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Periscope arrives on Android

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It’s finally here fellow android users! Periscope launches on the Google Play store today.

The app initially launched 2 months ago for iOS, with huge fanfare and it reached 1 million downloads in 10 days. Now after lots of tweaking and polishing it has made it’s way to android devices. The new android version has all the functionality of the iOS version but also with some added perks. These perks are a ‘return to broadcast’ version, which allows you to return to a stream after you’ve exited to do something else on your phone.

When you open Periscope on android you will be given a list of streams happening right now on the app from people that you’re following. It will also suggest that you follow everyone that you follow on Twitter to keep on top of updates on the app. If there is nothing happening when you go on the app, you can swipe right and it will have a list of broadcasts going on around the world right at that second. The app will also give you a list of the most popular users of the app, which is not always reliable, as some users try to rig the system. Finally you can view your own profile and search for users by name.

The big difference between the app on Android and the app on iOS is the way that you start a broadcast. On the android app you start a broadcast by pressing a big red button on the broadcast screens whereas on iOS you use the central tab. Overall though the app is much the same and as easy to use as the iOS version. We’re just mostly excited that it’s finally here for android!


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 22nd May – Kent Earthquake reactions and Oddschecker AU Fail

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There was an earthquake in Kent last night, in case you hadn’t noticed the furore on Social Media this morning. There are people cracking jokes about the earthquake which surprisingly hit 4.2 magnitude on the richter scale. The internet went meme crazy posting pictures sarcastically about the effects of the quake. Pictures such as a lawn chair falling over, a broken gnome and bananas that have fallen off their hanger. Now I’m not too judgemental, but these memes have been used before for similar situations, like when it was super windy here.


A large betting company in Australia has had to check their tweeting today after the posted a rather cruel jibe at a professional footballer and his girlfriend. The company posted a photo of the couple along with the mean tweet which said: ‘Sure she’s a lovely girl but someone needs to remind James Wilson that he’s a pro footballer Start abusing this privilege’. People were quite obviously outraged at the the tone and suggestion of the tweet, and the account received tons of hate spewed back at them saying that it was disgraceful. The offending tweet can be seen below. The tweet was removed after a few hours with a simply apology tweet.

There are obviously many worse things posted on Twitter everyday but if you are a brand trying to uphold an image then it’s best to not post something that feels too controversial. If you notice a tweet gaining traction for whatever reason then closely monitor it and its sentiment so it can be removed swiftly if need be! This is one example where the post snowballed up so much that loads of people saw it and took offence. Don’t let it get that far.


by Helen Stirling


Add friends on Snapchat easier with ‘Snapcodes’

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Have you noticed something different about your Snapchat ghost? Well, Snapchat has introduced a QR-type scanner to make finding and adding friends even easier. While in the app, users take a photo of a friend or favourite brands ghost, which features a unique ‘code’, then simply tap the screen to add!


Millions of Snapchatters worldwide have been taking advantage of the new feature, so this month, the app has made it even easier to share and personalise unique Snapcodes by offering downloadable vector files and branding guidelines. They can be found on Snapchat’s website.

To get you started, here’s our top three favourite brands on Snapchat:

Taco Bell:

We LOVE Taco Bell…well, tacos. We also love its social media. The brand is one of a only a few to fully embrace the platform and use it successfully to build an engaged audience. By using the app to exclusively reintroduce its very popular Beefy Crush Burrito, Taco Bell cemented its relationship with current consumers, while appealing to a new customer base by using an innovative channel. Hoorah!

The brand took its Snapchat escapades one step further this year and launched a fun and interactive Valentine’s Day campaign, offering TB-themed pun-tastic virtual greeting cards.


With the help of TB, users could then personalise the e-cards to send to their nearest and dearest. Cool, huh?

Michael Kors:

Now, you might not have thought a brand like MK would use Snapchat. Are millennials its target audience? Judging by its prices, probably not. Does Snapchat exude luxury? Hmm, we’re not sure it does. But the proof is in the pudding. MK has been going all out on social media and is actually one of the only luxury fashion brands that truly gets what social’s all about.

Following this year’s New York Fashion Week, the brand announced its presence on Snapchat. It used the app’s ‘stories’ feature to release an array of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content, and funnily enough, the reason behind moving to this new, interactive platform was in fact to engage with a younger audience. They may not be their target audience now, but by catching the attention of its next generation consumers, on a channel they love, MK was able to start building relationships for future fruition. Smart move!


This is a great example of using influencers to help you gain traction with your content and also build brand credibility. The online ordering takeaway service used Snapchat’s ‘stories’ feature also, but instead shared a sequence of divine photos that lead users to vouchers and promotion codes. In tandem, the brand welcomed Snapchat artist Michael Platco to help boost its campaign through a ‘snap a food doodle’ competition, while sharing some fun and engaging content.


