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Shoppable ‘Pins’ coming soon!

Ok, so not sure if anyone else is as excited as I am about this, but Pinterest is soon going to be introducing shoppable Pins. Yep, you heard right. The future has arrived! This is amazing, not just because it’s going to make my life sooooo much better (ever been in that place where you can’t for the life of you work out where someone has bought that dress or necklace they pinned? I have, it’s very annoying!); it’s also going to open so many doors for the hoards of brands that have been tapping into the benefits of using the social platform – it’s also going to see so many more start using it.

But that’s not all, not only will you be able to simply tap a button to buy ‘that dress’, you’ll also be able to save items for later and even buy ingredients for recipes! How Pinterest-ing!

Here’s how Pinterest says it will work:

See the blue ‘Buy it’ button? If your item shows this, you’re good to go! You can even use the price filter to hone down on the right Pin and also find the right colour within the Pin itself, just swipe! Score!


The app works with Apple Pay or a credit card and has the option to store payment information within the software itself via a third party so you don’t have to worry about tapping it in every time or that your device or Apple Pay will send your actual card number to the seller. Very simple and secure. Wowsers, these guys have thought of everything!

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, only the U.S. will able to start using the ‘Buy it’ option over the next few weeks and to start with, it will only be available on iPhones and iPads – Android users, standard that you get the even shorter straw, you won’t be able to start shopping just yet, Pinterest has promised you’ll see them in future releases – whenever that will be! Macy’s and Nordstrom are a couple of the brands already signed up, but if you’re a brand interested in how this can support your sales, there’s more info on Pinterest’s business blog.

Happy pinning and shopping America! We are so jealous!

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by Kalli Soteriou


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 11th August – Buzzfeed £30m funding, BBC Weather App, Bolt Aus launch & Pinterest messaging

Here is a quick round-up of what you may have missed in the Social Media world over the weekend!

Buzzfeed gain $50 million in new funding


 Buzzfeed have raised £30m of new funding from a venture capital firm called Andreessen Horowitz, who are well known for their investments in large social companies, such as Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Twitter and Foursquare. The investment comes from the company who see Buzzfeed as an emerging “preeminent media company”. This new strand of funding takes the total funding amount up to $96.3m since 2008. Buzzfeed is definitely the site of the moment with over 150 million monthly visitors, and a new valuation of $850m; this new investment should help them work on their online video section, a place of interest for the company, as well as an in-house incubator for tech start-ups. Whatever they use the investment for, it’s clear to see that Buzzfeed’s growth doesn’t show many signs of slowing.

BBC Weather app is extremely popular

bbc weather

We Brits do sure love the weather. The BBC have revealed that their popular app, ‘BBC Weather’, which shows weather forecasts and lets you save favourite locations, gets a whopping 19,000 downloads everyday! These downloads have lead it to become the fastest growing BBC app of all time, with 8 million downloads since it’s launch last year.

Bolt launches in Australia


Bolt, the new Snapchat style app from Instagram has now officially launched in Australia, being the latest country in a somewhat slow roll out to get access to the app. This could be due to trademarking issues with the app’s name, where an existing app called Bolt is fighting for it’s name rights, this could further explain why it hasn’t yet rolled out in it’s homeland, America, yet.

Pinterest launch messaging

Pinterest launched a brand new messaging service at the end of last week, which allows users to take interaction to the next level. The new feature allows you to send pins to others and reply to those pins with either a message or a pin back.

This new feature is available on the mobile apps, it does also work on the desktop sites but is currently in need of some work, as notifications don’t yet work on the site but instead send an email notification.  This new feature is an exciting step forward for Pinterest which could prove to be very useful for users, especially those collaborating on a creative project.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails- Thursday 7th August 2014: Pinterest Messages and Immigration


Pinterest has launched a messaging service across their apps and online. A strange move, you might think, seeing as the site is built around images, but their new move is proving to be very popular, and might even give Twitter’s DM service a run for its money.

Their messaging services allows you to send and discuss images on the site. You’d be right in thinking it’s pretty simple, because it is, but it’s the first time a site has really given such weight to images in messages. On sites like Facebook and Twitter for example, you have to upload the image from your device or send a URL, which, considering how lazy technology makes us, is becoming a massive effort.

