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Rejoice! Twitter has rolled out the ‘Retweet with comment’ feature.

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Amy Jellicoe Twitter

We’ve all been there, we’ve wanted to retweet a tweet with our own hilarious spin on things, but that darn word count gets in our way. The world needs to hear our comment on things! What will we do?! