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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th August – Coca-Cola engagement & David Cameron follows inappropriate accounts

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, a Coca-Cola proposal and David Cameron’s penchant for something that is not really part of his political standing.


A man has asked his girlfriend to marry him through the medium of Coca-Cola bottles, and it’s become very popular online. The man use the ‘create your own labels’ maker on the Coke site to create the personalized bottles asking his girlfriend to marry him. The photo of the bottles in the fridge, with the ring box placed in a Coca-Cola glass was posted online and got a huge reaction from fans of the beverage or just proposals. The picture was posted to the Coca-Cola Facebook page, which has an extortionate number of fans (around 87 million) and the picture now has over 1 million likes and has been shared over 50,000 times!

coca cola proposal

The man captioned the picture, “I asked my girlfriend, Eloise to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw. The “ice” was in the glass. Thanks Coca-Cola for all the help……….she said yes!!!”

Coca-Cola replied to the post congratulating the happy couple, and sending them a personalized image to celebrate.

congrats coke


David Cameron isn’t often known for getting it right and nothing changes here. Dave’s Twitter account has been under scrutiny again recently and it’s been discovered he follows some, uh, rather interesting accounts on Twitter. The one that has come under questioning most recently is the indiscreetly named ‘I Like Tits Daily’, subtle. Now either Cameron likes getting his tits daily or this is the hazard of using an auto-follower system in 2009 which was initially used by the account to help boost the PM’s numbers. The system followed back anyone who followed the account, meaning that the Camster is following over 300,000 people, a large amount of which are probably spam, inactive or otherwise.

cameron tits

The spokes people linked to this account say that work is ongoing to remove these spam/inappropriate accounts from David’s following list. Let’s hope this is a good enough cover story for The Caminator, who obviously is really just a bit of a lad and enjoys seeing tits daily.

Who knows it could even be a publicity stunt for the I Like Tits Daily account who are getting some good coverage from this story, I mean it’s highly unlikely, but you never know.

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by Helen Stirling


11 reasons social media is the best thing to happen to the world. Ever.

There’s no denying that Social Media has changed our lives forever, some  say that it has ruined real life social interaction and that face to face interaction is the key to happiness; but we know better than that. Here are our reasons why Social Media is the best thing to happen to the world ever.

1. YouTube comments.

Unfortunately YouTube comments have now changed forever so there’ll be less of these beauties. Darn you Google Plus.

2. Knowing everything about everyone and everything.

Social Media makes people overshare, so you get to know all of the information as it happens, your best bud got a haircut? You pretty much knew it before they did.

This is also true of news; go on Twitter you’ll find out the latest celebrity relationship, marriage, death, or death hoax, as well as more important news like which roads are closed and which store near you has the best sale on ice cream. Etc.

3. Snooping (related)

In a similar vein as the previous point, you can know everything about anyone. If you’re nosy in real life then Social Media just stepped it up to the next level for you.

4. Wit around every corner

There is honestly nothing funnier than Social Media, especially Twitterers. They’re funnier than your local comedy open mic night. Hard to believe I know.

5. Reaction GIFs

Possibly my personal favourite thing that Social Media has brought us. We all know that text doesn’t convey tone online; sarcasm goes unseen and meaningful becomes insincere. What can I do to combat this? I hear you scream. Well Reaction GIFs duh. They’re like mini silent jokes. Especially popular at this time of year are Jennifer Lawrence reaction GIFs, y’know Oscars and all that.

6. Social Media Fails

Whether it be celebs being offensive on Twitter, accidentally hilarious hashtags or company Twitter accounts getting hijacked by disgruntled employees, we can’t resist the temptation of seeing someone crash and burn on Social Media. You can’t deny that you love to gawk too.

7. Cat videos.

It was the moment I decided the internet was for me when I saw that first ‘Cats being funny’ compilation on YouTube, you probably remember the one I mean.  With the cat, and the fan, and the one with the cat and the other cat, and the paws and the cats. Cats.

8. Selfies

I know it’s hard to believe I have to write a description as to why selfies are incredible, especially after that glorious image. One, they take no effort whatsoever (apart from spending an hour on make-up and lighting). Two, instant pay-off, it’s just rude if someone doesn’t double-tap that glorious picture of your beautiful mug. Three, it’s a great way to stay in with the kids etc.  And finally, even dogs can take them. I mean come on.

9. Reactive Creative

 Social Media is just another name for ‘on it’. The big brands on Twitter are well known for putting out reactive tweets when something news-worthy happens. The most famous of all, is the famous tweet from Oreo when there was that famous blackout at the 2012 Super Bowl.

