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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Google Contributor & Monty the Penguin’s impact

Here we are again it’s Monday morning and winter has finally hit. The cold air is drawing in and to keep us warm we have today’s edition of Likes and Fails just for you, with an extra like. Who wants to be miserable eh?



Google are trying out a brand new project which would allow users to surf the internet without adverts, but by paying a fee. What happened to free information! I’ve put this in the likes section today because really it’s good to see that Google are trying something new surrounding advertising on the net. The project is called ‘Contributor’ and allows users to pay a monthly fee of $1-$3 to get advert free sites. Google has signed up a handful of websites to test out the option including Mashable, Urban Dictionary, The Onion and popular image hosting website Imgur. The project describes itself as ”an experiment in additional ways to fund the web”. It’s definitely interesting to see if more publishers would sign up to the contributor programme; Google says that they will get a portion of your contribution, and I assume it will be comparable to the amount they would get through advertising. I can only imagine that contributors would sign up if there was a decent amount of publishers signed on, or at least the sites they visit the most because otherwise there would be little benefit for them.

Obviously if you’re internet savvy you will already know of ad blocker, the fantastic chrome app which blocks all adverts from your view, even those you get at the start of YouTube videos, this is a free piece of software but asks for donations to help them keep it running and updated. Though I have recently seen a few sites which have worked their way around a blocker by requesting that you turn it off before you can actually access the site fully. So this new option from Google definitely has my interest piqued.



 You have probably seen John Lewis’s Christmas advert by now featuring Monty the Penguin and you either love it or hate it. Believe me I’ve heard enough about it. But it’s clear to see how much the popular advert has done for the brand in the run up to Christmas with a staggering 903% increase on their online brand consumption since the advert’s release. The consumption is based upon audience interest and how much a particular concept is viewed across the web on mobile, social, and video channels.

It looks as if the Christmas season has given a well welcomed boost to other large retailers too with House of Fraser seeing a 610% spike since their advert’s release and Debenhams saw a 160% increase.

Monty the penguin has warmed everyone’s heart as overall sentiment for the campaign is 35 per cent positive with only five per cent negative and the rest neutral.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails: Tuesday October 7th 2014: Facebook Tackles Fake Likes and Katie Hopkins Trolls Again


Facebook actually look like they’re going to be doing something about the fake likes that are popping up all over the site, as the social network has sued ‘scammers’ for £1.3bn.

We’re all aware that many businesses by fake likes to make their pages look more popular (if you didn’t already know this, I’m sorry you had to find out like this), but it would appear that Facebook aren’t willing to put up with it anymore. In a post on their security blog, they talk about keeping unwanted, inauthentic “stuff” off the platform, tagging it on to National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The post is actually full of handy info for those of you who might be starting up your own business pages, but are frustrated that it’s not gaining likes as quickly as you would’ve hoped.

The BBC ran an excellent investigation into the topic in 2012, where a fake business managed to amass over 3,000 Likes, despite not actually doing anything. You can read more about it here.


Katie Hopkins, a woman who has made most of her fame by being a total asshole, has set the internet alight once again with her views on Kate and Gerry McCann, in light of the new developments in the case surrounding the hunt for their daughter Maddie.

Referring to the death of Brenda Leyland, a Twitter troll who Sky news confronted about the online abuse she directed at the McCanns, Hopkins tweeted “How many more must die before the McCann’s accept their negligence is at the heart of all their grief? Enough already.”

Needless to say, her opinions sparked a Twitter row amongst her followers, from those who were appalled by her tweet to those who, unbelievably, agreed with her. Comedian Dom Joly branded the former Apprentice candidate as a ‘media whore’, and we wouldn’t disagree with him there.


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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Social Media Round-Up: Monday October 6th 2014 – DHL Mess Up and Iceland’s Police Have Instagram Nailed

Merry Monday folks. It looks like winter has well and truly arrived here in the South West, I had to keep my windscreen wipers on all the way to the office this morning. HashtagWeather.

Anyhoo, enough of my jibber jabber, here’s what’s happening in the social world this morning, and what you might have missed over the weekend.

1. DHL are in the bad books this morning, after some brain box thought it would be a good idea to do a Facebook post asking for Likes surrounding the terrible F1 accident involving French driver Jules Bianchi. Unsurprisingly, the post was taken down from their page, but thankfully someone managed to screen grab the post before it was removed.


