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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 29th May – Maggi’s just doesn’t get Twitter and is it Pimm’s O’Clock yet?


Sun’s out (well it isn’t here today!) and the tennis season has started, which means one thing and one thing only. It’s Pimm’s O’Clock! Or is it? Well, Diageo – Pimm’s manufacturer and distributer – has launched a weather-activated summer campaign. Yeah, it baffled me to begin with, but it’s simplicity at its best. When temperatures reach at least 21 degrees, out-of-home ads are triggered to display a Pimm’s bottle and a jug of the famous fruit cocktail with the strapline ‘Best Served with Sunglasses’, letting people know it’s time to grab a jug and bask in the sun.

Weather permitting, the ads will run in London and Birmingham on 12 Ocean’s Outdoor’s screens from Thursdays to Sundays during peak times for commuters.


Joanna Segesser, senior brand manager for Pimm’s at Diageo said: “Consumer research has shown us that our media is not only more effective but also more efficient if it is linked to sunny weather. We are therefore really excited that for the first time digital out of home technology is allowing us to target consumers at just the right temperature when we know they are most responsive to our messaging.” 


Nestle has been in the firing line this week after rumours spread that some of it’s products contain MSG. Maggi’s clumsy damage control attempt riled Twitter fans even more and it was if the brand had no clue how to use social media at all! Automated responses coupled with heavy text files to ‘clarify the situation’ felt like a bit of a cop out and didn’t really address the issue.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.37.33

Don’t brands ever learn? After the recent Thomas Cook scandal, when faced with a serious or potentially brand-damaging issue, MAN UP! There’s nothing worse than when a consumer interacts with a brand and they get a robotic response. People expect a human reply, after all we are the ones controlling the content! And while we’re at it, sharing a PDF? Really, a PDF? I love reading PDFs on my phone….said no one, ever. But even more so, food hygiene and safety are huge concerns within the FMCG industry, so to handle the complaints so blasé seems like they’ve completely underestimated the problem.

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by Kalli Soteriou


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 8th January – Charlie Hebdo solidarity & One Blackfriars

Welcome to Thursday! Here are today’s Likes and Fails.



A show of online and real life solidarity has shown that there are good people out there. #JeSuisCharlie has been trending on Twitter for quite some time, following the news of a massacre in Paris, which took the life of 12 people, most of which who worked for the political satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. People began to show their solidarity by posting images of the words ‘Je Suis Charlie’ along with the hashtag, as well as cartoonists using the tag to post their own illustrations about the event. There were many cartoons which also expressed solidarity and that they and their cartoons would not be silenced by the threat of terror.

Obviously the attack in Paris yesterday and sadly a subsequent attack today which killed a female police officer are horrific and should in no way be in a ‘like section’ of an article but I thought I should make it clear that I am in fact ‘liking’ and praising the show of compassion and solidarity of those around the world who have shared their thoughts and prayers following the attacks.

It has also been announced that Charlie Hebdo will be released as usual next Wednesday and that 1 million copies will produced in an act of defiance and to prove that ‘stupidity will not win’. The usual circulation for the magazine is around 45,000.


One Blackfriars. The name of the new block of apartments in London. The property group involved with the development of the apartments has released a trailer (sadly now removed) with the most ridiculous viewpoint of London and the people they imagine to live within their luxury apartment block. The advert somehow manages to be racist, sexist, elitist all at once, probably along with some other lists as well, and I’m not even exaggerating. The video shows a young attractive white couple on their way to some boutique shops in London, this is all happening under a cheesy male voice over which is possibly one of the cringiest things I’ve ever heard, it almost sounds like a parody of itself.

The advert was quickly noticed by sarcastic Twitterers, and many began making jokes about the advert and the view counter was heading up and up, unfortunately in the course of writing this, the video was stolen from us and our mocking will have to continue without the beautiful video for insight. I will never forget the dulcet tones of that voiceover, the beautiful background music, the one dimensional view of London, the seedy undertones and the suggestion that women only like to go shopping in select boutiques whilst their man pays.

Hurrah! I’ve found some GIFs from this piece of art. Check them out at the Business Insider.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th December – Rag Time Gals and Orange Wednesday is over

Good day! It’s Likes and Fails time, with the newest Rag Time Gals video and news about the prolific Orange Wednesdays.


The ragtime gals are back! Everyone rejoice!

Jimmy Fallon has done it again. He’s roped in another celeb to take part in a barber shop sing a long with the Rag Time Gals, and this time it’s Steve Carell. The song this time is Sexual Healing, originally sung by Marvin Gaye. All you really need to do here is watch it. Enjoy!



