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A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 4th November – Sarah Gallagher Needed & Russel Brand’s PARKLIFE

Here are today’s Likes and Fails for your viewing pleasure!



A young man from Canada who recently  broke up with his girlfriend had booked a Christmas and New Year travelling extravaganza with her, and realised that his tickets were going to go to waste if he didn’t figure something out. So he did what any normal person would do and posted on Reddit. He posted in /r/Canada and began his search for someone who shared the same name and general credentials as his ex girlfriend. So basically his search for an Elizabeth Gallagher has taken the internet by storm and some Elizabeth Gallaghers are beginning to step forward! It does sound like it would be a great trip to get involved with, starting with a flight from JFK to Milan and then travelling through Europe and over to Asia.

There is no update on his pick yet, and if he can find the right Sarah Gallagher, but he does say that he will not force the person who accepts his ticket to travel with him and spend time with him. If they want to then he says great, but otherwise he will just see them on the planes and offer them a glass of wine in New York before take off! Sarah Gallaghers get in there now! Find out more from his post here, and on Buzzfeed.


One of the more funnier memes to happen recently is the use of Parklife to irk Russel Brand. Now we all know that Russel likes to go off on one with his vocabulary filled rants which sometimes come off as a little absurd. So a tweeter realised the similarity between his ramblings and that of the narration in the Blur song Parklife, and consequently replied to Brand’s tweets with the simple exclamation ‘PARKLIFE’.

The meme has been taken further with one person reviewing his book on Amazon with one star and the simple one word review ‘PARKLIFE’. The meme than hit Vine where snippets of interviews with Brand have been intercut with a clip from the Parklife video.

It’s all very funny but I do worry that Brand might get a worrying idea, like remaking a version of the song himself. Let’s all pray now that this doesn’t happen.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 27th August – Hyperlapse from Instagram & Self-censoring online

Here are today’s Likes and Fails – today we take a look at Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse as well as looking at the rise in online self-censoring on Social Media sites.


Hyperlapse is a brand new app from Instagram launched yesterday. The app arrived initially without much fanfare, mainly as there had been no word of this app before it’s launch. The news of the apps launched arrived a mere two hours before it actually arrived in the Apple app store.

The app is a video sharing app which can turn your video clips into ‘hyperlapse’ videos, which gives a cinematic feel to the videos. Much like quick sequences you see in films when moving from one place to the other, this app now allows users to create the cool same effect without all the expensive equipment. Basically the app has built in stabilizing features which create the smooth moving effect in the finished videos. To use the app you only have to press the record option once and then press it again to stop recording. You can either play the video back at normal speed or create the hyperlapse at up to 12 times its original speed. You can then save the video by clicking the green check mark, and from there share the video.

This is a n exciting new development from the Instagram team, as many were focused on the launch of bolt – the Snapchat competitor – from them, but they surprised everyone with the launch of a completely different app with some really interesting technology involved.

We can only hope the delay whilst the make it available for Android is not too long, as currently it is only available for Apple devices.



There are reports today that surveys have shown that users on Twitter and Facebook are increasingly self-censoring themselves regarding controversial topics. The study looked specifically at the fallout following the Edward Snowden leaks and peoples willingness to talk about the topic. A large majority of Americans, 86%, said that they were open to talking about the leaks and the impact of the government intrusion on privacy but only 43% said they were comfortable about talking about it online on Facebook and even less, 41%, said they would discuss it on Twitter

The survey also found, that people were more willing to share their thoughts on the case if they thought their audience would agree with them. Which is not really surprising. Though the report also suggests that people were less likely to share their opinions offline if they thought that their online friends and followers would disagree with their opinion. This displays a crossover between the two worlds which may mean that important information is not being shared between mediums and that the censoring is passing over into in-person contexts. Though this was not definitively shown in the survey, though it was suggested by the data received.

This is an interesting look at self-censoring, which we probably encounter daily online. I know personally I’ve had an opinion on a topic online but have not shared my opinion for fear of getting involved in an online argument which I did not want to deal with. I think this fear of ‘online confrontation’ is what leads us to shy away from sharing our opinions online. It is a lot easier for someone to counter your argument online, sometimes in an aggressive way, without any lasting backlash. Whereas if the same confrontation happened in-person there would definitely be some sort of lasting message, whether it be law enforcement of just the fact that the relationship with the person was ended.


