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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 5th January – Reddit success and Netflix blocking

It’s the New Year and we’re back with a brand new, 2015 edition of Likes and Fails!



 Reddit have had a very impressive year, and continue to grow despite a large number of people I know saying ‘I don’t get it’ about the site. A statement I couldn’t disagree with more. I get it. I can’t leave it alone. Well, I can, I’ve become less and less of an addict over the past few months, just checking it a couple of times a day at work to watch out for the next big thing online. The site is often the birthplace of the next big thing online, whether it be a viral video or an AskReddit thread, which becomes massive a few days later when it’s regurgitated on to Buzzfeed.

So, on to the news, it’s been reported that Reddit had a whopping 71.25 billion page views over the year of 2014. The information, handily encapsulated into a colourful infographic, tells us other facts about the ‘front page of the internet’s’ yearly activity. There were a whopping 535 million comments posted on Reddit articles, photos, posts and nearly 400,000 new sign ups to the site from 195 different countries. This proves that it really is growing globally. There were 5.7 billion votes made on the 54.9 million posts made to the site.

Reddit isn’t going anywhere soon, apart from up.



All you Netflix loving citizens should be concerned, well according to the UK’s online media sites anyway. If you’re one of those who enjoys accessing the global Netflix catalog via questionable means, VPNs or proxies, then you could be in trouble, in the foreseeable future. The developers at Netflix seem to have found a way to block certain VPNs and proxy servers on the Netflix app, which is preventing certain users from accessing the content from a different country.

People often opt to use VPNs and proxies so that they can access new and different content on the app. This is because each county offers a different selection of content, rather than Netflix having one library of shows across the world. So there is clearly a desire for a greater selection of content.

There has been a call for Netflix to crack down on this before from film and TV production companies/studios who are concerned (well clearly, about their money) but also that it allegedly harms regional broadcast agreements.

At the moment it is only affecting certain blockers and proxies so you might still be ok for now, but it is definitely something that Netflix are going to focus on more in the future.

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by Helen Stirling


Net Neutrality – What you need to know. (10th September – Internet Slowdown Day)

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘Net Neutrality’, if you frequent Reddit, it would have been hard for you to not hear about it. The current argument mainly concerns the USA, but I thought I’d give you an overview of what it’s all about, what the current argument is and what’s happening with all these websites showing their solidarity as well as how it might affect the rest of the world (specifically the UK).

What it is

So if you take a look at the Wikipedia for ‘Net Neutrality’ it tells us:

“(Net Neutrality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication.”

In what Jeremy Kyle likes to call layman’s terms, this means that every user on the internet should be equal and that every user should be able to start up a website or service and be able to provide this to any other person with an internet connection, just like any other websites and services.


What Happened

The problem reached boiling point back in January; the Court of Appeals in the US ruled that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) did not have an obligation to make sure that all internet traffic would be treated equally. Basically allowing ISPs to prioritise certain internet allowances, as well as being able to arbitrarily block consumers from certain content.

This suggested that ISPs may begin charging more for users to gain access to certain sites and services or perhaps block users from competitors or popular websites in an attempt to earn more money from a subscription. Further still this could affect the diversity of content on the internet. Minority websites may be forced to pay ISPs for acceleration to match richer competition, which could call the death of smaller websites with smaller incomes.

There was a large amount of backlash surrounding this ruling which is understandable. It favours the ISPs and the telecoms providers in the USA and doesn’t think about the consumers or those that make up the web, the content providers. Many advocates of Net Neutrality have come forward to show their support for equal internet for all. Especially notable are large online tech companies such as Google, Netflix, eBay and Amazon.

A proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in America works to try and bring back some neutrality following the January ruling. It would require that all telecom providers to ensure that

“all users have access to an internet experience that is sufficiently robust, fast and effectively usable”.

It also calls for a ban on providers blocking access to downloads of legal content but proposal does leave the door open for the providers to charge for prioritised data delivery. Which again is something that is very unpopular with consumers.


How it affects the US and UK differently

Now clearly at first glance this doesn’t sound all that horrendous, it does sound similar to how ISPs already work here in the UK with competition between companies, making a healthy market with choices for consumers. This however is different in the US. There is little competition in the US because many homes only have one option for their ISP, (most of the time, their local telephone company). Though occasionally there is the option between a phone provider and cable and in rare cases the third option of an independent fibre optic company. So the lack of competition is especially bad for consumers because if their provider begins violating Net Neutrality they are in most cases completely powerless.

There could be some side affects in the UK with the loss of Net Neutrality in the US. The first thing that may affect consumers here is if ISPs in America manage to find a way to extract money from content providers, then it’s very possible the same could happen here, as we already know that ISPs are money hungry. In other business terms, if you wanted to provide a new website or service aimed at America then there is every possibility that you would have to font more money to ISPs in America so that your consumers would be getting a speedy and satisfactory service. Also as mentioned before, there could be a reduction in the diversity of websites, this will affect worldwide users.

