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A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th October – Facebook ‘Rooms’ & SSE Orangutan ads

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It’s Friday! It’s this week’s last edition of Likes and Fails and today we’re looking at Facebook’s new app ‘Rooms’ and the SSE orangutan adverts which are perplexing the whole of Twitter.



Facebook has released yet another app. This time it seems to be taking on other apps such as Whisper and Secret with their version called ‘Rooms’. This app ais to let users chat anonymously so that there can be no worries when discussing more sensitive or private subjects. The app allows users to create a room anonymously and invite others to join, the ‘room’ can be customised with colours, cover photos and icons.

Obviously you’d instantly worry about trolls but Facebook has said it will have strict guidelines on this sort of activity. Moderators will be able to band entire devices rather than just accounts meaning that trolls will not be able to create multiple accounts from one device. This is a good initial idea to clamp down what might be a tempting venue for trolls, but I am sure they will find their ways around the bans.

Though there are obvious downsides to this decision it’s interesting to see Facebook branching out again in what is clearly the beginning of their attempt to take over the online world. The app is currently only available on iOS.


Southern Electric have released a brand new advertising campaign which has been confusing and bewildering people on Twitter and Facebook. This is mainly because their new advertising campaign features a very wistful looking Orangutan, seemingly for no particular reason. What’s particularly great about the print campaign is that a reduced opacity version of the ape is overlaid on certain landscapes, one of a cottage, seemingly in the highlands, and another sees him looking wistful at an offshore wind farm.

Obviously this campaign has been met with some confusion and some hilarious tweets which I will post in below:



So this is what SSE said themselves…


I’ll let you make your own mind up about the ads.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 23rd October – Google USB authentication & Cyber Crime

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Good morning, here are today’s Likes and Fails and today we’re looking at Google’s new authentication method and the fact that over half of Brits have been targeted by cyber crime.


usb google key

Google is increasing the ways you can securely log in to your Google account. Previously you could have a 1 step login which is a simple password to login or 2 step authentication which meant after the password was entered that you would either be sent a text with a code or get a code from an app. The 2 step is obviously a lot more secure than a simple password. However this new method Google are offering has taken the security up a notch. Google are providing small USBs for authentication when you log in to a new computer. If you use this version of authentication then there is no need for any code input. The USB also checks that the website is genuine and that it is not a fake front set up for online crime.

There is however a limitation to the USB authentication and that is the fact that it will only work if you are logging in via the Chrome browser. Though the stick will be completely secure from compromise, apart from if the USB is actually stolen from your ownership. It’s not entirely clear who the audience of this key might be, but it’s probably those who want to keep their account secure and who don’t have or are less comfortable with smartphones or mobiles in general. Possibly something that elder people might want.


iphone ios 7 pin code

It has been revealed that in the UK 51% of residents have been targeted by some form of cyber crime. These stats were revealed by the cabinet office as part of ‘Get Safe online’ week 2014. The government report was based on a survey of 2000 people and revealed that the majority of people felt violated by the crimes they had experienced. 53% of those who had experienced the crimes said that they felt that they were as serious as ‘physical world’ crimes. With online life becoming increasingly more prominent in the world, there is definitely a need for clearer laws when it comes to online crimes.

Of those that had been affected 42% said they had since improved the security of their passwords and another 42% say they are now extra vigilant when they are shopping online. With this extra awareness of online crime it is surprising that 54% of people don’t have any sort of protection on their phones like a pin or password. It is improtant that people take online crime seriously and take simple precautions to make sure you are not a target.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 22nd October – Waterstones One competition & Imaginary friends on eBay

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Good morning and welcome to your midweek edition of Likes and Fails. today we take a look at the Waterstones competition based on the Waterstones One event as well as an imaginary friend that you can buy on eBay!



You may remember the chat around the ‘Waterstones One’ last week, where a Dallas man got stuck in a London Waterstones at night after staff had locked up and left. Well now have capitalised on the popularity of that event and it’s excessive Twitter coverage by teaming up with Air B’n'B to offer one lucky winner a night in the bookshop. THis is a great play by the two companies and it allows book fans to get involved in a unique competition. The winner will get to stay in the flagship Waterstones store in Piccadilly in London and be able to read anything they want as well as being given breakfast in the morning and some evening snacks!

Air B’n'B has set up a location page for the store and that is where entries are being received. All entrants have to do is say which book they wouold read and why if they got to spend a night in the store. You can find the competition here. The stay in the store will happen this Friday so make sure you’re free and get entering! 10 lucky winners will be chosen and they can take along a plus one!