Happy snapping!

by Kalli Soteriou


Twitter has just launched a handy new tool to help users discover tweets

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Although only currently available to Tweeters in America, Twitter has teamed up with Google to bring real-time content to search. As of 6pm yesterday, anyone in the U.S. searching in English will receive relevant Tweets in the results when searching within the Google app (iOS and Android) as well as mobile web surfing. Further developments include a desktop web version and a roll out to other countries in the coming months – please let the UK be next!

Twitter explained the new feature on its blog last night: “If you’re interested in hearing more from Taylor Swift, a quick search on Google will pull up her most recent Tweets. Or, if you’re a TV buff, a search for #MadMen will bring up the most relevant news and Tweets about Sunday’s series finale”.

Any interaction with the content through Google search will take you directly to Twitter where you can view the content and discover further related content.

What a perfect partnership!

by Kalli Soteriou


Social media plays a key role in promoting road safety

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We all know just how powerful social media can be. It has the ability of spreading a message, positive or not, in a matter of seconds. But what about when we consider sensitive or serious messages? Is it a good medium to use to address these issues, or is it just opening the flood gates to abuse even when a brand or organisation means well? This morning, I’ve read two news items about how organisations in the UK and USA have used advertising and social media to help promote the importance of road safety. One, I assume, will be received well by the public. However, the other has already suffered huge backlash as opposers take to the social-sphere to rant their concerns. Let’s delve a little deeper.

The Isle of Man’s Constabulary has today launched this year’s TT road safety campaign, which will see social media take the lead in helping to deliver key messages during the festival. Using its Twitter feed, @tweetbeatIOM, the organisation will provide a mixture of up-to-date information about road safety and traffic updates using #SafeSummerRidingIOM, #ShareTheRoadIOM and #IOMTT. The campaign builds on its poster campaign from previous years which aims to reduce the number of accidents that occur during the festival. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this one and see how it pans out.


Now, when it comes to billboard advertising we have seen a few hiccups. Firstly there was the Hell Pizza angora coated billboard which was launched to promote the New Zealand company’s Easter special. We can all be sure that one didn’t go down to well with animal right activists.



And then there was this billboard fail. Need I say anymore?


But the Colorado Department of Transportation is already getting backlash for a seemingly innocent billboard campaign. To promote seatbelt safety, the CDOT put up billboards with partial information to tease out its messages, featuring phrases like, “Life or Death”, “Brain Damage” and “Windshield Ejection”. Yesterday afternoon, a seatbelt was added, covering up the second word of each phrase with the strapline, “Buckle Up. Seatbelt Enforcement Is On.”


Over the weekend, before the seatbelt was added, the CDOT posted a picture of the advertising on its Facebook page, asking its audience to keep an eye out and what they thought about it. Hello open flood gates. Within minutes there was an uproar. People seemed to think that instead of investing in this poor advertising, the CDOT should have spent the money on repairing the roads and potholes – which cause accidents! Others questioned the use of billboards all together when it comes to road safety, stating that they’d rather keep their eyes on the road – fair point.


Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that the CDOT got it wrong, as the billboard has sparked conversation and debate, pushing its message out further. And as a channel, where better to promote road safety? Talk about knowing where your audience is. But I guess what is key here is that when approaching a sensitive subject such as road safety, it’s important to consider 1) Can the message be misconstrued in any way? 2) If it can, how will you deal with ay negativity? and 3) Will this do more social ‘good’ than ‘bad’?

by Kalli Soteriou


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 12 May – Wales goes nuts on social about semi-naked ad campaign and moustaches become the new beard

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NAT Group, a bus company in south Wales, has been the butt of some serious social media backlash after it slapped semi-naked figures across ten of its fleet with the tongue in cheek strapline, “Ride me all day for £3”. According to a statement from the brand, who has now withdrawn the ads, the campaign was aimed at the younger generation, trying to make the provider more attractive to increase its customer base.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.08.17

Among (many) cries of racism and sexism from the general public, even Charlotte Church piped up:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.14.36

In fairness they did have men and women featured on the buses, so in my opinion it’s less sexism and more just perhaps a bit too edgy for Wales (or maybe a very clever PR stunt!).


Are moustaches the new beards? Well, word of a rather fashionable policeman with impeccable face fuzz is sweeping across the Twittersphere that could put the bearded man to shame. Within minutes of the image being uploaded, the moustached mastermind’s handlebar was trending with the hashtag #hipstercop. What followed was a barrage of incredibly cheery memes. Bully!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.34.04

by Kalli Soteriou


Rejoice! Twitter has rolled out the ‘Retweet with comment’ feature.

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Amy Jellicoe Twitter

We’ve all been there, we’ve wanted to retweet a tweet with our own hilarious spin on things, but that darn word count gets in our way. The world needs to hear our comment on things! What will we do?! Awkwardly abbreviate our words so we look like we’ve sent a text from our old Nokia phone? Retweet and then send a separate tweet with comments about said tweet? Or just scrap the tweet altogether. Heaven forbid.

