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A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-up – 13th October – 114 yr old joins Facebook, The Snappening & Right to be forgotten in the UK

Here is all the news you may have missed over the weekend from the world of Social Media!

114 Year Old Joins Facebook

anna stoehr

A woman has recently joined Facebook at 133 years of age, though she just had her 114th Birthday this weekend. The woman, Anna Stoehr, had to lie about her age to join the website, she was forced to knock 15 years off of her age and claim that she was 99 years old to join the site. The oldest year of birth that could be selected was 1905, and Anna was born in 1900. She has had a recent interest in technology after she befriended a man who works for the US mobile network Verizon who has been teaching her the ins and outs of modern technology. This man was the same man who just sold a smartphone to her 85 year old son! She now has an iPad which she uses to FaceTime relatives and friends around the world as well as keeping up with them on Facebook!

The Snappening


You’ve probably already heard about the latest photo ‘leak’ scandal, but there have been a few updates since it was first announced. This latest leak concerns Snapchat users and in particular users that have used a third party app called Snap Save. Users that use this third party app which saves Snapchats that they’ve received, are the targets of this hack. Though now there are some claims as to the legitimacy of the leak, with some saying that any of the images they have seen in regard to this hack, of reportedly over 200,000 photos, have been images that have been available on the web for a long period of time. So some are calling it a staged fake leak, which I assume was created with the intention of widespread media coverage, which unsurprisingly worked. Coverage for these supposedly leaked photos was given on the usual suspects, 4Chan, Reddit and AnonIb.

UK is responsible for 1/10 Right to be Forgotten requests


Google has revealed that over one tenth of requests to be forgotten on the search engine comes from the UK. Since the ruling came into effect in May this year, nearly 500,000 links have been removed from search results. Some of those asking for links to be removed are a priest who was accused of sexual assault as well as a media professional who wanted links to some embarrassing articles removed. Some of the largest number of link removals were taken from Facebook with 3,353 and YouTube at 2,392. Probably people trying to forget about all those incredible lip-syncing videos they made when they were internet-naive.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Social Media Round-Up: Monday October 6th 2014 – DHL Mess Up and Iceland’s Police Have Instagram Nailed

Merry Monday folks. It looks like winter has well and truly arrived here in the South West, I had to keep my windscreen wipers on all the way to the office this morning. HashtagWeather.

Anyhoo, enough of my jibber jabber, here’s what’s happening in the social world this morning, and what you might have missed over the weekend.

1. DHL are in the bad books this morning, after some brain box thought it would be a good idea to do a Facebook post asking for Likes surrounding the terrible F1 accident involving French driver Jules Bianchi. Unsurprisingly, the post was taken down from their page, but thankfully someone managed to screen grab the post before it was removed.


The post tells users that by clicking “Like” on the post, they will be wishing Jules a speedy recovery, because there is absolutely no way they could wish him a speedy recovery without using Facebook likes.  In case you’re ever thinking of doing a post like this one, don’t.

2. Facebook are going to allow friends to send each other money via their Messenger app. The feature hasn’t been activated yet, but it will allow users to attached cash to a message in the same way they would attach a photo and it uses card details registered with Facebook.

I don’t think I’ll be transferring cash via Facebook anytime soon, but it does seem like a way to simplify the process.

3. Former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen has revealed in his autobiography that a parody Twitter account left him ‘broken’. Pietersen believes that the account was run from inside the dressing room, and that it also lead to the ‘Textgate’ row that saw him suspended from the team.

