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Likes and Fails – 14th August – Target troll and photo-shopped body image

It’s that time of the day where Likes and Fails keeps you occupied for a couple of minutes, before you realise you only have half an hour left of work!


We love it when a brand or company does something a bit different with their social media, and it looks like Target got a helping hand from an internet vigilante this week after their new gender neutral policy was announced. A bit of background, Target announced that it would be removing gender labels on a selection of clothing from their kids line. This has angered some people, for reasons unknown. Although this image may help to explain:


Anyway, one so called vigilante decided to take matters in to their own hands after they noticed that some people were deciding to boycott Target because of the gender tag removals, and they went to town with their responses. This was only after they’d set up their own page, making them look like an official Target customer service rep, well to the less Facebook savvy anyway. This vigilante changed their avatar to the Target logo and also changed their name to Ask ForHelp. Mr ForHelp replied to no less than 50 commenters and you can see some of the witty responses below.





A woman has done another of those things where she gets graphic designers around the world to make her look ‘beautiful’ to the people of their country. It’s as if she thinks we’ve all forgotten that this article happens once a blummin’ month. I suppose she needs press for some reason, but I can’t figure out what it is. Oh hold on, it looks like it’s PR for Superdrug. So anyway we can all delight in some terrible photoshopping skills which were very likely created by the same person and not by different designers all around the world as claimed. In case you’re interested here is a link to the photos involved in the article, clearly aimed at all the online news sites across the web.

More on Buzzfeed


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 11th February – Boyhood honest trailer & Samsung fails


Today our like is a simple one. This funny spoof video which is an ‘honest trailer’ for Boyhood. This parody has come out just in time for the Oscars where Boyhood is expected to scoop the Best Picture prize. Usually honest trailers have a sarcastic voiceover, but in this one they use the song from Boyhood and create lyrics over the top of it. Very funny. Worth a watch.



Samsung TVs have been freaking out their users (in Australia) recently and for more than one reason. The main reason is that they have been putting advertisements over movies and other content that users have been watching on them, that is not live TV. This is weird. People using the app Plex, a server for your own files and content, have found themselves watching a movie only to be interrupted by an advert for Pepsi. The company says that this was an error which occurred in the latest software update sent to TVs, but still it’s pretty unnerving that they can just put ads wherever they please on your TV, whilst your watching your own downloaded content! They are currently investigating the situation and hopefully can make users feel less concerned with the answers they find.

The other issue people are having is that someone realised the other day that Samsung could record the noises from your living room and sharing it with third parties. People got up in arms about the section of the user agreement they didn’t read and said that Samsung was spying on them. Samsung had put this clearly in their user agreement and if you read it properly it says that it will record noises only when you use the voice feature on your TV. So it records when you try and find a TV programme or a TV channel with your remote. As soon as the icon is off of your screen it stops recording. I think people are taking this a little far. Just don’t use the voice feature if you’re that worried.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th December – Rag Time Gals and Orange Wednesday is over

Good day! It’s Likes and Fails time, with the newest Rag Time Gals video and news about the prolific Orange Wednesdays.


The ragtime gals are back! Everyone rejoice!

Jimmy Fallon has done it again. He’s roped in another celeb to take part in a barber shop sing a long with the Rag Time Gals, and this time it’s Steve Carell. The song this time is Sexual Healing, originally sung by Marvin Gaye. All you really need to do here is watch it. Enjoy!



Orange Wednesday’s are to be a thing of the past. In February the ever popular deal of Orange Wednesdays, which helps us bypass the very high rising rates of the cinema. The deal has been running for years now where users of the mobile network could text the word film, to 241, and receive a code which allows you to get two cinema tickets for the price of two. The joy of all the young and awkward teenagers going on their first dates on a Wednesday to the local multiplex is now going to be a thing of the past. Though I’m sure a fair few of you aren’t upset about that.

The company, now owned by EE, has made the decision to cut the promotion after over a decade of free tickets. They say that the orange Wednesday usage has declined and that users’ viewing habits have changed. Some people are suitably outraged at the decision to cut the promotion because of how extortionate the prices are at the cinema these days. But alas it is true, more and more people are choosing to watch films at home via streaming services such as Netflix and on mobile devices.

Let’s hope their next big promotion is as popular as this one, otherwise EE could be losing some custom to rival networks.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th December – Grumpy Cat’s fortune & Sony hacking news

Today we look at Grumpy cat’s amassed fortune and more news from the Sony hacking scandal.



