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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 21st May – Spotify hits 10 million subscribers & Facebook adds video ads

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails with congratulations going to Spotify for reaching 10 million paying subscribers and Facebook is to give us more advertisements only this time in video form.


Congratulations to Spotify who today announced that they now have 10 million paying subscribers; impressive! They also couple this with 40 million overall active users in 56 markets worldwide. Chief executive of Spotify said that it had been a great year for the company what with increasing their markets from 20 to 56 and now with the 10 million paying subscribers. He also said that the news meant that Spotify was creating a lead in the digital music space and that they would focus on getting everyone in the world to listen to music.

Back in 2011 Spotify only had 2.6 million paying subscribers out of 32.8 million registered users, so that shows you how far they have come in 3 years. The newest figures also show that 30.8 million users are using the free version of spotify whihc suggests that previous free users may have moved over to a paid subscription. The site also claims since it’s 2008 launch there have been 1.5 billion playlists made and 5 million are created or updated everyday.

Bonus stats! : Eminem is the most streamed artist on Spotify of all time, Rihanna is the most streamed female artist of all Spotify time and the most streamed song is Wake Me Up by Avicii with more than 235 million streams.



Facebook has announced that they are planning to roll out auto-play video adverts to more countries. The announcement said that they are launching ‘premium video ads’ in lots of new countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil and Germany. These adverts are 15 seconds long and are silent until they are clicked when they expand in size and play sound.

The ads are apparently modelled after TV spots, and reportedly cost upwards of $1 million a day! So they are obviously only intended to appeal to advertisers with big budgets. The adverts will obviously reach a wide reaching audience (you’d hope so for that amount!) and the ads will be checked for quality and creativity before going live to the site, so safe to say there will be no “CALL SAFESTYLE UK ON 0800, BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

The adverts are going to go live in the countries mentioned above over the next few months, first they will only be from a select few advertisers who will be working closely with Facebook to gauge user reaction to the ads.

PS. We’re only really saying that this is a fail because we hate ads clogging our news feeds, it’s actually quite good news for those wanting to advertise on Facebook.

by Helen Stirling