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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th November – Band Aid 30 & Spotify teams up with Uber

It’s Monday and here are the first Likes and Fails of the week. Christmas seems to have hit here in the office this week and so our first Like of the week features the brand new Band Aid song.


So yes it’s here, the new Band Aid single has been released and starting it’s fight to the top of the charts as well as helping to fight Ebola in Africa. The video was released online on YouTube this morning and it already has 130,000 views which isn’t to shabby, though not exactly earth shattering. The good news is that with the text line for the song raised over 1 million pounds in just 5 minutes! Which is very impressive, as well as showing the giving nature of the country in times of need (if it’s well publicised enough!).

Though there are clearly those who would like to find something wrong with the song/the cause/the celebrities or anything they can get angry about, we should try and focus on the good that the single is doing and that nearly every penny raised will go to fight Ebola in Africa. Hopefully the amount raised will truly help the cause and that we can wipe out Ebola indefinitely.



Spotify has teamed up with the controversial taxi cab app Uber so that you can decide on a Spotify playlist to play in the hosts car whilst they drive you to your destination. Now initially this may sound like a cool idea but really, think about it. Do you really want to annoy the person driving you around – technically with your life in their hands – with music that could drive them to drive you off the road. Yeah no not the best idea. I mean obviously Uber drivers are not going to drive you off the road, but you know what, it’s their car, let them play their own music or enjoy the sound of the road if that’s what they prefer.

I bet when you drive your own car you are the one who decides on music or at least decides who is allowed to be in charge of the music. With this new app team up drivers have no choice. They already have to deal with no cash in had, now no control over their music and there is already the possibility of driver-less cars taking over the roads in a few years time. Things are not good for professional drivers at the moment are they. Let them destress with their own tunes.

The CEO of Uber had this to say:

“For Uber we’re trying to always create highly evolving experiences, the opposite of which of course is the taxi world that came before it.”

“Now I can get in [an Uber] and my music is playing. And for Uber it’s the first time we’ve personalised the experience inside the car and for music lovers that is Nirvana, it’s a really awesome place to be.”

So well I guess he prefers the sound of his music over the sound of a happy driver. Unfortunately I imagine any backlash from the drivers will not be listened to and for them I imagine that the draw of the money from the Uber journeys is more than that of their own music tatstes.


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by Helen Stirling


The rise of online charity and their campaigns.

You may have noticed this year that there has been a huge increase in the amount of money being raised online for charity and that has come from many things. From personal sponsorship to much larger online campaigns which have gone viral. Many of these online campaigns have been hard to ignore, with the majority of the focus being seen on your very own timeline on various social media channels. From seeing ice bucket challenges fill up your Facebook news feed, to seeing countless no make-up selfies on your Instagram home feed.

The majority of the media claims that there is a vain-ness involved with taking part in these online challenges and that is likely true for the most part. But it’s proven from the charities involved that people who are taking part are actually donating, so there is definitely something else at work here too. There is clearly a charitable goodness that is sweeping the online world and it’s interesting to take a look at what has created a sudden surge in the online community’s willingness to give.

The rise in use of online fundraising platforms


First off we should take a look at the rise of the online fundraising platform. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been running a long time now, along with other fundraising sites aimed at getting personal projects up and running. Now with most of the campaigns on these sites something is offered in return for your donation which is obviously a large incentive to be giving. Though often the lowest donation option simply offers a message of thanks as the return. These personal stories behind these projects are what seem to get people involved in these projects as well as excitement about the outcome.

You can translate these feelings of having helped to contribute, easily over to charity, which has also seen a huge growth in online fundraising platforms. A couple of years ago the only online charity platform that I’d heard of was justgiving, and now nearly all big charities have their own personal fundraising platform to help raise money. The growth of the internet has really improved the ease of giving to charity.

Before the internet, you likely only gave to charity if you were canvassed on the street or by a coworker, if you saw a charity money box by a till, or if you visited a charity shop/fundraising event. All in-person moments; people were unlikely to phone up to give to charity or reply to the ‘junk’ mail they received about giving to charity. So the thing is, the internet just makes it so much easier to give to charity, a simple click of a button, a few details added and it’s all done. This has got to be another reason why these charity campaigns have taken off. This is the same with text campaigns which have got much more traction recently too, a couple-of-words-long text to a number instantly donates a small amount from you. Instant gratification and something to feel good about for the rest of the day.