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by Helen Stirling


Insight: Taking advantage of video for Social Campaigns and Businesses

charlie bit me

There’s no denying that online media is becoming more and more visual, text pieces are losing their oomph as images and video take over. It’s been revealed that YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine after Google, and that definitely says something about the visual shift. Not only is YouTube the second biggest search engine, but it’s also bigger than Bing, AOL, Ask and Yahoo combined, and has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors.

This is definitely a sign that your company should be working on getting video to be an important part of your online campaign. If the amount of time and investment in video is off-putting to you then there are other options with short form video on sites such as Vine and Instagram. These sites are especially useful for igniting your creativity in ways to advertise your business in quick engaging bursts. People these days have shorter attention spans so it’s more likely they’ll watch a 6 second looping Vine rather than a 5 minute video explaining your business. Unless of course you get Ryan Gosling to do it.

Ryan gosling wink

Obviously there are limitations of using sites like Vine and Instagram, first off there’s that time limit, whilst useful for being creative, can be very limiting when trying to convey a longer point. Also, though these videos can be embedded they always seem like a much more ‘casual’ poption which may not be the impression you want to give off as a business, in which case another hosting site like YouTube, Vimeo or Vzaar might be more suited.

Plus going back to what we were saying initially, YouTube as a search engine could be extremely beneficial to your business and your videos. Having all your videos hosted on YouTube give them a greater chance of exposure, with the site having a higher exposure than any cable TV station in the US as well as a whopping 6 billion hours of video being watched on the site every month. The way videos are ranked on YouTube is a secret algorithm, but there are obvious factors taken in to account. These are the number of views (this seems to be a big factor), the title of the video, the video’s description and the video’s ratings. So the more relevant you can make the title and description the higher it will rank, also make sure not to ignore the tagging section on YouTube as this also helps the site know where to put the video.

Seeding your video will also be an important step in getting your video seen as well as pushing it up YouTube’s search rankings, which in turn will help it be seen by more people. You can start this off by sharing your video among different Social Network sites, making sure to post with relevant hashtags to potentially reach a wider audience than just your own followers.


The rise of visual media online has also affected the way that other Social Networks rank their stories too, again showing how important videos and images are if you want to be seen. Facebook has changed their algorithm more recently, making pictures more important in a news feed and ranking them higher, this is also true of video content on the site, there is definitely a bigger focus on the visual as opposed to before when there was an even mix of text and visual content. The focus on video for Facebook has been proven even more recently, where they’ve been seen testing video enhancements on the site, such as suggesting similar videos after you finish watching one on the site. This is obviously a copycat of YouTube’s suggested videos feature, but again cementing the demand for more video content.

Video can be a very tricky medium to get right, it’s important to make sure that you won’t be wasting money and commitment on a video which does nothing for the brand you’re trying to promote. It can be more important to spend time on relevant content than to create a bad video just because you feel you need a video. Planning a video and thinking over a few different ideas is the best way to make sure you get what you definitely want, as well as something successful. Whilst many people think that jumping on to an online trend is a great way to be seen and rank, if it’s not well timed or relevant it can end up drowning among all the similar content which are trying to do the same thing.

If you have a quick thinking team with quick turnarounds then it’s possible, but not highly advisable. It’s probably better to focus on being original and creating your own trend.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 3rd July – Vine adds Loop Count & Instagram #nofilter fakers

It’s Likes and Fails time! Today we take a look at Vine, and it’s new feature which should appeal to marketers. We also take a look at the Instagram #NoFilter fakers.


Vine has launched a new feature which is basically a ‘view count’ for your Vine Videos, basically it plays the amount of loops the video has done, so it could count as a view, or someone who’s left your Vine on loop by accident may be kindly adding to your ‘loop count’. The change may be a new draw for marketers who will be pleased to see some form of analytic tool on the app, giving them a measurement of the reach of their Vine videos.

Whilst recent Vines will have a whole number next to them for their view count, Vines dating back to before the 3rd April will have a number and a + sign next to it as the loops didn’t begin to be counted until that date. So the + sign shows that the Vine likely has more plays than is suggested by the number represented there.