4. You’ll all be thrilled to hear that Wayne Rooney has become the first athlete in the UK to hit 10 million Twitter followers. Yay! He still has a way to go to reach the same dizzying heights as Christiano Ronaldo, who has 30.3 million followers, but Rooney’s new found success has propelled him to number 6 in a list of the world’s most followed athletes. Who are the others you say? Well, here’s a list of the top 10:

Top 10 most-followed athletes on Twitter:
1. @Cristiano (Cristiano Ronaldo) 30.3m
2. @Kaka (Ricardo Kaka) 21m
3. @KingJames (LeBron James) 15.2m
4. @NeymarJR (Neymar Junior) 14.6m
5. @10Ronaldinho (Ronaldinho Gaúcho) 10.8m
6. @WayneRooney (Wayne Rooney) 10m
7. @andresiniesta8 (Andrés Iniesta) 9.66m
8. @3gerardpique (Gerard Pique) 9.53m
9. @KDTrey5 (Kevin Durant) 8.25m
10. @XabiAlonso (Xabi Alonso) 8.23m

5. There’s always a police force cropping up somewhere with an interesting story, whether it’s rescuing something from somewhere or Tweeting something hilarious. The official Instagram account for The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police is no disappointment. It’s a collection of images of excellent moustaches, cute animals and awesome bikes. As well as actual police stuff, obvs.

Don’t let the language barrier put you off.


My face when… I saw the all the new followers #viral

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Ég er týndur. Þrátt fyrir stranga yfirheyrslu gaf hann hvorki upp nafn né heimilisfang. Vitið þið hvar hann á heim?

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Sumarið er að undirbúa komu sína. Þetta verður frábært sumar. #reiðhjólasumar #lrh

Afficher sur Instagram

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 29th September – Twitter Film Advertising, First Streaming Only Chart Position, Instagram blocked in China & Google Rolls Out TV Cards

Here is this week’s round-up for your perusal, news about Twitter, Google, Instagram and music streaming.

1. Twitter is to target film advertising 


Twitter has decided to start a new type of advertising targeting film-goers, and film enthusiasts. It aims to send out tweets about films targeting people who may be interested in it based on their previous other tweets. Twitter had conducted research prior to implementing these adverts, and discovered that Twitter greatly influences people’s choices on films. They discovered that not only are people discovering new films on Twitter but they’re also sharing their experiences of the films they watch with friends and followers.

The adverts will be based upon targeting keywords, so if you tweet about a certain genre of film you will find adverts for films with similar themes, characters, other films from the same production company or just similar keyword based films. Twitter have previously had a similar TV targeting strategy in place too.

2.  Meghan Trainor first artist to make the chart on streaming alone


So since the official charts made streaming an official means to get into the top 40 UK chart in June, no one had made the official chart on streams alone until now. Meghan Trainor an american female artist, with an exceptionally catchy song has hit number 33 in the chart on streams alone. This is because the song was not even released yet, but had been promoted with radio play, and was available to stream online, which meant she made the charts. It has now been released and will likely shoot even higher up the chart next week when sales are also taken into account.

3. Instagram blocked in Hong Kong and China

instagram logo

Instagram has been blocked in China and Hong Kong after political protests in the latter location. The protests reached a high with clashes between police and protestors over the weekend and the rise of the #OccupyCentral hashtag led to Instagram being blocked as well as Facebook and Twitter. The protests have been fueled by Hong Kong residents who want the right to a democratic election in 2017 because of increasing controls by the Beijing government.

However doing a quick website test on the locations  right now, it appears as if Instagram and Facebook are back up in Hong Kong but still down in China.

4. Google rolls out TV cards in the UK

google cards tv

The cards show personalised TV suggestions for the evenings schedule, and suggest other programmes based on your search history.  These cards and recommendations were previously only available for users in the US. The card show live tv suggestions as well as video on demand choices, and weirdly also has the option to use American streaming services like HBO GO for your suggestions. The feature is not officially listed as available in the UK, but the fact that it’s popped up in some cases here suggests that a bigger roll out is due to happen soon. Read more on The Next Web


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-Up – 22nd September – iCloud hack, No Likes Yet, Gmail and Google Plus and Real-time YouTube statistics

Here’s a round-up of some of the news you may have missed over the weekend from the Social Media world.

iCloud hack leaks more celebrity photographs


More celebrities have been targeted in a mass leak of private photos which were hacked from their mobile phones. This time celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been targeted and their private nude photographs have been shared on sites such as 4chan and Reddit. The hack, widely know online as ‘the fappening’ has targeted hundreds of celebrities and the photos are being slowly released online. Obviously there are ongoing investigations taking place as to how the the photos were acquired as well as who is responsible. It’s bad news for the celebrities involved as if they do manage to get the photos removed they reappear again and again.