Netflix slowdown

Internet Slowdown Day

So what is happening now – specifically today – is that some of the large online companies based in America are hosting an ‘internet slowdown’ day to raise awareness of the issues that these sites and consumers face without Net Neutrality. The two biggest and most outspoken advocates are Netflix and Reddit, who are both taking part. Many of the sites taking part are displaying the well known buffering ‘ spinning wheel’ icon on their homepages, but will be running their sites as normal, as opposed to rumours that they would be slowing down their sites to show people the affects of no Net Neutrality.

So there we go, that’s what is happening today and that’s what Net Neutrality is. TIL.


Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, BGR

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 22nd July – Netflix hits 50m subscribers & EPA tweets about Kim Kardashian

Good morning all, here are today’s Likes and Fails for your viewing pleasure. Today we congratulate Netflix on reaching a massive milestone of 50 million subscribers and have a look at the funny fail that saw the EPA twitter account tweet about the new Kim Kardashian iPhone game.



 Netflix has hit a huge milestone today, they’ve now got over 50 million subscribers world wide which is very impressive. 36.2 million of those subscribers are in the US and 13.8 million internationally. This means that they managed to add 1.7 million in the last quarter, which are very good figures.  It was said to stockholders in a letter that some of their original programming has helped them on their way to this number. Especially the newest series of Orange is the new Black which was recently added to their streaming service. Execs said that the $1 increase to subscriptions which offered HD and dual screen viewing had not scared customers off.

Netflix also said that it didn’t see Amazon prime and Hulu as competitors because much of their content was mutually exclusive. They said that their biggest competitors were TV channels that were offering TV anywhere apps which let you watch their shows from any device. In particular they said HBO GO was one of their main competitors.

Netflix proves again and again that it knows it’s customers and what they want, and this milestone just shows that they’re still growing.


Quite a funny fail this morning, a US government twitter account accidentally tweeted out a message that I assume wasn’t meant for anyone to see, and I mean anyone. Last night in america the account for the Environmental Protection Agency, specifically their water account, sent out what seemed like an auto-tweet from the brand new Kim Kardashian game! It said that they were now an in-game c-list celebrity and asked others to join and become famous too on iPhone.

This is even funnier if you imagine how it all conspired. You’re an EPA employee just enjoying a bit of down time to yourself, playing the Kim Kardashian game and working your way up to C-list celebrity. Then a pop-up says “Congratulations! You’re now a C-list celebrity” it then asks you to share your progress, you quickly  say ‘God, no’ and dismiss the pop-up. Or do you? You did click the button rather quickly.. no it’ll be fine, I’ll check later, I’ve got to make B-list first. Then suddenly later that evening you’re getting notification after notification, then it dawns on you, oh no, am I signed in to the work account? Click, scroll, click, meltdown.

So yes from my delightful little story there you can tell that people definitely noticed and everyone saw the humour in it, I mean who wouldn’t? The tweet was retweeted 3,000 times before it was quietly deleted from the account 3 hours after it first hit the web.

People didn’t stop there though. The tweet was obviously screen captured to make sure it lives on forever, and with this image in frequent use the Twitter jokes came rolling in.



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 9th January – Netflix

This post is in no way biased, and the winner was not voted Brand of the Week because it’s literally one of my favourite things ever.*

*Ok it might be, a little bit.

Also, this brand is top notch on Social Media and have really found their personal voice online, and luckily that voice is with a tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek. Yes that’s right folks, this week’s winner is the fantastic Netflix! *Cue party poppers*.

So here we’ll have a look at all their social networks and show you why they are our brand of the week!



I like how all of the Netflix accounts across networks are in sync, they all have the same cover photographs advertising their latest original series as well as a few crossover posts of their best content. Their Facebook page has an incredible number of Likes and followers. I think this is in part due to the link-up partnership of Facebook and Netflix which allows you to post about what you’re watching and what you liked directly from the Netflix app. They have great original photos/images which they pair with jokey posts as well as informational ones.



Netflix on Twitter have a great voice, often cracking jokes which go down well. On top of the jokey posts they share updates on new films and shows that are upcoming or have been added to their streaming. They also retweet info about shows they have an affinity with so you can keep up to date on a shows development and news. For example Ricky Gervais recently tweeted about his show Derek getting a nomination for an award and asking people to vote for it. Netflix stream the show Derek and they retweeted his tweet to show their support. One of their most recent original picture based postings is below:





Netflix’s Instagram showcases snaps from Netflix events such as a shows première, and shots from the red carpet as well as TV show and film posters for new releases onto Netflix. They also share a fair few video Instagrams which most recently featured Christmas ornaments re-enacting scenes from movies which were being streamed, so not only are they funny but they are cleverly advertising too!