Orange Wednesday’s are to be a thing of the past. In February the ever popular deal of Orange Wednesdays, which helps us bypass the very high rising rates of the cinema. The deal has been running for years now where users of the mobile network could text the word film, to 241, and receive a code which allows you to get two cinema tickets for the price of two. The joy of all the young and awkward teenagers going on their first dates on a Wednesday to the local multiplex is now going to be a thing of the past. Though I’m sure a fair few of you aren’t upset about that.

The company, now owned by EE, has made the decision to cut the promotion after over a decade of free tickets. They say that the orange Wednesday usage has declined and that users’ viewing habits have changed. Some people are suitably outraged at the decision to cut the promotion because of how extortionate the prices are at the cinema these days. But alas it is true, more and more people are choosing to watch films at home via streaming services such as Netflix and on mobile devices.

Let’s hope their next big promotion is as popular as this one, otherwise EE could be losing some custom to rival networks.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 11th December – Instagram rocking the world & Beard baubles

Here’s today’s Likes and Fails, with a look at some bumper news from Instagram and beard Christmas baubles.. whatever they are.


instagram logo

Instagram has hit 300 million monthly users! Just of the back of being named one of the top apps of 2014, the company announced it’s monthly user milestone. Not only that but they also began rolling out verified badges much like on Twitter.

Back in March of this year Instagram announced it’s 200 million milestone, so, with a quick bit of maths, we can see that Instagram has ammassed a massive 100 million more monthly users in just 9 months! The other news of a new badge for verified users, has been rolled out to celebrities, athletes and brands which makes it easier for users to find who they want to follow.

Along with all this new Instagram news is an update telling us that the company has been deactivating many spam accounts and deleting them forever so that they will no longer be included in people’s follower counts.


Beard Christmas ornaments are now a thing. Yep, you can put baubles in your beard. Check it here. The beard bauvbles were created by two men at an ad agency in the UK. The idea was created when they were thinking up a company Christmas card idea. The baubles are now going a little mad online and everyone seems to want a set of these ornaments for their face! Have a look and see what you think? Personally, I think you can get baubles the same size down poundland and the bobby pins they attach them with too. So save yourself £5 off the £7 retail price and make your own! You’ll probably have to make sure you have a beard frist too.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Google Contributor & Monty the Penguin’s impact

Here we are again it’s Monday morning and winter has finally hit. The cold air is drawing in and to keep us warm we have today’s edition of Likes and Fails just for you, with an extra like. Who wants to be miserable eh?



Google are trying out a brand new project which would allow users to surf the internet without adverts, but by paying a fee. What happened to free information! I’ve put this in the likes section today because really it’s good to see that Google are trying something new surrounding advertising on the net. The project is called ‘Contributor’ and allows users to pay a monthly fee of $1-$3 to get advert free sites. Google has signed up a handful of websites to test out the option including Mashable, Urban Dictionary, The Onion and popular image hosting website Imgur. The project describes itself as ”an experiment in additional ways to fund the web”. It’s definitely interesting to see if more publishers would sign up to the contributor programme; Google says that they will get a portion of your contribution, and I assume it will be comparable to the amount they would get through advertising. I can only imagine that contributors would sign up if there was a decent amount of publishers signed on, or at least the sites they visit the most because otherwise there would be little benefit for them.

Obviously if you’re internet savvy you will already know of ad blocker, the fantastic chrome app which blocks all adverts from your view, even those you get at the start of YouTube videos, this is a free piece of software but asks for donations to help them keep it running and updated. Though I have recently seen a few sites which have worked their way around a blocker by requesting that you turn it off before you can actually access the site fully. So this new option from Google definitely has my interest piqued.



 You have probably seen John Lewis’s Christmas advert by now featuring Monty the Penguin and you either love it or hate it. Believe me I’ve heard enough about it. But it’s clear to see how much the popular advert has done for the brand in the run up to Christmas with a staggering 903% increase on their online brand consumption since the advert’s release. The consumption is based upon audience interest and how much a particular concept is viewed across the web on mobile, social, and video channels.

It looks as if the Christmas season has given a well welcomed boost to other large retailers too with House of Fraser seeing a 610% spike since their advert’s release and Debenhams saw a 160% increase.

Monty the penguin has warmed everyone’s heart as overall sentiment for the campaign is 35 per cent positive with only five per cent negative and the rest neutral.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 6th November – John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 & Twitter tweaks

Good Afternoon, here are today’s Likes and Fails taken from the world of Social Media.


