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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 6th January – YouTube GIFs and Facebook privacy notice hoax

Here are today’s Likes and Fails, with a look at the newest privacy notice on Facebook hoax and the fact that you can now change YouTube videos into GIF from within the site! Well, on select videos anyway.



YouTube have finally done it! Created a useful tool to create GIFs from within the actual YouTube site. No Third Parties here. The GIF making tool is currently very limited to certain channels as a test but you can have a look at it on PBS’s Idea Channel here. You can find the create-a-gif tool simply by visiting a video’s page and hitting the share button below the video and there will be a GIF option along with the usual, share, embed and email.

The tool itself is satisfyingly simple, there is what looks like a visual timeline of the video where you can move slidey parameters to crop the length of the GIF that you want. There’s even the option to ad meme style text to the GIFs, and then all you need to do is click create GIF and there you have it.

I can’t wait until this is rolled out across all accounts because I’m going to make so many Parks and Recreation reaction GIFs. Seriously, so many.



Yes, yet ANOTHER, Facebook privacy notice hoax has been floating around the site. With gullible users copy and pasting some complete drivel about their privacy on the site, as if writing it out would stop the mighty corporation from using your stuff. Apparently the ‘legal notice’ enforces and threeatens things like this: “The content of my profile contains private information. The violation of my privacy is punishable by law (UCC 1-308 1-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute).”

And this: “Those who read this text can do a copy/paste on their Facebook wall. This will allow them to place themselves under the protection of copyright. By this statement, I tell Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, broadcast, or take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and or its content. The actions mentioned above also apply to employees, students, agents and or other personnel under the direction of Facebook.”

Yuh-huh because that intern making coffee at Facebook really wants to steal a picture of you drunkenly sticking your tongue out at the camera, or 20 pictures of your dumb kid making vaguely different expressions.

Along with these inane posts filling up our Facebook feeds, which in fact lead me to a Facebook friend clear out, there were the other friends who posted the sarcastic micky taking post about the privacy post, which started to get just as annoying in all honesty. How about we all deal with the fact that we decide to put personal aspects of our life online and that we probably have little control over who might use your stuff.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails: 9th October – Will.I.Am Whines on Twitter & 11 Year Old Dancer Takes YouTube by Storm


We’re all guilty of complaining on Twitter to companies when we feel they’ve failed us (so many Tweets at @ASOS_HereToHelp). It’s usually the best way for customers to make complaints and actually be listened to, so we totally get doing it. However, if you’re in the wrong, complaining on Twitter just makes you look like an arse.

That’s what Will.I.Am has been up to this week. After arriving for a United Airlines flight to China a mere 45 minutes before scheduled take off, Will was shocked and angered to find his seat had been given away. He went straight to Twitter like Will.I.Am does and wrote a number of whiny Tweets about how badly United treat him and how BA, Quantus, Korean Air and Singapore Air always wait for their premium passengers.

The rage did kind of make him look like a celebrity brat and plenty of Twitter users were quick to tell him that. Come on, Will, 45 minutes for an international flight isn’t long enough, you’re not God so stop behaving like Kanye!


We all know that YouTube is a massive platform for potential stars, particularly child stars (Bieber was discovered on YouTube) and the latest kid to grab the internet is 11 year old Taylor Hatala.

Little Miss Hatala is such a talented street dancer she now trains in an adult class alongside choreographers’ Laurence Kaiwai and Matt Steffanina. She first hit the internet big time when she and Laurence performed a routine to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. It kicked up a bit of a stink in the YouTube comments section with some users claiming it’s an inappropriate song for a child to dance to. However, with over 8 million views in less than a month, we reckon most people can see past that and accept that Taylor is an incredibly talented dancer. The routine certainly isn’t a sexual one but they perhaps could have chosen a song that isn’t explicitly about doing the dirty.

Following the success of Taylor’s Anaconda routine, choreographer Matt has released another video featuring himself and Taylor performing to an All About That Bass remix. Within four days the video has received over half a million hits which is undoubtedly helping up Matt’s social media game (although, he does already have more than 300k YouTube followers and 52k Twitter followers).

BRB I’m just off to find some YouTube dance tutorials.

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by Hannah Reynolds


How to make your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Social Media is a big deal for a brand, we all know it, but unfortunately we ALL know it, so competition is stiff. Therefore it’s important as a brand to have all aspects of your business up to scratch to make sure that you’re the company grabbing the attention. A branding mistake can be detrimental to your company, so it’s important to have Social Media Guidelines that the whole company can comply to, to make sure that the company is always seen in a positive light. It’s also a good idea to ensure that everyone within the team knows the vision that the company has and that they stick to it.

