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GoPro are nailing social media/YouTube

Everyone has been noticing for a while, the great Social Media work from the team at Go Pro, and we thought it’d be a good time to have a look at their work and a look in-depth of what they’re doing so right. So hopefully we’ll all learn something today!

So the big moment for Go Pro was the launch of their YouTube channel all the way back in 2009. The first video uploaded to the channel, with the tagline ‘Be a Hero’ (using the name of the model of the Go Pro the ‘Hero’) was a video of a base jumpers, the first taking an epic leap off of a cliff filmed by two Go Pro cameras. One on the end of a pole the jumper is holding and one on his helmet getting a first person view.

This set the scene for things to come on the channel, though it didn’t instantly grab viewer attention, as it currently has  approx 1,600,000 views, which took  a fair amount of time build up. The following videos were all sports/extreme sports videos which drew attention from specific audiences, but didn’t grab a large instant audience. The occasional video would be a hit getting millions more views than all of those. The awareness that they gained along the way, from seeing what did and didnt work well with audiences has really held them in good stead for all future videos being popular.

Their first foray into posting videos with different topics, from what I can see is a clip of a day at the dog park, where the Go Pro camera is attached to the collar on a dog, and you get and interesting dogs eye view of the park. One extremely popular recent video was of a fireman, who had a go pro attached to his helmet whilst he went into a building and rescued a lifeless kitten, he then resuscitates it outside with an oxygen mask. This video has a whopping 23 million views, which just goes to show how popular animal videos are, and especially animal rescue videos.

It’s great that these videos are user created and then reedited for Go Pro adverts. It really makes the audience get a sense of realism and also gives the impression that they can be involved. They can shoot this sort of footage themselves and they can get involved in a great community. The user sourced content is a massive part of what makes the Go Pro marketing work. Go Pro have also picked up on the fact that people on the internet love a video with an animal in it. Some of the most viewed videos in YouTube history feature an animal of some sort. From back in the day when people uploaded crazy cat compilations to people dubbing over their pet dogs they are ever successful.

There are few brands which are really solid with their social media on YouTube. Red Bull is definitely one of the best, with great campaigns such as the Felix Baumgartner free fall from space and other extreme sports videos, much like Go Pro. Interesting and exciting content works well for these brands but not only this, the regularity of the uploads really helps to cement them as a superior YouTube brand. Keeping content fresh and regular ensures that your audience won’t be bored, this is partially why vloggers enjoy so much success on YouTube too.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brands of the Month – Kit Kat, Twitter, Paddy Power, Nike

Well this month it’s been the start of a major sporting season, so far we’ve started the World Cup, Royal Ascot is on, Wimbledon is soon to start, and there’s something going on in the cricketing world too (I’m sorry, I’m terrible with cricket) Test matches, maybe?

Today we take a look at he winners of the Social World this month, those who have done anything extraordinary, reactive, or simply started running a great campaign. We’re celebrating them all, let’s take a look.


So Kit Kat got in to this list from a reactive tweet they sent yesterday, you may have heard that Facebook went down for half an hour yesterday and so Kit Kat obviously jumped on the news, with a mention of ‘taking a break’. You can see the Tweet below!



The Cannes Lion awards are the biggest in the creative communications industry and is known as the International Festival of Creativity. Twitter launched a great campaign at the event which made good use of it’s creative setting. They launched a new account called @dronie which is a drone with a camera which took great views over Cannes, and a sort of selfie combined with aerial shot Vines. They posted these Vines to Twitter and now have almost 4,500 followers, and they only started it 5 days ago! See their first Vine below with Sir Patrick Stewart!



Paddy Power have unsurprisingly been getting involved with the World Cup, they launched a #BrazilNuts campaign, which is a play on the fact that they’re nuts about Brazil and the World Cup, and also that Brazil Nuts are an actual thing. They’re generally using the hashtag to share jokes and quips about the goings on at the World Cup, but that doesn’t make them any less great. They’ve been sharign funny Vines of football clips, like footballers falling over for no reason and Scottish fans celebrating England’s loss.



Nike are not even an official sponsor of the World Cup yet they’ve created some of the biggest buzz with their advertising around the event. One of the most popular things has been their TV advert which is also on YouTube, this advert has a unimpressive (joke) 50 million views. It6′s only been up for a week! Nike have definitely found their audience here.

Congrats to all our Brands of the Month! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

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by Helen Stirling


Top 10 viral Social Media reactives.