You may have heard of Grumpy Cat. If you haven’t, then where on earth have you been?! Grumpy Cat is an online sensation and meme, who according to this latest news has amassed an incredible amount of money. The reported amount that grumpy cat and her owners have made is reported to be in the region of £64 million! Can you believe that? All from an a picture of a cat with a sad face. The cat has now amassed an empire of merchandise, books, and has it’s own holiday film coming out this year.

So the lesson to be learned here is to own a pet with some sort of abnormality and then exploit it for cash. Happy Holidays everyone! But seriously, Grumpy Cat’s owner has been able to quit their waitressing job and now rakes it in. Not bad for posting a picture of a cat online. Good for her.



More news on the Sony Hacking story. An email has been found among the documents leaked that appears to show the threat email that was sent a few days before the hack. The email is written in poor English and shows as unread from the account it was hacked from. Likely because they thought the poorly worded email was some form of spam. I know I get spam emails in broken English everyday.

This is how it read:

“We’ve got great damage by Sony Pictures.

The compensation for it, monetary compensation we want.

Pay the damage, or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole.

You know us very well. We never wait long.

You’d better behave wisely.

From God’sApstls”

There are many who believe that the hack was orchestrated on the behalf of North Korea as a protest to a new Sony film release called ‘The Interview’ in which the plot shows an attempt to kidnap the leader of North Korea.

This new news though, suggests that it has nothing to do with holding the release of the interview but instead shows that the aim is a ransom, so, money.

More here

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Google Contributor & Monty the Penguin’s impact

Here we are again it’s Monday morning and winter has finally hit. The cold air is drawing in and to keep us warm we have today’s edition of Likes and Fails just for you, with an extra like. Who wants to be miserable eh?



Google are trying out a brand new project which would allow users to surf the internet without adverts, but by paying a fee. What happened to free information! I’ve put this in the likes section today because really it’s good to see that Google are trying something new surrounding advertising on the net. The project is called ‘Contributor’ and allows users to pay a monthly fee of $1-$3 to get advert free sites. Google has signed up a handful of websites to test out the option including Mashable, Urban Dictionary, The Onion and popular image hosting website Imgur. The project describes itself as ”an experiment in additional ways to fund the web”. It’s definitely interesting to see if more publishers would sign up to the contributor programme; Google says that they will get a portion of your contribution, and I assume it will be comparable to the amount they would get through advertising. I can only imagine that contributors would sign up if there was a decent amount of publishers signed on, or at least the sites they visit the most because otherwise there would be little benefit for them.

Obviously if you’re internet savvy you will already know of ad blocker, the fantastic chrome app which blocks all adverts from your view, even those you get at the start of YouTube videos, this is a free piece of software but asks for donations to help them keep it running and updated. Though I have recently seen a few sites which have worked their way around a blocker by requesting that you turn it off before you can actually access the site fully. So this new option from Google definitely has my interest piqued.



 You have probably seen John Lewis’s Christmas advert by now featuring Monty the Penguin and you either love it or hate it. Believe me I’ve heard enough about it. But it’s clear to see how much the popular advert has done for the brand in the run up to Christmas with a staggering 903% increase on their online brand consumption since the advert’s release. The consumption is based upon audience interest and how much a particular concept is viewed across the web on mobile, social, and video channels.

It looks as if the Christmas season has given a well welcomed boost to other large retailers too with House of Fraser seeing a 610% spike since their advert’s release and Debenhams saw a 160% increase.

Monty the penguin has warmed everyone’s heart as overall sentiment for the campaign is 35 per cent positive with only five per cent negative and the rest neutral.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 6th November – John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 & Twitter tweaks

Good Afternoon, here are today’s Likes and Fails taken from the world of Social Media.


Well it’s that time of year again, and I can hardly believe it. It feels too early! This time the John Lewis Christmas advert features an adorable CGI penguin called Monty and his owner/child friend. The advert sees them out and about and prepping for christmas a s well as a quick swim in the park lake, the penguin, not the child. Then one evening they’re watching an old black and white film on TV and Monty realises that true love is missing from his life. He also sees an elderly couple on a bench who share a tender moment and clearly needs a partner in love.