Google Plus

92,233 have them in circles

138,372 +1′s

Pretty much all of Netflix’s posts on Google Plus are shares of their latest YouTube videos and advertise the upcoming releases on the platform. There are occasional links to news articles regarding themselves and promotional pictures as well. Though it is well known as the ‘more serious’ social network I think it would pay to post the occasional humorous post as they do on their other networks, they also may want to think about posting a bit more regularly.



Their vine account is full of posts which match the video posts to their Instagram account. It seems they only joined the platform this Christmas and used it to post their Christmas decoration film parodies. If they could come up with a similar theme and continue their posts to Vine I think it would do really well!



64,158 subscribers

Being a movie and video platform it makes sense that Netflix have plentiful video content. They post often with it being common for there to be around six or seven videos uploaded in a week. Much of their content is trailers of recent shows that have been added to Netflix or are coming soon; as well as bonus clips and behind-the-scenes videos.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 7th October – Netflix on Twitter and Rihanna too saucy for YouTube


Netflix is pretty much my favourite thing right now, and after seeing this, I really want Netflix to be my boo. Netflix has up to now stayed of our radar with their social, but their witty twitter replies have now caught our eye thanks to Buzzfeed.

There is little else to say but to enjoy some of their responses below.


Rihanna’s new  music video for ‘Pour it up’, seemingly her response to Miley Cyrus getting more publicity than her for taking off more clothes and doing more twerking. The video, put up onto YouTube lasted only 10 minutes before it was taken down. Obviously Miley swinging naked on a wrecking ball was fine but Rihanna pretending to be a stripper was too far.

Oh dear RiRi, bit of a YouTube fail for you, but another fail crown goes to YouTube because RiRi quickly uploaded the vid to rivals Vevo who reaped the view count instead.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12th August – Breaking Bad online stats and ronnyjohnson618


The TV winner on social media this week is True Blood! The HBO show launched a season six trailer for the next two episodes to the masses on 5th of August and it blew up online with 53,000 views in 4 days, which cemented it as the most popular show of the week. It was closely followed by the hugely anticipated premier of Breaking Bad, the Facebook fans rose this week to an impressive 80,000 which made it the most popular show for the AMC network in America. Another notable mention was Doctor Who; after Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor the whovians went mad on twitter and other sites.

This is the like for the day mainly as I have recently started watching True Blood, no spoilers please, and I am very excited to go home and watch the brand new episode of Breaking Bad as Netflix took the amazing initiative to air it online straight after it aired in the US, which is great news for British fans of the show.

Good one Netflix!


A YouTube user has been caught out by a Redditor and the results are glorious. User ronnyjohnson618 is a serial comment-er on YouTube and seems to have held upwards of 5 jobs spanning over two lifetimes. He seems to believe himself to be an expert on everything and his son gets dragged into the expert opinions too. You can see some of his ‘knowledge’ below. I really can’t deicide if this guy really thinks he knows everything or if he is an expert troll with his troll level rising way up above what is detectable by humans.


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by Helen Stirling


Social Media News – 29th October – #Sandy

Well, today it’s all been all about hurricane Sandy. She’s been everywhere, obviously all over twitter but incredibly has led to a reported 10 pictures every second under the hashtag #Sandy on instagram. In case you’ve been holed up inside today, Sandy aka Frankenstorm has been heading troward the New York/New Jersey coast today, and is currently only a few miles away from land. #Sandy and it’s variations has been trending on Twitter for most of the day, and of course in true twitter style it has had it’s fair share of parody tweets. I will of course share some of my favourites..

@jdharm: “Woman behind me at grocery store was buying 15 rolls of toilet paper. She’s truly expecting the worst #Frankenstorm”

@DanielleBrienne: “It’s a giant conspiracy concocted by the Weather Channel and the Supermarkets #frankenstorm”

@rickygervais: “This “Sandy” who’s on TV all the time and is blowing the entire east coast, I assume she’s a Kardashian right?”

Other’s have been drawing on the presidential election to keep the humour coming aswell.

@RomneyStormTips: “Everyone in the path of the hurricane should head to their second or third home to safety #Sandy #RomneyStormTips”

In all seriousness, I hope everyone is safe, and that the storm passes without casualties, I was saddened to hear of the deaths in the caribbean due to the storm. 

I’m sure twitter won’t be giving up soon and I suggest you follow the hashtags, #sandy #hurricanesandy #frankenstorm and #stormpocalypse to keep up with emnerging news.

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by Helen Stirling