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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 25th November – thousands of cards sent to one man from online & Blood Sport Kickstarter

On this absolutely freezing morning here in England we need some interesting news to warm our frozen brains. Here’s what’s been happening in Social Media.



A lovely heartwarming story to start you off, a father who lives in Calais with his son who has Downs Syndrome made a post to Facebook about a week ago in the hopes of getting some birthday cards sent to his son who was about to be 30 years old. The father, Lucien Parisseaux only had 22 friends on Facebook but he asked if friends and family would send his son Manuel some cards or postcards for his birthday and also asked that his friends share the message with their friends in the hopes he would get a few more, he also daringly posted their address for all to see! What he didn’t count on is the message getting shared over 120,000 times. Then Manuel began receiving thousands of cards everyday and by his Birthday on the 22nd November Manuel had received an overwhelming 30,000 cards from all over the world.

It shows the power of social media, and for a wonderful reason for once. I think Manuel’s sister put it well when she said ”People say that our world is selfish … I can now say that this isn’t true.”


You may have heard about the new bizarre idea spotted on Kickstarter in the last week called Blood Sport. This new venture hopes to link up the gaming world with the real world the device links up your console controller’s rumble pack to a device which will extract your blood as you play. The device being linked to the rumble pack means that you will have blood taken from you as you lose blood in game. It’s as bizarre as it sounds. The extracted blood is then to be donated to hospitals in need of course – which is the nice part of the story.

So now Kickstarter has decided to remove the appeal from their site by suspending it, I assume to check the legitimacy of it. Though apparently the manufacturers are working to get that resolved at the moment. So who knows maybe you’ll see this at a Blood Bank near you soon.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 21st October – Hoverboards & Ebola

Here we are then, day two of the week. Some may call it Tuesday. I bet you’re wondering what is hot and what is not today, well, always on time here I am to solve all your problems. Take a look to see what we Like and what totally failed in the Social Media world today.


Hoverboards exist! Well sort of at least. Everyone who loves Back to the Future has been waiting to see the invention of the hoverboard, especially before the date in which Back to the future 2 was set. So now the first hoverboard type invention has been created and it will only cost you a measly $10000! The hoverboard can be seen on kickstarter and though it’s exciting that it exists, it’s also less exciting because you can’t exactly use it as a hovering skateboard, it’s probably a little difficult to maneuver. The board also has another catch, it will only hover above speciality surfaces as it works using magnetic resistance.


The hoverboard is unsurprisingly on kickstarter and has a goal of $250,000 for it’s mass creation. The board will be usable in a specially designed hover park, which will be created with the raised funds. The lowest donation bracket will recieve a special thank you on Social media and the highest donation band of $10,000 or more will own their very own hoverboard.


An Ebola app, supposed to alleviate any fear you might have about the disease instead probably makes you more fearful than before you looked at it it. The app uses Geo location to find out where you are and then tells you how many miles away you are from a case of Ebola. Once it’s discovered how far away you are from a case it also gives you links to a couple of sources telling you the real facts about Ebola without any of the media hype.


I mean it’s a good idea in principle, but seeing that Ebola is actually less than 500 miles away from where I am is a little disconcerting. I think that I was less concerned before I knew that fact. Not that I am concerned now, but if I had to compare the emotions I had prior to this knowledge to those now; I mean I’m thinking about it more than I was. Probably because I’m writing about it really.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 29th September – Potato Salad Kickstarter part happened & 1000 coffees experiment

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, today we’ve looked at the Potato Salad party that took place over the weekend in America, you may remember that it all got started on Kickstarter. We are also taking a look at 1000 coffees, an experiment a guy is doing, having one on one meet up with all his Facebook friends.


potato salad guy

You may remember the guy who raised an extortionate amount of money on Kickstarter to make a bowl of potato salad, well he has now held the first official potato party, and it was held in Columbus, Ohio. The party, named PotatoStock, which happened over the weekend, was thrown with the $55,000 he raised, after initially only making a target of $10 on the website. In the end sponsors donated the 3,000 pounds of potatoes for the event and local food trucks and restaurants provided food, including their best potato based recipes.