It had been speculated that the hack was part of an iCloud leak, which may be responsible for many ofthe leaks, but some have noted that the photographs of Kim Kardashian show a blackberry taking the pictures suggesting that these photos have been acquired over a long period of time and from different hacking attempts as the Kardashian no longer uses a Blackberry phone.

No Likes Yet

social apps

A new site allows users to see all of the Instagram photos that have not received any likes. The site, aggregates all the photographs on Instagram that no-one has liked. The site hopes to help attract likes for all these unloved photographs. It’s also useful in showing you which the sad lonely photographs of yours have no love either, and you can also see which of your friend’s photos have no likes as well. Which means you can be lovely and the first person to like one of their photos. Maybe don’t go too far back in time or you may look like a creeper.

Gmail doesn’t need Google Plus anymore


Google has quietly removed the requirement to have a Google Plus account to use Gmail. The removal of this requirement shows that Google are acknowledging that their social media service isn’t all that popular. So now when you sign up for a new Gmail account there is a ‘no thanks’ option when prompted to sign up for Google Plus. In a statement Google said: “We updated the signup experience in early September. Users can now create a public profile during signup, or later, if and when they share public content for the first time (like a restaurant review, YouTube video or Google+ post).”

YouTube add real-time statistics.

Over the weekend YouTube rolled out a new feature which allows users to view real-time video views data. Minute by minute you can see how many people have been watching your video . In a guide for the new feature it says: “Real-time data is estimated and meant to provide general guidance on potential view activity on your videos. This approximate character of the numbers is also shown in the rounding off to two significant digits.” Also, “The real-time report does not support filtering or further customisation of data. Therefore, the geographic filter, the date picker, the comparison and the download functionalities are disabled in the interface.”


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday round-up – 15th September – Facebook campaign to find attackers, Snapchat settles dispute & Facebook tries out self-deleting messages

Here we are with a quick round-up of some of the news stories you may have missed over the weekend.

A Schoolgirl has set up a Facebook campaign to find the men who attacked her


A girl from Scarborough was beaten up in an unprovoked attack on her walk home from a meal out. Three men called at her, she ignored them and walked fatser, and then the men pushed her against a wall which made her nose bleed and gave her a fat lip, as well as then kicking her in the back when she was on the floor. This horrendous attack has now been shared on Facebook with pictures of the girls injuries and alongside appeals to find the cowardly men who did this to her. The posting has been shared over 3,000 times as of posting and hopefully it will help to find these horrible men so they get what they deserve.
Snapchat settles dispute
Snapchat have quietly settle an issue with a founding memeber, whilst everyone was busy getting excited, or not excited about the new iPhone 6 announcement. Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy have now acknowledged that a guy called Frank Brown (a friend from college), was crucial in the invention and creation of Snapchat. This settlement came just a fortnight after Snapchat was valued at £6 billion. Originally Mr Brown was suing the company for $800 million dollars, but the details of the settlement have been kept private, so no one knows whether he actually made the original  amount.
Facebook tries out self-deleting messages 


Facebook is desperately copying Snapchat these days and they’re currently trying out another feature related to their favourite app. They’re thinking of adding a feature which will allow users to schedule the automatic deletion of their posts. The option is said to be being explored after interest from Facebook users for such a feature. Posts that have been shared with a scheduled delete time cannot be shared by other users, though comments and likes will be available. This is not the first time Facebook has attempted to emulate Snapchat. In June this year they launched a new app called Slingshot which basically is a Snapchat copycat, the only main difference is that you have to send an image to open one that you received. Let’s hope they get over this Snapchat obsession soon and work on something more important like their annoying ‘Top Stories’ feed.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-Up – 18th August – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook Satire Tag, Twitter Experiments, Snapchat Popularity

Good morning ladies and gents, I’m sure you’ve had a lovely weekend, so much so that you didn’t even pay attention to the Social-goings on. So here we are to save the day and let you know what’s been happening.

