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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 5th September – Joan Rivers remembered online & Twitter to become Facebook

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Today’s Likes and Fails to ease you into the weekend!


We were sad to hear of Joan River’s passing, but we can enjoy the memories of her fearless humour, and share words across social media. This is exactly what many people have been doing today, especially celebrity pals of Joan’s. We’ve been enjoying hearing the stories of her life, her best quotes and most memorable moments.

One thing in particular that has been going around online is an excerpt of what she said she would want her funeral to be like and it’s typically Joan. She wanted a Hollywood style funeral with no expense spared, including a weeping Meryl Streep (in 5 languages!).

joan rivers funeral

#RIPJoanRivers was trending for most of this morning (and last night in America) as tributes poured out for the memorable comedienne.



Twitter is going to turn into Facebook. Noooo! It’s the end of the world as we know it. Though I’m hoping not for those of us with Tweetdeck.

Basically it looks like the rumours are true, it appears that Twitter are going to add in an algorithm, meaning that your main feed will feature only the stories deemed most important to you. This might also mean that you may end up seeing tweets from people that you don’t even follow, but that Twitter thinks you may enjoy.

Many people are saying this isn’t as big a deal as many are making out. Though they are saying it will affect the die-hard twitter addicts the most. Will it affect breaking news stories? Will we see up to the minute action form live-tweeters? We’re yet to find out. But if the algorithm is anything like Facebook’s it could really affect the way Twitter fans interact with the service.


by Helen Stirling