10. Trolling

Controversial. This in reference to the early days of trolling where it was used to describe funny pranks online rather than what the media has made it into, another word for bullying. Trolling used to be frickin’ funny, and harmless. I guess we’ll just have to rename it to something new and inventive, like… ‘pranking’.

11. Memes

Memes ARE the internet. Most memes are created via popular social news site Reddit, aka my second home. Memes make the internet go round, people latch onto an idea and flog it until it’s dead, and then they pop up again every now and then. They can be seen in any form, not just unflattering Beyonce. Unflattering? I don’t know what they’re on about.


Social Media, will you be my Valentine?

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th September – Instagram hotel & Yahoo!s new logo


First we saw a twitter hotel and now a hotel chain in Sydney has launched it’s own Instagram inspired hotel. The boutique 1888 hotel is said to have been designed with the Instagram photographer in mind, with each area of the hotel being worthy of an Instagram photograph. They have also set up Instagram competitions for a free night at the hotel, those who take the best photo of the hotel could win, as well as the lucky few who have over 10,000 followers (who instantly get one free night). Nice bit of Instagram marketing and PR for the hotel going on here. Nice work.



Yahoo’s new logo has been revealed and so far reaction is not good. Yahoo are really trying their best to revamp the site and win back site visitors but many have panned the site’s attempt at the revamped logo suggesting that it looks like it’s gone back to the 90′s in style. Not good news for recent CEO Marissa Mayer, who has been singing the logo’s praises. See some online reaction below:



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Wednesday September 4th 2013: Promoted Tweets and Spotify Sued


A disgruntled businessman has found a new use for promoted tweets, after bombarding British Airways with bad feedback.

Hasan Syed was fairly irritated as the airline had lost his luggage, so decided to try and get their attention with a series of promoted tweets.


It has since been revealed that he paid $1,000 for his ‘campaign’, which brought 76.7k impressions and 14.6k engagements. That’s a pretty good ROI.

You’ll be pleased to hear that BA have apologised and his luggage would be back with him within a day.


Bad news for Spotify today, as dance brand Ministry of Sound are planning to sue them over allegations that it infringed their compilation album copyrights by hosting playlists which mirrored the contents of some of their albums.


MoS are taking legal action after Spotify refused to delete the playlists which were identical to the album tracks

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th August – Breaking Bad online stats and ronnyjohnson618


The TV winner on social media this week is True Blood! The HBO show launched a season six trailer for the next two episodes to the masses on 5th of August and it blew up online with 53,000 views in 4 days, which cemented it as the most popular show of the week. It was closely followed by the hugely anticipated premier of Breaking Bad, the Facebook fans rose this week to an impressive 80,000 which made it the most popular show for the AMC network in America. Another notable mention was Doctor Who; after Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor the whovians went mad on twitter and other sites.

This is the like for the day mainly as I have recently started watching True Blood, no spoilers please, and I am very excited to go home and watch the brand new episode of Breaking Bad as Netflix took the amazing initiative to air it online straight after it aired in the US, which is great news for British fans of the show.

Good one Netflix!


A YouTube user has been caught out by a Redditor and the results are glorious. User ronnyjohnson618 is a serial comment-er on YouTube and seems to have held upwards of 5 jobs spanning over two lifetimes. He seems to believe himself to be an expert on everything and his son gets dragged into the expert opinions too. You can see some of his ‘knowledge’ below. I really can’t deicide if this guy really thinks he knows everything or if he is an expert troll with his troll level rising way up above what is detectable by humans.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – ‘In the way guy’ and ‘Live balls up’


Reddit gave birth to a fantastic new meme yesterday. Affectionately known as ‘In the way guy’, it all began with a picture posted of someone’s proposal in Disneyland featuring this man who has appeared to try and duck through the picture before it was taken, instead he’s slap bang in the way of the couple in the picture. See below:


Following on from this, Reddit users found the guy’s pose and expression so funny that they sent it to /r/photoshopbattles and now the internet has created images of the man interrupting some of the most famous/important moments in history see the topical version: the introduction of the Royal baby to the world.



An american newsreader has had a near definition perfect fail, live on air, and captured by those with Tivo boxes. This newsreader was unassumingly pointing out an issue with local traffic by drawing a diagram of the issue onto a screen displaying a map. However, she basically ended up drawing a fallic shape live on screen, complete with balls. The video is getting widespread coverage online and i’m sure she now knows not to let her hand wander again! See her balls up here:

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails Friday 19th July 2013: Facebook Buys Monoidics and Pinterest Loses out to Amazon


Facebook has bought a code-checking ‘Silicon Roundabout’ startup names Monoidics, which writes award winning software for testing other software to check for flaws. The price hasn’t been revealed, but it is thought to have have been in the ‘low’ millions of pounds.

