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A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 29th September – Twitter Film Advertising, First Streaming Only Chart Position, Instagram blocked in China & Google Rolls Out TV Cards

Here is this week’s round-up for your perusal, news about Twitter, Google, Instagram and music streaming.

1. Twitter is to target film advertising 


Twitter has decided to start a new type of advertising targeting film-goers, and film enthusiasts. It aims to send out tweets about films targeting people who may be interested in it based on their previous other tweets. Twitter had conducted research prior to implementing these adverts, and discovered that Twitter greatly influences people’s choices on films. They discovered that not only are people discovering new films on Twitter but they’re also sharing their experiences of the films they watch with friends and followers.

The adverts will be based upon targeting keywords, so if you tweet about a certain genre of film you will find adverts for films with similar themes, characters, other films from the same production company or just similar keyword based films. Twitter have previously had a similar TV targeting strategy in place too.

2.  Meghan Trainor first artist to make the chart on streaming alone


So since the official charts made streaming an official means to get into the top 40 UK chart in June, no one had made the official chart on streams alone until now. Meghan Trainor an american female artist, with an exceptionally catchy song has hit number 33 in the chart on streams alone. This is because the song was not even released yet, but had been promoted with radio play, and was available to stream online, which meant she made the charts. It has now been released and will likely shoot even higher up the chart next week when sales are also taken into account.

3. Instagram blocked in Hong Kong and China

instagram logo

Instagram has been blocked in China and Hong Kong after political protests in the latter location. The protests reached a high with clashes between police and protestors over the weekend and the rise of the #OccupyCentral hashtag led to Instagram being blocked as well as Facebook and Twitter. The protests have been fueled by Hong Kong residents who want the right to a democratic election in 2017 because of increasing controls by the Beijing government.

However doing a quick website test on the locations  right now, it appears as if Instagram and Facebook are back up in Hong Kong but still down in China.

4. Google rolls out TV cards in the UK

google cards tv

The cards show personalised TV suggestions for the evenings schedule, and suggest other programmes based on your search history.  These cards and recommendations were previously only available for users in the US. The card show live tv suggestions as well as video on demand choices, and weirdly also has the option to use American streaming services like HBO GO for your suggestions. The feature is not officially listed as available in the UK, but the fact that it’s popped up in some cases here suggests that a bigger roll out is due to happen soon. Read more on The Next Web


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 16th September – Awesome YouTube Mash-Up & Bate-taste jumper from Urban Outfitters

Here are today’s Likes and Fails.


This is an awesome video we spotted today which takes existing musical YouTube videos and mixes them together to create an awesome whole new original song. The song features a little girl in a princess dress playing the piano, a great singer, several different drum tracks as well as countless other instruments. The video is created by a guy known as Kutiman and the mix is fantastic, it’s hard tp believe it’s not a released song. The female signer used in the track is great as well. This track should definitely get some recognition and I really hope ut does so that these musicians can get together in a room for real and create something great! Watch the video below.


Urban Outfitters have been forced to apologize online after they put a jumper up for sale on their website which offended a lot of people. The jumper was listed as a ‘vintage Kent State’ jumper, which is fine, what’s not fine is that the jumper looked as if it had blood spatters on it as part of the design.

There was an outcry on Twitter and other Social media about how distasteful the jumper was regarding the fact that Kent State was part of a very well known shooting massacre on campus, which affected the whole of the USA back in 1970. The marks on the jumper which look like blood spatters are clearly a horrendous oversight on their part.

Thankfully Urban Outfitters took the item down after their attention was drawn to it. Though really this item should never have been approved in the first place.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 18th June – Facebook launches Slingshot & YouTube launch subscription service

It’s time for today’s Likes and Fails, today Facebook have officially launched their Slingshot app in the US after their accidental launch last week, and YouTube are launching their music subscription service to the detriment of some music labels and artists.


Facebook has now officially launched their Slingshot app in the US. You may remember that the other week Facebook accidentally launched Slingshot to the App store in some countries, but quickly removed it after realising their mistake. The app is said to be Facebook’s Snapchat competitor and it primarily works in the same way. The app allows you to send a message to a friend which can only be viewed once, but the difference is that the recipient can decide how long they want to see the image for. Also before a recipient can view the image they have to send a response to the sender to allow them to view it. This option basically forces the user to share more and interact more on their app.

