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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th September – I’m a voter button rolls out for referendum & Passenger shaming starts up on Instagram

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Today’s Likes and Fails looking at the voting button added to Facebook for the Scottish referendum as well as a passenger shaming account on Instagram.



Facebook has launched an “I’m a voter” button ahead of the referendum tomorrow. The vote for Scottish Independence takes place tomorrow and is currently all over the UK news, as the outcome of the vote tomorrow could be a historic decision.  The button will appear for voters at the top of theor homepage with a megaphone logo inviting them to post about whether they have voted. It will not show whether you have voted yes or no.  Facebook have said:

“Studies show that when people see their Facebook friends talking about voting, they are more likely to vote themselves. We hope the ‘I’m a Voter’ button will make it easy for voters to share that they are taking part in the referendum at the end of months of debate and discussion.”

This button has been used for the last three US elections as well as the EU parliamentary election and the Indian general election. It has proved to have huge reach, and as Facebook say, it encourages others to go out and vote too.

Great idea to get everyone involved and interested in the big vote that’s coming tomorrow.



A new account on Instagram is Passenger shaming people, mostly on planes, who do ridiculous things when travelling. You know, the type of people who make your entire journey a living hell. Well this new account is documenting and shaming these ridiculous people who feel it’s necessary to do stupid things such as leave condoms on the floor, let their children use the potty in an aisle, contort into comfortable positions and others.

It looks as if the account has Facebook and Twitter too so if you’d rather follow the shaming on another medium then you definitely have that choice. The account already has nearly 25,000 followers which proves this sort of thing is popular. Though I think i’d get pretty bored of these sort of images, as well as annoyed which is a feeling I’d rather not have to deal with whilst looking at my Instagram feed.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 16th September – Awesome YouTube Mash-Up & Bate-taste jumper from Urban Outfitters

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails.


This is an awesome video we spotted today which takes existing musical YouTube videos and mixes them together to create an awesome whole new original song. The song features a little girl in a princess dress playing the piano, a great singer, several different drum tracks as well as countless other instruments. The video is created by a guy known as Kutiman and the mix is fantastic, it’s hard tp believe it’s not a released song. The female signer used in the track is great as well. This track should definitely get some recognition and I really hope ut does so that these musicians can get together in a room for real and create something great! Watch the video below.


Urban Outfitters have been forced to apologize online after they put a jumper up for sale on their website which offended a lot of people. The jumper was listed as a ‘vintage Kent State’ jumper, which is fine, what’s not fine is that the jumper looked as if it had blood spatters on it as part of the design.

There was an outcry on Twitter and other Social media about how distasteful the jumper was regarding the fact that Kent State was part of a very well known shooting massacre on campus, which affected the whole of the USA back in 1970. The marks on the jumper which look like blood spatters are clearly a horrendous oversight on their part.

Thankfully Urban Outfitters took the item down after their attention was drawn to it. Though really this item should never have been approved in the first place.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday round-up – 15th September – Facebook campaign to find attackers, Snapchat settles dispute & Facebook tries out self-deleting messages

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Here we are with a quick round-up of some of the news stories you may have missed over the weekend.

A Schoolgirl has set up a Facebook campaign to find the men who attacked her


A girl from Scarborough was beaten up in an unprovoked attack on her walk home from a meal out. Three men called at her, she ignored them and walked fatser, and then the men pushed her against a wall which made her nose bleed and gave her a fat lip, as well as then kicking her in the back when she was on the floor. This horrendous attack has now been shared on Facebook with pictures of the girls injuries and alongside appeals to find the cowardly men who did this to her. The posting has been shared over 3,000 times as of posting and hopefully it will help to find these horrible men so they get what they deserve.
Snapchat settles dispute
Snapchat have quietly settle an issue with a founding memeber, whilst everyone was busy getting excited, or not excited about the new iPhone 6 announcement. Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy have now acknowledged that a guy called Frank Brown (a friend from college), was crucial in the invention and creation of Snapchat. This settlement came just a fortnight after Snapchat was valued at £6 billion. Originally Mr Brown was suing the company for $800 million dollars, but the details of the settlement have been kept private, so no one knows whether he actually made the original  amount.
Facebook tries out self-deleting messages 