ALS Ice bucket challenge

So the ALS ice bucket challenge dtarted popping up last week, but on over the weekend has it truly gone viral. Celebrities everywhere are flocking to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads in the name of charity, or in some cases exhibitionism. The idea is very similar to that of the extremely popular no make-up selfie trend which took Facebook and the internet by storm earlier this year, and ended up raising over £3 million for Cancer Research UK.

This latest trend was started by Pete Frates, a college baseball player, who has ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) to try and raise money for the ALS association and awareness of the disease. Since that initial posting, the trend has been passed on after people nominate their friends to create a short video of ice water being poured over their heads. Celebrities have also got involved, including people like Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Justin Beiber, and even the big man himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook to flag satirical articles


Facebook are clearly worried that the world is getting more and more gullible (a word that isn’t in the dictionary). People are getting fooled time and time again by articles from the Onion and other satirical sites, so much so that Facebook have been testing out a ‘satire’ tag under the articles that are posted to Facebook. Apparently Facebook have been testing this feature for over a month; though so far it’s only been spotted on The Onion articles and there is no word yet on whether it will appear under other sites” articles. Facebook originally implemented the tag because they were getting feedback from users who wanted a clearer way to distinguish between real and satirical articles.

Twitter experiment


Recently, you may or may not have noticed that Twitter has been quietly throwing in different things into your timeline. The newest tinkering by Twitter now makes it so you see tweets that others have favourited. A lot of people think that this is ridiculous and at the moment I tend to agree. Someone on Twitter made the point that showing users these tweets is basically just the same as a retweet, and I don’t know about you but I don’t favourite things because I particularly want other people to see them.

Twitter could be going to far with their tinkering, at the moment they’re focusing too much on the core features and is changing them into features people don’t like. There should be more of a focus on how people use the service and how they can improve that experience. There have also been rumours of a Facebook style algorithm being used on Twitter, but I can imagine the outcry now if this was the case, it would mean that users would not see every update from people the follow and that would change the whole dynamic of Twitter.

Snapchat popularity among young adults doubles in  9 months

snapchat rise graph

Snapchat’s popularity among 18-24 year olds has doubled since last November, making it equally as popular as the Twitter app for users in this age range. The most popular app is still Facebook with a massive 75% of 18-24 year olds using it, and the second most popular is phot-sharing app Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook.

Snapchat’s popularity continues to rise in older age ranges as well, 25-34 year olds and 35+ are seeing a growth, all though a lot slower than in the younger age range.

All hail the self-destructing picture/video app; Facebook are trying to get their own version of Snapchat to take off with Slingshot and Bolt, but so far they’re failing to match the success of Snapchat.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up – 11th August – Buzzfeed £30m funding, BBC Weather App, Bolt Aus launch & Pinterest messaging

Here is a quick round-up of what you may have missed in the Social Media world over the weekend!

Buzzfeed gain $50 million in new funding


 Buzzfeed have raised £30m of new funding from a venture capital firm called Andreessen Horowitz, who are well known for their investments in large social companies, such as Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Twitter and Foursquare. The investment comes from the company who see Buzzfeed as an emerging “preeminent media company”. This new strand of funding takes the total funding amount up to $96.3m since 2008. Buzzfeed is definitely the site of the moment with over 150 million monthly visitors, and a new valuation of $850m; this new investment should help them work on their online video section, a place of interest for the company, as well as an in-house incubator for tech start-ups. Whatever they use the investment for, it’s clear to see that Buzzfeed’s growth doesn’t show many signs of slowing.

BBC Weather app is extremely popular

bbc weather

We Brits do sure love the weather. The BBC have revealed that their popular app, ‘BBC Weather’, which shows weather forecasts and lets you save favourite locations, gets a whopping 19,000 downloads everyday! These downloads have lead it to become the fastest growing BBC app of all time, with 8 million downloads since it’s launch last year.

