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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 22nd May – Kent Earthquake reactions and Oddschecker AU Fail


There was an earthquake in Kent last night, in case you hadn’t noticed the furore on Social Media this morning. There are people cracking jokes about the earthquake which surprisingly hit 4.2 magnitude on the richter scale. The internet went meme crazy posting pictures sarcastically about the effects of the quake. Pictures such as a lawn chair falling over, a broken gnome and bananas that have fallen off their hanger. Now I’m not too judgemental, but these memes have been used before for similar situations, like when it was super windy here.


A large betting company in Australia has had to check their tweeting today after the posted a rather cruel jibe at a professional footballer and his girlfriend. The company posted a photo of the couple along with the mean tweet which said: ‘Sure she’s a lovely girl but someone needs to remind James Wilson that he’s a pro footballer Start abusing this privilege’. People were quite obviously outraged at the the tone and suggestion of the tweet, and the account received tons of hate spewed back at them saying that it was disgraceful. The offending tweet can be seen below. The tweet was removed after a few hours with a simply apology tweet.

There are obviously many worse things posted on Twitter everyday but if you are a brand trying to uphold an image then it’s best to not post something that feels too controversial. If you notice a tweet gaining traction for whatever reason then closely monitor it and its sentiment so it can be removed swiftly if need be! This is one example where the post snowballed up so much that loads of people saw it and took offence. Don’t let it get that far.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th December – Grumpy Cat’s fortune & Sony hacking news

Today we look at Grumpy cat’s amassed fortune and more news from the Sony hacking scandal.



You may have heard of Grumpy Cat. If you haven’t, then where on earth have you been?! Grumpy Cat is an online sensation and meme, who according to this latest news has amassed an incredible amount of money. The reported amount that grumpy cat and her owners have made is reported to be in the region of £64 million! Can you believe that? All from an a picture of a cat with a sad face. The cat has now amassed an empire of merchandise, books, and has it’s own holiday film coming out this year.

So the lesson to be learned here is to own a pet with some sort of abnormality and then exploit it for cash. Happy Holidays everyone! But seriously, Grumpy Cat’s owner has been able to quit their waitressing job and now rakes it in. Not bad for posting a picture of a cat online. Good for her.



More news on the Sony Hacking story. An email has been found among the documents leaked that appears to show the threat email that was sent a few days before the hack. The email is written in poor English and shows as unread from the account it was hacked from. Likely because they thought the poorly worded email was some form of spam. I know I get spam emails in broken English everyday.

This is how it read:

“We’ve got great damage by Sony Pictures.

The compensation for it, monetary compensation we want.

Pay the damage, or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole.

You know us very well. We never wait long.

You’d better behave wisely.

From God’sApstls”

There are many who believe that the hack was orchestrated on the behalf of North Korea as a protest to a new Sony film release called ‘The Interview’ in which the plot shows an attempt to kidnap the leader of North Korea.

This new news though, suggests that it has nothing to do with holding the release of the interview but instead shows that the aim is a ransom, so, money.

More here

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 3rd November – Rita Ora’s Twitter blunder, Lena Dunham controversy, ALex from Target, photo experiment & Wifi news

It’s Monday, and here are the things you need to know that you may have missed over the weekend.

Rita Ora’s Twitter embarrassment


Rita Ora has found her self in quite the embarrassing situation. The British pop star posted to her Twitter over the weekend saying that she would drop her new single on Monday if she got 100,000 retweets and in fact she has bearly 4 million followers so you’d think that this would be easy for the star, but it all got rather embarrassing when only 1,800 people retweeted her message and the tweet the mysteriously disappeared, (got deleted). Obviously other people noticed her mishap on Twitter and began making jokes about her and how clearly no one wanted to hear here new single. Rita then attempted to save face by tweeting that she was hacked but clearly she wasn’t fooling anybody.

Lena Dunham controversy

Lena Dunham has come under fire after critics read her book and noticed that she claims to have sexually assaulted her younger sister when she was a child. Dunham apparently compares herself to a sexual predator when she discusses that she would bribe her sister for kisses and even at one point admits to getting up close with her sisters vagina. This claim was clearly disturbing to some and many started writing about Lena’s abuse claims on news websites and Twitter. Lena quickly replied that it was ridiculous that people were saying she’d abused her sister and that it was a part of growing up. Though many people pointed out the fact that she had compared herself to a sexual predator in her book. Since this has all happened Lena has cancelled one of her scheduled book signings.

Alex from Target

alex from target

Teenagers on Twitter have suddenly gone made for a teenage boy called Alex, who works in a Target store in America. His photo was posted to Twitter by a ‘fan’ of his and he quickly got turned into a meme and teenage girls began fawning over him. Alex from Target is the name of the online fad and he even trended during his initial popularity spike. Alex found the whole thin rather humourous, as ‘fans’ confessed their love for him and he worked his was upto and over 200,000 followers. You can tell he reached peak Twitter fame among teenagers when his real life girlfriend started getting Twitter death threats. Oh teenagers.