Facebook is desperately copying Snapchat these days and they’re currently trying out another feature related to their favourite app. They’re thinking of adding a feature which will allow users to schedule the automatic deletion of their posts. The option is said to be being explored after interest from Facebook users for such a feature. Posts that have been shared with a scheduled delete time cannot be shared by other users, though comments and likes will be available. This is not the first time Facebook has attempted to emulate Snapchat. In June this year they launched a new app called Slingshot which basically is a Snapchat copycat, the only main difference is that you have to send an image to open one that you received. Let’s hope they get over this Snapchat obsession soon and work on something more important like their annoying ‘Top Stories’ feed.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 12th September – Grandma-ster Flash & Manchester Dogs home fire

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


This latest mistake made by a load of elders on Facebook is absolutely hilarious. Clearly the mistake is a fail, but the fail is so funny we’re counting it as a like. So Grandpas and Grandmas worldwide have been accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash in their statuses or wall posts on Facebook. That’s it really, you simply have to look at the posts to appreciate how funny this is. We only wish that Grandmaster Flash would put out a statement with his reaction to these posts!

From finding out this fact we found the ‘Love, Grandmaster Flash’ Tumblr which puts all these fantastic posts together. Not only this, but it also led us to find a hilarious subreddit, /r/oldpeoplefacebook - which does what it says on the tin. It features loads of posts from older people who aren’t quite understanding Facebook or who have made some funny mistakes on the site.






Today we woke up to the sad news that there was an awful fire in Manchester at a dogs home, where around 50 dogs sadly lost their lives. Unfortunately it seems like the fire was started as an act of arson which is truly horrible to think about. Luckily there were some dogs saved from the blaze by some heroes who ran into the fire to save them. We can’t believe that something so horrible has happened and that’s why we’ve put this as a fail, but really we’ve had faith restored by the community surrounding this horrible crime. Soon after news of the fire broke there was a support page set up on a charity funding website as well as a support page being setting up on Facebook where people can offer support and help, such as some people offering homes for the dogs, others offering food and blankets.


There were also many donations taken to the centre in the wake of the fire with impressive amounts of food and blankets being provided to them. The donations on the Just Giving page aimed to reach £5,000 but as of this moment nearly half a million pounds have been raised! We’re impressed with how people have banded together in the wake of this. It’s clear that people are becoming more open to donating to charity this year, and whether it’s a vanity project or not there is no harm in more money being raised for charity!

You can donate here.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 11th September – Play Store increase refund window & Facebook ban advert for baby in need

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails!



Google Play has increased its refund window on the play store to 2 hours. This means that you can now try out an app for 2 hours on your device and if you’re not happy with it you can get a refund from the store and it will be uninstalled from your device. They had apparently already been offering this service but now there has been an official announcement from the company. Before the change was made Android users only had 15 minutes to decide whether they wanted to keep the app. This is obviously quite a short period to get a feel for an app, and say if you were distracted by something like a phone call then you may miss the refund window.

Google have made a great decision in doing this, the two hour window is much more reasonable to return an app. So once you’ve paid and downloaded an app the page for the app on the store displays the choices ‘Open’ to open the app and ‘Refund’. the refund button will be displayed there for 120 minutes after the purchase. After this time it will change to an uninstall button which will mean you can no longer receive the refund. Also if you change your mind and decide to buy it again you can’t at this point receive another refund.


A father with a very ill 2 month old son has been working tirelessly on Facebook and other Social Media to help find his son a heart donor for a transplant which he desperately needs. Recently on Facebook the man decided to boost a recent post which involved a picture of his baby in the post. Obviously as his child is not very well and has a heart condition, he has medical tubes all around him, but it looks as if Facebook didn’t take this into account when they banned the advert because they thought it was ‘Graphic’.


As you can see from the image above the reasoning compares the image to scary, graphic images, which it clearly is not and clearly it brought up an emotional response from the boys father. He was upset that Facebook had described the photo of his son in this way as well as taking out crucial time from the advert posting.

Not cool Facebook.

As the story hit the media Facebook issued an apology and reinstated the advert on the site. However the father did say that noone from Facebook had contacted him directly and that he’d only heard about the apology through the press. So though they did the right thing by reinstating the advert they could have been a little more caring with these people’s feelings and sent them an apology.

by Helen Stirling


Net Neutrality – What you need to know. (10th September – Internet Slowdown Day)

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You may or may not have heard of the term ‘Net Neutrality’, if you frequent Reddit, it would have been hard for you to not hear about it. The current argument mainly concerns the USA, but I thought I’d give you an overview of what it’s all about, what the current argument is and what’s happening with all these websites showing their solidarity as well as how it might affect the rest of the world (specifically the UK).