So the new figures may not be entirely accurate, or the best way of judging a video’s popularity but it does offer a look at just how widespread the video may be. For a more accurate look at the approval of a video, it’s still probably best to look at the re-vines and likes the video has.

The loop count wasn’t the only change in the update, Vine also widened their videos on the mobile app to fill the whole screen and they added milestone alerts in user’s activity feeds, for example when they hit 100 likes on their Vine.


A lot of people on Instagram are reportedly liars according to a recent study by Spredfast which suggests that nearly 11% of people are lying about their #NoFilter hashtag. The Insta-liars have been posting up selfies and sunsets with the #nofilter hashtag, which in fact do have secret filters on them.

It seems that the most popular filter for ‘#nofilter’ images is Amaro, which is coincidentally the first filter in the selection list, next to the real ‘no filter’ choice. It was chosen 15% of the time and Valencia was chosen 12% of the time with XPro II coming next with 10% of people choosing it to fake their #nofilter.

In a similar vein a website has been set up which allows you to find out if your friends have been faking their filter. You simply copy and paste the photo’s Instagram url and it’ll find out whether they’ve secretly used a filter whilst claiming that there isn’t one! Ingenious.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th June – Twitter launches Dronies & People are gullible for Ryan Gosling

Good morning Social Media fans! Here we are with today’s Likes and Fails to whet your appetite just before lunch. Today we like Twitter’s new drones, aptly named Dronies & we can’t quite believe that people believed the below Ryan Gosling story on Facebook.



Twitter has launched (literally) a new account, which shows the goings on in the world  from a drone’s eye view. The drone is currently documenting all that is going on in Cannes and the Cannes Lion awards. When I say all that is going on, I mean a small section of what’s going on, but a very cool angle on it. The drone’s Twitter account is @dronie and has been tweeting away with 19 tweets so far. The Twitter branded drones have a camera attached to the bottom of them and it can be controlled remotely (quite obviously). Their first post is pretty impressive because they’ve got Sir Patrick Stewart involved and the drone quickly ascends to give a great aerial view of Cannes.

The videos are obviously uploaded to Twitter’s six second video client Vine which is a great way to showcase them on Twitter. We’ll be interested to see which events Twitter takes the dronies to next, and what sort of images we’ll see from them. A great idea from Twitter, moving the next step up from the selfie and taking a keen interesting the next new technologies. The only way is up! (I know, I’m sorry.)



Today I have learnt that Facebook users are highly gullible. A post put on the site on Father’s Day , supposedly posted by Ryan Gosling claimed to be from his own words, that he had once adopted a friend’s child after his mother (a friend) had passed away from cancer, but the subsequently had to give the child up because the biological father wanted the child back, after a year I might add. Ridiculous right? First of all, how on Earth Ryan Gosling of all people was supposed to have kept a secret child away from the prying paparazzi and media is inconceivable, and plus there was a link at the end of the post which took people through to buy a Ryan Gosling T-Shirt… Which could have been another hint that this wasn’t completely genuine…

However, there were somehow people that believed this story was true, that Ryan had confessed to the world that he once had a baby in his care for an entire year. One person predictably commented “OMG JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT HE COULDN’T BE MORE PERFECT” & nearly 1 million people had liked the post (before it was removed from the site), whether they liked it because they thought it was real, or whether they liked the prank… Some clever journalist over at Closer reported the story too, which they’ve also since removed.

I think the lesson here is: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-Up – 16th June – Phil Neville gets twitter backlash, Rik Mayall tribute, Twitter loses employees & Vine video goes viral

We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, and that you enjoyed the football, to some extent at least. Here’s a quick round up of all the Social Media news you may have missed over the weekend.


1. So we mentioned the football, and there was one particular person who was getting a bit of a bashing on Twitter, and no it’s not Wayne Rooney, though I’m sure that happened too. It was Phil Neville who had to deal with the harsh words that England fans had for him and he wasn’t even playing. Neville was commentating the England v Italy match and fans picked up on his less than lively tones as he spoke about the action. Many called his commentating dull and some said robotic was a better description. Many starting making jokes about his lack of enthusiasm, and some funny tweets came from it.

I felt a bit sorry for him really as it was his first time commentating, but he sent out a tweet a bit later, which showed that he’d taken the criticsm on the chin, and seemingly enjoyed some of the jokes, and at least he knows to sound more excited next time!