Monoidics uses mathematical principles to determine whether a piece of software will execute correctly.


Amazon has scored a victory over Pinterest this week, as they have managed to retain the right to control the .pin domain extension.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.01.36

Pinterest wanted to be able to control the .pin extension, filing an objection wit the World Intellectual Property Organisation in March, arguing that domain names on .pin would cause confusion around the term ‘pin’.

You can read more about it, and check out the original image, on CNet.

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by Iona St Joseph


Likes and Fails – 18th June – Dumb Ways to Die and Vine Spam

Time for today’s Likes and Fails!


Everyone’s favourite viral video of 2012, Dumb Ways To Die, has stepped up its credentials even further, (who thought that was possible?) by being the winner of 2 Grand Prix Awards at Cannes. The cute and cutely violent video has been awarded the grand prix in both the Public Relations and the direct marketing categories. It’s also a good excuse to post it again. Who doesn’t love it?


Vine is full of spam. No not that delicious reformed meat in a tin. Unfortunately we mean the kind where bots feel the need to tell you about cheap Uggs, Viagra or some other product hundreds of times a day. In this case its vinejump dot com, (In case you’re silly enough to visit a spam site here is a disclaimer: Don’t visit this site.) which is supposedly going to get you lots of Vine followers! Yeah, Ok. At best you’re going to get one of these women who have a first name and a surname for their first names, with an extra surname. There are other vine related websites that are doing much of the same, posting comments and jumping on tags and popular posts to get them noticed.  Obviously the best thing to do from here is report as spam, and definitely don’t do anything they say is great or is going to get you followers.

It definitely seems as if Vine needs a better filtering system to remove spam and spammers from the site, so unfortunately Vine gets our thumbs down today.


Pics Via: Mashable

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 11th June – PS4 and XBox One

Today there is really only one option for the likes and fails. E3 is ongoing and the big consoles XBox One and PS4 have been announced. However there’s one clear success and one clear loser.


Today’s big thumbs up goes to Playstation for the announcement of the PS4. They’ve sweeped XBox off of their feet and made a crowd who were feeling very alienated by the announcement of the XBox and it’s spying/expensive ways, feel a whole lot more comfortable. But we’ll go into this in the fail section of today’s blog. The reveal of the PS4, unless there was a complete fail on Sony’s part, was always going to be taken with open arms after the XBox fail, however, Playstation have put an even more tongue in cheek social spin on it all by releasing the video below:

The social sites of the web have gone mad over this video and the PS4/Xbox one debate in general. At the moment PS4 are definitely winning this fight.


Well here we go, Microsoft and XBox have truly gone and done it. They’ve upset so many fans that they may as well go and disappear of the face of the planet. Many fans are dubious about lots of the announced features of the XBox One, and in crisis like this anger is vented on social media. It took over most of Reddit’s front page feed and trended on twitter. So how would you deal with something like this? You’d reply to the fan negativity and reassure them about things they were worried about, and say you were taking their comments on board, right? Well not in this case, XBox have all but ignored the negative comments, their twitter feed shows only replies to those who have pre-ordered or written about being excited for the console. You’d think they’d at least say they’d taken on board the concerns and take them into account for future updates.  Not cool XBox.

 XBox One Banner


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 7th June

Here we are again with this Friday’s Likes and Fails!

A great video has been released on Youtube from radio station ‘mojo in the morning’, of a prank they conducted in Detroit. Entitled ‘Lyin’ Gosling’ the prank fools countless members of the public into believing that an accountant who bears a resemblance to Ryan Gosling is in fact Ryan Gosling. This is a great prank idea, and obviously will get a huge reaction on Twitter which can only be great advertisement for the radio station. Huge thumbs up from us! (See the prank below!)


A couple got engaged through twitter. Yes, through the internet; taking internet dating to a whole new level. It gets even more romantic… the guy popped the question, with a tweet and accompanying vine, in the middle of a twitter chat he invented with the hashtag #custserve. Now I’m all for inventive and different proposals, but this is a little unromantic and impersonal. Ok, a lot. Who knows it could be stunt to get the twitter chat more participants. However, if it isn’t this is definitely a fail.


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by Helen Stirling