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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Outback Steak house Brazil & eBay

Have you ever had a child accidentally buy themselves a car on eBay? No? That’s probably because you’re sensible enough to put a lock on it and not give it to them to play with.


I’m going to have to explain this one, because the video is in Portuguese as the company is from Brazil. The chain of Outback Steakhouses in Brazil has created a PR stunt which is great for people visiting the restaurant on their birthday. Introducing the birthday chair, which gives birthday guys and gals a hug everytime someone posts a message onto their Facebook wall the chair lights up and the sitter is treated to a robot hug. A great little stunt to draw attention to the chain, and I love the idea of bringing birthday wishes back into the real world – well sort of. You can watch the Brazilian video below.


Whoops! A toddler has gone and bought herself a car on eBay, after playing with her dad’s phone. The toddler was probably hoping to take off on a grand adventure, feeling the wind in her hair, using a booster seat. Luckily the purchase was only $225, and the car, well, it isn’t exactly drive-able. The 1962 Austin Healy sprite needs a hefty amount of work done on it, but luckily the little girl’s dad has decided to keep the car, even saying he’s going to try and do it up in time for the girl’s sixteenth birthday. This story has a lovely ending, but the lesson to be learnt here is to keep locks and security on your phones and apps so none of these accidental purchases happen in the first place.


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by Helen Stirling


Social Media News – 4th October – Presidential debate, Facebook stats (again!) and LinkedIn endorsements

Helen here with today’s news!

Last night the Presidential debate was taking place in America, and unsurprisingly it caused an uproar of tweets online. Most interestingly the mentions of “Big Bird” went up 800,000%, this is because Romney announced he would cut funding for the channel PBS, which hosts Sesame Street, and then announced “I love Big Bird..”. Here are a few of the best tweets about the debate: “@ConanOBrien: Romney prepped for tonight’s debate by debating with a man whose views differ radically from his own: himself from 8 years ago.” “@robdelaney: I was gonna vote for [insert candidate] but after watching the debate I’m going to vote for [that exact same candidate.] – Everyone” and finally, “@riley_neyssen31: Sure Romney won the debate, that is if your [sic] going off of the number of times he interrupted the host”. Early signs show that American’s have favoured Romney after the debate, but Obama is still most popular on social media sites. It has also just been announced that the debate managed to set a twitter record. It is the most tweeted about event in political history with 10.3 million tweets within the hour and a half it was being broadcasted. The peak point however didn’t belong to either candidate, it spiked just after the debate moderator made a quip towards Romney. He simply said “Let’s not” when Romney asked if they could move on from the topic. At this point tweets rose to 158,690 a minute! Here is a nice graphic to show you the twitter trends as it happened:

Some more Facebook stats and figures have been announced today. The biggest news of all is that Facebook has reached 1 billion regular users, which means the stat doesn’t include fake accounts or ones run by bots.  Here are some more numbers for you; Facebook has racked up 140.4 billion friend connections, 219 billion photos shared, 17 billion location check ins and most impressive of all 1.18 trillion “likes”. The median age of a Facebook user is 22, which makes me distinctly average! Just incase you haven’t heard enough numbers today; here are some more; 600 million of those billion users use Facebook on their mobile regularly (at least once a month). These users equate to 2.7 billion likes every single day, it’s good to see everyone being so amiable!

Endorsements are the new thing on LinkedIn today! A brilliant idea allows users to see quickly who you have been endorsed by, a great word-of-mouth type of tool to suggest good workers! You simply click by their name on their profile to see their current endorsements, and you can suggest a skill to endorse them for, and it will appear as soon as the user accepts. A great new tool for finding appropriate and highly recommended employees!

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by Helen Stirling