The post tells users that by clicking “Like” on the post, they will be wishing Jules a speedy recovery, because there is absolutely no way they could wish him a speedy recovery without using Facebook likes.  In case you’re ever thinking of doing a post like this one, don’t.

2. Facebook are going to allow friends to send each other money via their Messenger app. The feature hasn’t been activated yet, but it will allow users to attached cash to a message in the same way they would attach a photo and it uses card details registered with Facebook.

I don’t think I’ll be transferring cash via Facebook anytime soon, but it does seem like a way to simplify the process.

3. Former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen has revealed in his autobiography that a parody Twitter account left him ‘broken’. Pietersen believes that the account was run from inside the dressing room, and that it also lead to the ‘Textgate’ row that saw him suspended from the team.

4. You’ll all be thrilled to hear that Wayne Rooney has become the first athlete in the UK to hit 10 million Twitter followers. Yay! He still has a way to go to reach the same dizzying heights as Christiano Ronaldo, who has 30.3 million followers, but Rooney’s new found success has propelled him to number 6 in a list of the world’s most followed athletes. Who are the others you say? Well, here’s a list of the top 10:

Top 10 most-followed athletes on Twitter:
1. @Cristiano (Cristiano Ronaldo) 30.3m
2. @Kaka (Ricardo Kaka) 21m
3. @KingJames (LeBron James) 15.2m
4. @NeymarJR (Neymar Junior) 14.6m
5. @10Ronaldinho (Ronaldinho Gaúcho) 10.8m
6. @WayneRooney (Wayne Rooney) 10m
7. @andresiniesta8 (Andrés Iniesta) 9.66m
8. @3gerardpique (Gerard Pique) 9.53m
9. @KDTrey5 (Kevin Durant) 8.25m
10. @XabiAlonso (Xabi Alonso) 8.23m

5. There’s always a police force cropping up somewhere with an interesting story, whether it’s rescuing something from somewhere or Tweeting something hilarious. The official Instagram account for The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police is no disappointment. It’s a collection of images of excellent moustaches, cute animals and awesome bikes. As well as actual police stuff, obvs.

Don’t let the language barrier put you off.


My face when… I saw the all the new followers #viral

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Ég er týndur. Þrátt fyrir stranga yfirheyrslu gaf hann hvorki upp nafn né heimilisfang. Vitið þið hvar hann á heim?

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Sumarið er að undirbúa komu sína. Þetta verður frábært sumar. #reiðhjólasumar #lrh

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Friday August 1st 2014: Sharknado 2 and a Redditor Fail


If we’ve learnt anything from Twitter, it’s that the internet community loves a ‘so crap it’s good’ sci-fi movie. who could forget box office sell-out (or not) Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus? No-one. Exactly.

So after Sharknado caused an internet sensation last year, obviously the natural thing to do was to create a sequel, right? Well, luckily for us that is exactly what happened, and Wednesday night saw the premier of Sharknado 2: The Second One.

In case you’re unaware of the plot of the Sharknado franchise, it’s essentially a tornado OF SHARKS terrorising various cities, namely LA in the first film, and heading across to NYC in the second. Makes sense.


When the first Sharknado premiered in July last year, it generated 5,00 tweets PER MINUTE at its peak, and hit 387,000 social mentions. NBCUniversal later revealed that Sharknado was the most “social program on all of television –- broadcast and cable –- as well as Syfy’s most social telecast ever.” Tekkers.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes there will be a Sharknado 3.


Reddit has banned one of its most popular users from the site due to vote manipulation, after they discovered that he was maintaining five side accounts which were used to upvote his own content and downvote others.

The user, who’s screen name was Unidan, is known off the internet as biologist Ben Eisenkop. Before the ban, he had the second highest total comment karma of all Reddit users, which is pretty darn impressive.

Big Deal Ron Burgundy

Unidan has been ‘shadowbanned’ from the site permanently, which means that all of his submissions and comments from now on will be immediately flagged as spam, which makes it impossible for other users to see them.

It’s safe to say that Unidan was preeeeeetty popular on the site, having participated in at least 3 AMAs, giving his own TEDx talk, and even having his own subreddit, but other users are pretty mad about his violation of Reddit’s rules with one comparing it to finding out that Lance Armstrong had taken steroids.

Don’t anger the Reddit Gods, we’re pretty sure they control a large portion of the internet. You have been warned.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up Blog – 10th March – David Cameron buys likes, Pinterest unlimited secret boards, Twitter’s growth declines & Vine bans porn.