Here is a look at some of our personal favourite brand reactions to current affairs and fan mentions, including posts from Oreo, Tesco Mobile and Paddy Power.

1. Oreo 


We begin with one of the most famous brand reactives of all time, the Oreo black-out tweet. Back in 2013, during the superbowl, many brands were poised ready for any sort of bandwagon to jump on and easily the most successful one was this. The stadium in which the Super Bowl was taking place suffered an almighty black out and play was stopped which meant that the brands had time to get to work on their reactions.

Oreo sent out the above tweet saying, ‘No power? No problem.’ and attaching an original image of an Oreo in the dark with the caption ‘You can still dunk in the dark’. The tweet got a lot of attention with over 15,000 re-tweets and subsequent positive write ups stating that the tweet had won the marketing Super Bowl.

2. Tesco Mobile 

Tesco Mobile are one of the brand kings on twitter for me, their tweets are consistently funny and well timed. I can only assume they hire struggling stand-up comedians to write their tweets. Which would make sense with their previous #nojoke campaign which featured well-known comedians as the face of it. One of their most famous retorts can be seen above and is a great example of when reactive tweets go right, a girl thought it hilarious when her friend’s phone went to a Tesco Mobile voicemail and Tesco replied to her, thinking it was pretty funny that her friends were ignoring her.

Cue the thousands of re-tweets and Tesco Mobile saw themselves thrown onto a Twitter pedestal for everyone waiting to see what would happen next. Other notable mentions go to the time they had a Twitter rap battle with the O2 Twitter account, and more recently started an online Twitter discussion with a fan and loads of other brands including Yorkshire tea and Jaffa cakes. All in all Tesco Mobile are great at their reactive work as can clearly be seen here.

3. Bodyform

Now this reactive is very often in question as to whether it was really reacting to a real member of the public or if it was all carefully orchestrated. However it initially came off as entirely reactive and proved very popular so I am still including it in the list. It all started with a post from a man named Richard who posted a comment to the Bodyform Facebook page saying that the Bodyform commercials gave off the wrong impression and that he expected a woman to be all full of joy, skydiving and surfing and excreting a blue liquid whilst at that time of the month, but instead what he found was more akin to the girl from the Exorcist.

Bodyform smartly replied with a video from their imaginary CEO who told it Richard like it is, and it again proved very popular, with it being the talk of the internet and people loving that the brand was appearing so tongue in cheek.

4. Arby’s 

Arby’s ‘won’ the Social Media race at The Grammy’s this year, with a tweet related to Pharrell Williams, who turned up to the Grammy’s in an unmissable oversized Vivienne Westwood hat. This hat somewhat resembled that of the Arby’s logo and so they cleverly tweeted asking if they could have their hat back, and this led to over 80,000 retweets.

5. Nandos

Following the announcement last year of Alex Fergusons retirement as manager of Manchester Utd. Nandos came up with a brilliant idea to steal some of the spotlight; they announced #NandosFergieTime which meant that Manchester Nandos branches would be open an extra 5 minutes on May 8th (the day he resigned). The initial tweet got lots of news website coverage and was re-tweeted over 16,000 times.

6.  Paddy Power

In another Fergie related stunt Paddy Power created a fake Alex Ferguson and placed it outside of Manchester United’s football ground. This stunt took place in January of this year when Man U had been suffering from poor performance on the field (especially the night before in a 3-1 defeat), possibly due to the new manager. The cheeky bookies put a waxwork Fergie in a glass box outside Old Trafford and had In case of emergency break glass, emblazoned on the side of it. They then tweeted a picture of it and got over 3,000 re-tweets.

7. Tide

The lesser well-known Super Bowl Blackout tweet, but still successful for the brand was the one from washing powder brand Tide. You know the back story, the lights went out at the 2013 Super Bowl blah blah blah… Tide responded with a tweet almost as good as Oreo’s saying they couldn’t fix the blackout but they could get your stains out, a clever quick play on words that worked well for the brand as they got over 1,000 re-tweets!

8. Snog Frozen Yoghurt

Quite recently there was a ‘social experiment’ video which started going viral, from exposure on sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed. The video led itself easily to parody as it came a across as more than a little pretentious. The first and most apt parody came from a UK fro-yo brand called Snog, and as we all know us Brits often call a kiss a snog. The video shows couples having their first ‘snog’ and yep you guessed it, they don’t actually snog, they share a cup of Snog fro-yo instead. They got 88,000 views from the stunt; not entirely a viral success compared to the original video’s 63 million views, but not bad for their first ever YouTube upload.