1. The Name

The name is the first thing that people will learn about your business so it has to be good. Not only does it have to be easy to remember but it should also evoke a feeling that links well to your company, your customers need to know what your company is about. The most important thing is to be memorable so if you’ve said the name in a presentation, you want a person who’s heard it to be able pop it into a search engine without any issue forgetting it. These so called creative names that keep popping up, with two ‘iis’ on the end, that often sound like a word from a CeBeebies programme are just not memorable enough. The best thing to do is to find a name which is easy to pronounce and spell as well as checking that it has a domain that’s available and fairly cheap.

2. The Vision

Personality, business values and ethics are all things which should be covered in a company policy, as well as made clear in a Social Media policy. It will ensure that all employees are upholding the company values in their own social media accounts as well as in real life. Making sure that all employees are clear on the vision for the company means that there are less likely to be any Social Media blunders, or any incidents involving a company dispute. Obviously it’s completely up to you what your company’s vision should be, though I can’t say I suggest/encourage NSFW language or content, but make sure you have a personal feel to your brand image.

3. The Logo

A logo can be a hard task; once you’ve got a name you need to create the perfect logo that will truly represent you as a company and a brand. You’ve thought about the company’s vision and now you should be ready to create something that will speak to your customers as well as be recognisable. The main thing to think about is whether the logo fits your company, for example if you’re a small solicitor firm and your logo is a cartoon rabbit; why? Keep it relevant and if you’re not sure how your design’s come across perhaps test them out with people who don’t know your company and see what they first think of when they see the logos, that should give you more than an inkling if the logo fits. If you’re really struggling then going for something simple, neutral and clean is defintely a better idea than making it overcomplicated.

4. Social Media

 On your Social Media accounts make sure you pay close attention to your company’s vision and ethics and make sure that every update posted complies with them. Responding to clients and questions to people via social media should also be kept within company guidelines, adopt an online tone of voice and stick to it, this doesn’t have to be stern, you can be joke-y or sarcastic, as long as you know you have the right audience for it, you don’t want to offend anyone. Think through any hashtags you might want to promote; think of ALL of the possibilities, we don’t want another #Susanalbumparty. It’s simple really, keep to one tone of voice, engage with users in a polite way and keep savvy with your account passwords, changing them regularly and making sure each account has a different login.

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by Helen Stirling


It’s April fools day so here are some of our favourite ever prank GIFs

Some of these pranks are classics, some are downright bizzare (we’re looking at you Japan) and some are small but hilarious! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic April fools day and that this makes it even better.

Japanese prank shows 

What an ‘inventive’ idea, step into an elevator, go down a slide full of gunge…

What? It’s just a dinosaur…

Seriously though, how do they even come up with these ideas.

Smaller pranks

This is from a YouTube channel where the couple plays pranks on each other.

This is a classic use of cling film.

Hahahah is the only thing needed to be said here.

Walked right into it.

The classic ‘pretend you’re eating salt’.

Prank TV/YouTube shows

I remember seeing this one on TV. Hilarious.

I love her look of confusion, ‘am I a vampire?’

Bizarre, but so well executed.

Viral pranks

This was a viral promo for the new Carrie film at a small coffee joint.

LG set this one up in another elevator prank; they sure are popular.

Even more recently Pepsi created this Bus Stop prank which was very similar to another LG prank.

Animal pranks

Who knew ants could be pranked?

That poor dog looks like he’s seen a ghost.

And finally, this guy just ain’t bothered.

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by Helen Stirling


Some of our favourite British adverts ever in GIF form.

As you may have noticed this week we’ve been looking at adverts and advertising and ads. Today we’re going to combine this with one of our favourite thing in the world. GIFs. Yes that’s right ladies and gents, we’ll be bringing you some fantastic advert-y goodness in fantastical GIF form, buckle in.



Possibly the most famous advert of ALL time, in Britain anyway, I don’t know if it aired anywhere else, this Guinness ad still stands the test of time. The incredible white horses wave effect and the motivational narration makes this one fantastic spectacle to watch.

Ah, the famous Melanie Sykes advert from Boddingtons. A man is making a sweltering run across a desert to… well chase an ice cream van, and get served a beer from Mel. Of course.


Cadbury have some truly epic adverts in their history, these two are just some examples, extremely visual and bizarre they caught a lot of attention at the time and live on as very popular adverts.

HOLIDAYS’s latest advert is truly wonderful, the ‘Booking Epic’ advert is hilarious and overdramatic, just how we like an advert.


Yes Smash gets it’s own category because the adverts were so gosh darn iconic. They were originally aired in the 70s!


Can you tell I ran out of category names? No? Good. This is another iconic British advert from Yellow pages which was shown at christmas, the boy featured in the ad has been rumoured to Robbie williams, but is quite obviously not due to the dates of his birth and the fact he’d have been 18 when the ad was filmed. Pointless fact of the day for you.

