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Twitter Acuses Google of ‘Warping’ Search Results


A new study has apparently found that human’s use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter actually mirrors group behaviours that can be found in animals, including whales, monkeys and dolphins.

Intelligent animals ‘use’ groups to share information with one another – albeit without computers or smartphones – just like humans do online. The study was conducted by Dr David Lusseau, of the University of Aberdeen’s School of Biological Sciences.

Experts found evidence of animals forming cliques and gathering information to help make group decisions – in much the same way as humans use Facebook Groups to streamline discussions


Bit of a web war today, as Google has angered the Twitter Gods and now faces accusations of of ‘warping’ its search results and breaking antitrust rules by boosting posts from its Google+ social network in its standard search results.

The changes, which are currently only implemented in the US mean that when people search for information, particularly about individuals, while logged in to Google+, results from the social network will be prominently displayed on the first page of results along with other results from the wider web.

What this means is that existing Google+ users will be more likely to use the network, because they will see fewer results from outside it when they search for information

Twitter’s lead lawyer called it a ‘bad day for the internet’