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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – Monday 15th July 2013: Google+ and Spotify

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Google is now making it easier to find out what you’re friends are into on Google+, thanks to a new update that will roll out tomorrow. Posts that have been +1′d by people in your circles on your stream will start to become highlighted and those updates that you post which have been well-received will be highlighted in your friends’ stream as well.


Similar to the way posts are currently highlighted on Facebook, posts on Google+ will show who from your circles +1′d the post just above the content itself. Content will only appear to those who you’ve given permission to, so a post you make visible to people in your circles will stillshow up to them, whilst public posts will be available to strangers.


Spotify has had a bit of a bad day, after Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke took to Twitter to slate the music streaming service, saying that  ’new artists get paid f*ck all with this model’.

Yorke has pulled all of his solo songs, as well as those with his group Atoms for Peace, from Spotify claiming that streaming doesn’t support new artists and their music as the per-stream payments are so small.