Also at the event was live music, potato sack races, (of course) as well as the potato-ey food goodness, and a few beers were available too! The proceeds of the event, which are yet to be calculated are to be donated to charity, along with $20,000 the creator (Zach Brown) has already donated to a fund that he has set up with the Columbus foundation which will help provide food for the hungry as well as helping to deal with homelessness.

potato sacks

Obviously there were around 7,000 backers of the potato salad campaign, and Zach has said that those backers can expect to receive their incentives by December this year. This includes T-Shirts and recipe books. He has also said that some of the proceeds fro the event will go toward setting up a website which will share funny content, but will probably not all be potato related!


matt coffees

One guy with one mission, is attempting to meet up for coffee with all of his Facebook friends in real-life, he has 1,000+ of them! The point being that he was going to cut down on his Facebook firends but then he thought he’d see if he could actually meet up with these ‘friends’ for coffee then it would be a good reason to stay friends with them. The man in question, Matt has so far met up with 23 friends for coffee. The resulting photographs look weirdly awkward, though I suppose that’s expected for friends you don’t know as well. The reason I’m putting this down as a fail is that I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of someone doing an ‘experiment’ like this before and it doesn’t really rank highly in the originality stakes.

I do like the sentiment behind the gesture, actually meeting up with your Facebook friends and having a real-life conversation, but I don’t know if it warrants the coverage it’s getting on Buzzfeed. If you want to take a look though you can see the blog of his progress here.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 14th July – Dukey’s last days & Potato Salad kickstarter copycats

This is your 2 second warning. In 2 seconds you will have your mind blown by today’s Likes and Fails. The story of one dog and one potato salad. Will their world’s collide? I hope not, I imagine it would be messy.


Dukey the dog

This a lovely story which is quickly going ‘viral’, ahem, telling the beautiful story of Dukey the dog’s last day on earth. The blog was created by Robyn Aroutey a photographer who seemingly works mainly with people and their pets. She wrote the blog from the perspective of Dukey and how he was enjoying his last day on earth, the blog was accompanied by some lovely photographs of Dukey and his human pals. The story has been copied over to Buzzfeed, which is especially useful as Robyn’s blog has now gone down, possibly due to excessive traffic being directed to the site.

I can already see the story spreading further than just Robyn’s blog and buzzfeed as the blog is so poignantly put as well as being extremely relatable to anyone who has ever owned a dog, or even anyone who has had to say goodbye to a dear friend.

The web love, love, loves any story about cute animals so the fact that this story has been so popular (already 200,000 shares) isn’t the least bit surprising. I hope that Dukey appreciates the love and is up in doggy heaven enjoying the cheeseburgers.



So we told you about the funny Kickstarter story last week, you know, the now world-famous Potato salad that is now at an over-the-top (almost) $50,000. Well this week we’ve seen that some desperate and unoriginal people are now creating copycat campaigns in the hope they can also raise stupid amounts of money. Some such campaigns are called ‘I’m also making a potato salad‘, ‘I want a cheeseburger…‘, ‘Taramasalata‘. You get the point. 

Obviously all these follow ups, of which there are 319 Potato Salad themed ones (according to The Daily Dot) have been nowhere near as successful as the original. These so called original ideas on Kickstarter seem more dad-joke than cutting edge humour, with one user calling their foodstuff better than Robin Thicke’s new album.

People always want to be reactive with viral jokes, in the hopes of becoming the next big parody thing, this is clear to see with memes, where so called advice animals reuse the same theme over and over again in the hopes of laughs of gratification. In fact it’s more the predictability of these copycats that is funnier than the so-called jokes themselves.

Well we again find ourselves waiting for the next big thing and see how many parodies pop-up because of that, my bet is it’ll include some sort of cat, why? because it’s the internet.