Bolt launches in Australia


Bolt, the new Snapchat style app from Instagram has now officially launched in Australia, being the latest country in a somewhat slow roll out to get access to the app. This could be due to trademarking issues with the app’s name, where an existing app called Bolt is fighting for it’s name rights, this could further explain why it hasn’t yet rolled out in it’s homeland, America, yet.

Pinterest launch messaging

Pinterest launched a brand new messaging service at the end of last week, which allows users to take interaction to the next level. The new feature allows you to send pins to others and reply to those pins with either a message or a pin back.

This new feature is available on the mobile apps, it does also work on the desktop sites but is currently in need of some work, as notifications don’t yet work on the site but instead send an email notification.  This new feature is an exciting step forward for Pinterest which could prove to be very useful for users, especially those collaborating on a creative project.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Round-Up Blog – 28th July – Google buys Twitch, Pirate Bay launches app, Buzzfeed plagiarism firing & Guardian FB quiz

Here is our round-up of Social Media news you may have missed at the weekend. Get yourself clued-up this morning.

Google buys Twitch


There were talks of a deal a month or so ago and now the deal is official. Google has purchased Video game streaming site Twitch for a cool $1 billion. This news comes just days after the end of the massive online Dota 2 tournament which had an impressive $10 million prize pool. Twitch is the US’s largest live-streaming service by far, with 50 million active monthly users and more than 1.1 milllion members who broadcast their footage each month. The YouTube section of Google is said to be in charge of  the acquisition and with YouTube being the number 1 platform for online video this is a great move to get them more involved with the livestreaming side of video as well as the huge video-gaming market.

Pirate Bay launches App


Pirate Bay the media industry’s biggest enemy, and file-sharing site has expanded their reach by launching a mobile app. Before users could only download files from a browser, but now the app makes it easier for users to download files straight to their smartphones. UK internet service providers have blocked pirate bay on their networks but there have been multiple ways users have found to get around these blocks. Now that there is an easier way to get files on the go, it opens the site to another audience and it could mean more issues surrounding copyright  and illegal distribution of files.

Buzzfeed plagiarism sacking


Buzzfeed have been forced to apologize and sack their news editor Benny Johnson, after it had been found that he had been plagiarizing other’s work, by copying sentences word for word from other articles. In an article published on the site, Buzzfeed admitted that they had found 41 instances of plagiarism out of 500 articles written by Johnson, and that they had no other choice but to let him go. Buzzfeed have also changed all the instances of plagiarism with editors notes on all of the affected articles. They signed off by saying that all Buzzfeed staff would hold themselves to a higher standard from now on.

Guardian Facebook quiz

Logout, The hardest button to Click!

The Guardian have released a new quiz asking what sort of Facebook user you are, apparently to celebrate Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday… The questions cover things such as “how often do you ‘log on’ to Facebook?” as if we aren’t all permanently logged in. Others ask “what sort of photo’s are you most likely to post?” With answers such as ‘selfies’ and pictures of your baby, let’s just say you’ll recognize all the different Facebook characters from the answers. I took the quiz and luckily my result was fairly ordinary…

“WELL DONE YOU’RE NORMAL. You are a nice, normal Facebook user. You probably have a touch of the stalker, a touch of the narcissist, a touch of the vaguebooker, but in truth, you commit no real Facebook crimes or fails. Congratulations on your general awesomeness at Facebook.”

Take the quiz here.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-Up – 14th July – Twitter analytics, Instagram for kids, 99 days of freedom, Facebook saves life

It’s Monday morning, you’re all feeling weary at the start of another working week, you’ve enjoyed your weekend so much that you haven’t even looked at the news. Well, to keep you clued up here is a look at the news you may have missed over the weekend.

Twitter improves it’s analytics

Twitter have released a new analytics dashboard and given the whole section a refresh. The data that twitter is using to show the impact of a tweet has changed slightly, previously it mostly took retweets and favourites in to account, but now it reveals more information into how users are interacting with your tweets, such as whether they click you name to view your profile, if they clicked a link or hashtag, or if the clicked to view a picture. If you receive profile clicks or follows from a certain tweet you’ll be able to see that data clearly as well.