9. The Simpsons

Quite recently there was a large star-studded event in Hollywood, you may have heard of it, The Oscars? Anyway during said Oscars Ellen DeGeneres (who was presenting) took a selfie filled with celebrities (in part of a marketing stunt for Samsung) and it became the most re-tweeted tweet of all time. One of the most popular parody versions of said tweet was the one which came from the Simpsons team, a great push for the show, and a great animation still too! They didn’t quite beat Ellen’s 2 million re-tweets but they got a substantial 32,000!

10. Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes joins our list after their inspired online stunt which greeted our eyes only yesterday. Yesterday was the day of the 2014 budget in which George Osborne revealed that a new less counterfeit-able £1 coin would be released a few years into the future. News which we’d already found out several hours earlier on the internet. The new coin is to be 12 sided like the original threepenny piece and Jaffa Cakes decided that it was a very smart idea. They created a mock up image of a new 12-sided Jaffa Cake and said they’ll fight the counterfeit Jaffa Cake market!

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 31st January – Vita Coco Coconut Water

Hello Social Media fans and welcome to this week’s Brand of the Week. This week we’re celebrating all that is glorious and good about vita coco coconut water.



Vita Coco have a great number of Likes on Facebook and Have their branding just right with the page full of images of greens, whites and blues which matches their logo and their tropical feel. They post about once daily, occasionally missing a day but their posts are photo heavy which is great for their brand. Their only downfall is that the engagement could be better, for the amount of likes they have, the fact that they’re only getting 20 or so likes is a little worrying. Perhaps a few more personalised posts or more human posts may help them out here.



Vita Coco are doing much of the same across their Twitter account. The company regularly post lush green and blue beach images and product images too. They promote a healthy lifestyle on their feed and more recently have involved themselves in Super Bowl talk. It seems as if they have a Vita Coco spokesperson from each team that is playing, which makes for an interesting dynamic. The only thing I don’t like (and this is a personal thought) is the fact they post ‘RT if…’ posts. But it seems to work for them, so why not?!



Again over on their Instagram, it is a sea of blue. Literally. A few of their posts are picture cocktail recipes featuring their Vita Coco as an ingredient, others are product based and any others seem to be based around beach relaxing, and people enjoying the drink. All their content here is good, it could only be better if they posted more!

Google +

663 have them in circles and 1,338 +1′s

Vita Coco had a fairly regular feed of updates on Google Plus but their posts stopped on the 20th December and there was a rather long break until the 24th January which is the most recent post. So there has only been one post since Christmas. I hope this was just a long Christmas break for their plus and they’ll soon get on track again.


29 subscribers

It does appear that Vita Coco have recently abandoned their old channel and started up a new one that links with their Google Plus. On this most recent channel they’ve uploaded 3 videos within 2 weeks. They should perhaps think about moving their old videos across and tweeting about the change so as to up their subscribers. The new channel has had one very popular video thanks to some American Footballers who are part of the super bowl, having some fantastic bloopers from their video shoot for the brand.



Vita Coco aren’t exactly keen Vine users having only posted 4 Vines altogether. The most recent however was a week ago so hopefully they’re planning to add the platform back to their social media plan. With a few creative ideas they could cement some great Vine ideas and up their followers!




They may only have 6 boards, but their content is strong again sticking strongly to their brand. they don’t pin extremely regularly but when they do it’s good. The pins are often linked with foursquare which is a great idea to link platforms and gain more followers.

And that’s it! Vita Coco’s Social Media keeps us feeling like we should be on a beach and sipping from a coconut and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 24th January – Urban Decay

As make-up brands go there are few more popular online than Urban Decay. It’s eyeshadow ‘Naked’ palettes are cult fan favourites within the beauty world; so popular in fact that it now has a sequel and a thirdquel (if that were a word). Not only are they fantastic at making make-up they’re also pretty good at their social, they know what their audience wants and that’s one thing, make-up!



Woah! Check out those Likes. Urban Decay has to be doing something right! The brand keeps their Facebook in top order with great photo branding updates about new products, make-up tutorials as well as sharing fan submissions, a great way to engage and interact with followers. They keep their posts regular too, seemingly posting everyday apart from the weekends. Which suggests they do their posts in real time rather than scheduling in advance.



