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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Google Contributor & Monty the Penguin’s impact

Here we are again it’s Monday morning and winter has finally hit. The cold air is drawing in and to keep us warm we have today’s edition of Likes and Fails just for you, with an extra like. Who wants to be miserable eh?



Google are trying out a brand new project which would allow users to surf the internet without adverts, but by paying a fee. What happened to free information! I’ve put this in the likes section today because really it’s good to see that Google are trying something new surrounding advertising on the net. The project is called ‘Contributor’ and allows users to pay a monthly fee of $1-$3 to get advert free sites. Google has signed up a handful of websites to test out the option including Mashable, Urban Dictionary, The Onion and popular image hosting website Imgur. The project describes itself as ”an experiment in additional ways to fund the web”. It’s definitely interesting to see if more publishers would sign up to the contributor programme; Google says that they will get a portion of your contribution, and I assume it will be comparable to the amount they would get through advertising. I can only imagine that contributors would sign up if there was a decent amount of publishers signed on, or at least the sites they visit the most because otherwise there would be little benefit for them.

Obviously if you’re internet savvy you will already know of ad blocker, the fantastic chrome app which blocks all adverts from your view, even those you get at the start of YouTube videos, this is a free piece of software but asks for donations to help them keep it running and updated. Though I have recently seen a few sites which have worked their way around a blocker by requesting that you turn it off before you can actually access the site fully. So this new option from Google definitely has my interest piqued.



 You have probably seen John Lewis’s Christmas advert by now featuring Monty the Penguin and you either love it or hate it. Believe me I’ve heard enough about it. But it’s clear to see how much the popular advert has done for the brand in the run up to Christmas with a staggering 903% increase on their online brand consumption since the advert’s release. The consumption is based upon audience interest and how much a particular concept is viewed across the web on mobile, social, and video channels.

It looks as if the Christmas season has given a well welcomed boost to other large retailers too with House of Fraser seeing a 610% spike since their advert’s release and Debenhams saw a 160% increase.

Monty the penguin has warmed everyone’s heart as overall sentiment for the campaign is 35 per cent positive with only five per cent negative and the rest neutral.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 13th November – 2 Likes for the price of 1

It’s the middle of the week, everyone needs a bit of a pick-me-up and on Monday we had 2 Fails, so today we bring you two, yes TWO, Likes.


JOHN LEWIS IS A LEGEND. Nope, not the retail store, although they’re pretty cool with their popular Christmas adverts and their 5 year guarantees on electrical goods. No, this John Lewis is a real man and he seemingly lives in Virginia and somehow got a hold of the Twitter handle @JohnLewis (The skeptic in me would say this was all made up as a marketing stunt from a big brand, but he has some old tweets from over 2000 days ago which suggest he is legit). He is personally replying to most tagging mistakes where he has been mistaken for the brand; very politely and with a hint of tongue-in-cheek I might add. Good on ya John. 

PS. John Lewis Retail have now contacted him offering him a gift for his kick ass redirection skillz.

Like 2.0

We love a good story about the escapades of the Scottish and this one is loosely linked to a social network so we had to share it. In Glasgow there is a Wellington statue, said statue usually features a traffic cone on Wellington’s head, and often on the horse head too. The council have claimed that they’ve taken down 100 cones across the year, which somehow costs them £10,000; what are they paying these police officers?

The council decided that enough was enough and they put in a planning application to raise the height of the statue so it would be traffic-coned no more. This caused a furore among Glasgow residents who feel the cone shows the true Glaswegian sense-of-humour. A Facebook page ensued, ‘Keep the Cone’; and the cone enthusiasts joined in their thousands, reaching 60,000 likes! There was even a page set up for the cause. And guess what? Social media won again, with the council withdrawing their application because of the campaign.

(Images from BuzzfeedBuzzfeed)

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 8th November – John Lewis Xmas Ad & Snapchatting mums

Here are today’s Likes and Fails. It looks like it’s the start of Christmas thanks to John Lewis, and there is worrying news that your mum may be Snapchatting you soon! Ahh!


Well today’s mention has to go to the ever popular John Lewis Christmas advert. It’s been online for an hour (it’s 10am as I type), and has easily hit the infamous 301+ views. I imagine it’ll hit big numbers later today, as it has been completely filling our Twitter feed. There is as always split opinion on the advert but we here at ASMA think it’s great! They’re really putting all the stops behind the advert, they’ve changed their social imagery to match with the video, and creating the hashtag #bearandhare! Watch it below!


Mum’s, as they did before when they began infiltrating Facebook, have infiltrated your newest Social App, Snapchat. Yep that’s right, pretty soon your mum will be sending you selfies via Snapchat. I know right. The idea is terrifying, this reminds me of the first time my parent’s discovered email and would constantly forward chains of emails full of jokes, or ‘police warnings’ etc. Great, cheers parents. So now we can look forward to getting pictures of inanimate objects, selfies and drawings on other peoples faces.

I’d also like to make a special mention to Blockbuster who are officially closing their final few stores in America. They sent out this very depressing tweet yesterday to close the end of an era. *Sob*, bye Blockbuster.


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by Helen Stirling


Trojan Get People Talking with Spotify Ads

Trojan condoms have decided to give Spotify ads a go and the pairing has tickled me, it’s sort of genius. Understandably some people are perturbed by ads for condoms popping up between their Beiber and Taylor Swift. People on twitter have been saying that the targeting is off but I don’t think it is, everyone is potential condom buyer afterall. Some people have slightly over the top reactions which adds to the briliance. Well played Trojan. 





Tweets via Mashable. 

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by Iona St Joseph