An Advertising student from the UK has, for an assignment, decided to try and sell an imaginary friend on eBay. The original assignment was to manage to sell something worth less than £10 on the site for much more using simply their advertising prowess. this particular student took it up a notch however and sell something worth nothing, well something that is nothing. Her imaginary friend ‘Bernard’ is described as tidy, low maintenance and very very quiet.  Her initial listing of Bernard was removed by eBay but this girl ain’t a quitter, she has relisted Bernard’s T-Shirt in the hopes that he (and his shirt) will sell for a handsome price. Bidding is apparently at £56 already! Impressive.

I don’t know why someone wants to spend £56 on an American Apparel T-Shirt but they do.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 21st October – Hoverboards & Ebola

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Here we are then, day two of the week. Some may call it Tuesday. I bet you’re wondering what is hot and what is not today, well, always on time here I am to solve all your problems. Take a look to see what we Like and what totally failed in the Social Media world today.


Hoverboards exist! Well sort of at least. Everyone who loves Back to the Future has been waiting to see the invention of the hoverboard, especially before the date in which Back to the future 2 was set. So now the first hoverboard type invention has been created and it will only cost you a measly $10000! The hoverboard can be seen on kickstarter and though it’s exciting that it exists, it’s also less exciting because you can’t exactly use it as a hovering skateboard, it’s probably a little difficult to maneuver. The board also has another catch, it will only hover above speciality surfaces as it works using magnetic resistance.


The hoverboard is unsurprisingly on kickstarter and has a goal of $250,000 for it’s mass creation. The board will be usable in a specially designed hover park, which will be created with the raised funds. The lowest donation bracket will recieve a special thank you on Social media and the highest donation band of $10,000 or more will own their very own hoverboard.


An Ebola app, supposed to alleviate any fear you might have about the disease instead probably makes you more fearful than before you looked at it it. The app uses Geo location to find out where you are and then tells you how many miles away you are from a case of Ebola. Once it’s discovered how far away you are from a case it also gives you links to a couple of sources telling you the real facts about Ebola without any of the media hype.


I mean it’s a good idea in principle, but seeing that Ebola is actually less than 500 miles away from where I am is a little disconcerting. I think that I was less concerned before I knew that fact. Not that I am concerned now, but if I had to compare the emotions I had prior to this knowledge to those now; I mean I’m thinking about it more than I was. Probably because I’m writing about it really.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-Up – 20th October – Snapchat ads, Ebola toy, Facebook coding reward

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Here’s a quick round up of some of the Social Media news you may have missed today!

Snapchat Advertisements


Snapchat began it’s first slew of advertising this weekend, making it the latest social media app to add this monetising effort to their service. The ads  won’t show up in your normal feed of snaps, where it would normally be your friends names instead the adverts will be in the ‘recent updates’ section. The adverts will be in the feed until you view them, or until 24 hours is up, so you don’t even have to view the adverts. Snapchat have fairly obviously claimed that they are running the adverts as an attempt to make more money to provide the Snapchat community with more exciting features and products.

You’ll also be glad to hear that Snapchat will not be using your personal data to target it’s advertisements as so many other sites and apps do.

Ebola toys sell out


An American toy company has ran out of stock of one of their current biggest sellers, Ebola themed toys. These toys include a plushie of the virus as well as a fake novelty ebola petri dish. These toys have obviously been selling because of the prominence of Ebola in the news at the moment. They describe the toys as a ‘uniquely contagious’ gift, and clearly they are. The company says they are not worried at the moment about any backlash from the range, and in fact they think that the range teaches people about Ebola, and that it is educational. They say: “People are buying it to talk about it and if we ever felt it was being used inappropriately, we would reconsider it.”

Facebook coding rewards double

Facebook has doubled the award given out to people who find bugs in their code. This is a new incentive, probably brought about because of some of the major security flaws seen in apps and sites reported by the media recently. Facebook said that they had carried out some recent audits in which they found and fixed some flaws themselves, but their hoping that code experts will be able to find harder to find flaws for which they will now be handsomely rewarded. One of the fixes that they’ve been working on is coupons that don’t expire. Now wouldn’t that be nice!



by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 17th October – Waterstones one on Twitter & Twitter’s new feature

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails featuring the Waterstones One, and the tweets surrounding his lock in as well as taking a look at Twitter’s new feature of inserting tweets from people you don’t follow into your feed.


locked in waterstones

Last night a man found himself in quite the predicament. He went upstairs in the bookshop Waterstones and was browsing for around 15 minutes and when he came down the stairs, to I assume either pay or leave, there was no one there, the doors were locked and the lights were off. The man, how is from Texas found himself locked in the bookshop and had no way to get out. He posted a picture of the locked store doors on Instagram and tweeted about the lock in which caught people’s attention on Twitter.

