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Twitter vs Facebook – battle of the UX

Twitter and Facebook have been battling it out for years to win and retain users. This is becoming even more of a struggle as other social sites, like Instagram and Pinterest, which host strong visual content, are growing much quicker and are much more popular. Constant updates and new features help to keep users interested and make the experience as seamless as possible, and both social channels have promised exactly that with their newest upgrades.

Welcome (finally) video autoplay on Twitter. I don’t know about you guys, but this really makes me happy. Like really, really happy.

Gone are the days of having to tap, tap, tap to view a video. Native videos, Vines and Gifs (ERMAHGERD!!!!) will now being to play automatically – helping to keep track of what is being shared instantly. So, once you tap the video, the sound will turn on and the video will play in expanded view. You can also turn the video to landscape mode, where the sound will autoplay and the video will expand to fill the screen. Amazeballs!

You can even change the settings on how you would prefer the video to play. If you liked the old way of doing things you can revert to click-to-play, otherwise you could choose to simply have the videos autoplay only when connected to wifi. Twitter has been super clever and even included an autoplay¬†opt out when you have low bandwidth or somewhere sunning yourself where there’s high data rates so performance isn’t affected and you don’t get charged out your backside to view.

For advertisers this is the big ticket to more social love. It’s a mega improvement to how branded rich media content will be displayed and interacted with. Videos will appear in a larger, more media-friendly format in timelines. During a test run, Twitter found that people engaged with this new video format at a much higher rate, and brands have also seen improved performance in terms of cost-per-views, which is lower, and increased video recall by fans.

Twitter has started rolling out this update to everyone as of yesterday afternoon on Twitter for iOS and As usual, Android users have to wait a little longer. Soz!

Now, over to Facebook, who has launched another partner app to help improve image sharing with friends. Hold on, isn’t that what Instagram and WhatsApp is for? Well, Moments promises a quick way to exchange photos with friends through syncing photos with the app and with friends. It groups photos on your phone based on when they were taken. It even uses facial recognition technology to identify which friends are in them easily – no more tagging! Can I get a hell yeah?!

Unfortunately, the app is only currently available in the US, but it will be rolled out to other countries soon. If you can’t wait, here’s a short clip that Facebook has put together to show how it works:

user picture

by Kalli Soteriou


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 2nd December – Birth Announcement & Tony Blair Christmas Card Twitter Fail

Here are today’s quick Likes and Fails! A cute birth announcement goes viral and Tony Blair unleashes his Christmas Card on to Twitter.¬†


Possibly the greatest newspaper birth announcement ever has been making it’s trip around the internet today. The picture has been shared on news sites as well as social sites and shows a ‘retraction’ about a birth post. I’ll leave you to enjoy the image yourself, but it’s sure to brighten your day!

Birth announcement



Today Tony Blair decided to release his Christmas card out on to the world of Twitter and of course began getting suitably sarcastic and jokey. A LOT of comparisons were drawn between the photographic christmas card and the famous episode of Friends where Chandler poses for his engagement photos with Monica. Basically the awkward card is very awkward and Tony Blair looks awkward. Why he decided to share it with the world and on Twitter no less where ridicule thrives, who knows?

I think on Tweeter hit the nail on the head when he said : “The saddest thing about that Blair Christmas card is the idea that he looked at it and said, “Honestly, that’s the best you’ll get.”"

You can enjoy some of the funnier tweets and pictures below.

tony awkward blair

chandler blair

blair emoticon

user picture

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails- Thursday 7th August 2014: Pinterest Messages and Immigration


Pinterest has launched a messaging service across their apps and online. A strange move, you might think, seeing as the site is built around images, but their new move is proving to be very popular, and might even give Twitter’s DM service a run for its money.

Their messaging services allows you to send and discuss images on the site. You’d be right in thinking it’s pretty simple, because it is, but it’s the first time a site has really given such weight to images in messages. On sites like Facebook and Twitter for example, you have to upload the image from your device or send a URL, which, considering how lazy technology makes us, is becoming a massive effort.

Check out this nice video Pinterest have made to launch their service. It made me want to build a boat.



According to a Reuters report, social media sites like Facebook are helping to fuel an influx in immigration of Central Americans into the United States. People are increasingly logging in online before, during and after their journeys, in order to plan and keep in touch with family once they have arrived.

Forums online even have people asking questions like “Does someone know a coyote [smuggler] who can help me across the border to the United States?” and in many cases, the negotiations for these trips are organised over Facebook. One ‘coyote’ even told Reuters that most of his business is online.

You can read more about this story on Mashable.

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by Iona St Joseph