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Facebook Announce News Aggregator for Journalists – FB Newswire

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Not content with just being a social network where friends can share baby pictures and what they had for lunch, Facebook has launched a service for journalists and newsrooms, in order to make it easier for them to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook, which is aptly named FB Newswire.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 21.01.03

FB Newswire is powered by Storyful, who are the current leader in social content discovery and verification for newsrooms. Andy @10Yetis Barr and I were lucky enough to see Claire Wardle (@cward1e) from Storyful speak at News:Rewired last year about some oof the work they do, and they are definitely worth reading up on if you want to learn more about identifying and verifying content online.

The newswire aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly on Facebook by individuals and organisations from around the word, which journalists can then use in their reporting. The updates include photos, videos and status updates posted by people on the site.

Facebook announced the venture on their blog, Facebook Newsroom, that they are confident journalists will find “compelling social content from Facebook” for use in their stories. They have also referenced the fact that referral traffic to media sites grew more than four times in 2013, and that the media has become an integral part of Facebook, initially with the trending stories, and now with their own newswire.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Facebook Newswire is used across the media, and whether it Facebook eventually becomes as synonymous with news as Twitter is. Whilst there are a lot of things I dislike about Facebook, the addition of trending topics has been one of the better ideas that has been inflicted in my timeline, so I’m hoping that FB Newswire has a similar, positive, effect.

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by Iona St Joseph


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th April – Reddit saves the day & #myNYPD backfires

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Today’s Likes and Fails both feature the NYPD, first as part of the amazing rescue of a missing woman with Alzheimers who was found thanks to Reddit, and then because of the hijack of their Twitter hashtag to showcase police brutality. Oh dear.


A person in New York posted to the New York subreddit after his mother, who has Alzheimers went missing. His initial posting stated the time and place that his mother went missing and provided a description of her and then a few photographs so people knew what to look out for. He said to either contact him through Reddit or to directly ring the NYPD who were aware of her disappearance but ideally to ring the police first, which makes sense.

The great bit about this story is that shockingly a Redditor that had seen the post, happened to spot a woman which he felt matched the description and it did turn out to be the missing mother. He posted a comment that he had spotted her on his way home from work checked her against the  pictures, asked for her name, told her that her familt were looking for her and then escorted her to a nearby hotel where he rang the NYPD who came and identified her and called an ambulance as a precaution. He then apparently messaged the original poster letting them know their mother was safe before posting the comment to let the community know she had been found. Commenters were shocked as they said it must’ve literally been like looking for a needle in a haystack.


This is a great coming together of people online to help others in need and it’s great to hear such a great success story. It was so popular on Reddit that it was submitted to the best of subreddit and the commenter who found the mother got gifted Reddit Gold 27 times! You can see the whole post here.


This is almost slightly related , in that today’s fail comes from the NYPD, whose recent social campaign has been hijacked, much like the ‘I shop at Waitrose because’ fiasco and the #McDstories hashtag hijack.

The idea was to have people tweet in pictures of them with their friendly NYPD policemen with the hashtag #myNYPD showing how they were a great part of the community. Obviously when anything like this is started it instantly will be seen by trolls or other tweeters hopping on the bandwagon in not necessarily a good way. A few tweeters have begun tweeting images of what some are calling Police Brutality but most images seem to come form the Occupy Wall Street events  of a couple of years ago. Some photos posted have also not been verified as real. Though obviously Police Brutality is not something to be taken lightly.

The deputy chief of the NYPD has since said that the sharing of the uncensored photos is good dialogue for the city. Which realistically is a great way to handle the hijack of the hashtag. Despite these more uncensored photos making their way into the hashtag’s conversation there are still many photos being shared that show a friendly and happy NYPD.

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by Helen Stirling


New Twitter profiles roll out.

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Twitter have today announced that the new profile pages that we’ve been hearing and seeing so much about are finally rolling out to all new users today. The site has been testing the new profile design since February and over the last weeks had rolled out the new profile design to high profile users of the site.

The new design has divided users with some saying that it copies Facebook too much, and others like the new design and the larger images. The design has lots of new features and areas. There is now a main bar next to your profile photo which gives users easy access to the main areas of your page. Your tweets, your followers, those you follow and your favourites are among the links you can easily find here. You may notice that the header image is much bigger and so is your profile image, so some would say less forgiving! You can also easily find the info about you listed under your profile image.