He found himself locked in at about 9pm and tweets quickly followed praying for his rescue and other tongue in cheek tweets, about when the movie script of the lock in would be made. He tweeted the Waterstones account but it was unmanned and said that they would help in the morning.  Thanks to all the retweets and help he did eventually get in contact with the right people and they told him that someone was on the way! Hurrah everyone thought, he’ll be free soon!


But it got to 11pm and he tweeted again that he was still stuck in the store, Twitter went into overdrive again and many people were staying up to find out the resolution. Luckily the Waterstones account tweeted at about 12.15pm that the Texas man had been rescued and that all was well!



Twitter is officially forcing tweets on you that they think you’ll ‘enjoy’. Yes that’s right Twitter will now be showing tweets from people you don’t follow on your timeline. The change was officially announced on Thursday and they said: “…There are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy. To help you keep up with what’s happening, we’ve been testing ways to include these Tweets in your timeline — ones we think you’ll find interesting or entertaining.”

Twitter does already suggest users you may want to follow based on your other follows, but now it will be doing the same with tweets and putting them directly in your feed. I mean this is clearly not ideal for everyone, there’s often a reason we do and don’t follow people, and it’s likely Twitter’s algorithm will often get it wrong, which will annoy some users, but there are some positives here. I mean I personally love finding funny people and tweets on Twitter and if Twitter showed me more of these kind of tweeters I’d be happy with the new feature. Though I feel that because follow a large amount of celebrities, that Twitter might suggest more of their tweets, though I’m probably not interested in following any of these that may come up.

The other thing that Twitter has not confirmed is whether advertisers and brands will benefit from these changes, though I’m pretty sure that it’s likely they will, with sponsored posts already appearing in feeds. They may use a tweeter’s account to push a brand message if that user has mentioned it in a tweet. IT’ll be interesting to see this idea develop.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 15th October – Google Glass addiction & Heidi Montag fired from advert

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Today we have double the fail, because I couldn’t find a positive story, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day, but fingers crossed it can only get better.



A man has officially been treated for addiction to his Google Glass device. The 31 year old had been wearing his device for up to 18 hours a day and was being treated by the US navy’s substance abuse program under the addictive behaviours section. He showed serious withdrawal symptoms when he was not using the Google Glass device and became much more irritable and aggressive without it, as well as involuntarily tapping his temples, which is a way of activating Glass when you are wearing it. The man also had told doctors that he felt that he was even dreaming with the little Google glass screen in his vision.

This shouldn’t be a worry for everyone in the future, as the man with the addiction had previous problems with depression, anxiety as well as previous addictions to substances. There is still debate as to whether there is actually a problem with internet addiction and whether it is a real disorder. The debate around the issue meant that it was omitted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013, so who knows whether it will be included this year or next.


A New Zealand advertiser of fish products, Sealord recently decided to hire ex-reality TV star Heidi Pratt nee Montag, for their latest advertisement, which was put on YouTube for exposure. The main slogan of their fish, is that it’s all real fish from their home nation of New Zealand. So with the being ‘real’ thing, they hired a reality TV star. I think you can see that they were attempting to keep the advert a little tongue in cheek but it seems that the majority of the New Zealand public and fans of the product were not best happy about their use of Heidi in the adverts, saying that she’s a washed up star and wasn’t even one in the first place, along with other insults.

Obviously all these hard comments were sent via the company’s Facebook page as comments on the video and there were so many negative comments towards the advert that Sealord decided to remove the advertisement and re-cut another version showing only the ‘real’ people in the advert.

A bit of a harsh blow to Heidi, but I’m sure she’ll get over it, and hey she probably has some free fish fillets to drown her sorrows with…

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 14th October – McDonald’s new campaign & Dropbox ‘hack’

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Good Afternoon, here are today’s Likes and Fails!


McDonald’s have started up a new Social Media campaign which aims to answer their customers burning questions about the fast food chain. The use of Social Media has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and it’s now a major way in which companies converse with their customers and so McDonald’s have decided to use that connection to help them truly understand what their customers are interested in. Their Q & A campaign has been run in other companies before, but now running it from their US side, it’s geats a much wider appeal to people online.

One of the first things the company has tackled is what actually goes into their food, which is a long running argument as well as full of it’s own myths. The company found participants on the street who asked their questions, most surrounding whats actually in their food and then in turn, invited cameras into it’s factory which showed how it’s burger patty’s were made.

This is a great campaign which really connects with those who eat or at least interested in McDonald’s and it’s food. I mean personally, I don’t think that what actually does go into the burgers looks all that appetising, but luckily I can’t eat it anyway.


Dropbox the latest victim of hackers and data leaks


Yes this time it’s Dropbox, you would think all of these hackers want fame or notoriety or something. Fresh on the back of ‘The Snappening’ there appears to be a new threat to Dropbox accounts and their users details and passwords. There was a Reddit thread discussing the details of the leak and some users reported that using the details did indeed work on the accounts that they had tried.