The app is standalone from Facebook and does not need to link to the site or app to work though you can import contacts from it,  it instead links itself to your phone number and you can also import contacts that way.

We’ll have to wait and see how it catches on as it’s not available in the UK yet, but hopefully it will be coming soon.


YouTube are upsetting some, and making others happy today with the launch of their music subscription service. The new service allows music labels to sign up to a licensing agreement to become part of the service. Users who buy a subscription are given access to listen to music without adverts and the option to download songs to their mobile device via Google.

The head of content and business operations at YouTube said that 90% of Music Labels had signed up to the service and hoped that the remaining 10% would consider joining, but that they’re aware that the likelihood of getting 100% to sign up is slim. A spokesperson for YouTube and Google said, “Our goal is to continue making YouTube an amazing music experience, both as a global platform for fans and artists to connect, and as a revenue source for the music industry,”.

This obviously has some positives for artists  on major labels, in that they’ll receive some sort of revenue from the subscription fees, but it’s not great news for those on independent labels who may not sign up to the service as they’ll be blocked from the site altogether, which is not good news for them or their fans.

Let’s hope a change in the rules can be made or at least an agreement can be made in these circumstances.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 28th March – Instagram hits 200m & Twitter loses it’s #Music

Here are our Friday Likes and Fails, today we look at Instagram’s 200 million users (no not individually) and we say a not so sad farewell to Twitter’s failed #Music app.


Instagram have now passed 200 million users, which is an impressive standing for the social network. The exciting news unfortunately aired the same day that Facebook announced their new deal with Oculus, which kind of overshadowed it a little bit (a lot). 50 million of that large number signed up within the last six months which shows a huge amount of growth for the photo sharing site.

It is interesting that the news was released the same day as the Oculus deal, especially because Facebook owns Instagram since early 2012. The filter photo sharing app also recently added a new feature where users can send private picture messages via users, which is an obvious attempt to take some of Snapchat’s user-base away from them.


You may remember that last year Twitter announced their new #Music app which was created as a way for Twitter users to see what music was trending and a way of discovering new artists. The app was initially met with good praise and many users flocked to it but it very quickly dropped off the radar and didn’t fully live up to the hype. The app was pulled from the Apple app store yesterday and thos with it already installed will find that the app will only continue to work until April 18th.

There were rumours rife that the app would be pulled after the app dropped to 165th in the free app category in the app store in October last year. Let’s hope that Twitter have more success with their other ventures and especially with the new features they’ve been announcing. I wonder if they’ll be taking on any ventures in virtual reality after the Facebook/Oculus announcement.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Thursday September 26th 2013: NFL and Google


Twitter have said that they will carry instant-replay footage from NFL games as part of a new advertising partnership that could boost its revenue before the highly anticipated public offering.

Twitter-and-the-NFL (1)

This sees Twitter’s biggest sports commitment to date for its Amplify service, which was launched last May as a way for people to capitalise on people’s use of social media whilst they watch TV. Everyone is all about the second screen viewing at the moment, so it’s no wonder that this is kind of a big deal.

Under their new partnership, the NFL will package in-game highlights and other video content (as well as adverts) inside tweets that are “sponsored” and distributed by the marketer during games.


Google has been attacked by MPs for failing to cut piracy sites from search results. Apparently the search engine is accused of jeopardising thousands of British jobs by failing to block websites on which you can illegally download music and films.

Their inaction has been described as ‘flimsy’ and it was warned that the 1.5million people employed by the creative industry could be at risk if they couldn’t rely on tough intellectual property safeguards.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Wednesday 17th July 2013: Jobs the Movie and MTV

Two likes today, because it’s Wednesday and sometimes we just need double happy news.

Like 1.0

We’ve been waiting for news of the Steve Jobs movie for a while now, and finally a trailer has emerged. ‘OMG give us the link to YouTube!’ we here you cry. Well hold your horses there, Apple fans, in true tech geek style, they’ve chosen to release the first trailer in a slightly different way.