Well it’s that time of year again, and I can hardly believe it. It feels too early! This time the John Lewis Christmas advert features an adorable CGI penguin called Monty and his owner/child friend. The advert sees them out and about and prepping for christmas a s well as a quick swim in the park lake, the penguin, not the child. Then one evening they’re watching an old black and white film on TV and Monty realises that true love is missing from his life. He also sees an elderly couple on a bench who share a tender moment and clearly needs a partner in love.

So Christmas morning arrives, (I feel like I’m writing a story here), and the boy covers his penguin friend’s eyes and takes him downstairs to the presents under the tree and there in a box is a female penguin, Mabel, just for Monty. Which if you think about it is a little weird, I mean what if they don’t get on. What if he doesn’t fancy her? Anyway, after they meet, the camera cuts and you realise that really Monty is a beloved toy owned by the boy and that the Christmas present is another penguin toy, possibly a Monty replacement so his parents can wash mank Monty in the washing Machine.

The advert really is great and lovely and cute but it doesn’t half open itself up for ridicule. Maybe that was part of the point, they wanted to be sure that Twitter and Facebook users could crack jokes about it so it was definitely spoken about. Or you know, maybe they just wanted to make it cute.



Twitter have been tweaking again, and this time it’s making Twitter more like Facebook. Oh, wait? Have they been doing that already? Yes they have. In yet another step to transform Twitter into Facebook 2.0, Twitter have now moved their ‘What’s happening?’ box to the top of your timeline. The box used to be in the left hand column of your home timeline but now it appears at the top of your feed.

To be honest I’m not all that surprised when Twitter releases a new feature and I’m even less surprised when it makes a change which makes it even more comparable to Facebook. So another day another Facebook I mean Twitter update!


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Facebook ‘Rooms’ & SSE Orangutan ads

It’s Friday! It’s this week’s last edition of Likes and Fails and today we’re looking at Facebook’s new app ‘Rooms’ and the SSE orangutan adverts which are perplexing the whole of Twitter.



Facebook has released yet another app. This time it seems to be taking on other apps such as Whisper and Secret with their version called ‘Rooms’. This app ais to let users chat anonymously so that there can be no worries when discussing more sensitive or private subjects. The app allows users to create a room anonymously and invite others to join, the ‘room’ can be customised with colours, cover photos and icons.

Obviously you’d instantly worry about trolls but Facebook has said it will have strict guidelines on this sort of activity. Moderators will be able to band entire devices rather than just accounts meaning that trolls will not be able to create multiple accounts from one device. This is a good initial idea to clamp down what might be a tempting venue for trolls, but I am sure they will find their ways around the bans.

Though there are obvious downsides to this decision it’s interesting to see Facebook branching out again in what is clearly the beginning of their attempt to take over the online world. The app is currently only available on iOS.


Southern Electric have released a brand new advertising campaign which has been confusing and bewildering people on Twitter and Facebook. This is mainly because their new advertising campaign features a very wistful looking Orangutan, seemingly for no particular reason. What’s particularly great about the print campaign is that a reduced opacity version of the ape is overlaid on certain landscapes, one of a cottage, seemingly in the highlands, and another sees him looking wistful at an offshore wind farm.

Obviously this campaign has been met with some confusion and some hilarious tweets which I will post in below:



So this is what SSE said themselves…


I’ll let you make your own mind up about the ads.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 25th September – Facebook to launch Atlas ad platform & Apple having iPhone 6 issues

Likes and Fails today bring you the news of Facebook’s new advertising platform and the struggles that Apple are facing with the new iPhones.



 Facebook could be launchng an ad network as early as next week reports are saying. The network is reportedly to be called Atlas, which makes sens after their acquisition of Microsoft Atlas in 2013. The new ad network will reportedly help marketers have greater control and measurement of the performance of their adverts. As this news has just broken via the Wall Street Journal, Facebook have declined to comment on the matter as they normally do with information leaks like this.

According to statistics Facebook still ranks a distant second to Google in terms of worldwide share of digital advertisement revenue. ‘InsideFacebook’ says: ”Google paces the field, responsible for 31.45 percent of the internet’s ad revenue. Facebook is projected at 7.79 percent, with Microsoft third at 2.54 percent.”

This is exciting news for marketers all around as the improvement in advertising control for Facebook would be greatly received. It’s also interesting to see Facebook upping their attempts to match and compete with Google for the biggest online advertising company.



Apple are having a bit of a ‘mare since the launch of their two new flagship phones. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus, have been plagued with problems since the launch and people are starting to get a bit annoyed. Yesterday the furore was about the fact that some users had been reporting that their new iPhone 6 plus had been bending in their pockets, and there is proof that the aluminium phones do bend, as one guy actually bent his on camera to prove that it could happen.