Photo Experiment

A woman has conducted a heartwarming photo experiment by Photo-shopping herself into photos of her mum as a child to see whether it looked like they would have been friends if they had been growing up at the same time. The collection of photos though a little strange are actually quite heartwarming. You can see the whole collection here.


Wifi hotspots 

The UK now has one wi-fi hotspot for every 11 people and worldwide there is now one hotspot for every 150 people, claims new research. The survey also suggests that It suggests there will be 47.7 million public hotspots worldwide by the end of 2014. Some exciting news for all you internet addicts out there.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 4th July – Solitary monkey & Confused Face Meme Girl

So normally we have some lovely cheerful likes for a Friday but today we’ve got your normal dose of Likes and Fails. Enjoy.


This video is our Like for the day, yes we know it isn’t really news but it made us laugh and who doesn’t enjoy a funny video on a Friday afternoon. The video was posted to Reddit and is quickly rising to the top spot on the front page. The title of the post says that the guy who posted the video’s room mate was asked to go and film the tigers in a local zoo but got distracted by the subject of the video.

The video is called ‘solitary monkey’ and focuses on, you guessed it, a solitary monkey. The video is styled like a foreign movie, contemplative and with the classic ‘film grain’ filter on it. You’ll see why we shared it! See it below!


A girl from Birmingham Alabama believes she can sue Instagram for $500 million because her face has been turned into a meme. The photograph of the teenager in a strange pose, looking a bit confused has been used as a meme on the net, know as ‘ConfusedFace Meme Girl’. The photo was originally uploaded to Instagram by a friend who took the photo, the picture quickly got picked up and turned into a meme online. The girl is apparently extremely upset at the pictures wide spread as well as that it is openly being mocked online.

We can only assume that the girl is claiming that it’s Instagram’s fault that here picture was spread after it was posted publicly online. I think realistically here, the person she should be suing is her friend if she didn’t give permission for the photo to be posted online. To show how serious the girl is taking this matter here is a quote apparently taken from an interview with her: ”My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up. I look nothing like that in real life… I’m really a bad b*tch,”


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 3rd June – ASOS’s new social feature & Meme causes terrible attack

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, today we take a look at ASOS’s new feature which uses Olapic to use social images to promote clothing with customers of the site and also look at the shocking news of two 12 year old girls who committed a stabbing due to their obsession with Slenderman, an online meme.




ASOS has teamed up with a visual commerce platform called Olapic, following in the footsteps of Coach, Lancome and Desigual. Olapic are just about to open their European headquarters in London so the new partnership is especially good timing. The team-up will see ASOS add in customer photos and videos into their shopping experience in a hope to engage customers even more.

The Olapic platform works by collecting photos from Social Media sites, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, this is to gather images from users and fans so they can curate, optimize and display the photos on the retailer site. They have been working with ASOS on a new feature on the ASOS site, ‘As seen on me’ which grabs images from Social media of customers wearing items of ASOS clothing, and offers links through to buy the product the customer is wearing. It’s all beautifully designed too, meaning that it’s an easy to use interface.

A great idea for ASOS to get on board with, as sharing outfits and fashion bloggers reach a peak of popularity the idea of shopping looks easily from people’s Instagram pictures is likely to be a popular one. It also is more relatable than looking at the models in clothes as you could see people you know in the feature as well as seeing fashion inspiration from ‘ordinary’ people, which sometimes gives a more realistic look at the clothing on offer.


Some shocking news today; 2 12 year old girls in Wisconsin, USA have been accused of stabbing one of their friends 19 times, after they ‘got inspiration’ from the internet meme Slenderman. The two girls say that they needed to commit a murder for Slenderman to accept them into his mansion. One of the girls said they were trying to become ‘proxies’ of the character.

Slenderman is an internet meme/creation that has been around online since around 2009, it basically is made up horror story much like other horror myths, though the character of Slenderman has been photoshopped into old images to make him appear more real and scary. He is supposedly a character who wears a plain white mask, has tentacles and steals children to torture and torment.

The attack took place in the woods where the three friends were playing hide and seek, the two girls turned and stabbed their friend who luckily is in a stable condition, but was very close to death after one stab wound narrowly missed a major artery. The two girls charged are currently being tried as adults in court and could be facing up to65 years in jail.

Obviously this shocking attack leads to many questions about what Children should be exposed to online, and safety laws surrounding Children and the internet. Let’s hope that this is a one off attack.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 13th May – Carter and his banana meme & Solange vs Jay-Z memes take over the internet!