Check out this nice video Pinterest have made to launch their service. It made me want to build a boat.



According to a Reuters report, social media sites like Facebook are helping to fuel an influx in immigration of Central Americans into the United States. People are increasingly logging in online before, during and after their journeys, in order to plan and keep in touch with family once they have arrived.

Forums online even have people asking questions like “Does someone know a coyote [smuggler] who can help me across the border to the United States?” and in many cases, the negotiations for these trips are organised over Facebook. One ‘coyote’ even told Reuters that most of his business is online.

You can read more about this story on Mashable.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 25th July – Reddit secret diary & Pinterest inequality

Here are today’s Likes and Fails! Today we look at a secret diary two redditors kept up for a year on the comment section of an old post. We also today saw the gender diversity figures from Pinterest and they’re having the same issues as Twitter announced yesterday.



 Reddit has been the home for some secret diary keeping over the course of a year. The two redditors met on a bit of an  interesting post from a man who had slept with his own mother and was hosting an AMA. In the comments section they somehow decided to become pen pals after some banter and this led to an impromptu diary within the comment section of the thread. From there the year long journal began. the first post was from user ‘portablebook’ and was posted on May 20th 2013. It was fairly mundane with some mention of computer games and redditing:

“Not much happened today, planted some flowers in the backyard, tended to my chili garden, played a few hours of DayZ, spent alot [sic] of time on Reddit, listened to music and studied for exams.”

User ’clicktoaddtitle’ responded with:

“I had a big test in school. That’s pretty much it. I might play some videogames later.”

You can see where this is going, the pen pals wrote back and forth to each other for one whole year until it came to a close earlier this year.

Some highlights were when two weeks in to the journal, one of them had an epiphany and realised if they ere to die tomorrow all they’d have to show for it was computer gaming.

The comment thread was somehow noticed by a user on Reddit and they shared it to the best of subreddit, and since people have been enjoying reading an insight into two strangers lives.



So yesterday we told you about the stats Twitter released and that less than a third of their global workforce was female, and we also said that as a Silicon Valley tech giant it wasn’t alone. Google, Facebook and Yahoo! all reported similar numbers. Bringing questions about diversity and ethics to the forefront. Now today another giant has released their diversity figures and it’s a very similar case, though this tie it’s surprising as that company is Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest as a site and app is female dominated, with much of the site being used for women’s fashion, wedding planning etc…

A whopping 81% of Pinterest’s leadership roles are held by men and 79% of their tech roles are also held by men. This shows a huge gender gap in the amount of men and women working for the company. There is however one sector where the women outnumber the men and this is the business side of things. There are 66% women in this sector.

Again as we mentioned   yesterday the gender issues are not the only ones in these large tech companies. Pinterest also has a lack of ethnic diversity in their workforce too. 92% of their workforce is either Asian of Caucasian, another figure which the company realises needs sorting. They said

“While we’ve made some progress in diversifying gender at the company, we haven’t done as well in representing different ethnicities, and we’re focused on getting better,”.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th June – Pinterest launches web Guided Search & Tweetdeck’s security flaw

It’s the official first day of the World Cup! We’re pretty excited, though none of our Likes and Fails today are actually about the footballing event. Today we like the fact that Pinterest has rolled out their guided search to their web version & we’re not so impressed with the security compromise from Tweetdeck.


Pinterest has updated their web search function, to match the capabilities of their mobile app, and it will be rolling out soon. The search on mobile apps was recently updated to a ‘Guided search’ and this is what will be duplicated on the web version. Users will soon see a new search bar when they visit the site which offers recommended keywords based on what you’ve already plugged in to the search bar. So for example, you may be searching for gardens, and Pinterest might offer up examples to fine tune your search like flowers, vegetables or design. There is a video below from Pinterest which explains how the new feature works.

The search feature is very important to Pinterest moving forward; they have billions of pins on the site so it’s important that users can find what their looking for. This is especially important if they hope to monetize the platform in the future, users will have to be able to find the products they’re looking for on the site so that a purchase could be made.


