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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 31st October – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and welcome to this Friday’s spooky edition of Likes and Fails! I can’t promise it will really be spooky. But I’ll try my best.

dancing halloween man



Today’s Like is a great new campaign from Honda on YouTube, their video is an interactive treat with impressive production value.  The specially made page on YouTube shows a video of a man driving a new Honda to pick up his kids from school and seemingly take them home to some sort of surprise party. The clever part is that another video runs simultaneously to this one, but it only appears if you press the ‘r’ key on your keyboard and you see the ‘darker’ version of the story with a guy picking up his criminal friends who have just burglarized a building. It’s really interesting to flick between these two timelines and see the matching shot in the other version.

Honda are well known for their clever and inspiring adverts and videos, from their very famous ‘Impossible Dream’ advert to the one where a choir creates the noises of a running car, it’s always interesting to see what their creative team comes up with next.

It’s also a great day for this to be released as it definitely feels like a ‘Trick and Treat’ style video. So there we have today’s “scary” Like!

See the video here:


So as always on a Friday I don’t want to be a downer and I end up posting two Likes rather than a fail and it looks like that may happen here again. To brighten up your Halloween I’m going scouring for some of the funniest Halloween tweets and sharing them with you for your Friday enjoyment!



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 29th October – Daniel Radcliffe Raps & Street Harassment Video

Here are today’s Likes and Fails which are both video based! The first is a YouTube video featuring Daniel Radcliffe rapping and the second video is a PSA about street harassment.


A video that’s making the rounds today is great and highly worthy of our Like today. The talk show hosts in America quite often create bits in their show which is intended to go viral later online. Their is clearly a bit of rivalry online between, Fallon and Kimmel, the two Jimmys, when it comes to these sort of sections on their late night shows. Well this morning Jimmy Fallon uploaded a video clip from his last show which featured Daniel Radcliffe, famous for Harry Potter and currently promoting Horns, and showcased him performing a rap. Clearly part of this set up was discussed beforehand and maximised to it’s full potential to promote both Fallon’s show and Radcliffe’s new film.

The video itself is great, I’ve seen Radcliffe before on The Graham Norton Show, showcasing his incredible memory for words and fast rhythms, and this certainly came into play on Fallon’s bit last night. He found out that Radcliffe knew all the lyrics to a Blackalicious song called Alphabet Aerobics, and so Radcliffe performed the whole song backed by Fallon holding up cards with each letter of the alphabet on them. It’s pretty funny that you can see Radcliffe’s face getting progressively redder and redder as the song goes on, and by the time he gets to the Y he looks like he might explode. though it is a great version of the song and he gets all the lyrics spot on with almost impeccable timing.

As soon as Radcliffe said he knew this song I’m pretty sure Fallon peed his pants with the viral potential, well his team probably did anyway. Either way, this video is great, it’s weird to see Harry Potter rapping with a beard (Not that a beard is rapping, but that he has a beard whilst he’s rapping). Enjoy.



It seems that today is a day of videos and our Fail of the day is a video which shows the true uncomfortable nature of street harassment that some women can face daily. The video shows one woman walking the streets of Manhattan and shows the catcalling and harassment that she suffers on a daily basis. She is wearing a simple outfit of jeans and a T-shirt, not that it really matters. The video is very uncomfortable to watch as a woman, especially when one particular man walks alongside her for a solid 5 minutes, which is clearly threatening. The video has been picked up by several online news sites including Buzzfeed and it is definitely dividing opinion especially between men and women.

The video has been created to help create awareness of the issue and promote a nonprofit called Hollaback which aims to end street harassment, though that does sound like a hard task. Currently the PSA is edging it’s way up to 5 million views on YouTube and the video has only been up one day, it suggests that this a message and issue which hits close to home to a lot of people. The video is the only one on it’s channel too and they already have 1,600 subscribers. I’d be interested to see more videos from this organisation, even if they are uncomfortable too watch.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails: 9th October – Will.I.Am Whines on Twitter & 11 Year Old Dancer Takes YouTube by Storm


We’re all guilty of complaining on Twitter to companies when we feel they’ve failed us (so many Tweets at @ASOS_HereToHelp). It’s usually the best way for customers to make complaints and actually be listened to, so we totally get doing it. However, if you’re in the wrong, complaining on Twitter just makes you look like an arse.

That’s what Will.I.Am has been up to this week. After arriving for a United Airlines flight to China a mere 45 minutes before scheduled take off, Will was shocked and angered to find his seat had been given away. He went straight to Twitter like Will.I.Am does and wrote a number of whiny Tweets about how badly United treat him and how BA, Quantus, Korean Air and Singapore Air always wait for their premium passengers.