I can still remember this advery being on TV in 2003, the idea is so simple but really stuck in my mind. It simply shows a woman walking along a street singing and handing out bottles of Coca-Cola. Superb.

In the theme of Coca-Cola, here is the advert us Brits go MAD about at Christmas, the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks. As soon as we’ve seen it on TV and heard the classic ‘Holidays are coming’ tune, it’s definitely 100% Christmas time. No matter what anyone else says.

And finally, one for the ladies, the classic Levi’s 501 jeans advert was extremely popular with the women of the time and no doubt helped Levi’s to ship a couple of extra pairs of Jeans.

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by Helen Stirling


Which celebs would we actually buy things from.

So on the subject of advertising this week we’ll today look at the celebrities that we’d actually buy products from. All to often you see celebrities releasing or endorsing products that you think, uuuuhh why? For example One Direction’s perfume for women or Katie Price’s range of horse riding paraphernalia or even Ichiban lipstick for men from Joey Tribiani, oh wait that one isn’t real. So anyway we thought we’d give a list of celebs we’d actually buy things from and what they’d be selling us.


What we’d buy from Jennifer: Literally anything. Or if we were forced to pick, probably an ebook titled ‘how to be witty at red carpet events’.


What we’d buy from Ryan: Cereal, or spoons.


What we’d buy from Emma: A potion of cute?! Ok no, I guess that doesn’t exist, so I’m going to say Spice Girls memorabilia.


What we’d buy from Brad and Ange: Nappies, Because they have lots of kids I guess.


What we’d buy from Jason: Mmmmmm drool.. oh sorry, I don’t know maybe protein powder. Drool……..


What we’d buy from Tom: A guide to being the nicest person on the planet.


What we’d buy from Emma: Looking at this GIF, toothpaste.


What we’d buy from Joseph: Charm. Actual Charm.

8. TINA FEY & AMY POELHER (They count as one)

What we’d buy from them: A joke book. Possibly Alcohol.

9. Steve Carrell

What we’d buy from Steve: Dunder Mifflin paper.


What we’d buy from Kim: Nothing. Soz.

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by Helen Stirling


Cheltenham Festival – If social networks were in a horse race.

This is what the Race Card would look like if Social Networks were involved in a horse race.

Overview: The race is a tough one to call, but if I had to take a guess I’d definitely take a punt on Twitter who has showed increasing promise and uptake. Though I’m not one to discount Instagram, who is also in with a chance, and has been going from strength to strenght recently, especially one to watch now it’s wearing filters for the first time. However this is a wide-open race and it could really be anyone’s for the taking. E/W shout: Facebook.

1. Twitter


The likely winner! Twitter may be slowing in growth but this 8 year old network has shown itself one of the most popular out there. It may find itself up against some tough competition here, but it shows consistency in it’s trends and hashtags and will definitely be a front-runner. It has recently seen some falls, but looks sure to pick itself back up and race stronger than ever.

2. Instagram


This relative youngster to the field has shown impressive form, and it has taken to the going well. The field definitely has space for this runner and with new addition of filters for the first time, it’s sure to attract some backers. The previous photo finish was a close call for this entry, but no other competitors came close. In a new stable with stable mate Facebook, it looks sure to give a good performance from here-on and push the text-filled front-runner to it’s limits.

3. Vine


The youngest in the field and the most spirited, this guy is a fan favourite who always pleases. Though initially an unsure bet it has improved ten-fold through the previous season, with some strong runs in its favour. Has been known to run in short 6 second bursts, but usually can repeat that technique frequently. Shows willing and is eager to please.

4. Pinterest


This a popular runner for ladies day, many favouring this across the boards. Has previously been pinned as an outsider, but now shows increasing promise as a frontrunner. This is one not to be discounted, it’s one runner that can keep the pace and stay the distance.

5. Google Plus


This runner has not been sure what to do for a while now, integration with the YouTube stables was it’s recent venture, but YouTube commented this just isn’t working for him. When first joining the game it showed substantial promise with many singing it’s praises before it had even taken on a whole season. However it has mostly failed to live up to the initial hype. However it is a solid bet with very few problems ever noted, and could be soon living up to it’s pledge.

6.  Facebook


Though I really do Like this entry, it is running a little past it’s prime now. At 10 years old it has struggled with recent changes, and taken a few falls. Perhaps worth a punt E/W because of a prolific following; but losing favour and definitely needs to show more to prove it’s one to stay the course.

N/R: Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr

These runners didn’t make it to the race because one was too young, one turned out to not even be a social network and the other was too crazy, respectively.