Tweetdeck went down yesterday after a vulnerability was uncovered, albeit accidentally. It was initially thought that Tweetdeck went down due to a hack attempt, but it was accidentally revealed and Twitter took the app down to make a fix to the error. It turns out that it was some sort of coding error which led to an activation of javascript in tweets, which left those tweeters vulnerable to hacking. As soon as it noticed the vulnerability Twitter took all Tweetdeck services down to allow their software developers to fix the problem.


Whilst this ‘back door’ was open to potential hackers there were no serious compromises noticed, it was more nuisances which were noticed, such as the Tweetdeck font being changed to comic sans (no-one wants that!) and one of the original tweets generating it’s own retweets was obviously annoying for the accounts that were forced to retweet them.

The original tweet which initially exposed the flaw, was sent by an Austrian teenager who says that it was an accident, he sent out an initial tweet which showed the flaw, then tweeted that he’d discovered a security flaw in Tweetdeck.


Tweetdeck is now up and running again, and although the flaw is sorted Twitter is urging users to log out and log back in again to prevent any account compromise and to ‘apply the fix’.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 15th May – Pinterest adds ads & man gets reject on Facebook 5000 times.

In today’s Likes and Fails we take a look at Pinterest’s new feature, which is a promising sign for Social Marketers. As well as a look at the poor guy who is today’s fail; he got reject by 5000 women on Facebook. Ouch.


Pinterest is doing well for itself. There are now reportedly more women using the site than there are women on Twitter. Pinterest is estimated to have 40 million monthly active users (in the US) by the end of 2014, currently 30 million out of 34.9 million MUA’s are women. Twitter which has 57 million monthly active users in the US, skews in the favour of male users, so they definitely have less women using the site regularly.

Seeing this fact, it is no surprise to hear the latest news from Pinterest that it is introducing paid advertisements for the first time. Promoted pins will begin to appear in users’ feeds and in their search results. The company is calling the adverts a ‘test’ at this stage, but it a promising step forward for the company, especially with the active engagement that pinning entails. The paid advertising has so far drawn attention from the sort of brands you expect, clothing such as Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, food companies like nestle and kraft and travel sites like Expedia and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Hopefully this option will spread overseas on Pinterest to give brands a great new audience and market to tap into, adding extra value to their social campaigns.


One man can easily be crowned today’s biggest fail after he has been romantically rejected 5,000 times over Facebook. That’s right, this guy has been rejected from his Facebook messages over 5,000 times. The man from Serbia messaged over 5,000 women in the hopes that one would want to go on a date but it turns out that none of them do. The man clearly does not have a defeatist attitude as he said he isn’t going to give up messaging women on the site, though he did say it was because he ‘didn’t have much choice’.


He said out of the 5000 messages he had sent out he only had 15 replies, and all of those were negative. Though he said the worst feeling of all was when he was ignored. I can’t image he feels especially peachy after being ignored 4,985 times. So why does he say he has no other choice? Well he says that he lives in a small village outside of Belgrade, and all the women that are there are married or grandmothers, so he has no other option, especially as he seems to think he isn’t good at first impressions.

Well although this is a bit of a fail, I hope that he finds a woman who will give him the time of day, though maybe he should try meeting them in the real world, especially as his success rate online is not good. Or you know, OkCupid.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agencies Likes and Fails – 25th April – Pinterest improves search & Homeless ignored by family viral video

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, also whilst you’re here, may I remind you that it is Friday! Exciting! Today we look at Pinterest’s improved search functions and a viral video showing how even your family could pass you by if you were homeless.


Pinterest adds smarter search function 

Pinterest has begun adding new features to their search function to make it easier to search through all the pins on the site. One of these new features is ‘guided search’ so for example if a person was to search for ‘hairstyles’ then Pinterest would suggest other terms that you may be interest in to pinpoint your search more accurately, in this case thins like long hair, redheads, curly hair.  They’ve released a video to explain more concisely what the new guided feature search does:

They’ve also just unveiled custom categories, which means pins can be added to categories which didn’t exist previously. Though the feature is called custom categories it doesn’t mean that users can add their own. It instead means that there is now an expanded amount of categories to select from. These new categories are rolling out to users slowly so it may take a while for them to show up on your Pinterest account.

Another related feature means that Pinterest will suggest relevant categories to you based on what you’ve recently pinned. So if you’d pinned a Pug for example, then Pinterest may suggest other dog categories that you may be interested in.