Their tweets don’t have a set schedule, so again here it seems that they tweet as and when. They often retweet fans who have tweeted about them, and they keep their feed updated with pictures. links to other posts with new products and tutorials, much the same content as on Facebook but again still engaging.



Urban Decay have 15 boards and Pinterest seems like a place they would be in their element so I am surprised they don’t have more, however, the pins they do have are ion brand and interesting. They do pin rather sporadically, but with a large amount of followers and a fair amount of engagement it doesn’t seem like a worry for them for the time being.



Urban Decay’s Instagram is fantastic, they have great images which really represent the brand, they often regram pictures from their make-up fans as well, meaning that engagement is strong and fans can relate to the brand. This can be seen from the tens of thousands of likes they get on each photograph as well as the hundreds of comments. They update it every few days, keeping posts fairly regular, all in all some good work is being done here.

Google Plus

266,761 +1′s and 178,104 Have them in circles

Urban Decay update every couple of days on Google Plus, their posts are similar to those on Facebook sharing some of the content directly across. I think with a bit more of a push on Google Plus and getting into conversations with hashtags they could really improve their following and engagement here.


20,160 subscribers

They manage to update their YouTube a couple of times a month, and the videos span the whole cosmetic spectrum with new product demos, tutorials, and teasers for new products to name a few. Altogether they’ve amassed 1,179,920 views which is pretty impressive!



When Vine was launched they wholeheartedly took on the platform and began sending out vines on Twitter, unfortunately since then they’ve abandoned the platform. This could be the perfect opportunity for the brand to post short tutorials and sneak peeks of new ranges, it is a shame they don’t still utilise the app.

Great work from Urban Decay!

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 17th January – Pepsi

Apologies the Brand of the Week is a day late! It’s worth the wait! This week#s Brand of the Week is… Pepsi! The cool refreshing fizzy drink is number one this week and now I really want a can of Pepsi. Obviously Pepsi are one of the biggest soft drink brands in the world and they can afford to spend some serious time and dough on their Social Networks as well as famous spokespeople, but we’re still impressed with how they get involved in new networks and sites. More recently we’ve seen them with sponsored stories on Buzzfeed bringing in current events to draw attention. Great work, lets’s have a look at what else they get up to…



Pepsi has a massive number of likes, probably due to it being a household name as well as being so darn delicious. The page posts daily and keeps it’s content very much on brand, with all posts Pepsi related. They share a lot of video based posts from their YouTube channel, as well as posting many photographs featuring Pepsi products. They certainly know how to show off their brand and the fans appear to love it with interactions between the hundreds and thousands.



A lot of the posts on Pepsi’s Twitter account crossover from their Facebook posts so again there are plenty of Pepsi branded videos as well as calls for retweets, and retweeting certain high follower accounts that mention them. Their interactions could be more frequent; they do interact with fans but it appears to be only in short bursts, regular and occasionally witty interactions may help the brand boost to the next level of user engagement.



Pepsi seems to post approximately 35 Instagrams a month, they don’t appear daily but some days there is more than one post leading to a good monthly average. Their content mostly seems to feature Pepsi products, unsurprisingly, and they theme their posts around what is happening at the time, for example their Christmas posts were appropriately seasonal and currenlty their posting a lot of NFL themed pictures in the run up to the Pepsi sponsored Super Bowl .



Their Vine activity has not been regular, with their last posts being the middle of last year, until yesterday, Pepsi have started a #GetHyped campaign asking Vine users to submit their Vines of how they #GetHyped and can turn any moment into a Half Time show which is obviously bringing in the Super Bowl censorship.


687,596 subscribers

Pepsi’s YouTube channel is great for activity, they’ve amassed a whopping 153,617,743 views across their videos and regularly upload videos which we learnt from the amount they share them across Facebook and Twitter. Here is their latest video which looks at a man who got to experience the Super Bowl halftime show and a second chance at the show…


863,491 have them in circles 870,893 +1′s

Google Plus is the main area Pepsi could use some improvement, they post approximately once a month and with content being so sparse they don’t see as much engagement as they could, only getting comments in the tens. Though many people think it isn’t worth bothering with Google Plus the site is becoming more and more integrated with YouTube and other aspects of Google and it looks to become more influential.



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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 9th January – Netflix

This post is in no way biased, and the winner was not voted Brand of the Week because it’s literally one of my favourite things ever.*

*Ok it might be, a little bit.