Now today the new problem with the phones is the latest Apple iOS update 8.0.1. People who have updated to this version on their iPhone sixes have been seeing issues with it, specifically loosing their phone service, so issues receiving calls and texts as well as issues using the fingerprint unlock option on the phone.

Apple have of course not fully made a statement about the mistakes they made, because they don’t even do anything wrong. Though they have offered an apology and instructions to reinstate the older version of iOS 8 whilst they work on a new update and get that released, which they say will be available in the next few days.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th September – Instagram UK Adverts & Emma Watson Website hoax

Here are today’s Likes and Fails. today we’re looking at Instagram’s new UK adverts and the Emma Watson hack website hoax.



The first UK Instagram adverts have started and the brands getting involved include, Channel 4, Rimmel, Estee Lauder, Waitrose, Starbucks and Cadbury. The sponsored posts began to be rolled out yesterday (23rd September), and initially users will only see one sponsored post a day. A choice probably made as to not bombard users and scare them off.

The UK marketing manager of Rimmel has said “Rimmel London and Instagram share a similar ambition to inspire and enable people to express themselves through creativity. Therefore, we have always looked to innovate and test on Instagram. This campaign is a natural evolution of our commitment to our communities and customers in social media, for which we are truly passionate about.”

The posts will be seamlessly added into your usual home feed of photographs and videos, the only difference being that they will have a ‘sponsored’ note written above the image or video. The sponsored adverts have previously been rolled out in America where it included videos and photos, which is the choice an brand will be able to make here before implementing their advert. Look out for them on your feed sometime soon.



Another fail story linked to the celebrity photo hack, this time featuring the lovely Emma Watson. There was recently a website set up which set up a countdown timer which threatened to release Emma Watson’s stolen photographs, though the credibility of the claims were obviously questioned and now, though the countdown was due to end this weekend, it’s already stopped and the site ‘Emmayouarenext’ has been revealed as a hoax. The site now links through to a Social Media Marketing agency which claims to have worked with Rockstar Games and McDonalds. They claim to have put the hoax up in support of getting 4chan removed from the internet as well as in apparent support for Emma Watson and her recent talk about the #HeforShe campaign.

The company has been involved with other hoaxes, another notable one was a countdown website related the the death of Brian on Family Guy. The countdown ended, after promising an announcement from Brian, and simply took you through to a website to ‘#SaveBrian’. The hoax was merely a ploy for advertising gain. The company has also reportedly been known to bot YouTube views too.

So now at least you know that Emma Watson isn’t involved in the celebrity hacking scandal, and you should definitely check out the campaign she has become associated with over the past couple of days following her inspiring UN speech. He For She.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 11th September – Play Store increase refund window & Facebook ban advert for baby in need

Here are today’s Likes and Fails!



Google Play has increased its refund window on the play store to 2 hours. This means that you can now try out an app for 2 hours on your device and if you’re not happy with it you can get a refund from the store and it will be uninstalled from your device. They had apparently already been offering this service but now there has been an official announcement from the company. Before the change was made Android users only had 15 minutes to decide whether they wanted to keep the app. This is obviously quite a short period to get a feel for an app, and say if you were distracted by something like a phone call then you may miss the refund window.

Google have made a great decision in doing this, the two hour window is much more reasonable to return an app. So once you’ve paid and downloaded an app the page for the app on the store displays the choices ‘Open’ to open the app and ‘Refund’. the refund button will be displayed there for 120 minutes after the purchase. After this time it will change to an uninstall button which will mean you can no longer receive the refund. Also if you change your mind and decide to buy it again you can’t at this point receive another refund.


A father with a very ill 2 month old son has been working tirelessly on Facebook and other Social Media to help find his son a heart donor for a transplant which he desperately needs. Recently on Facebook the man decided to boost a recent post which involved a picture of his baby in the post. Obviously as his child is not very well and has a heart condition, he has medical tubes all around him, but it looks as if Facebook didn’t take this into account when they banned the advert because they thought it was ‘Graphic’.


As you can see from the image above the reasoning compares the image to scary, graphic images, which it clearly is not and clearly it brought up an emotional response from the boys father. He was upset that Facebook had described the photo of his son in this way as well as taking out crucial time from the advert posting.

Not cool Facebook.

As the story hit the media Facebook issued an apology and reinstated the advert on the site. However the father did say that noone from Facebook had contacted him directly and that he’d only heard about the apology through the press. So though they did the right thing by reinstating the advert they could have been a little more caring with these people’s feelings and sent them an apology.

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by Helen Stirling