As well as the increased functionality in the web tool, Twitter have also improved the CSV export tool which will allow you to downlad data from over 3,200 tweets which is up from the previous 500.

They say: “This new toolset can help you identify in real time which Tweets are getting the most attention and how you’re reaching your audience, information you can use to determine the Twitter strategies that work for you.”

Instagram for kids – PopJam

It’s finally here. Or rather, it’s here. Instagram for kids is now a thing, the creator of the super popular (apparently, I’m not down with the kids these days) Moshi monsters. The new app is called PopJam and it allows kids to share art, stories, photos and games. Users can follow their friends and can respond to other posts by liking, commenting or drawing a response.

Obviously there’s the worry with a kid centric act that paedophiles could take advantage, but there are measures in place, as well as people monitoring the use of the app. Kids are also discouraged from sharing selfies unless they’re ‘in disguise’. The app’s creator says that it will be a safe ‘walled garden where kids can be kids.’

99 days of freedom

17,000 Facebook users have signed up to a project called ’99 days of freedom’ which means that they will attempt to become Facebook free for 99 days. This project was set up following the news that Facebook had been manipulating users’ news feeds to determine their mood and reaction to certain types of posts in their feed. The project hopes to show what a life without Facebook is like and whether it impacts certain people’s happiness. The project  apparently started as an office joke but quickly became an officially funded project.

The organisers say: ”Joining the 99 days of freedom experiment only takes a few minutes. Yet it saves the average user 1683 minutes. That’s well over 28 hours of freedom! We will contact you after 33, 66 and 99 days, to see how you’re doing.”

Facebook post saves boy’s life.

 A teenager was rescued from near death, when his dinghy overturned in the sea, 1.6km out, close to drowning, the boy luckily had his phone on him and although he had no signal, and it was running out of battery, he managed to post a one word message on Facebook, ‘STRANDED’. One of the boy’s friends noticed the message and contacted the boy’s mother who then phoned the police and the coastguard. The boy was found by an inshore lifeboat crew and was picked up and taken to hospital. A lucky escape!

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by Helen Stirling


A Social media Agency’s Round-up blog – 7th July – Djokovic brand tweets, American Apparel apologise, Facebook engagement, Harry Styles’s favourite tweet

It’s Monday, and here’s the Round-Up of Social Media news you may have missed.

1. Djokovic won Wimbledon yesterday

The Wimbledon Mens singles came to an end yesterday and Djokovic beat Federer to win the title, and as usual a few brands hopped on to the bandwagon and created some original images to celebrate his win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had Federer images pre made too, ready to go out for whatever the eventuality. It was mostly brand ambassadors of the tennis star who congratulated him but a few other sports brands chipped in. You can see a few of the tweets below.


2. American Apparel apologises

American Apparel has apologised after they accidentally posted an insensitive photograph on the 4th of July. The photo in question was an image of the space shuttle Challenger disaster where all 7 people on board were killed. They say that the photograph was reblogged on Tumblr in error after the staff member in question thought that the image was of fireworks. It has also been made clear now that the member of staff was born after the events in the photo and so was unaware of the significance of the photograph.

3. Facebook Engagement

Two people have got engaged after meeting through mutual friends on Facebook, and it all started with a Poke. The couple got engaged at Facebook’s headquarters after the guy proposing pretended that the couple had won a competition for a free tour of the Facebook grounds and building. When the couple got to the square he got down on one knee and the message ‘Nafis, will you Marry me?’ appeared on the outdoor screen. They say that they first got in contact when Steven poked Nafis on Facebook and they struck up a conversation from that meeting.

4. Harry Styles sends Twitter into meltdown

As per usual a member of One Direction has sent Twitter into meltdown, this was after a fan noticed that Harry Styles had favourited a questionable porn themed tweet back at the end of May. Obviously this discovery quickly made fans a little over excited, and of course a hashtag began trending almost instantly; #Harrydontlickanything was picked up by fans worldwide (in case you’re confused, the original tweet referenced licking something…). He’s since un-favourited the tweet and has replaced the favourite with many pictures of cute puppies.


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by Helen Stirling