Today in Likes and Fails we’ve gone meme crazy. We love Reddit’s latest offering of bad-ass Carter and his banana and today’s fail goes to Solang e for acting violently towards Jay-Z though the memes that have some from it are rather funny.


Carter and his banana is internet’s favourite new meme, after it’s creation yesterday on Reddit. The original image was posted on Reddit yesterday whcih depicts a kid eating a banana on the front driveway of a house. The title was ”This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana, then left.” Which shows the hilarity of kids and the funny things they do. Not only is it a funny situation that occurred and that has made everyone laugh, but it’s also the apparent bad-ass-ness of Carter and his banana pose.

Reddit took it upon themselves to photoshop Carter into different situations to cement and highlight his epic-ness. No doubt he’ll be telling the story for years to come, of how he once became an internet meme. Here are some of our favourite incarnations of Carter and his banana.


So I wasn’t going to feature this story but it’s easily the worst fail of the day – it’s that video that’s surface of Beyoncé’s sister Solange having a pop at Jay-Z at the Met  Gala this past week. Along with all the hilarious memes that have come from it. It’s meme central here today!

So basically TMZ, popular celeb gossip website, ‘got hold of’ (bought for a lot of money) some hotel surveillance footage which showed Jay-Z getting hit and kicked at by Solange, Beyoncé’s younger sister. With the fame of Beyoncé and Jay-Z the news of this video quickly spread and people were quick to posts their opinions and jokes about it to Twitter and other social media sites.

The points that most picked up on were, ‘why is Solange attacking Jay-Z?’, ‘What did Jay-Z say to provoke Solange?’, ‘Was Solange on drugs?’ and ‘Why did Beyoncé not do anything?’. The answers were plentiful and the resulting memes were hilarious. The world is still waiting for a statement from Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s camp but whilst we do, speculation is rife as Solange has deleted all but one picture of her sister from Instagram and Beyoncé posted a picture to the site with a prayer about relationships.

Here’s a look at some of the memes to come from this ‘breaking news!’ Including the hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange which trended at no.1 in the US for quite a while yesterday.



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 31st March – Instagram selfies & blogger has selfie stolen and meme-ified.

It’s the start of a new week and there’s an abundance of selfie news today. We see that people on Instagram really do like your selfies, and we see the perils of uploading joke-y crying photos of yourself because they may be meme-ified by a political group!


A recent study has shown that on Instagram a photo with faces in it is 38% more likely to get likes from your followers than those without. The study was put together at Georgia Tech university after analysing 1.1 million Instagram pictures with face detection software. As we mentioned above those with faces in were 38% more likely to be liked and they were also 32% more likely to be commented on too. This is unsurprising, especially with the surge in popularity of selfies. The most retweeted tweet ever featured a celebrity selfie from the 2014 Oscars and has notably had an impact in the amount of people becoming aware of the term. One researcher told Mashable that people are naturally attracted to faces and he was initially surprised that it translated to Social Media but said that it made sense as the attraction to faces is ingrained in us from a young age as a child looking for support from parents.

It was also interesting to see that in the results it didn’t seem to matter what  age or gender you were or how many people were in the photo, it all added up to the same amount of engagement. It also seemed that those who uploaded very frequently saw a dip in their engagement. So the lesson we’ve all learnt her is that people actually like seeing our selfies as long as we don’t upload too many of them.


A blogger has found her selfie inadvertently spread all over the internet after a right-wing political organisation began using her image as an anti-Obamacare meme. The blogger, Helene Sula has said she began blogging after she suffered an accident and was out of work, she gained a few thousand followers in Twitter and Facebook because of her blogging. She only noticed that her image had been compromised after she woke up to an unusually high number of message notifications from friends and followers alerting her to the fact that her image was being used.

She saw that the ‘meme’ had been posted on a Facebook page called Right Wing News (which has over 350,000 likes) and several other right wing pages too. The image was taken from her blog and was one of her crying and had been plastered with writing which was very anti-Obamacare. Of the image used Sula said: “Basically this image was a selfie I posted on my blog after a stylist botched my hair color, … I blogged about it, kind of letting people know to make sure you’re very specific about how you tell someone to do your hair. I laughed at myself about the fact that I was crying.”

She unsurprisingly asked the pages to take the image down and for a while was ignored, or at least not noticed, she also suffered some backlash from people on the pages who said she was sily for uploading the picture in the first place and that she had no rights.

In the end it sort of worked out, Right Wing News removed her picture after Buzzfeed contacted them for comment, and they said they hadn’t noticed the messages from Sula. Just let it be a lesson that if you image is uploaded, it’s likely someone is going to take it from you.

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by Helen Stirling


11 reasons social media is the best thing to happen to the world. Ever.