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by Helen Stirling


Who knew there were so many fantastic Pancake related GIFs?

Yes really, there are an impressive amount of Pancake GIFs on the internet. Prepare yourselves for a very highbrow article here.


First off we have the Food Porn style GIFs :

And next up we have the cartoon-art style Pancakes.

Then the downright bizzare pancake GIFs:

Those famous pancake scenes from all your favourite movies have taken GIF form.

The weirdly extensive selection of 90′s cartoon pancake GIFs:

And of course, Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch with his pancakes:

Have a great Pancake Day everyone, enjoy your last day of unhealthy food until Easter, if you’re into the whole Lent thing. If not, just enjoy the sugary pancake-y goodness this evening!


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by Helen Stirling


Things you’ll definitely see on social media during the 2014 Oscars

Here we go then, it’s The Oscars on Sunday. Here are all things you’ll see being Tweeted and Facebook-ed during the big show.

“That thing Jennifer Lawrence did was amazing.”

Whether she falls over, says something hilarious about shots in a post Oscar win conference, you can guarantee she’ll do something GIF worthy and that the whole of the internet will be talking about it.

“Brangelina look amazing.”

Enough said really. They always look flawless and cute together. Everyone always says so. Sorry Jen.

(PS. Who can forget that leg pose. Not me I tell you.)

Can’t believe they cut *insert person here* off on their speech. 

You probably remember the countless times people have been cut off by music when delivering their acceptance speech, and you probably remember the countless times that people were outraged that they were cut off by the Academy.

Most notable in recent memory is Ben Affleck getting cut off whilst thanking his kids.

Anything referencing Meryl. 


Everyone everywhere will mention Meryl, acceptance speeches, tweets about how amazing she is, GIFs of her flawlessness. Meryl is the queen of The Oscars it would be a travesty for her not to be mentioned.

Idina Menzel performing Let it Go is my dreeeeam. 

The internet has literally gone crazy over Disney’s latest offering. Let it go is the break out song and is nominated for Best Original Song and is being performed at the awards show. People will tweet about how they’re crying at the performance and how much they love it. I guarantee it.

If Gravity doesn’t win visual effects I’ll eat Pharrell’s hat. 

This GIF appropriately sums up how every film buff will feel if Gravity loses out on the Visual Effects award, especially if it loses to The Lone Ranger. (Hah. As if.)

People will be writing tweets about knowing that Gravity will win this award as if the rest of us didn’t know that already.

Check out our list of the best and worst dressed at the Oscars which is in no way the same as the other 1000 articles of the same name.

Every celeb gossip twitter account will have this tweet. Like every single one. It’ll be hard to avoid.

Something about McConaghey’s McConaissance. 

Will tell you about the amazing resurgence in his career as if a 100 articles haven’t been written about it before. Gee thanks. Please tell me more about your theories.

Leonardo Di Caprio didn’t win again sad face. 

Everyone thinks he can do it this year, but all of us in our heart of hearts know that there are some pretty solid contenders out there in Chiwitel Ejiofor and McConaughey, so it’s likely he’ll be going home empty handed and we’ll vent our sadness at his loss online or you know make jokes about it.

Winner of best sound mixing is… yeah yeah move on we don’t care. 

Everyone always gets bored at this point, and tells the internet that they don’t care in the hopes that it’ll hurry this section up  where we know none of the nominees.

Omg I’m so tired.

Britain’s everywhere will be saying this. Thank God I took Monday off. 

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by Helen Stirling


The best and most famous animal GIFs of all time. Ever.*

*Until newer ones are created.

Here we have for you the definitive list of animals in GIF form. Whether they be cute, stupid, silly, funny, serious or otherwise they are all here for your future use.


This dogs biggest lifelong regret is going to get this treat

Or it could possibly be running for this ball (totally looks like the same dog right?)

Don’t insult man’s best friend. He will not behave in a manly manner.

Always take a leap of faith.

Look both ways before you cross the road.

Dance like no-one is watching

And thus concludes our dog life lessons.


I would like a balloon.

How can you say no to a face like that…

No, no, stop that.

I’d hardly call this ‘whacking’ really.

Why is the Lion King so sad? He gets up right?! Right?!


That annoying younger brother is seen here in cat form.

Top Hat has a new male lead.

Who knew cats could ask for directions?

Nom. Nom. Drink. drink. Repeat.

How very dare you.

So I ended up with a lot of Cat GIFs but we all know that Cats rule the internet so that’s only fiar.




Nope, you’re short 20p mate.

Wait, what?


Penguin bitch slap.

Hell yeah I made that jump.

Me too.

Again, who knew?!



And chill.


Cups bro.

This is the rhythm of the night. I love this song dude.

Fabulous. that is all.

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by Helen Stirling