The rage did kind of make him look like a celebrity brat and plenty of Twitter users were quick to tell him that. Come on, Will, 45 minutes for an international flight isn’t long enough, you’re not God so stop behaving like Kanye!


We all know that YouTube is a massive platform for potential stars, particularly child stars (Bieber was discovered on YouTube) and the latest kid to grab the internet is 11 year old Taylor Hatala.

Little Miss Hatala is such a talented street dancer she now trains in an adult class alongside choreographers’ Laurence Kaiwai and Matt Steffanina. She first hit the internet big time when she and Laurence performed a routine to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. It kicked up a bit of a stink in the YouTube comments section with some users claiming it’s an inappropriate song for a child to dance to. However, with over 8 million views in less than a month, we reckon most people can see past that and accept that Taylor is an incredibly talented dancer. The routine certainly isn’t a sexual one but they perhaps could have chosen a song that isn’t explicitly about doing the dirty.

Following the success of Taylor’s Anaconda routine, choreographer Matt has released another video featuring himself and Taylor performing to an All About That Bass remix. Within four days the video has received over half a million hits which is undoubtedly helping up Matt’s social media game (although, he does already have more than 300k YouTube followers and 52k Twitter followers).

BRB I’m just off to find some YouTube dance tutorials.

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by Hannah Reynolds


GoPro are nailing social media/YouTube

Everyone has been noticing for a while, the great Social Media work from the team at Go Pro, and we thought it’d be a good time to have a look at their work and a look in-depth of what they’re doing so right. So hopefully we’ll all learn something today!

So the big moment for Go Pro was the launch of their YouTube channel all the way back in 2009. The first video uploaded to the channel, with the tagline ‘Be a Hero’ (using the name of the model of the Go Pro the ‘Hero’) was a video of a base jumpers, the first taking an epic leap off of a cliff filmed by two Go Pro cameras. One on the end of a pole the jumper is holding and one on his helmet getting a first person view.

This set the scene for things to come on the channel, though it didn’t instantly grab viewer attention, as it currently has  approx 1,600,000 views, which took  a fair amount of time build up. The following videos were all sports/extreme sports videos which drew attention from specific audiences, but didn’t grab a large instant audience. The occasional video would be a hit getting millions more views than all of those. The awareness that they gained along the way, from seeing what did and didnt work well with audiences has really held them in good stead for all future videos being popular.

Their first foray into posting videos with different topics, from what I can see is a clip of a day at the dog park, where the Go Pro camera is attached to the collar on a dog, and you get and interesting dogs eye view of the park. One extremely popular recent video was of a fireman, who had a go pro attached to his helmet whilst he went into a building and rescued a lifeless kitten, he then resuscitates it outside with an oxygen mask. This video has a whopping 23 million views, which just goes to show how popular animal videos are, and especially animal rescue videos.

It’s great that these videos are user created and then reedited for Go Pro adverts. It really makes the audience get a sense of realism and also gives the impression that they can be involved. They can shoot this sort of footage themselves and they can get involved in a great community. The user sourced content is a massive part of what makes the Go Pro marketing work. Go Pro have also picked up on the fact that people on the internet love a video with an animal in it. Some of the most viewed videos in YouTube history feature an animal of some sort. From back in the day when people uploaded crazy cat compilations to people dubbing over their pet dogs they are ever successful.

There are few brands which are really solid with their social media on YouTube. Red Bull is definitely one of the best, with great campaigns such as the Felix Baumgartner free fall from space and other extreme sports videos, much like Go Pro. Interesting and exciting content works well for these brands but not only this, the regularity of the uploads really helps to cement them as a superior YouTube brand. Keeping content fresh and regular ensures that your audience won’t be bored, this is partially why vloggers enjoy so much success on YouTube too.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 16th September – Awesome YouTube Mash-Up & Bate-taste jumper from Urban Outfitters

Here are today’s Likes and Fails.


This is an awesome video we spotted today which takes existing musical YouTube videos and mixes them together to create an awesome whole new original song. The song features a little girl in a princess dress playing the piano, a great singer, several different drum tracks as well as countless other instruments. The video is created by a guy known as Kutiman and the mix is fantastic, it’s hard tp believe it’s not a released song. The female signer used in the track is great as well. This track should definitely get some recognition and I really hope ut does so that these musicians can get together in a room for real and create something great! Watch the video below.


Urban Outfitters have been forced to apologize online after they put a jumper up for sale on their website which offended a lot of people. The jumper was listed as a ‘vintage Kent State’ jumper, which is fine, what’s not fine is that the jumper looked as if it had blood spatters on it as part of the design.