So Christmas morning arrives, (I feel like I’m writing a story here), and the boy covers his penguin friend’s eyes and takes him downstairs to the presents under the tree and there in a box is a female penguin, Mabel, just for Monty. Which if you think about it is a little weird, I mean what if they don’t get on. What if he doesn’t fancy her? Anyway, after they meet, the camera cuts and you realise that really Monty is a beloved toy owned by the boy and that the Christmas present is another penguin toy, possibly a Monty replacement so his parents can wash mank Monty in the washing Machine.

The advert really is great and lovely and cute but it doesn’t half open itself up for ridicule. Maybe that was part of the point, they wanted to be sure that Twitter and Facebook users could crack jokes about it so it was definitely spoken about. Or you know, maybe they just wanted to make it cute.



Twitter have been tweaking again, and this time it’s making Twitter more like Facebook. Oh, wait? Have they been doing that already? Yes they have. In yet another step to transform Twitter into Facebook 2.0, Twitter have now moved their ‘What’s happening?’ box to the top of your timeline. The box used to be in the left hand column of your home timeline but now it appears at the top of your feed.

To be honest I’m not all that surprised when Twitter releases a new feature and I’m even less surprised when it makes a change which makes it even more comparable to Facebook. So another day another Facebook I mean Twitter update!


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 5th November – Shake It Off kids edition & Love your body video

Remember remember the 5th of November! Have a fun and safe bonfire night kids! Here are today’s Likes and Fails to get you started!


The perfect thing you need to get you over your hump day is this video right here. Lots of famous videos of children dancing have all been cut together to the ever catchy pop song Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Now Taylor herself has been in the news a lot recently what with removing all of her music from Spotify and having her new album be the biggest selling in America of the last 12 years! Safe to say she’s doing pretty well for herself and this catchy pop song has been stuck in everyone’s head since it’s release. The video is super cute and a great little midday treat to keep you perked up for the afternoon.


So we see these ‘love yourself as you are’ videos online all the time. One of the most popular was the Dove Beauty sketches where a police profiler sketcher drew a person from their own description of themselves and also through the eyes and words of someone else, which proved that often people have a distorted images of what they think about themselves and also certain features that they dislike the most.

In this latest video trying to tell us to love ourselves as we are, the film crew gets in a mix of men women and children and asks them all the same question. ‘If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?’ The women and men all said that they would change a particular thing like being taller, their ears, their eyes, their forehead and seemingly most of these were because they had been teased about it at some point in their life. then they got in the children and asked them the same question, many of the answers were things like a shark mouth, a mermaid tail, wings or other supernatural abilities.

Now this may sound like another great video showing how we think about our bodies differently as we grow up but the whole thing feels so manipulated and manipulative that it’s hard to enjoy it. I even had to pause it one point because it got too sickly sweet. The swelling music, the fact that some of the lines look forced upon the children, it’s just really overdone. That’s not to say some people won’t like the video, I mean as of now, nearly 2 million people have watched the video.

If I had to write a favourite part its when the last woman, the older woman speaks and she says the most interesting things, that she loves her white hair and that if she changed anything about herself she wouldn’t be herself anymore. Obviously again theres no proof that these lines weren’t fed, but this to me says the most in the video. If only that annoying over emotional music wasn’t playing over it.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 31st October – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and welcome to this Friday’s spooky edition of Likes and Fails! I can’t promise it will really be spooky. But I’ll try my best.

dancing halloween man



Today’s Like is a great new campaign from Honda on YouTube, their video is an interactive treat with impressive production value.  The specially made page on YouTube shows a video of a man driving a new Honda to pick up his kids from school and seemingly take them home to some sort of surprise party. The clever part is that another video runs simultaneously to this one, but it only appears if you press the ‘r’ key on your keyboard and you see the ‘darker’ version of the story with a guy picking up his criminal friends who have just burglarized a building. It’s really interesting to flick between these two timelines and see the matching shot in the other version.

Honda are well known for their clever and inspiring adverts and videos, from their very famous ‘Impossible Dream’ advert to the one where a choir creates the noises of a running car, it’s always interesting to see what their creative team comes up with next.

It’s also a great day for this to be released as it definitely feels like a ‘Trick and Treat’ style video. So there we have today’s “scary” Like!

See the video here:


So as always on a Friday I don’t want to be a downer and I end up posting two Likes rather than a fail and it looks like that may happen here again. To brighten up your Halloween I’m going scouring for some of the funniest Halloween tweets and sharing them with you for your Friday enjoyment!