What it is

So if you take a look at the Wikipedia for ‘Net Neutrality’ it tells us:

“(Net Neutrality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication.”

In what Jeremy Kyle likes to call layman’s terms, this means that every user on the internet should be equal and that every user should be able to start up a website or service and be able to provide this to any other person with an internet connection, just like any other websites and services.


What Happened

The problem reached boiling point back in January; the Court of Appeals in the US ruled that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) did not have an obligation to make sure that all internet traffic would be treated equally. Basically allowing ISPs to prioritise certain internet allowances, as well as being able to arbitrarily block consumers from certain content.

This suggested that ISPs may begin charging more for users to gain access to certain sites and services or perhaps block users from competitors or popular websites in an attempt to earn more money from a subscription. Further still this could affect the diversity of content on the internet. Minority websites may be forced to pay ISPs for acceleration to match richer competition, which could call the death of smaller websites with smaller incomes.

There was a large amount of backlash surrounding this ruling which is understandable. It favours the ISPs and the telecoms providers in the USA and doesn’t think about the consumers or those that make up the web, the content providers. Many advocates of Net Neutrality have come forward to show their support for equal internet for all. Especially notable are large online tech companies such as Google, Netflix, eBay and Amazon.

A proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in America works to try and bring back some neutrality following the January ruling. It would require that all telecom providers to ensure that

“all users have access to an internet experience that is sufficiently robust, fast and effectively usable”.

It also calls for a ban on providers blocking access to downloads of legal content but proposal does leave the door open for the providers to charge for prioritised data delivery. Which again is something that is very unpopular with consumers.


How it affects the US and UK differently

Now clearly at first glance this doesn’t sound all that horrendous, it does sound similar to how ISPs already work here in the UK with competition between companies, making a healthy market with choices for consumers. This however is different in the US. There is little competition in the US because many homes only have one option for their ISP, (most of the time, their local telephone company). Though occasionally there is the option between a phone provider and cable and in rare cases the third option of an independent fibre optic company. So the lack of competition is especially bad for consumers because if their provider begins violating Net Neutrality they are in most cases completely powerless.

There could be some side affects in the UK with the loss of Net Neutrality in the US. The first thing that may affect consumers here is if ISPs in America manage to find a way to extract money from content providers, then it’s very possible the same could happen here, as we already know that ISPs are money hungry. In other business terms, if you wanted to provide a new website or service aimed at America then there is every possibility that you would have to font more money to ISPs in America so that your consumers would be getting a speedy and satisfactory service. Also as mentioned before, there could be a reduction in the diversity of websites, this will affect worldwide users.

Netflix slowdown

Internet Slowdown Day

So what is happening now – specifically today – is that some of the large online companies based in America are hosting an ‘internet slowdown’ day to raise awareness of the issues that these sites and consumers face without Net Neutrality. The two biggest and most outspoken advocates are Netflix and Reddit, who are both taking part. Many of the sites taking part are displaying the well known buffering ‘ spinning wheel’ icon on their homepages, but will be running their sites as normal, as opposed to rumours that they would be slowing down their sites to show people the affects of no Net Neutrality.

So there we go, that’s what is happening today and that’s what Net Neutrality is. TIL.


Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, BGR

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th September – Illustrated Typos parody account & DiGiorno’s Twitter fail

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails. Today we found a hilarious Twitter parody account which illustrates typos made on Twitter. We also look at the Twitter brand fail from DiGiornos Pizza which was a bit of a mistake.


Now there are countless numbers of parody Twitter, accounts, you might think that it’s unlikely that there can be anyhting original, or even funny anymore but its been done with the creation of Illustrated Typos. @Illustratedtypo is a funny account in the same vein as the immensely popular @CrapTaxidermy, this account is reliant on hilarious images.

The woman behind the account has been making photo constructions based upon peoples’ Twitter typos. Some of these typos are famous on the internet themselves so it’s pretty funny to see them brought ‘to life’.