The trailer was launched a few days ago on the official Instagram account jobsthefilm, ahead of its release next month.


Like 2.0

MTV are planning to use Vine and Instagram to reveal this year’s VMA nominees. The Video of the Year nominations and others will be unveiled today, using the hashtag #RoadToTheVMAs.

The videos have been created by Khoa Phan, a well-known stop-motion animation creator, and they are confident that they will be a success after they used Instagram to reveal the New York locations for the awards.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Monday 15th July 2013: Google+ and Spotify


Google is now making it easier to find out what you’re friends are into on Google+, thanks to a new update that will roll out tomorrow. Posts that have been +1′d by people in your circles on your stream will start to become highlighted and those updates that you post which have been well-received will be highlighted in your friends’ stream as well.


Similar to the way posts are currently highlighted on Facebook, posts on Google+ will show who from your circles +1′d the post just above the content itself. Content will only appear to those who you’ve given permission to, so a post you make visible to people in your circles will stillshow up to them, whilst public posts will be available to strangers.


Spotify has had a bit of a bad day, after Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke took to Twitter to slate the music streaming service, saying that  ’new artists get paid f*ck all with this model’.

Yorke has pulled all of his solo songs, as well as those with his group Atoms for Peace, from Spotify claiming that streaming doesn’t support new artists and their music as the per-stream payments are so small.


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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th April 2013


Twitter just keeps getting better. Not content with having a video sharing app, they recently acquired music sharing site We Are Hunted, and there are rumors for an app release today.


As We Are Hunted exclaim on their site “Artists turn to Twitter first to connect with fans, and people share and discover new songs and albums every day. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on at Twitter.” In our book, this pretty much translates as “We are working on a music app for Twitter.  Much to the dismay of Android users, the app is reported to only be released on IOS for the time being.

It’s great to see that Twitter are constantly developing the site to include more media-rich features, with Vine for video, the introduction of App Cards for gaming and now We are Hunted for music. This can only mean good things for business on Twitter, as they find more ways to advertise and engage users beyond the 14o characters!


MET police officers have been investigated over social network use, with several facing disciplinary action. The accusations included harassing female colleagues on Facebook and talking about their preference for underage boys on dating sites.


Steven George-Hilley, of centre-right think tank Parliament Street, said: “Whilst social media can play a vital role in tackling crime, misuse of sites like Twitter and Facebook by employees can jeopardise the integrity of the police. It’s vital that the Met ensures all employees are trained to use social media responsibly.”

Was there  a social media policy in place to prevent this from happening? We doubt that any of the accused realised their actions would be monitored or reported back to their employer (in this case, the police!) but it goes to show that you can never be too sure when your online activity is going to come back to get you in the offline world.


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by Helen Stirling


Paddy Power get the thumbs down


Pepsi have announced that they will be partnering with Twitter to provide streaming videos of live music concerts to Pepsi’s followers on the social networking site. 

The deal comes as part of Pepsi’s new global campaign, which in cludes a new ad featuring Nicki Minaj


Big thumbs down to Paddy Power today, who have been criticeised after they foolishly decided to re-tweet a Twitter user who asked if they could place bets on player heart attacks during football matches.

Pretty bad taste considering that Bolton Wanderes player Fabrice Muama went into cardiac arrest during a game against Spurs in February.

Paddy Power apologised on Twitter saying they “misunderstood” the tweet thinking it was about “spectators not able to take the tension”. They appear to have removed the tweet from their site.

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by Iona St Joseph


Tweet From Beyond the Grave

What happens to your social accounts after you die? We wrote about this earlier in the month and if you’re interested here’s a video infographic that talks you through how many people are leaving Twitter and Facebook in the more permanent sense.

It seems this is more than a fleeting thought or infographic for some as I came upon a business called Dead Social, an app that allows you to continue posting to your social networks from beyond the grave. It’s creepy and very ‘Ps I Love You’ but I can see it being a hit; in fact it kind of already is as they’re launching at The Next Web’s Startup Rally this week. 

You sign up to the app and can schedule messages that will continue to post for years after you’ve died. You could be cracking jokes on Twitter or posting updates about your new life with Frank Sinatra long after the worms get you.  


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by Iona St Joseph