No make-up selfie

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The first big charity trend of this year came from the #NoMakeUpSelfie which eventually raised over £2 million for cancer charities, mostly in the UK. The trend began after an actress, Kim Novak, went make-up-less to the Oscars in March of this year. The trend began from there and the charity element was quickly added it. There is quite obviously an appeal of attention involved in this trend, where people were excited to show how nice they looked without make-up on Social Media for all to see and comment on. Though there was this element, it was interesting to watch the campaign evolve, especially when people began sharing screenshots of the texts that said they had donated alongside their selfies. After a day or so, Cancer Research themselves got involved with the campaign and encouraged and thanked everyone for their participation.

Ice bucket challenge


The Ice Bucket challenge rose to fame in July/August of this year and featured people videoing themselves having a bucket of ice water poured over their heads, and then promoting awareness for ALS, a motor neurone disease. This trend began in America, and originally the offer was to donate to the charity or have the ice water poured on you, but the two quickly got merged together and people were simply pouring cold water over their heads to donate to charity. Which seems a little strange, but again maybe that sense of showing off, or perhaps feeling involved overtook the feeling of sense. (Only slightly ribbing, don’t worry!)

People that got involved nominated other friends to take part at the end of their own videos which is how the trend spread so far and wide. It also got widespread attention when pretty much the whole of Hollywood got involved and some others started putting their own spin on things in the attempt to, I assume, have the most famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge online. This huge trend raised an exceptional amount of money for charity and saw the true pinnacle of what the internet can do for charity. All we need now is other charities to capitalise on this sort of thing and attempt their own trends to help raise funds.

So what we’ve learnt from this year and it’s charity trends is that it will be popular if there is an element of ‘showing-off’ involved with the self- gratification feeling you get when you donate to charity. The new technology and ease of donating has made it easier for people to donate, especially those who may not have bothered before. I know personally I have found myself donating to at least 5 sponsorship forms online for friends this year, though I haven’t got involved with the year’s viral charity movement, I can see how they are new and exciting development for charities and definitely something to grasp onto for the future. Essentially charities will just have to tap into what people already like to do on their Facebook page (show off), and piggyback onto that with their good cause. It sounds un-charitable when you put it like that, but the charities are getting huge numbers of donations by playing on people’s need to be seen online, so why knock it – if it’s for a good cause.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 12th September – Grandma-ster Flash & Manchester Dogs home fire

Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


This latest mistake made by a load of elders on Facebook is absolutely hilarious. Clearly the mistake is a fail, but the fail is so funny we’re counting it as a like. So Grandpas and Grandmas worldwide have been accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash in their statuses or wall posts on Facebook. That’s it really, you simply have to look at the posts to appreciate how funny this is. We only wish that Grandmaster Flash would put out a statement with his reaction to these posts!

From finding out this fact we found the ‘Love, Grandmaster Flash’ Tumblr which puts all these fantastic posts together. Not only this, but it also led us to find a hilarious subreddit, /r/oldpeoplefacebook - which does what it says on the tin. It features loads of posts from older people who aren’t quite understanding Facebook or who have made some funny mistakes on the site.






Today we woke up to the sad news that there was an awful fire in Manchester at a dogs home, where around 50 dogs sadly lost their lives. Unfortunately it seems like the fire was started as an act of arson which is truly horrible to think about. Luckily there were some dogs saved from the blaze by some heroes who ran into the fire to save them. We can’t believe that something so horrible has happened and that’s why we’ve put this as a fail, but really we’ve had faith restored by the community surrounding this horrible crime. Soon after news of the fire broke there was a support page set up on a charity funding website as well as a support page being setting up on Facebook where people can offer support and help, such as some people offering homes for the dogs, others offering food and blankets.


There were also many donations taken to the centre in the wake of the fire with impressive amounts of food and blankets being provided to them. The donations on the Just Giving page aimed to reach £5,000 but as of this moment nearly half a million pounds have been raised! We’re impressed with how people have banded together in the wake of this. It’s clear that people are becoming more open to donating to charity this year, and whether it’s a vanity project or not there is no harm in more money being raised for charity!

You can donate here.

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by Helen Stirling