On the main Tweets section of your page you can now have pinned Tweets, which allows you to pin any of your Tweets to the top of your profile page, so if there’s something in particular you want everyone to see when they get to your page then you can sort that now. You can also notice which of your tweets have received the best engagement as they are displayed larger and in a larger font.

You can also now filter tweets, when you look at other profiles you can select which type of timeline you want to view, Tweets, Tweets with photos and videos and Tweets with replies. There is also a new look to the ‘following’ section which shows all the users you follow in a card set up, which displays the profile image, the header image, name, Twitter handle and their bio.

asma twitter

If you’re interested in getting the new profile you can do it here.


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by Helen Stirling


The Best Inspirational Twitter Accounts to Follow.

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We all like a good inspirational story or a bit of motivation to make us want to get up and do something. This is the thing you should be reading. We’ll share with you some of the best Twitter accounts to follow to feel like you can tackle anyhting and to fill you with inspiration. These are in no particular order.

1. @_StephensStory


We’re going to start with this Twitter account after we shared a story early about Stephen and his fight against terminal cancer and the fact that he has now successfully raised £1 million for The Teenage Cancer Trust. Stephen tweets out daily about his struggle and his zest for life, and is attributed to such lovely quotes like the one above. The fact that his dedicating the rest of his life to raising money for others is admirable and though he sadly believes he is nearing the end of his life I’m sure his family will carry on his amazing legacy.

2. @SimonSinek


Simon is an author and a leader,  his tweets consist of uplifting and motivating messages about leadership as well as simply being human. The quotes he comes up with are truly inspiring and just having a quick scan down his twitter feed I already feel more powerful and motivated. If you don’t feel the same, well I don’t know what to say to that really!

3. @Oprah


The classic, Oprah is known for her inspirational stories that she shares as well as her spiritual advice and guidance. Her twitter feed is no different, she often sends out positive messages to her 28 million followers, though she does often share different sorts of tweets around her TV shows and channels, but the majority of her updates seem to be motivational.

4. @AdmireMyInspire


This Twitter account is literally just set up for inspirational quotes. They’re definitely plentiful too with several posts a day. Many posts are quotes attributed to other people or are retweets of other quotes that they have seen. I can guarantee that they’ll make you want to be a better person.

5. @TonyRobbins


Tony Robbins is famous in America as a life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker. As you’d expect his timeline on Twitter mirrors that; with posts about reaching for success as well as links to other motivational articles. He must be doing something right as he has over 2 million followers!

6. @TheJeetBanerjee


This a more business based account for motivation; if you want to climb the ladder of success then look no further than here for inspirational articles about success in the workplace. Jeet is only 21 but his advice is sound, he’s already been a TEDx speaker and is a best-selling author. On his feed you’ll find lots of links to articles which can help you improve on the road to success as well as his own personal quotes and he is very active at replying to those interested in what he has to say.

7. @DixieDynamite


Dixie is another life coach who shares her life advice on Twitter, her words are again motivational and inspirational, as the others but Dixie seems to be very active in chatting with her followers. She often shares advice from other followers well which is great for a larger perspective on life and musings about it.

8. @PersDevQuotes

This account does what it says on the tin. It’s chok-a-block full of quotes to inspire you towards your own personal development. This is in all capacities, whether it be success, happiness or confidence.

9. @0

Yes, @0 is a real account and it is all about motivation and inspiration. Most of the posts on this account are quotes on pictures but sometimes it’s just nice to see an inspirational quote picture… not that they really get me going. Though the quotes that are shared are very good.

10. @BeFitMotivation


A lot of fitness motivation quote Twitter accounts can have way too many photographs of skinny women posing in gym gear, but this one balances it out well, there are great quotes to help you keep motivated for your workout or your Gym trip.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 23rd April – Stephen’s Story & Nearby Friends Facebook feature.

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We’re back, we’re stuffed with Easter chocolate and in all honesty feeling a little bit ill. But our dedication to bringing you the best Likes and Fails of the day has pulled us through. Here we go…


Stephen’s Story.

