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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th November – Band Aid 30 & Spotify teams up with Uber

It’s Monday and here are the first Likes and Fails of the week. Christmas seems to have hit here in the office this week and so our first Like of the week features the brand new Band Aid song.


So yes it’s here, the new Band Aid single has been released and starting it’s fight to the top of the charts as well as helping to fight Ebola in Africa. The video was released online on YouTube this morning and it already has 130,000 views which isn’t to shabby, though not exactly earth shattering. The good news is that with the text line for the song raised over 1 million pounds in just 5 minutes! Which is very impressive, as well as showing the giving nature of the country in times of need (if it’s well publicised enough!).

Though there are clearly those who would like to find something wrong with the song/the cause/the celebrities or anything they can get angry about, we should try and focus on the good that the single is doing and that nearly every penny raised will go to fight Ebola in Africa. Hopefully the amount raised will truly help the cause and that we can wipe out Ebola indefinitely.



Spotify has teamed up with the controversial taxi cab app Uber so that you can decide on a Spotify playlist to play in the hosts car whilst they drive you to your destination. Now initially this may sound like a cool idea but really, think about it. Do you really want to annoy the person driving you around – technically with your life in their hands – with music that could drive them to drive you off the road. Yeah no not the best idea. I mean obviously Uber drivers are not going to drive you off the road, but you know what, it’s their car, let them play their own music or enjoy the sound of the road if that’s what they prefer.

I bet when you drive your own car you are the one who decides on music or at least decides who is allowed to be in charge of the music. With this new app team up drivers have no choice. They already have to deal with no cash in had, now no control over their music and there is already the possibility of driver-less cars taking over the roads in a few years time. Things are not good for professional drivers at the moment are they. Let them destress with their own tunes.

The CEO of Uber had this to say:

“For Uber we’re trying to always create highly evolving experiences, the opposite of which of course is the taxi world that came before it.”

“Now I can get in [an Uber] and my music is playing. And for Uber it’s the first time we’ve personalised the experience inside the car and for music lovers that is Nirvana, it’s a really awesome place to be.”

So well I guess he prefers the sound of his music over the sound of a happy driver. Unfortunately I imagine any backlash from the drivers will not be listened to and for them I imagine that the draw of the money from the Uber journeys is more than that of their own music tatstes.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 21st May – Spotify hits 10 million subscribers & Facebook adds video ads

Here are today’s Likes and Fails with congratulations going to Spotify for reaching 10 million paying subscribers and Facebook is to give us more advertisements only this time in video form.


Congratulations to Spotify who today announced that they now have 10 million paying subscribers; impressive! They also couple this with 40 million overall active users in 56 markets worldwide. Chief executive of Spotify said that it had been a great year for the company what with increasing their markets from 20 to 56 and now with the 10 million paying subscribers. He also said that the news meant that Spotify was creating a lead in the digital music space and that they would focus on getting everyone in the world to listen to music.

Back in 2011 Spotify only had 2.6 million paying subscribers out of 32.8 million registered users, so that shows you how far they have come in 3 years. The newest figures also show that 30.8 million users are using the free version of spotify whihc suggests that previous free users may have moved over to a paid subscription. The site also claims since it’s 2008 launch there have been 1.5 billion playlists made and 5 million are created or updated everyday.

Bonus stats! : Eminem is the most streamed artist on Spotify of all time, Rihanna is the most streamed female artist of all Spotify time and the most streamed song is Wake Me Up by Avicii with more than 235 million streams.



Facebook has announced that they are planning to roll out auto-play video adverts to more countries. The announcement said that they are launching ‘premium video ads’ in lots of new countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil and Germany. These adverts are 15 seconds long and are silent until they are clicked when they expand in size and play sound.

The ads are apparently modelled after TV spots, and reportedly cost upwards of $1 million a day! So they are obviously only intended to appeal to advertisers with big budgets. The adverts will obviously reach a wide reaching audience (you’d hope so for that amount!) and the ads will be checked for quality and creativity before going live to the site, so safe to say there will be no “CALL SAFESTYLE UK ON 0800, BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

The adverts are going to go live in the countries mentioned above over the next few months, first they will only be from a select few advertisers who will be working closely with Facebook to gauge user reaction to the ads.

PS. We’re only really saying that this is a fail because we hate ads clogging our news feeds, it’s actually quite good news for those wanting to advertise on Facebook.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Weekly News Roundup – Monday October 28th 2013

1. Twitter has had a test run of its floatation on the stock market, trying it out to avoid a flop similar to that of Facebook last year.

The ‘mock market’ launch by the New York Stock Exchange on Saturday was rolled out in order to try and avoid a repeat of Facebook’s launch on the rival Nasdaq exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange regularly does systems testing at weekends, but this was the first time it had run a test for an initial public offering (IPO).