A lot of the images are celebrity based, a personal favourite is the ‘Dusting Hoffman’ image as well as the misinterpreted song ‘Don’t go Jason Waterfalls’. These images are also on the Tumblr version of Illustrated Typos which goes hand in hand with the Twitter account. Enjoy a look at some of the funniest images below.

tumblr_n7it1lI2Qy1td1y2to1_1280 jason waterfalls

dusting hoffman


You may have heard a little about the NFL domestic violence story that’s been featured in the news the past couple of days. Basically the story is that Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice has been suspended from his team because of news breaking that he had assaulted his then fiancee, now wife. Then, footage emerged on TMZ of the assault in an elevator which showed him punching his fiancee and her falling to the ground out cold. Following the team’s managers seeing the footage, Rice was removed from the team all together. Obviously this is a very high profile story, especially with the football season having just started. The story was heavily discussed on Twitter, especially the fact that his wife decided to stay with/marry him following the assault. Which bore the hashtag #WhyIStayed, where men and women discussed why they stayed with their abusive partner, as well as the hashtag #WhyILeft trending too.

So an American pizza brand DiGiorno Pizza, saw the #WhyIStayed hashtag and clearly did no research into why it was trending and tweeted the reason they stayed was pizza. See below.


Clearly this was a serious mistake on the brands part, and many were upset with the trivial nature in which the brand had got involved with the hashtag. The brand however quickly noticed and deleted the tweet  within minutes. Though there were many tweets at the brand about how careless their tweet had been.

This could have been a worse brand fail had they not dealt with their mistake straight away. They began creating and sending personal apologies to each person who had Tweeted about the rogue tweet. The apologies come across as sincere and it doesn’t feel as if too much damage has been done to the brand, plus everyone makes mistakes, so it would be silly to ostracize them over one tweet.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th September – New Facebook Features & Royal baby Twitter madness

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Here we are then, Likes and Fails number 2 of the week. We look at some interesting new Facebook features as well as all the furore around the Royal baby announcement on Twitter yesterday.



An update on new Facebook features takes the form of today’s Likes today. First off, we have a new doodle feature being added to Facebook’s Messenger app. The feature allows you to doodle on pictures that you want to send to others via the app. This is obviously another Snapchat motivated move. The doodle feature is only available on the android version of the app (possibly for the first time ever, not really, just surprising). The new feature comes quite soon after the split of the messenger app from the main Facebook app, which many were not happy about. I assume that this new doodle feature is an attempt to distract users from their anguish as well as make the app feel a more complete messaging service. No news yet on when this feature will be available for iOS.

In other Facebook feature news, the company has decided to add a view counter to videos posted on the site. Starting form this week the view counter will begin appearing next to videos that have been uploaded onto the site. The view count will be view-able to both the uploaded and viewers of the video, much like YouTube.

Video is becoming more and more of an important focus for Facebook, with the company saying that they recorded over 1 billion video views a moth since June this year. (Though I’m a little skeptical as to whether they count an auto-play as a view?) Clearly though YouTube is still miles away from that number, so there isn’t too much for them to worry about as of yet. We currently have no word on how long it will take this feature too roll out, but look out for it soon next to the ‘likes and comments’ section below a video.


Royal baby mania is officially go, again. This time brands and tweeters were ready for the announcement, some more so than others. The announcement came courtesy of the Clarence House official Twitter account at 10.25am, and more news spilled out throughout the day, most notably that Kate is suffering again from acute morning sickness and is being treated at Kensington Palace.

But let’s take a look at what’s really interesting here, the tweets. Some are epic fails, most notably Pizza Express’s attempt, whereas some are legitimately funny, though thy’re probably just a rehash from when the first pregnancy was announced.



by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails – 8th September – Twitter tests ‘Buy’ button & Selfie hairbrush is a thing

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Here we are on a Monday afternoon with today’s Likes and Fails. Today we take a look at the launch of the Twitter ‘Buy’ button as well as the uhhh, interesting invention of the ‘Selfie Brush’.



Twitter has rolled out a ‘Buy’ button. The Social Media platform has had this on the cards for ages so it’s interestign to see that it has actually come into fruition. Perhaps the launch is to distract everyone from the fact that last week Twitter is reportedly going to release an algorithm meaning you will no longer see every real time update a sit happens.

The button is being tested at the moment and will allow businesses to embed buy buttons in their tweets which will allow customers to instantly purchase items within the Twitter confines.