Stephen is a 19 year old with terminal cancer who has done wonders for the  awareness of the disease and has raised an incredible amount of money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. Stephen was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 15 and has been fighting the disease since that, he found out that it was likely terminal 2 years after the initial diagnosis and decided to live his life to the fullest and set himself some goals. His first goal was to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust Charity which he smashed easily and he had some more fun personal goals which achieved, which were to ‘hug an animal bigger than him’, he hugged an Elephant, he also managed to skydive between treatments, as well as visiting 10 Downing Street and meeting Jimmy Carr. He regularly shares his life and fundraising updates on his Facebook page, his Twitter, his Just Giving page and on his website.

After raising his initial target of £10,000 he decided to set a new goal of £1 million to raise for the charity. Sadly over the weekend Stephen announced across his social platforms that he’d suddenly been taken ill into hospital and that one of his lungs had collapsed. He began posting ‘Goodbye’ messages and promised to keep sharing updates as much as he could but that he was feeling very weak. He said he hoped that people would continue to donate and that his page would now be run by a family member.

Stephen’s story is a fantastic one, and many people have been sharing his farewell post on Facebook, and the total on his JustGiving page has jumped up to an impressive £893,000 and it looks as if he may very well reach the £1 million he so greatly wanted. We all hope that he gets to see the total reach that height. You can donate to the cause here: Stephen’s Story

UPDATE: The total has reached £1 million!


Facebook has unveiled a new feature, which, although optional puts questions into our mind about future privacy on the site. Yes we know realistically nothing on the internet is private anyway, but this new feature brings Facebook stalking your friends to a whole new level. The feature called ‘Nearby Friends’ does exactly what you expect; via GPS the feature allows you to track where your nearby friends are on a map.


Useful if you are planning to meet up and you arrive early, it actually gives you something to do while you awkwardly stand around looking at your phone. Conversely, I doubt your friend will put the feature on if they’re ‘running late and will be 5 minutes’ because otherwise you’ll be able to see that they’re realistically still at home and not 5 minutes away.

For the feature to work both you and your friend have to have the feature on and you have to allow the feature to share info about your location with your friend. So slightly less creepy, though Facebook did announce that thought it doesn’t use GPS ‘right now’ to target users with adverts it is possible that data from ‘nearby friends’ could share its data for advert targeting in the future.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th April – Boston Sports teams commemorate & Virgin Media messes up

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It’s the weekend!! It’s Easter too so we get to eat loads of Chocolate from tomorrow, screw the diet! Here are our Likes and Fails for this Thursday.


Boston Sports Teams come together to commemorate

It’s now been a year since the tragic Boston Marathon bombing and to commemorate those that were lost and injured, and on the anniversary, the 15th April, all the 5 major Boston-area Sports teams came together and remembered them in a lovely way. They displayed heart-warming camaraderie by all tweeting out the same message at 10am on the anniversary.

The team’s Social Media Managers apparently touch base regularly and decided it would be a nice idea to do the synchronised message and they planned to make sure they were striking the appropriate tone and remembering the day appropriately. They thoufhght it would be a great idea to be a united front and have the five major sports teams representing a unified message.

You can see the tweet below which was shared by, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics and the New England Revolution.



Virgin Media accidentally sends emails to loads of customers

Customers were not impressed recently when Virgin Media sent out an email to customers without BCC’ing other emails, therefore displaying the 100,000 odd emails to every person on the list, which meant that they could easily hit Reply All and send anything they wanted to all the email address. Those affected seem to mainly be those with a email address though Virgin Media insist only a ‘small proportion’ were affected.

The mishap came from one of their suppliers who sent the email and Vrigin say they are investigating the case. One particular disgruntled user said that she was upset that they could allow such a major mishap to occur and also that they hadn’t even been sent a personal apology. 

A Virgin Media spokesperson said:

‘A small proportion of our customers have received an email from one of our suppliers which, if they reply-all, it is sent to a wider group.

‘We’re investigating exactly what has happened and, in the meantime, advise people not to respond to this email. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.’

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by Helen Stirling


Quick tips to refresh your Social Media

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It’s Spring, well ok we know it’s already halfway into Spring but now is most definitely the prefect time to give your Social Media a good old spring clean and hopefully refresh it enough so that you may gain new followers and get a whole new outlook on your accounts. So here we are to help you out, we’re like a handy feather duster that you need to reach those dustiest parts of your accounts. Or well, something like that.