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by Helen Stirling


Likes and Fails – 19th June – Hairy Tights and Kickstarter fail

Here are our Likes and Fails of today!



Today’s like is a bizarre like. These leggings/ tights have been making the rounds on the net and they get thumbs up from us. The ‘hairy look’ leggings from china have had a surge in popularity, rumoured to be popular for their man repelling abilities. Yes that’s right, somewhere in China they’ve manufacturered these anti-perv tights. You may have noticed by now I can’t decide whether they’re leggings or tights, but let’s ignore that.

Congrats to these hairy tights from making their way all across the online media! Anyone fancy a pair? 



Today’s fail of the day goes to one man who had a dream, and he funded that dream with Kickstarter.  The man, Ed Carter initially wanted to raise $21,000 through Kickstarter to finance a deluxe edition of a board game that his company produced. He however ended up raising more than $73,000 with pledges from over 1,600 people!

This is where things started to go wrong.  He’d promised supporters free shipping on their games if they’d pick up from a retailer. It soon became apparent that shipping to 1,600 people, many of whom were abroad, isn’t very cheap.

It got worse, he had planned to get Chinese producers involved via his Chinese business contacts, in an unlucky twist of fate his head of operations who spoke Chinese quit and his relationship with a Chinese woman ended, which meant he had no one nearby left who could communicate with the producers.

All of this finally culminated in him losing over $100,000 in personal savings, losing his contractor job and the Unltimately he couldn’t pay his mortgage and so lost his house.

Seems we’ve found the dark side of Kickstarter, and it seems you can have too much of a good thing.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th April 2013


God of rock Alice Cooper is back, but not as we know him. Cooper has turned to Kickstarter to fund his latest project, which is helping to develop… wait for it… a comic-book anthology, graphic novel and, if these turn out to be popular enough, a television series, all collectively called Uncle Alice Presents.

So far, the Uncle Alice Presents project has raised around $48,000, with 10 days remaining. While the campaign still has a long way to go before hitting its $200,000 goal, a promo video featuring Cooper has gone viral since it was posted to YouTube yesterday. Be prepared for some excellent ketchup work at the end…



Just when you thought you couldn’t give less of a crap about the mind numbing updates that people post on Facebook, you can now update your emotion alongside your status.


You will soon be able to update your emotion on Facebook

According to TechCrunch, Facebook began sharing the new sharing options in January, but only released screenshots. Although most of the mentions of the new feature have been from across the pond in the US, we don’t imagine it would be long before we start to see it here in the UK.

Once you have it, you will see a smiley face button at the bottom of the status update box, alongside the tag friends, add location and add a photo options. The button lets you select to share not only what you’re feeling, but also what you’re watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating. Each brings up a sub-menu of emotions, media, or nourishments, for those who want to be more specific.

So, if you weren’t already sick to the back teeth of people’s needy Facebook statuses, you soon will be.

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by Iona St Joseph


Does Social Media Really Cause You to Self Censor? And is this bad?

The collective medias of the world (and social media knobbers like myself) are seizing on the words spoken by award winning author Patrick Ness where he says that authors, and I am guessing wider creative types, are having to self-censor because of those lurking ready and poised to say bad things.

Trolls even get a mention from Ness, trolling being the current media hobby horse thanks to some recent high profile cases, aka Tom Daley.

Trolling is horrid, online bullying is evil, you get the drill but I really do wonder if online self-censoring is always a bad thing?

Many a time I have thought twice about saying something because I am not sure if what I am saying is 100% accurate and will therefore attract the interests of the more snidey element  of my own social media following. Whilst this can sometimes be annoying, I actually think it is good for my social streams.

Good because I am not posting up factually incorrect statements (perish the thought), and good because, hopefully, my community realises and trusts the information when I have a go at doing the more serious updates.

I for one don’t think self-censoring is a bad thing… there, I said it, bring on the Trolls.

Andy B

Head Yeti

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by Andy Barr