2. After that sad and sudden death of Rik Mayall last week many fans of his set up a Facebook campaign to propel a 4 year old track that Mayall had made for the 2010 World Cup to number one in the charts and last night we discovered that the track had made the top ten. The track called Noble England features Mayall reciting an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Henry V in a very gutsy manner, it definitely sets the mood for English fans watching the football, and it’s a great way to honour the comedian. It reached number 7 in the Top 40 chart yesterday evening.

3. Following the news on Thursday that Twitter’s COO, Ali Rowghani had decided to step down from the position following rumours of disagreements with Twitter’s top managers, Twitter’s head of media in America has now followed suit. Chloe Sladden worked for Twitter creating partnerships between the social network and media outlets, including creating the Twitter TV ratings with Neilsen and a real-time music chart with Not good news for Twitter who have lost many major members of their team this year. Including their VP of product, senior VP of engineering and their creative director.

4. A funny story to end on. A Vine video has been going viral over the weekend and has had many parodies made already. The initial 6 second video shows an 11 year old boy getting hit in the head with a basketball and screaming the word ‘yeah’. Sounds weird. Is weird. The strangely funny video has been liked over 280,000 times and re-vined the same amount. It’s hugely popular and if it sounds funny to you we’ve embedded it and some parody versions below for your viewing pleasure.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th June – First Space Vine post & Facebook accidentally posts new app

It’s Tuesday and here are our fantastic Likes and Fails of the day. First week look at the first ever Vine video posted from space and we look at Facebook’s mishap when they accidentally released a new app to the app store.


The first ever Vine video from Space has been sent. The NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman posted the clip on June 6th shows a single Earth Orbit with the sun never setting. The clip was filmed aboard the International Space Station which is 240 miles above the Earth. The astronaut, Wiseman had been active on Vine before the first ever Vine post from space, posting training and working in Russia before he launched for a 6 month mission to Space.

This follows the first Instagram ‘selfie’ from space which was posted in April, again from the ISS, showing a view behind of the Earth through the cupola window. NASA’s first space tweet came way back in 2009 when astronaut Mike Massimino wrote ‘Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!’. It’s always great to see these space ‘firsts’.




Facebook accidentally rolled out their new Snapchat competitor app ‘Slingshot’ yesterday and have since taken it down from the app store, but it was there. The app appeared in the iOS app store yesterday, but only available in certain countries which included Australia and New Zealand. It is thought that the launch date may have been incorrectly set for the time zones which hit June 10th first, but it is also possible that it was another version of human error and someone accidentally hit the launch button to soon.

The app is said to be a Snapchat competitor, and standalone from the Facebook app. Supposedly users can ‘sling’ and image or video and drawing to other users, but the recipient must sling the user back an image of their own before they can view the one sent to them. Then once you’ve opened the image you can respond again with a reaction. Messages will reportedly disappear after they’re swiped away, but it is not yet known if there is a time limit on viewing the pictures, like in Snapchat.

Since removing the app from the App Store Facebook released a statement which said: ”Earlier today, we accidentally released a version of Slingshot, a new app we’re working on … With Slingshot, you’ll be able to share everyday moments with lots of people at once. It’ll be ready soon and we’re excited for you to try it out.”

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th May – David Cameron in Nandos & #ShovelGirl

It’s today’s Likes and Fails! Today we look at a politician selfie and the aftermath of the viral video ‘Shovel Girl’.


David Cameron shook up the world of social when he decided to visit a branch of Nandos in Bristol. Nandos patrons in Bristol got very excited at the prospect of there being a politician in their midst, or the leader of the country no less. This created a barrage of tweets including the politicians sat at his table, many were stealth photos, some were Snapchats and only one brave soul went in for the politician selfie.

The fact that Cameron went in for a Nandos when he had the pick of any restaurant is quite probably a ploy to make him seem more a ‘man of the people’ though it did make for some entertaining viewing this morning. Good one Cameron, you brightened up my morning.


A video has been making the rounds on the internet since Wednesday and it’s been nicknamed Shovel girl. The video which was originally a Vine post shows two teenage girls fighting with one girl ending the argument by hitting the other over the head with a shovel. The Vine post quickly went viral with over 80,000 likes and the same amount of shares. The Vine video has been met with many responses and is quickly on it’s way to becoming a meme. From people watching the video on a projector in class, to people creating shovel girl’s ‘look’ and getting a screenshot of Spongebob holding a shovel saying that ‘he did it first’.

