovic has release one of his last videos promoting his new album release, his Social Media strategy has been spot on, releasing one video a day over a week is really helping him to build up hype surrounding the album. The latest video is not a parody, like some of the other popular ones, but instead is an original song about the obsession with celebrity culture. The video called Lame Claim to Fame, parodies people’s claims to fame such as ‘Jack Nicholson looked right at me at a Lakers game.’ The video is set out in a scrapbook, stop-animation style and is very well done. This video hasn’t had the instant amount of hits that the others have, this could be because it’s not a parody of another song, or possibly the fact that it was released on a Sunday. It currently only has about 366,000, which is a lot, but not in comparison to his first song released from the album, Tacky which had millions of hits on it’s first day.

Reddit AMA fun

There were some great AMAs on Reddit last week, and here’s a look at few of them. I guess I’ll start with Weird Al as I was just talking about him. I assume as part of his promotional online tour for his new album he decided to take part in an AMA, which was as bizarre as you’d imagine. Someone asked him his favourite recipe and he replied with this:

“Here’s my favorite recipe: PEANUT BUTTER BALL. First, take a glob of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy, it doesn’t matter… it REALLY doesn’t matter, don’t be so indecisive, just pick one or the other… it will taste the same eventually, so why are you being so stinking picky, just PICK ONE already)… then put in on a slice of bread, wad it into a ball and cram it into your mouth. Voila!”

As well as Weird Al Reddit was also treated to an AMA from Zach Braff which was also suitably odd. Zach has become a bit of a Reddit regular so it’s always interesting to see what new questions he answers each time. This time someone asked him how he was affected by what critics say about his work and he replied with:

“My ego wants everyone to like my art. But I know that’s not realistic. So I just hope that enough people like what I do so I can keep making stuff. Otherwise I’ll just go on, find a wife and settle down.”

Another gereat question was:

“Hey Zach! Just a out of context question, what do you think about tattoos and do you ever want one?”

and his reply:

“Yes. Want one. Still deciding between Donald’s face on my balls or Donald’s balls on my face.”

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 13th May – Carter and his banana meme & Solange vs Jay-Z memes take over the internet!

Today in Likes and Fails we’ve gone meme crazy. We love Reddit’s latest offering of bad-ass Carter and his banana and today’s fail goes to Solang e for acting violently towards Jay-Z though the memes that have some from it are rather funny.


Carter and his banana is internet’s favourite new meme, after it’s creation yesterday on Reddit. The original image was posted on Reddit yesterday whcih depicts a kid eating a banana on the front driveway of a house. The title was ”This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana, then left.” Which shows the hilarity of kids and the funny things they do. Not only is it a funny situation that occurred and that has made everyone laugh, but it’s also the apparent bad-ass-ness of Carter and his banana pose.

Reddit took it upon themselves to photoshop Carter into different situations to cement and highlight his epic-ness. No doubt he’ll be telling the story for years to come, of how he once became an internet meme. Here are some of our favourite incarnations of Carter and his banana.


So I wasn’t going to feature this story but it’s easily the worst fail of the day – it’s that video that’s surface of Beyoncé’s sister Solange having a pop at Jay-Z at the Met  Gala this past week. Along with all the hilarious memes that have come from it. It’s meme central here today!

So basically TMZ, popular celeb gossip website, ‘got hold of’ (bought for a lot of money) some hotel surveillance footage which showed Jay-Z getting hit and kicked at by Solange, Beyoncé’s younger sister. With the fame of Beyoncé and Jay-Z the news of this video quickly spread and people were quick to posts their opinions and jokes about it to Twitter and other social media sites.

The points that most picked up on were, ‘why is Solange attacking Jay-Z?’, ‘What did Jay-Z say to provoke Solange?’, ‘Was Solange on drugs?’ and ‘Why did Beyoncé not do anything?’. The answers were plentiful and the resulting memes were hilarious. The world is still waiting for a statement from Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s camp but whilst we do, speculation is rife as Solange has deleted all but one picture of her sister from Instagram and Beyoncé posted a picture to the site with a prayer about relationships.

Here’s a look at some of the memes to come from this ‘breaking news!’ Including the hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange which trended at no.1 in the US for quite a while yesterday.



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 8th May – Redditors Revolt & Celebs Overshare

In today’s Likes and Fails we take a look at the Reddit revolt and the celebs who are over-sharing on Social Media.


Reddit is taking charge. People were worrying that content was getting stale and that the moderators were not properly doing their jobs any more in removing content that wasn’t relevant to the sub. This has led to admins to remove default subreddits from the site and this was shown when /r/technology was removed as a default at the end of April. New moderators were appointed to this subreddit and changes were promised but this has been a plan of action before which has never shown a substantial change in content.

The Reddit revolt went into full swing as subscribers of the /r/technology subreddit were viciously downvoting everything in the ‘new’ section of the subreddit and moderators took a while to respond to the mass downvoting. This downvoting means that the articles (and posters) receive negative karma and that the articles will not make it to the popular section of the subreddit or the overall site.

This push from Redditors is sure to make Reddit buck up it’s ideas and hopefully improve content and find moderators that will keep subreddits to their rules and keep content fresh. It will definitely make a good change to all the reposts we’ve been seeing recently.

Fails – Celebs on Social Media 

Today’s joint crown for celebs doing ridiculous things on Social Media goes to Lily Allen & Katie Price.

So Lily Allen has posted a picture of her in hospital in what is seemingly a cry for attention. Instagramming a picture of yourself sick in hospital is probably one of the most attention seeking things you can do, especially if there is is a drip in your arm in the photo. She also captioned the photo #Sheezus in #Shospital which is again adding to the whole attention thing.

In other celebs over-sharing on Social Media news, Katie Price yesterday announced on Twitter, that she will be getting a divorce from her most recent husband after finding out that he was cheating on her with her best friend of many years. This news also comes at a difficult time as Katie is currently six months pregnant with her husband’s child. Since announcing the news via Twitter and calling her former best friend a ‘whore’ and a ‘home wrecker slut’ and her husband a ‘disgusting human being’. Katie has since said she wrote it in the heat of the moment when Keiran (her husband, confirmed what he had been doing). She said she would be making no apologies for the tweets that she sent as they were sent a t the time of her heart breaking.

Yet again some serious over-sharing on both these celebs’ parts, but I guess we all know that’s the aim of social media, over-sharing.

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by Helen Stirling