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Dove Ban Negative Social Media Adverts

A Facebook application has been launched by Dove in Australia and Brazil that extends their ‘Real Women Community’ message. The application aims to take what they consider negative adverts and replaces them with empowering ones. Dove are aiming to reach 5 million women with their positive messages (and if 10% go buy a Dove product they’re onto a winner). 

Using Facebook is a good move from Dove as it’s rife with adverts showing perfect women selling the promise of losing 10lbs in a week. The tact of trying to take on glossy magazines and make them use ‘real’ women in adverts was exhausted long ago and Facebook is new terrain for this battle. It opens up an interesting discussion on how much Facebook should police the placement of adverts that are displayed to their users – should teenagers have diet ads displayed to them? 

Dove are often referenced for their Facebook Page and are considered a hit for their use of Timeline which goes all the way back to their launch in 1957, complete with nostalgic retro ads.