Also, this brand is top notch on Social Media and have really found their personal voice online, and luckily that voice is with a tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek. Yes that’s right folks, this week’s winner is the fantastic Netflix! *Cue party poppers*.

So here we’ll have a look at all their social networks and show you why they are our brand of the week!



I like how all of the Netflix accounts across networks are in sync, they all have the same cover photographs advertising their latest original series as well as a few crossover posts of their best content. Their Facebook page has an incredible number of Likes and followers. I think this is in part due to the link-up partnership of Facebook and Netflix which allows you to post about what you’re watching and what you liked directly from the Netflix app. They have great original photos/images which they pair with jokey posts as well as informational ones.



Netflix on Twitter have a great voice, often cracking jokes which go down well. On top of the jokey posts they share updates on new films and shows that are upcoming or have been added to their streaming. They also retweet info about shows they have an affinity with so you can keep up to date on a shows development and news. For example Ricky Gervais recently tweeted about his show Derek getting a nomination for an award and asking people to vote for it. Netflix stream the show Derek and they retweeted his tweet to show their support. One of their most recent original picture based postings is below:





Netflix’s Instagram showcases snaps from Netflix events such as a shows première, and shots from the red carpet as well as TV show and film posters for new releases onto Netflix. They also share a fair few video Instagrams which most recently featured Christmas ornaments re-enacting scenes from movies which were being streamed, so not only are they funny but they are cleverly advertising too!

Google Plus

92,233 have them in circles

138,372 +1′s

Pretty much all of Netflix’s posts on Google Plus are shares of their latest YouTube videos and advertise the upcoming releases on the platform. There are occasional links to news articles regarding themselves and promotional pictures as well. Though it is well known as the ‘more serious’ social network I think it would pay to post the occasional humorous post as they do on their other networks, they also may want to think about posting a bit more regularly.



Their vine account is full of posts which match the video posts to their Instagram account. It seems they only joined the platform this Christmas and used it to post their Christmas decoration film parodies. If they could come up with a similar theme and continue their posts to Vine I think it would do really well!



64,158 subscribers

Being a movie and video platform it makes sense that Netflix have plentiful video content. They post often with it being common for there to be around six or seven videos uploaded in a week. Much of their content is trailers of recent shows that have been added to Netflix or are coming soon; as well as bonus clips and behind-the-scenes videos.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s 2013′s Top Christmas Social campaigns – 12th December – WestJet, Budweiser, Coke Zero, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer

WE LOVE CHRISTMAS. Here are some of our favourite Christmas Social campaigns from this year (in no particular order).

WestJet – You may recognise this from when we posted it on Likes and Fails a whole 2 days ago. This is a great PR stunt, coupled with the social tie-in; it  has led to the video being shared many times on YouTube and it has become a major success this week. Impressive work WestJet. We just wonder what would have happened if someone had wanted a Beverly Hills mansion for Christmas. Maybe they just cut them out of the video.


Budweiser – Jumpers4des began at the end of November, and with the power of tweeting they created a fantastic Christmas Jumper. Every time the hashtag #Jumpers4Des was tweeted a little bit more of the jumper was knitted with the auto-knitting machine. Pretty cool yo. I want one of the jumpers too! I love ugly Christmas Jumpers. Hint.


Coke Zero – You may have seen this one as it was rather popular on Twitter; everyone was sharing their Coke Zero ugly jumper creation in the hopes that it would get made. The website is still live though the voting and creating is now closed. The top voted 100 jumpers are becoming a reality as we speak and the lucky tweeters are awaiting their jumpers’ arrival. Again, pretty upset we didn’t get an ugly Xmas jumper out of this.

ugly coke jumper

John Lewis – The Bear and the Hare has been absolutely-blummin’-everywhere, so yeah, we had to include. Once you get past the fact that the advert is MAGICAL and MAGNIFICENT, you can see the amazing response this has had on Twitter, Google plus, YouTube Facebook, everywhere! The hashtag was #BearandHare which was hitting overtime when the video was first released, and the video now has nearly 10 and half million views! As well as inspiring loads of parody versions, which is a sure fire way to show that your campaign has made it big, It’s safe to say John Lewis has rocked this year’s festive social media campaign.