The original posting of the leaked details, of which there are reportedly hundreds, said this:

“Here is another batch of Hacked Dropbox accounts from the massive hack of 7,000,000 accounts

To see plenty more, just search on [redacted] for the term Dropbox hack.

More to come, keep showing your support”

Though there is an apparent leak of details Dropbox has said that they were not involved in the leak of data and that any information that has been leaked is from third party services.The guys over at Dropbox have also said that they detected suspicious activity on some accounts a few moths ago and had already performed password resets on those accounts back then.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Monday Round-up – 13th October – 114 yr old joins Facebook, The Snappening & Right to be forgotten in the UK

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Here is all the news you may have missed over the weekend from the world of Social Media!

114 Year Old Joins Facebook

anna stoehr

A woman has recently joined Facebook at 133 years of age, though she just had her 114th Birthday this weekend. The woman, Anna Stoehr, had to lie about her age to join the website, she was forced to knock 15 years off of her age and claim that she was 99 years old to join the site. The oldest year of birth that could be selected was 1905, and Anna was born in 1900. She has had a recent interest in technology after she befriended a man who works for the US mobile network Verizon who has been teaching her the ins and outs of modern technology. This man was the same man who just sold a smartphone to her 85 year old son! She now has an iPad which she uses to FaceTime relatives and friends around the world as well as keeping up with them on Facebook!

The Snappening


You’ve probably already heard about the latest photo ‘leak’ scandal, but there have been a few updates since it was first announced. This latest leak concerns Snapchat users and in particular users that have used a third party app called Snap Save. Users that use this third party app which saves Snapchats that they’ve received, are the targets of this hack. Though now there are some claims as to the legitimacy of the leak, with some saying that any of the images they have seen in regard to this hack, of reportedly over 200,000 photos, have been images that have been available on the web for a long period of time. So some are calling it a staged fake leak, which I assume was created with the intention of widespread media coverage, which unsurprisingly worked. Coverage for these supposedly leaked photos was given on the usual suspects, 4Chan, Reddit and AnonIb.

UK is responsible for 1/10 Right to be Forgotten requests


Google has revealed that over one tenth of requests to be forgotten on the search engine comes from the UK. Since the ruling came into effect in May this year, nearly 500,000 links have been removed from search results. Some of those asking for links to be removed are a priest who was accused of sexual assault as well as a media professional who wanted links to some embarrassing articles removed. Some of the largest number of link removals were taken from Facebook with 3,353 and YouTube at 2,392. Probably people trying to forget about all those incredible lip-syncing videos they made when they were internet-naive.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes & Fails: 10th October – Twitter CEO Received Death Threats from ISIS and Social Media Celebrates World Mental Health Day

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As we have been reliably informed by the hashtag that has been trending all day on Twitter, today is World Mental Health Day and we think it is excellent to see the online world supporting this awareness. Not only has it been trending all day on Twitter, the slightly elusive and inconspicuous Facebook trending area is also shouting about it.


Famous for speaking about his own battles with depression, Stephen Fry has joined in the discussion, sharing a song which has been released in support of World Mental Health Day with all proceeds going to Nightline charity (a charity supporting students battling mental health issues.)

Another well known name on the internet is also playing a part alongside charity Mind. YouTube vlogger Zoella has been open about her struggles with anxiety for a long time and she has now become Digital Ambassador for Mind. Talking in a recent vlog, Zoe tells us of the new campaign #DontPanicButton that she is launching today. The campaign encourages people to wear a red button to show their support for people who suffer with anxiety and other mental health problems, then take a picture of it and share on social media with the hashtag #DontPanicButton. Stephen Fry himself Tweeted Zoe welcoming her to the Mind community.

Embedded image permalink

We think it’s brilliant that this difficult topic is getting so much publicity today and support any positive promotion for people to speak out about mental illness. Go social media!


In other, less positive news, the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo has revealed that he and his team have received death threats from members of the extremist terrorist group, ISIS.

When the Twitter bigwigs discovered that the terrorist organisation were using Twitter to spread their message, including sharing videos of beheadings, Twitter promptly shut the accounts down. In light of this, the staff at Twitter HQ found themselves target of the hateful group. Costolo revealed,

“After we started suspending their accounts, some folks affiliated with the organization used Twitter to declare that employees of Twitter and their management should be assassinated. - Obviously that’s a jarring thing for anyone to deal with,”

While he acknowledges Twitter is a platform for freedom of speech, he points out that these accounts are breaching Twitter policy and indeed breaking the law in many countries.

Sounds like Twitter are doing the right thing to us, keep up the good work!

by Hannah Reynolds