2. Instagram has began its advert roll-out across the platform, but not as we would have expected it. The adverts will appear in users’ timelines as a normal post, but with a ‘sponsored’ banner across the top of the image.


If you’re not a fan of having ads clogging up your news feed, you’re not the only one, and thankfully there is an option to hide them using the more button.

3. The Pope has had an absolute stormer on Twitter, amassing over 10 million followers. He tweeted his thanks on Saturday, after he reached the milestone following. It’s good news for the Vatican as well, who are looking to spread the word of the gospel through social media.


4. YouTube is reportedly looking to launch a Spotify-esque subscription service, which will be predominantly aimed at mobile users.

Similar to Spotify, it will offer people the option to watch videos for free with adverts, or they will be able to pay $10 per month in order to watch ad-free videos.

According toBillboard, both the free and paid versions of the service will allow unlimited access to the music on YouTube, but the premium service could also include the ability to stream full albums, as well as cache music for offline listening.

5. Pinterest has seen its value increase by more than 50%, to a whopping £2.3bn, following a round of fundraising. Pinterest said it plans to use the new funds to further expand internationally and develop its mobile services.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Wednesday September 4th 2013: Promoted Tweets and Spotify Sued


A disgruntled businessman has found a new use for promoted tweets, after bombarding British Airways with bad feedback.

Hasan Syed was fairly irritated as the airline had lost his luggage, so decided to try and get their attention with a series of promoted tweets.


It has since been revealed that he paid $1,000 for his ‘campaign’, which brought 76.7k impressions and 14.6k engagements. That’s a pretty good ROI.

You’ll be pleased to hear that BA have apologised and his luggage would be back with him within a day.


Bad news for Spotify today, as dance brand Ministry of Sound are planning to sue them over allegations that it infringed their compilation album copyrights by hosting playlists which mirrored the contents of some of their albums.


MoS are taking legal action after Spotify refused to delete the playlists which were identical to the album tracks

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Monday 15th July 2013: Google+ and Spotify


Google is now making it easier to find out what you’re friends are into on Google+, thanks to a new update that will roll out tomorrow. Posts that have been +1′d by people in your circles on your stream will start to become highlighted and those updates that you post which have been well-received will be highlighted in your friends’ stream as well.


Similar to the way posts are currently highlighted on Facebook, posts on Google+ will show who from your circles +1′d the post just above the content itself. Content will only appear to those who you’ve given permission to, so a post you make visible to people in your circles will stillshow up to them, whilst public posts will be available to strangers.


Spotify has had a bit of a bad day, after Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke took to Twitter to slate the music streaming service, saying that  ’new artists get paid f*ck all with this model’.

Yorke has pulled all of his solo songs, as well as those with his group Atoms for Peace, from Spotify claiming that streaming doesn’t support new artists and their music as the per-stream payments are so small.


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by Iona St Joseph


Social media News – 5th October – Facebook Advert, Surnames and Twitter hacks

It’s Friday, I’m Helen and here’s a look at the social media news!

Facebook has released its first advert, the ad compares Facebook to a chair. It carries on to suggest that it is also like bridges, doorbells, basketball and dancefloors. The advert was released in celebration of reaching 1 billion active users which I mentioned yesterday. Many parodies have been made already, including saying that Facebook is also like cheese pizza and a mini toy Steve Jobs (via mashable). Zuckerberg says that he is pleased with the advert as it truly expresses the brand of Facebook, let’s hope people don’t start trying to sit on their computers. For your viewing pleasure the actual advert is below.

Some more light news as it’s a Friday; a woman from Australia has kept her right to use her name on Facebook. Having been threatened by Facebook with closure of her page because she was using a fake name, she set up a Facebook group to unite all users of her surname to prove that it wasn’t false and today Facebook have finally stopped hassling her to change her name or delete her page. You can tell I’m keeping you in suspense as to what her name is can’t you? Belinda Batman is thrilled with the outcome and she has also gained contact with distant family members in Australia and overseas. Batman finally gets justice.

Finally for today’s last section of news, victims of twitter hacking are finding their account’s for sale on the black market. The popular short twitter handles are the main ones under threat, and are being hacked and then sold. One word names are especially popular, one man had his “@weave” account stolen and only had it restored by twitter after a friend of a friend who works for twitter helped out. During the three weeks he was without the account, the name was changed and the location was changed to Brooklyn. The man says quite comically that his friends and colleagues were confused when he started tweeting about hair, nails and R&B singers. Obviously the lesson to be learnt here is to keep your passwords long and confusing, and don’t suddenly change your interests, it’ll confuse your friends.

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by Helen Stirling