Well now Twitter has come up with a brilliant solution. You can now ‘quote’ the tweet and add your own comment with the increased allowance of 116 characters! Whaaaat?! You can basically comment on retweets. This is the best addition to Twitter in a long time. Most other recent changes have been morphing Twitter into a bit of a Facebook clone, but this one, well it’s still doing that, but it’s much more practical and useful than adding a new profile design.

It’s simple to use, on Twitter where you would normally click retweet you get the pop-up as usual and now you can pick ‘quote tweet’ this allows you to use the new feature. If you choose this option it will push the tweet you decided to retweet as a card into your tweet and then you can make your own comment and send! It’s really that simple.

This is a good step for crediting original authors in tweets as well as notifying others that their tweet is being mentioned, which sometimes gets lost in sub-tweeting. All in all a good step forward. Nice one Twitter.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th March – Emma Watson He for She and Farage’s Tweet

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Good morning, here are today’s Likes and Fails! Emma Watson spends International Women’s Day discussing gender equality issues and Nigel Farage sent a stupid tweet and got stupid answers.


emma watson

Emma Watson has been at it again, speaking out for women’s rights, this time she participated in a live web chat on Sunday 8th March, appropriately International Women’s Day. She hosted the live chat on Facebook and took time to answer some questions that women from around the world had sent in following her call a week earlier. Facebook helped to host the event and helped to stream the event to thousands. Greg James volunteered to help present and act as interviewer for the discussion about women’s rights.

You can watch the first part of this interview on facebook here:



Nigel Farage, a man possibly never to grace the likes section of our blog has been making a bit of an idiot of himself on Twitter. The politician posted a photograph of himself on Twitter and asked the public if they could name what was behind him in the picture. Of course the sarcastic comments came rolling in, though a lot of them were more straight up rude than sarcastic.

The best sarcastic answer I saw was ‘The Sea, dumbass’. Though many made a mockery of what he decided to wear comparing his outfit to that of Mr Toad from the Wind in the Willows. Another great response was ‘your best years’. All hilarious. Politicians should really learn to think before they post on Twitter. Though, I’m sure they all expect it nowadays.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th February – 6 year old boy gets Facebook party & Feminist banning on Instagram

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


A mother was so upset after she arranged a Birthday party for her 6 year old with autism and no children showed up she turned to Facebook. She had invited 16 children from her son’s class, but no kids, or realistically none of their parents took them to the party. Naturally you don’t want your child to spend their sixth Birthday alone so a mother posted in a local community group urging anyone who could come by that day to celebrate her boy’s birthday with him and boy did they turn up. Eventually 16 kids showed up to the party and not only that the local services, like the police and the firemen showed up and let the boy try out the fire truck. They even brought him lots of toys for presents.


See Facebook isn’t always bad.


An Instagram account called ‘feminists on Tinder has been removed and suspended and feminists are not happy about it. Th account shares messages that a female Tinder user has had with male users on the site about feminism. The account does not violate guidelines but has been removed from the site twice. bviously a lot of people wanted to know why the account had been banned and started the hashtag #wewillnotbesilenced to help discover Instagrams reasoning and also to hopefully get the account reinstated. For some reason Instagram has not yet commented. Clearly not all about equal rights. What a big fat fail.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails- 18th February – Video special

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails, and today we have a video special. Ooooh! The first video takes a look at dating on Tinder for the over 80s and the second is a funny fail video of a man ashamed he’s going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey.


Tinder is so hot right now. Seriously. I can’t go a day without seeing some sort of article about it online, or some male work-mates showing me something on it. I guess the women are more quiet about their tinder escapades. I actually even saw an article today saying that Tinder had reached a peak usage on Valentine’s Day this year. So this video comes bang at the right time, the video is about a Grandfather on Tinder. Yes, it veils itself as a funny experiment of how women would react if they turned up to a tinder date and found out their date was 89 years old. Really it seems like the 21 year old who made the video was using his grandfather as a conversation starter,  but still it’s blummin’ enjoyable.

One woman is slightly obsessed with ‘pegging’ I will warn you, but the rest of the dates are delightfully awkward and willing to talk to Joe before his grandson swoops in to lay on the charm. Enjoy this video below.


The second video of today is a funny news clip where it appears that a man is embarrassed to be walking into a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey by himself. I mean, Maybe he’d just nipped out to the loo and was coming back in to meet his date, but he definitely did not want to be caught on the camera that had been set up in the screen for quick vox pops of cinemagoers on their way in to the screen. The comedy back away from the camera he does is great and the slow resigned walk back in when he realises there’s really no other way past is great. The awkward smile planted on his face the whole time. I mean it’s a fail for this man, but a win for everyone on the internet.

by Helen Stirling