Then it was taken one step further with photo-shopped headline images, supposedly showing that the girl had died because of the blow to the head, which turned out to be untrue. But of course #RIPShovelGirl started trending because kids these days will believe anything they read on Twitter.
(The video has since been removed but you may be able to find a copycat version if you search for ‘shovel girl’ that’s if you really want to see it…)

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Monday April 28th 2014: De Niro’s Debut and Teens Desert Traditional Social Media


Robert De Niro has become the latest celebrity to embrace the digital world, with his first Vine video. Don’t get too excited though, he doesn’t have an account yet.

He chose to make his debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, with the help of celebrity Vine video creator Jerome Jarre, and the video has already had a whopping 173,900 likes.



A survey has found that teenagers are turning away from “traditional” social media sites, while Instagram, Tumblr and mobile messaging services like WhatsApp and Snapchat saw a boost.

In fact, Snapchat was the service was the service that saw the biggest increase, with a 60% increase in users between Q3 and Q4 2013. Facebook saw a 9% drop, while Twitter use dropped 3% and YouTube fell 7%.

We’ve known for a while that the kids are enjoying Tumblr these days, but the migration to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat just re-enforce that teens really don’t like hanging out on social networks where their parents are.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up blog – 7th April – Grand National tweets, Dappy gets a Hashtag, Twitter teams up with Billboard & Vine gets messaging

Here’s our Monday round-up of the news you may have missed. With a bonus GIF. Of course.

The Grand National on Twitter

On Sunday was the biggest UK horse racing event of the year, the Grand National, and as of today some Twitter stats have been released showing us how many tweets related to the event were shared. Social analytics company Second Sync totted up the total amount of tweets mentioning the Grand National and the results are in.

Over 205,000 tweets were shared about the event and the winner of the race Pineau De Re was mentioned 11,000 times. The analytics also showed that over half of those that tweeted about the event were male (55%) as opposed to the 45% of female tweeters of the event. At the peak of the tweets 4,500 a minute were coming through at about 4.30pm, which was around the time of the big race.

Dappy gets a Hashtag

Dappy of NDubz and getting naked in the Big Brother house fame, has decided to get a tattoo of a hashtag on his face. Yes, really. Just below his right eye is a little hashtag symbol. Now you may be thinking what on earth would possess someone to want to get a hashtag tattoo? Well Dappy will tell you. Apparently the hashtag is on his face so that ‘it will trend forever’; our translation: I got this tattoo to get some publicity and hopefully stay in the limelight forever.

There isn’t much more to say about this really apart from the fact that most people who have voiced an opinion about his new tattoo think it’s idiotic and the rest, well I’m pretty sure they think the same too. Good luck staying relevant when the hashtag is no more Dappy.

Twitter teams up with Billboard US

Twitter has signed a deal to pair up with Billboard (the company in charge of the American music charts) to create a real-time Twitter music chart. As part of the deal the two companies have signed an ‘amplify’ deal which means that the chart will be promoted beyond just It will also include custom in-tweet charts and in-tweet video round-ups of the week in music on Twitter.


This is a great move for Twitter as music is the most tweeted about topic on the site, with over 1 billion tweets being sent about music over 2013. Twitter previously tried to move into the music avenue with their app #Music which claimed to help people see what music was trending and allow them to discover new artists. Unfortunately very recently they announced that their app would be closing down as of the end of this month, so hopefully this new deal with Billboard will be a step in right direction.

Vine releases messaging feature

We’ve mentioned it before but we’ll mention it again, Vine now has a new messaging feature allowing you to send private video messages to your friends, followers, well anyone really (as long as you verify your phone number). The new feature brings them back up to the competition’s level, as Snapchat and Instagram have both had private video messaging functions for a while now. There is probably hope that the new feature will bring new users or bring back old ones who had forgotten the site, but with the stiff competition it’s unlikely the new feature will create a spike in new users.


The feature is simple to use, you’ll just have to download the update if you already have the app, and there is a new section added to the home menu where you can easily record and send. For a more in-depth look at the new feature have a look here.

Well that’s all folks, enjoy your week and enjoy this parting GIF.

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by Helen Stirling