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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Wednesday 25th September 2013:


One fifth of the Spice Girls and popular fashion designer Victoria Beckham is planning on creating her own documentary using Skype. The audience will be able to interact with Victoria Beckham and her team using the network, giving them access to the ‘previously unseen world of Victoria Beckham’s story’.


The film will launch later this year and will give fans access to a behind-the-scenes view of her brand.


King of the world David Attenborough has had to get legal eagles involved after various fake accounts kept popping up across Facebook and Twitter, branding them ‘horrible’ and ‘rude’.

The 87-year-old wildlife dude said that he isn’t on any social networking sites, so if you do get a lewd message from someone claiming to be him, it’s going to be a fake.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Social Media Round Up – Monday August 19th 2013

1. Bad news for Facebook after a study found that using the social networking site can reduce young adults’ sense of well being and satisfaction with life.

2. Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton have been arguing on Twitter, with the meat-dress wearing star accusing Hilton of mocking her when she sustained a hip injury earlier in the  year.


3. Twitter has been awash with rumours that One Direction fans are committing suicide as a result of a Channel 4 documentary about them, ‘Crazy About One Direction’, which fans claim depicted them as ‘insane’. No cases of suicide have been reported.

4. Police are facing a ‘new environment’ with online bullying and Skype crime, following a number of teenage suicides related to online services like Ask.FM and Skype.

5. US TV channel AMC have teamed up with Ralph creative agency to produce an online campaign, focussing on Facebook, for the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 30th April 2013


Skype is now available to users. Integrating the two services means that users will be able to make audio and video calls directly from their inbox to Skype and Outlook contacts. The preview version was released today, which will be updated based on feedback from users.



Despite the issues of privacy for social media users being highlighted in the media over the last few months, there are still 13 Million Facebook users who haven’t touched their privacy settings. This means that they’re likely to have all of their profile information open to the public.

Facebook Graph Search is planned for wide spread release soon. Whilst this is good news for business (with increased opportunities to target sponsored search results and Facebook advertising) it’s bad news for Facebook users as it makes access to their information even easier. If you want to keep all your Facebook activity private, make sure to go through your privacy settings.


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by Helen Stirling


3rd September -Twitter Stupidity

Lloyd again. Today’s blog is dedicated to Twitter stupidity. There was a lot of it this weekend. You’d think that being in the public eye all of the time would mean that you’re aware that you’re in the public eye all of the time. But apparently not.

Rihanna experienced the celebrity downside to Twitter when she made the error of posting a picture of herself at London’s St Pancras Station prior to getting the train to Paris. The departure time was also visible on the post and it meant that hordes of fans turned up in Paris to meet her. By all accounts she wasn’t too happy about this as she tweeted “I just had to fight my way out of a damn train station!!!” and “Y’all outta control with this sh*t in Paris!!!” An example of a Twitter flash mob getting out of hand. If I ever tweet my destination all I get is the police turning up. Not crowds of adoring fans. What is she complaining about?

Luke Donald had a bit of grief over Twitter as well by sending a private tweet publicly, which included his mobile number and some abuse for the designer of the golf course he’d just finished playing. Whoops. I’ve personally rang him half a dozen times offering him a round, but I’ve had no response yet. And I’ve heard Gil Hanse, the course designer, has also rang him half a dozen times offering him a round. A round of fisticuffs in the boxing ring.

The third celebrity this time was Lewis Hamilton, who has a bit of a history as a social media blunderer. He tweeted his annoyance that team mate Jenson Button had been given a new rear wing on his car that improved his performance. Now, now Lewis, you’re part of a team. No need for handbags. That was on Saturday. Sunday he was at it again, tweeting confidential team telemetry data to further show the difference between their lap times. Talk about discreet. It was deleted though, so all hush, hush.  Former McLaren driver Alex Wurz, who now works for rivals Williams, was quick to spot the error, tweeting “Could you also tweet the race strategy and set up sheet. Thanks mate.” I don’t think there’s evidence to suggest that he did, but you never know. Not so hush, hush then after all.

Have a great week, and careful what you tweet!

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by Andy Barr