The guided search feature is currently only available on the iOS and android apps, and the update you need to download should be available from this morning but will be added to web at a later date, though this has yet to be announced.


This is a great video, the video in itself is not the fail, it’s more the content of the video that is the fail. This video was created by the new York City Rescue Mission trying to create awareness about the homeless of New York. It definitely seems to have done that, as many news sites have picked up the video and people are starting to notice it. The premise of the video is seeing if people would recognise their own family members if they were homeless on the street. Which is obviously fairly controversial, and none of those involved stop when they go past the ‘homeless’ people, which shows how invisible they can be. The people were then shown the video of them walking past the homeless and then they realise what they’d done and they find themselves very emotional.

Now this video does go a bit over the top with the emotional music at points, but it does make it’s point perfectly and within a clever viral video setting. I think the video has definitely fulfilled it’s purpose, as I feel like I’ll take more notice from now on, and think about the fact that they are people, and people who probably have a family. It’s just a shame to see how many people do pass the homeless by without a second glance.

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by Helen Stirling


Cheltenham Festival – If social networks were in a horse race.

This is what the Race Card would look like if Social Networks were involved in a horse race.

Overview: The race is a tough one to call, but if I had to take a guess I’d definitely take a punt on Twitter who has showed increasing promise and uptake. Though I’m not one to discount Instagram, who is also in with a chance, and has been going from strength to strenght recently, especially one to watch now it’s wearing filters for the first time. However this is a wide-open race and it could really be anyone’s for the taking. E/W shout: Facebook.

1. Twitter


The likely winner! Twitter may be slowing in growth but this 8 year old network has shown itself one of the most popular out there. It may find itself up against some tough competition here, but it shows consistency in it’s trends and hashtags and will definitely be a front-runner. It has recently seen some falls, but looks sure to pick itself back up and race stronger than ever.

2. Instagram


This relative youngster to the field has shown impressive form, and it has taken to the going well. The field definitely has space for this runner and with new addition of filters for the first time, it’s sure to attract some backers. The previous photo finish was a close call for this entry, but no other competitors came close. In a new stable with stable mate Facebook, it looks sure to give a good performance from here-on and push the text-filled front-runner to it’s limits.

3. Vine


The youngest in the field and the most spirited, this guy is a fan favourite who always pleases. Though initially an unsure bet it has improved ten-fold through the previous season, with some strong runs in its favour. Has been known to run in short 6 second bursts, but usually can repeat that technique frequently. Shows willing and is eager to please.

4. Pinterest


This a popular runner for ladies day, many favouring this across the boards. Has previously been pinned as an outsider, but now shows increasing promise as a frontrunner. This is one not to be discounted, it’s one runner that can keep the pace and stay the distance.

5. Google Plus


This runner has not been sure what to do for a while now, integration with the YouTube stables was it’s recent venture, but YouTube commented this just isn’t working for him. When first joining the game it showed substantial promise with many singing it’s praises before it had even taken on a whole season. However it has mostly failed to live up to the initial hype. However it is a solid bet with very few problems ever noted, and could be soon living up to it’s pledge.

6.  Facebook


Though I really do Like this entry, it is running a little past it’s prime now. At 10 years old it has struggled with recent changes, and taken a few falls. Perhaps worth a punt E/W because of a prolific following; but losing favour and definitely needs to show more to prove it’s one to stay the course.

N/R: Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr

These runners didn’t make it to the race because one was too young, one turned out to not even be a social network and the other was too crazy, respectively.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up Blog – 10th March – David Cameron buys likes, Pinterest unlimited secret boards, Twitter’s growth declines & Vine bans porn.

Here’s our weekly round-up of what you might have missed in the Social Media world over the weekend!

1. David Cameron is paying for Likes on Facebook. Yes that’s right. The Prime Minister of the UK is so unpopular that his team have resorted to buying him friends on Facebook. The conservative strategists have reportedly forked out thousands of pounds from party funds to increase the Prime Ministers standings on the social network. Rumours are that those thousands add up to £7500 which has managed to double the PMs likes in only a month, now giving him 128,000 and allowing him to overtake Nick Clegg’s likes.