1. Update, update, update

Everything, and we mean everything needs to be updated!

Bios: on Twitter, Facebook pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, anywhere, check them all and update them to something you think will get you noticed. Sometimes bios can be left for so long that things like ages, jobs and names have changed! Make sure people know who you are and what you’re about.

Pictures: now I’m not one to talk about this, because my Twitter picture has been the same for about 3 years now. But it is good to update your picture regularly, again especially if you have any noticeable changes in your appearance. I find that if someone on Twitter changes their picture and they tweet I really notice it, mainly as I’m scanning tweets all day so I’m used to the normal colours and patterns of the people I follow. So when I see a picture I don’t recognise I really notice it and it can often make me look twice at their tweet. Though there could be a downside to this, that people will notice you and could possibly think ‘why am I following them again?’ and unfollow you.

You may also want to think about updating your cover photos, and background images, theses are especially important on Google Plus and Facebook pages as they draw the main attention on your page when you visit it initially.

2. Refresh your content

You may have a long-running system that you get your content from the same websites over and over again, I know I’m often guilty of it. Give things a bit of a mix-up by looking up some new sites and gather some new content as well as giving your musings on life. A good way to gather up new news sources quickly is by using an RSS feed like Feedly, it means all you news is in one place, and you can easily categorise the sites into topics so you can find the sort of stories you’re looking for.

3. Do some spring cleaning!

It may be cut-throat but now is the time to clear out some of your followers. Those that are either inactive or fake *gasp* need to be rid of, people aren’t stupid these days and know if you’ve been boosting your numbers by paying for them. Also it’s a good idea to clear out your follows that may not serve any value to you any more, do you find yourself skimming past their every tweet? Might as well get rid of them! Obviously don’t announce your cull like some obnoxious accounts do, but do make sure you’re making the right decision, if they’re still providing value and conversation then keep them in the forefront of your social activity.

4. Reach out (and touch me!) 

Don’t really, but do put the effort in to push conversations, try and find more time to reply to tweets that interest you, if you aren’t already! This is especially easy to do if you’ve paid attention to the above tip, as everyone in your timeline will hopefully be saying something interesting! I can’t guarantee it though. As well as replying to others try and make a concious effort to start conversations, a good way to get initial interest is using hashtags, I wouldn’t recommend on Facebook though. Google Plus and Twitter are great for hashtags as that’s how most conversations are formed, and they both have trending topics which you can take advantage of too.

So there we have it, a few quick and easy tips to freshen up your content, go forth and Febreeze your Twitter, Hoover your Facebook and feather dust your Google Plus.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 16th April – BBC News best News brand on Twitter & Google Plus adds new features

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails. BBC news is killing it on Twitter and Google Plus is adding new changes to try and entice users.


Nice one BBC

The BBC have won the Twitter war, if there ever was one? BBC is officially the most shared News brand on Twitter with 2.71 million stories shared over a month. It gets even better though, the news site has seen 96 million unique users in March this year which up 26% on their usual monthly average of 76 million uniques. The reason for the rise in traffic could be due to their coverage on the missing Malaysia MH370 flight.

The BBC website has also seen a whopping 88% year on year increase in mobile traffic to reach 24 million users, and the desktop site has remained stable at around 56 million users a month.


Google Plus adds new features

I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but Google Plus have given in to people’s narcissistic ways and has put a new feature on profiles. The new feature on profiles is page views, so yes, that means everyone can see how many people have visited your profile to have a look around. The results are quite interesting, I don’t know how it makes you feel but I was very surprised. I assume that Google think that it will encourage users to become more active to up their page views , which may work, or it may have the opposite effect making people shun their account altogether.

I don’t really know what this is meant to tell you about your profile either? For example on my page I only have 43 followers and have somehow had 16,000 views? You tell me what that means.

So not only do people know how many people care about you being on Google Plus but also they can see how many people have viewed your posted photos. This is pretty cool because I do often wonder if anyone has actually seen any of my snapshots, but then again, looking at them and seeing 0 views would be pretty depressing…

So overall we don’t know what to think about this new feature for the site, but I just hope that it will encourage uptake on the site because I really do like it, just a shame it’s a Ghost Town.