Twitter say that the button is currently only available to a small percentage of users in the US, but that the amount of people privy to it will grow over time. The company also says that the Buy button is an early step into developing the site into an e-commerce platform. Facebook have also been testing a ‘buy’ button on their site, again showing the direct competition between these two Social Media sites. Current retailers getting involved are, Gumroad, MusicToday and Stripe.

On their blog post Twitter said: “An entire purchase can be complete in just a few taps,”. “Your payment and shipping information is encrypted and safely stored after your first transaction, so you can easily buy on Twitter in the future without having to re-enter all of your information. Of course, you can always remove this information from your account.”



Selfie Brush

So someone decided to invent something they thought that the world desperately needed, and that thing is a hairbrush that lets you take selfies… So whoever thought this was a good idea, designed the paddle brush ‘case’ for iphones which allows you brush your hair, then turn the brush around and take a selfie on your phone! Like, because, everyone has totally been crying out for one of these.

The company does say that it ‘offers superior phone protection’, which I guess could be true, as well as suggesting that it’ll be easier to find in your bag, which again I guess is also true. I mean it does make your phone a handy three times the size. They also sya tat the brush part of this phone case gives ‘professional results’. Sure why not.

So for whatever reason this brush was made, other than for disapproving press articles, we really hope that it doesn’t take off. That would be positively hair-raising.


by Helen Stirling


Monday Social Media Round-Up – 8th September – Will and Kate expecting second child,Reddit bans /r/thefappening, Horrific Ice Bucket Prank & Girl charged with homicide over Facebooking whilst driving.

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Here’s the Monday round-up for your perusal and to catch up on some of the biggest Social Media news this morning. Including the exciting new breaking news about Will and Kate!

Reddit bans nude celeb photo subreddit


Reddit has banned the subreddit blamed with hosting all the leaked celebrity nude images from last week. The subreddit /r/thefappening was created on the day of the image leaks and shared links to the images, and as soon as images were taken down by cease and desist letters there were more and more re-links to the content which Reddit were finding it harder and harder to control.

There is some moral questioning around these photographs, clearly, because these images were stolen and intended to be private. So it’s understandable that the admins at Reddit wished to ban the subreddit, also it’s likely that celebrities have very powerful lawyers which have pressured Reddit into removing the subreddit. ]

There are some that are questioning Reddit’s moderating however, mainly because there are other questionable subreddits which contain questionable as well as illegal content which Reddit allow to exist still. Some have been said to contain bestiality, and some that even feature the same issue as what /r/thefappening was doing; sharing links to stolen pictures of nude women being posted against their will. There has not been any comment on these subreddits from the admins as of yet.

Ice bucket horrific prank 

So the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has been around for a while now. Some high school age kids decided to play a ‘prank’ on an autistic teenager who was convinced to take part in the challenge. The boy stood in just his underwear beside a garage, expecting to be showered in ice cold water and to help raise some money for the charity, however the cruel kids instead poured a bucket of bodily fluids over the boy, in what’s been described as a horrendous hate crime. The parents of the child decided to release the video with the boys identity hidden, to show what had happened in in some hope to find the cruel kids that did it. Some celebrities (Drew Carey, Jenny McCarthy) heard of the story and decided to donate money towards to reward fund to find the teens that were involved in the horrible video, so now there is a $30,000 reward.

Girl using Facebook whilst driving is charged with homicide

A girl in North Dakota has been charged with negligent homicide after driving her car at 85mph, looking at Facebook on her phone and then rear-ending another vehicle which killed an 89 year old grandmother.

Investigators apparently found no evidence that the girl had put on the breaks before hitting the vehicle suggesting that she was distracted up to and at the time of impact. They alos found evidence that she had been on Facebook as well as having sent texts since she had been in the car.

This is the first homicide decision for a crime like this but the decision came because it was proven that she was recklessly driving with no concern for endangering those on the road around her. A stupid mistake that will affect this girl for the rest of her life.

Kate and Wills are pregnant!

Whilst I was writing this a Twitter announcement was made that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. Exciting news! No doubt that Twitter will go even more mental over the next couple of hours, than it did just a minute ago when the news broke, and I’m sure we’ll quickly see bookies put up the odds for the baby’s gender as well as name suggestions flying around. Congratulations to the couple.

by Helen Stirling