Here’s our weekly round-up of what you might have missed in the Social Media world over the weekend!

1. David Cameron is paying for Likes on Facebook. Yes that’s right. The Prime Minister of the UK is so unpopular that his team have resorted to buying him friends on Facebook. The conservative strategists have reportedly forked out thousands of pounds from party funds to increase the Prime Ministers standings on the social network. Rumours are that those thousands add up to £7500 which has managed to double the PMs likes in only a month, now giving him 128,000 and allowing him to overtake Nick Clegg’s likes.


The Tory’s defended themselves saying that it was a common practice in American campaigns and that it was an ‘above board’ strategy. However a Lib Dem insider said that he thought the campaign was ‘pretty pathetic’ and a Labour representative claimed’ there is no end to his ego.’ Well that’s that then; I personally don’t think having a few more likes on Facebook would on anyway persuade my vote.

2. On Friday Pinterest announced that users would be able to have unlimited secret boards. Users were previously only allowed to have up to 6 secret boards (only visible to themselves). The change was decided after giving in to the many requests from avid users of the site. The users got what the users wanted. Secret boards were initially unveiled in 2012 and a user could have up to 3 boards that they didn’t want others to see and was subsequently upped to six after much pushing from users and now the secret boards are unlimited. This is especially useful when inviting other users to a private board for example if planning an event; it means that you can created as many secret event boards as you need!

3. Twitter’s growth is tapering off very quickly. In a graph from Mashable and Statista it can be seen that Twitter’s year on year growth is declining rapidly, both globally and in the US. In the past three years at their peak Twitter was seeing a growth of 140%, but as of the last quarter of 2013, it’s growth had dropped to under 40% even though it had reached 241 million monthly active users. Another research firm recently projected that Twitter growth will slow even more in the next few years. Definitely something to keep an eye on and possibly something Twitter needs to address as well. 

4. Twitter bans porn on Vine. The site has finally banned porn and naked images from its site. The 6-second video sharing app has had lots of backlash from users about them allowing porn on the site, but now that’s all over as porn is officially banned. Any explicit images found from now on on the site will be asked to be removed. However, there are some exceptions, nudity involved with art or education or even breastfeeding videos will still be allowed on the site. A spokesperson for Vine explained that the change means almost nothing to a large percentage of their users but also said ’For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the internet – we just prefer not to be the source of it.’

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th September – Instagram hotel & Yahoo!s new logo


First we saw a twitter hotel and now a hotel chain in Sydney has launched it’s own Instagram inspired hotel. The boutique 1888 hotel is said to have been designed with the Instagram photographer in mind, with each area of the hotel being worthy of an Instagram photograph. They have also set up Instagram competitions for a free night at the hotel, those who take the best photo of the hotel could win, as well as the lucky few who have over 10,000 followers (who instantly get one free night). Nice bit of Instagram marketing and PR for the hotel going on here. Nice work.



Yahoo’s new logo has been revealed and so far reaction is not good. Yahoo are really trying their best to revamp the site and win back site visitors but many have panned the site’s attempt at the revamped logo suggesting that it looks like it’s gone back to the 90′s in style. Not good news for recent CEO Marissa Mayer, who has been singing the logo’s praises. See some online reaction below:



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Wednesday September 4th 2013: Promoted Tweets and Spotify Sued


A disgruntled businessman has found a new use for promoted tweets, after bombarding British Airways with bad feedback.

Hasan Syed was fairly irritated as the airline had lost his luggage, so decided to try and get their attention with a series of promoted tweets.


It has since been revealed that he paid $1,000 for his ‘campaign’, which brought 76.7k impressions and 14.6k engagements. That’s a pretty good ROI.

You’ll be pleased to hear that BA have apologised and his luggage would be back with him within a day.


Bad news for Spotify today, as dance brand Ministry of Sound are planning to sue them over allegations that it infringed their compilation album copyrights by hosting playlists which mirrored the contents of some of their albums.


MoS are taking legal action after Spotify refused to delete the playlists which were identical to the album tracks

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th August – Breaking Bad online stats and ronnyjohnson618


The TV winner on social media this week is True Blood! The HBO show launched a season six trailer for the next two episodes to the masses on 5th of August and it blew up online with 53,000 views in 4 days, which cemented it as the most popular show of the week. It was closely followed by the hugely anticipated premier of Breaking Bad, the Facebook fans rose this week to an impressive 80,000 which made it the most popular show for the AMC network in America. Another notable mention was Doctor Who; after Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor the whovians went mad on twitter and other sites.