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 15th April – London Marathon donations for runner are touching & Us airways suffer a major Twitter fail

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Today’s Likes and Fails are here. A lovely story of how people have rallied together to raise money for the charity that a runner who sadly died following the London Marathon on Sunday and the story of a terrible mess up on US Airways Twitter feed.


You may have heard the recent news that a man sadly died after collapsing at the end of the London Marathon on Sunday. The 42 year old has since been named as Robert Berry and it was also announced that he was running the marathon in aid of the National Osteoporosis Society. He had been running a JustGiving page to raise his sponsorship money and had a target of £1,700 to give to the charity. Since the identity of the man has come out people have been flocking to his JustGiving page and donating money in memory of the runner. As of time of writing the page has raised an impressive £45,000 which according to the page is 2700% more than he intended to raise.


It’s lovely that other marathon runners that were there on the day and other well wishers have flocked to support Rob and his legacy and it’s especially good to know that the Charity will be getting recognition and help, which I’m sure Rob would have been thrilled about.

The charity released a lovely statement for Rob too:

“It is with great sadness that the National Osteoporosis Society has learnt of the death of Robert Berry, one of our runners in this weekend’s London Marathon.

The charity would like to express its heartfelt condolences to Mr Berry’s family and friends.

On the request of the family we will not be releasing any further statements and would ask for your understanding at this sad and difficult time.”


This has been all over the internet today so I couldn’t ignore it. US Airways is well and truly in the doghouse after posting a very graphic image to their Twitter. It all started innocently enough with a customer complaint to the airline being replied to by the account, and the angry woman replied again and here is where it got interesting, but not in a good way. They replied saying she should submit an official complaint and review via the link, however I don’t think the link they posted was the one they meant to. The link was actually an image and a very rude one at that. It depicts a naked woman with her legs spread and a toy plane landing, well, let’s just say somewhere very inappropriate.


Obviously the faux-pas took off on Twitter instantly and the image is now scarred into all our minds. As soon as US Airways noticed their mistake they removed the tweet and sent out an apology tweet, in which they said they were investigating how it happened. The one thing that hasn’t been reported in all the news sources is whether the initial tweeter got her problems sorted? I must know! Did they apologise to her too? Will she sue for the distress it caused her? Who knows?!

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by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 14th April – Stephen King in GoT spoiler shocker (We’re Spoiler free) & Boris Johnson gets flappy.

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It’s the start of the Easter week and here is a look at what we’re liking and what is failing today.


In possibly the greatest Flappy Bird rip-off so far, comes Flappy Mayor. Yes it’s exactly what you’re thinking. You have to guide a flappy Boris Johnson through pipes embellished with the late Bob Crow’s head exactly like Flappy Bird but seemingly more hilarious. The homage to the London Mayor has the simple description of “How to play? TAP TAP TAP TAP to make the mayor flap around a lot! (Like his day job.)” Which sounds like an accurate description to us.

The app follows in a long line of Flappy bird parodies, previous incarnations have taken doge (the popular shiba Inu meme), Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and made them flap their way along a maze of pipes. The game went through some previous controversy when the app’s creator pulled it from the app store after it became too popular and said it had been ruining his life. The copycat apps quickly came in and now there are thousands of versions of the mobile game in the App Store.


Stephen King upsets followers with Game of Thrones spoiler. So episode 2 of series 4 of Game of Thrones aired Sunday evening and lets just say a big event happens in it, not the Red Wedding big, but big. There may be a death involved but I’m not saying who’s, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you like Stephen, GAWD, STEPHEN.

To be honest King defended himself and did make a lot of sense, the books have been out for a long time, people could have easily run into a spoiler at any point, anywhere, especially today where the internet is literally spoiler filled. He also cemented his point by sending out another spoiler that Romeo and Juliet die in the 5th act. Which I’m sorry if you didn’t know, but seriously it’s like one of the most famous plays ever.

To be honest, King should have thought of the wrath he would receive from Game of Thrones die-harders who were just trying to catch up on one of their favourite authors tweets when BAM! They see the shocking news about the episode they have not yet watch. Probably best to keep this in mind next time you make a comment on Twitter Steve.

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by Helen Stirling