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 22nd October – Waterstones One competition & Imaginary friends on eBay

Good morning and welcome to your midweek edition of Likes and Fails. today we take a look at the Waterstones competition based on the Waterstones One event as well as an imaginary friend that you can buy on eBay!



You may remember the chat around the ‘Waterstones One’ last week, where a Dallas man got stuck in a London Waterstones at night after staff had locked up and left. Well now have capitalised on the popularity of that event and it’s excessive Twitter coverage by teaming up with Air B’n'B to offer one lucky winner a night in the bookshop. THis is a great play by the two companies and it allows book fans to get involved in a unique competition. The winner will get to stay in the flagship Waterstones store in Piccadilly in London and be able to read anything they want as well as being given breakfast in the morning and some evening snacks!

Air B’n'B has set up a location page for the store and that is where entries are being received. All entrants have to do is say which book they wouold read and why if they got to spend a night in the store. You can find the competition here. The stay in the store will happen this Friday so make sure you’re free and get entering! 10 lucky winners will be chosen and they can take along a plus one!



An Advertising student from the UK has, for an assignment, decided to try and sell an imaginary friend on eBay. The original assignment was to manage to sell something worth less than £10 on the site for much more using simply their advertising prowess. this particular student took it up a notch however and sell something worth nothing, well something that is nothing. Her imaginary friend ‘Bernard’ is described as tidy, low maintenance and very very quiet.  Her initial listing of Bernard was removed by eBay but this girl ain’t a quitter, she has relisted Bernard’s T-Shirt in the hopes that he (and his shirt) will sell for a handsome price. Bidding is apparently at £56 already! Impressive.

I don’t know why someone wants to spend £56 on an American Apparel T-Shirt but they do.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th October – Waterstones one on Twitter & Twitter’s new feature

Here are today’s Likes and Fails featuring the Waterstones One, and the tweets surrounding his lock in as well as taking a look at Twitter’s new feature of inserting tweets from people you don’t follow into your feed.


locked in waterstones

Last night a man found himself in quite the predicament. He went upstairs in the bookshop Waterstones and was browsing for around 15 minutes and when he came down the stairs, to I assume either pay or leave, there was no one there, the doors were locked and the lights were off. The man, how is from Texas found himself locked in the bookshop and had no way to get out. He posted a picture of the locked store doors on Instagram and tweeted about the lock in which caught people’s attention on Twitter.

He found himself locked in at about 9pm and tweets quickly followed praying for his rescue and other tongue in cheek tweets, about when the movie script of the lock in would be made. He tweeted the Waterstones account but it was unmanned and said that they would help in the morning.  Thanks to all the retweets and help he did eventually get in contact with the right people and they told him that someone was on the way! Hurrah everyone thought, he’ll be free soon!


But it got to 11pm and he tweeted again that he was still stuck in the store, Twitter went into overdrive again and many people were staying up to find out the resolution. Luckily the Waterstones account tweeted at about 12.15pm that the Texas man had been rescued and that all was well!



Twitter is officially forcing tweets on you that they think you’ll ‘enjoy’. Yes that’s right Twitter will now be showing tweets from people you don’t follow on your timeline. The change was officially announced on Thursday and they said: “…There are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy. To help you keep up with what’s happening, we’ve been testing ways to include these Tweets in your timeline — ones we think you’ll find interesting or entertaining.”

Twitter does already suggest users you may want to follow based on your other follows, but now it will be doing the same with tweets and putting them directly in your feed. I mean this is clearly not ideal for everyone, there’s often a reason we do and don’t follow people, and it’s likely Twitter’s algorithm will often get it wrong, which will annoy some users, but there are some positives here. I mean I personally love finding funny people and tweets on Twitter and if Twitter showed me more of these kind of tweeters I’d be happy with the new feature. Though I feel that because follow a large amount of celebrities, that Twitter might suggest more of their tweets, though I’m probably not interested in following any of these that may come up.

The other thing that Twitter has not confirmed is whether advertisers and brands will benefit from these changes, though I’m pretty sure that it’s likely they will, with sponsored posts already appearing in feeds. They may use a tweeter’s account to push a brand message if that user has mentioned it in a tweet. IT’ll be interesting to see this idea develop.


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by Helen Stirling