This is the like for the day mainly as I have recently started watching True Blood, no spoilers please, and I am very excited to go home and watch the brand new episode of Breaking Bad as Netflix took the amazing initiative to air it online straight after it aired in the US, which is great news for British fans of the show.

Good one Netflix!


A YouTube user has been caught out by a Redditor and the results are glorious. User ronnyjohnson618 is a serial comment-er on YouTube and seems to have held upwards of 5 jobs spanning over two lifetimes. He seems to believe himself to be an expert on everything and his son gets dragged into the expert opinions too. You can see some of his ‘knowledge’ below. I really can’t deicide if this guy really thinks he knows everything or if he is an expert troll with his troll level rising way up above what is detectable by humans.


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by Helen Stirling


How to Increase Your Likes and Followers on Social Media

Post regularly 

Keep your feeds updated regularly. There’s no point working hard to rack up your audience, if you’re not going to interact with them. Update your accounts regularly with new posts, photos, polls, etc. You should try to keep your feeds updated daily; if you’re struggling for content, why not share posts or pieces from your peers?

So how will this help you gain new followers? Well firstly, it will prevent you from losing your current audience. If you fail to keep your page up to date, you aren’t engaging with your followers. If they aren’t seeing content they are interested in, or any at all, they will soon get bored and unfollow you.

Also, if a new follower stumbles across your Facebook page or Twitter feed and see it has been dormant for days, weeks or months, then they are going to take one look at the lack of activity and leave.

Creating a post takes no more than five minutes, but it could ensure the continued growth of your social following.

Involve your followers 

Make sure you don’t exclusively post self-promotional content on your feeds. No-one follows a brand to be told constantly how great they are.

Instead, try and encourage your followers to join the conversation by asking them for feedback or opinions.

Your customers are far more likely to connect with your business if they see you value their input and take their opinions into consideration.

Be Responsive 

There’s no point asking your followers to engage with you if you don’t respond.

Respond to your followers. It proves to your customers that there is someone there behind the brand, listening to what your they have to say and acting upon it. By interacting with them and showing you care about what they have to say, you will see you earn some serious brownie points from your customers. They are also far more likely to remain loyal customers and recommend your business and your social outlets to friends and family.

Nike, KLM Airways and Microsoft’s XBOX are just a few of the brands who are leading the way in interacting with their followers, it’s worked for them so don’t be afraid to look to these brands for some inspiration.

Follow your peers  

Connect with likeminded people and businesses within your industry. If you are discussing and producing content that is relevant and interesting to them, then they are more likely to follow back and engage with you. Surrounding yourself with a network of relevant people and businesses who value your brand and opinions can see you become an influencer within your industry.


Don’t underestimate the importance of entertainment. No-one will bother to engage with you or read your content if it is dull. You want to educate your followers without boring them, so keep your posts short, informative but entertaining and easy to read. You can always provide a link to articles on your site for those who want to read more about your companies latest product or services.

Don’t be afraid to be funny. A little light humour can go a long way and help to humanise your brand.


Everyone loves a good offer or exclusive, and it’s no different on social media!

Whether it’s offering an exclusive deal to your Twitter followers or releasing sneak peaks of your latest product via your YouTube Channel or Instagram feed, people love to feel part of the ‘inner circle’. These exclusives are a great way of rewarding your current followers but also provides a reason for others to start following you. Once people hear about theses exclusives you are sure to see your likes and follows receive a major boost.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – ‘In the way guy’ and ‘Live balls up’


Reddit gave birth to a fantastic new meme yesterday. Affectionately known as ‘In the way guy’, it all began with a picture posted of someone’s proposal in Disneyland featuring this man who has appeared to try and duck through the picture before it was taken, instead he’s slap bang in the way of the couple in the picture. See below:


Following on from this, Reddit users found the guy’s pose and expression so funny that they sent it to /r/photoshopbattles and now the internet has created images of the man interrupting some of the most famous/important moments in history see the topical version: the introduction of the Royal baby to the world.



An american newsreader has had a near definition perfect fail, live on air, and captured by those with Tivo boxes. This newsreader was unassumingly pointing out an issue with local traffic by drawing a diagram of the issue onto a screen displaying a map. However, she basically ended up drawing a fallic shape live on screen, complete with balls. The video is getting widespread coverage online and i’m sure she now knows not to let her hand wander again! See her balls up here:

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by Helen Stirling