The Tory’s defended themselves saying that it was a common practice in American campaigns and that it was an ‘above board’ strategy. However a Lib Dem insider said that he thought the campaign was ‘pretty pathetic’ and a Labour representative claimed’ there is no end to his ego.’ Well that’s that then; I personally don’t think having a few more likes on Facebook would on anyway persuade my vote.

2. On Friday Pinterest announced that users would be able to have unlimited secret boards. Users were previously only allowed to have up to 6 secret boards (only visible to themselves). The change was decided after giving in to the many requests from avid users of the site. The users got what the users wanted. Secret boards were initially unveiled in 2012 and a user could have up to 3 boards that they didn’t want others to see and was subsequently upped to six after much pushing from users and now the secret boards are unlimited. This is especially useful when inviting other users to a private board for example if planning an event; it means that you can created as many secret event boards as you need!

3. Twitter’s growth is tapering off very quickly. In a graph from Mashable and Statista it can be seen that Twitter’s year on year growth is declining rapidly, both globally and in the US. In the past three years at their peak Twitter was seeing a growth of 140%, but as of the last quarter of 2013, it’s growth had dropped to under 40% even though it had reached 241 million monthly active users. Another research firm recently projected that Twitter growth will slow even more in the next few years. Definitely something to keep an eye on and possibly something Twitter needs to address as well. 

4. Twitter bans porn on Vine. The site has finally banned porn and naked images from its site. The 6-second video sharing app has had lots of backlash from users about them allowing porn on the site, but now that’s all over as porn is officially banned. Any explicit images found from now on on the site will be asked to be removed. However, there are some exceptions, nudity involved with art or education or even breastfeeding videos will still be allowed on the site. A spokesperson for Vine explained that the change means almost nothing to a large percentage of their users but also said ’For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the internet – we just prefer not to be the source of it.’

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 7th March – Ebay mimicks Pinterest & Barraco Barner tweets.

It’s Friday! It’s almost the weekend, and here are our Likes and Fails for the day.


Ebay UK adds Pinterest style features with their new ‘collections’; these collections have been endorsed by certain celebrities to help quick start interest. The celebrities involved are Reggie Watts, Kelly Hoppen, Dannii Minogue and Alex James who are a TV/Radio presenter, Entrepreneur/TV personality, pop star and Musician respectively. They’ve released the collections section in which a user can create certain ‘boards’ with a theme of products that they like to it. For example Reggie Yates has a ‘Sneakers’ board where he has lots of links to some of his favourite shoes and related items.

So it’s easy to see the likeness between the ‘Collections’ and Pinterest ‘boards’. I personally really like this idea on Ebay, as it gives more order to things that may be on your watch list. It means you can add them to a particular collection instead and keep track of what you’re after from there. It could also come in useful in an ‘Amazon wish-list’ style feature, which would allow people to see what you’re interested in buying for special events but without knowing which thing you’re buying.

This is a great move for Ebay to add a social element to their site as well as adding another side to the online shopping experience. The Senior Marketing Director had this to say: ”That’s what eBay Collections is all about: the fun of browsing and discovery, that’s shoppable. These new features are part of the biggest suite of changes we’ve introduced to eBay in the UK and they’re designed to help shoppers follow their passions.”


As with yesterday, we’re looking at a tweet that has gone viral. The tweet in question was from the account of a 20 year old female beautician from Lancashire, who wanted to get in on the latest news from the Politics world, regarding the situation in Russia. Here is her Tweet:

So first of all, to reiterate, this girl is from Lancashire and calls ‘barraco barner’ OUR president, thus giving the impression that Britain has a president. Second of all, that spelling! The girl spelt the American President Barack Obama’s name as ‘barraco barner’ which led to much Twitter ridicule, with over 6,000 retweets and many newspapers, radio stations and other news outlets contacting her to get her stance on the tweet. She has since been featured on all the big news sites and has been witness to how the internet will take an idea and roll with it.

Soon after the tweet began picking up speed, parody Twitter accounts were started up; ‘barraco barner’ and ‘michelleo barner’ were created and began tweeting to latch onto the tweets popularity. This is all around hilarious but definitely a fail on Gemma’s behalf, I just hope she can cope with the backlash!

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by Helen Stirling