Marks and Spencer – This years campaign centred around their Christmas advert and slogan ‘Magic and Sparkle’, the advert did pretty well on YouTube after a sponsored Twitter campaign gave away sneak peeks before it’s release, as of today the ad has 978,000 views. They also ran a Twitter campaign that let users name the star of the advert, no not Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, the West Highland White terrier, either Magic or Sparkle and over 130,000 people ended up helping them decide on Sparkle. They also briefly (only brief because of how popular it was) ran a Facebook campaign called Pass the Parcel, which made users like the page first and unwrap a present in the hopes of winning a prize, then if they shared “passed” the parcel to friends you could get another go at unwrapping when they passed it back. This was very popular with prizes running out within days!

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 28th November – Ikea UK/US

Congratulations IKEA! you are our Brand of the Week on Social Media! And a Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll!



This section focuses on the UK Ikea page, the American version has a almost 3 million likes! They seem to update once daily but this is enough really, they don’t need to spam your news feed being such a huge corporation. The updates are omostly advertisement pictures but occasionally they share things that fans of the brand have sent in, like this cute picture below. Overall their sharing what sells, but to people who love the product. So as a strategy it works.



Ikea UK don’t have a twitter account apart from a now defunct Warrington one, and instead I’ve focused the second section on the USA’s Twitter. Excluding replies Ikea tweet a couple of times a day, they keep it seasonal, tweeting about Thanksgiving today! They engage regularly with their customers ad are doing a good job altogether with their Twitter feed!

Google +

Ikea haven’t set up a Google Plus account. Uh oh. Not great news in our books. They’ve set up an image header which makes us think that they must’ve thought about it, perhaps bringing post across from Facebook could start them off there. With Plus being linked more and more with YouTube it’d be a great idea for them to move into getting some content on their page, especially as their YouTube is so strong.


5,800 subscribers

The Ikea USA YouTube channel has over 8,000 subscribers, but as we’re her in the sunny isle of Britain I thought we’d focus on the Brits attempt at Ikea UK’s channel. The most recent videos, are a seasonal look at how to wrap your Christmas presents whilst still being environmentally friendly, by wrapping them in fabric! At the moment these videos are only a couple of days old and only have a couple hundred views but if the rest of the channels video view counts are to go by, I imagine the numbers will rise sharply. The other videos on their channel are mostly in the hundreds of thousands, with one even hitting the million mark. Being the largets furniture retailer in the world this isn’t very surprising!



The Ikea USA Pinterest account has over 65,000 followers! Wowzer! The UK’s Ikea Pinterest has 36 boards and 865 pins! Their most recent pins are to Christmas themed boards, with helpful boards such as Christmas ideas for him and her. They have a fantastic brand for Pinterest and so they do really well, nothing I would change here.



Ikea seem to have only recently set up their Instagram account, their first post is on the 4th of November but it’s good to see them embracing the newer social networks. They have so far posted some great shots of their products and have even posted a cute picture of some dogs resting, on their famous sheepskin rug of course.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Brand of the Week – 14th November – Lego

It’s time for our Brand of the Week, and this week we’ve decided to crown everyone’s favourite building blocks company, Lego as our winner.



On Facebook most of Lego’s posts are based around photos or videos, which is obviously the selling point of the product. They share pictures of new products, throwback as well as sharing fans of the product’s creations. They also tie in to topical events such as Halloween. They also use a hint of humour in their posts which makes their posts a joy to see. A HELICOPTER PENGUIN! HELLO?!




Lego tweets using relevant hashtags, usually with competitons as well as sharing similar content as on their Facebook page. One of their coolest most recent posts is of a model which is currently in Covent Garden, a 120,000 brick strong sculpture of a mini London in a globe. They have a strong following and as well as normal tweets they also do customer service replies.


Google Plus

116,136 people have them in circles 218,898 +1′s
On Google Plus they post less regularly, with a couple of posts every few days. They seem to use the same content as Facebook, they do however seem to get a good interaction level, which is a hard feat on Google Plus. On each post the seem to get +1′s in the hundreds, and between 30-50 comments.  Good work on the engagement Lego!


They post a picture approximately 6-7 times a month. These posts prove to be very popular with likes coming in in their thousands. If they were to up their content across the moth it’d be likely to gain them even more followers and increased engagemtn for the brand. Especially as Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular Social Network among younger smartphone users.

My Lego Network

Lego have their own personal Social Network aimed at Lego-mad kids. Great idea! It allows kids to share their creations in a fun and safe way! Great invention Lego!


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by Helen Stirling