There’s no denying that Social Media has changed our lives forever, some  say that it has ruined real life social interaction and that face to face interaction is the key to happiness; but we know better than that. Here are our reasons why Social Media is the best thing to happen to the world ever.

1. YouTube comments.

Unfortunately YouTube comments have now changed forever so there’ll be less of these beauties. Darn you Google Plus.

2. Knowing everything about everyone and everything.

Social Media makes people overshare, so you get to know all of the information as it happens, your best bud got a haircut? You pretty much knew it before they did.

This is also true of news; go on Twitter you’ll find out the latest celebrity relationship, marriage, death, or death hoax, as well as more important news like which roads are closed and which store near you has the best sale on ice cream. Etc.

3. Snooping (related)

In a similar vein as the previous point, you can know everything about anyone. If you’re nosy in real life then Social Media just stepped it up to the next level for you.

4. Wit around every corner

There is honestly nothing funnier than Social Media, especially Twitterers. They’re funnier than your local comedy open mic night. Hard to believe I know.

5. Reaction GIFs

Possibly my personal favourite thing that Social Media has brought us. We all know that text doesn’t convey tone online; sarcasm goes unseen and meaningful becomes insincere. What can I do to combat this? I hear you scream. Well Reaction GIFs duh. They’re like mini silent jokes. Especially popular at this time of year are Jennifer Lawrence reaction GIFs, y’know Oscars and all that.

6. Social Media Fails

Whether it be celebs being offensive on Twitter, accidentally hilarious hashtags or company Twitter accounts getting hijacked by disgruntled employees, we can’t resist the temptation of seeing someone crash and burn on Social Media. You can’t deny that you love to gawk too.

7. Cat videos.

It was the moment I decided the internet was for me when I saw that first ‘Cats being funny’ compilation on YouTube, you probably remember the one I mean.  With the cat, and the fan, and the one with the cat and the other cat, and the paws and the cats. Cats.

8. Selfies

I know it’s hard to believe I have to write a description as to why selfies are incredible, especially after that glorious image. One, they take no effort whatsoever (apart from spending an hour on make-up and lighting). Two, instant pay-off, it’s just rude if someone doesn’t double-tap that glorious picture of your beautiful mug. Three, it’s a great way to stay in with the kids etc.  And finally, even dogs can take them. I mean come on.

9. Reactive Creative

 Social Media is just another name for ‘on it’. The big brands on Twitter are well known for putting out reactive tweets when something news-worthy happens. The most famous of all, is the famous tweet from Oreo when there was that famous blackout at the 2012 Super Bowl.

10. Trolling

Controversial. This in reference to the early days of trolling where it was used to describe funny pranks online rather than what the media has made it into, another word for bullying. Trolling used to be frickin’ funny, and harmless. I guess we’ll just have to rename it to something new and inventive, like… ‘pranking’.

11. Memes

Memes ARE the internet. Most memes are created via popular social news site Reddit, aka my second home. Memes make the internet go round, people latch onto an idea and flog it until it’s dead, and then they pop up again every now and then. They can be seen in any form, not just unflattering Beyonce. Unflattering? I don’t know what they’re on about.


Social Media, will you be my Valentine?

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 15th January – Tumblr @s & #middleclassinjuries

Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


Tumblr the home of ‘fan-girls’ and ‘fandoms’ who are very into BBC’s Sherlock, (so much so that they crashed Tumblr as the last episode of this series aired) have made an official announcement. The announcement is that Tumblr users acan now @ other users to tag them in or direct a post toward them. @ing other users has been available before as a sort of ‘easter-egg’ but this is the first time Tumblr have officially announced the feature. Now typing the @ symbol will create a  a drop down suggesting the user you may want to tag. This is an exciting new move forward for Tumblr in heading toward becoming more of a social network than just a blogging site.


The other day on Twitter the man below tweeted the thing below and #middleclassinjuries became a thing. It very obviously references the popular ‘first world problems’ meme and copies the idea well. People began tweeting him back and it created many funny responses. I suppose you’re asking why this is a fail? I’m not entirely sure? Maybe because it is too much like first world problems. Lets have some original memes!


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by Helen Stirling

The newest kick ass meme – #LeBroning

LeBron James is know to be a little clumsy and off balance on the basketball court, and because of this he has brought the latest new craze to the internet “LeBroning”. Following along the same lines as “Planking” and “Milking”, a prank is pulled in public to recreate LeBron’s spectacular falls (as seen in the GIFs below).

The new meme is becoming very popular on micro video sites such as Vine and Instagram and is being shared with the hastag #LeBroning. The concept was first seen on Vine months ago but the trend has been picking up speed this week. Take a look at the different interpretations below! We’ll get working on our version now.

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by Helen Stirling