There was an outcry on Twitter and other Social media about how distasteful the jumper was regarding the fact that Kent State was part of a very well known shooting massacre on campus, which affected the whole of the USA back in 1970. The marks on the jumper which look like blood spatters are clearly a horrendous oversight on their part.

Thankfully Urban Outfitters took the item down after their attention was drawn to it. Though really this item should never have been approved in the first place.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 2nd September – YouTube launched fan funding feature & FBI investigates celebrity nude photo hack

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, we’re taking a look at the new YouTube fan funding service and taking a look at the fact that the FBI are now investigating the celebrity image hack from yesterday.



YouTube has launched their crowd-funding feature that was spoken about earlier in the year. This feature allows fans to fund their favourite channels by donating to the creators in the hope that they will create more videos and content.

Creators up until this point have not been making much money on YouTube, only small amounts from advertising revenue. There had been a secondary funding option from an outside site that many users have been using called Patreon which was not only used for YouTube video creators but for others working in the arts. This generally works as a monthly payment, with people helping ongoing projects from creators.

This new YouTube funding feature allows one off donations, which of course you can do more than once, but this shows it is slightly different to Patreon’s services where you can fund ongoing or singular projects. The choice to donate is shown on YouTube as a little annotation in the top left corner of the video you’re watching, if it’s accepted on that particular channel. If you hover over this icon they it will reveal a banner asking for support. If you click on this banner you’ll be taken to a page or pop-up which will ask how much you wish to donate. You can also donate from a ‘support’ button on a users’ channel page.

The good news for publishers is that this new feature will work on the mobile app as well as in desktop browsers, so people can donate anywhere they watch your videos. Now obviously there has to be a slight catch here, and that is that YouTube will take a cut of what people donate to you, currently about 5%, but it does vary from country to country.

The fan funding feature is currently only available in Australia, Japan, Mexico & United States of America.



I would be surprised if you didn’t ear about the large hack that happened yesterday, well the latest news is that the FBI are involved. In a major violation of privacy, hundreds of intimate and nude photographs of celebrities were stolen after they had been uploaded to Apple’s cloud.

The internet went into a bit of a spiral, with many trying to re post and share the images, but also many speaking out and standing up to the invasion of piracy, stating that it was a violation and people should avoid the images, and think about how they would feel if they were in the same position. The hacker who is still yet to be found, used the forum 4chan to expose his findings.

After reports from the celebrities and their representation to law enforcement, the FBI have been called in to investigate. A statement from the FBI in Los Angeles said: “The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals and is addressing the matter,”.

Some of the celebrities involved in the hack have spoken out about the matter, mostly with simple tweets. Kirsten Dunst simply called iCloud a ‘piece of shit’ in emoji form. Whereas Mary Elizabeth Winstead, another actress said that she had taken the pictures in the privacy of her home with her husband years ago. Laying on the guilt for anyone that had seen the images.

I think what we can get out of this is that Apple should really be more clear on their iCloud, because it’s clear that many people don’t know their images are being backed up to the cloud, which is what has lead to this invasion of privacy.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 19th August – YouTube Music Key & ALS ice bucket fails

Here are our favourite, and our least favourite things from the Social Media world today.


Google are edging ever closer to launching their music streaming service. It’s still yet to be officially announced but there are leaked facts about the service, one of which is the name, which is purportedly YouTube Music Key, which isn’t especially catchy, but there are signs that this is what it will be. One is that Google bought the domain, and now there is a supposedly ‘leaked screenshot’ which shows the layout of the mobile site.

youtube music key

The new service was initally discovered earlier this year and people have been waiting for the service to launch so that comparisons can be made with other popular music streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora. From the leaked images it looks as if there will be 20 million tracks available to stream as well as having full albums and a 30 day free trial for new users. It will also reportedly offer listening suggestions too, based on your listening habits. Nothing new there, but a reported bonus will be exclusive tour footage, as well as remixes and covers.


The ALS bucket challenge has been going on for a fair few days now, and with thousands of videos of buckets of ice water being thrown over people, there has to be a fair few fails to go along with it. We’ve spotted a fair few today and we thought we’d share some of them. We did mention the ALS challenge yesterday, but just a quick recap, it’s a charity awareness trend, much like the no make-up selfie for Cancer Research. The participant nominates others to take part in the challenge and  then pours, or has someone pour a bucket of ice water over their head, and then hopefully donates money to the ALS association which is the point of the viral trend. So far the charity has made a whopping $15.6 million from these donations. Which is clearly not a fail! If you want to help research and care for those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease then you can donate here. But now let’s have a look at those ice bucket challenge fails!

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by Helen Stirling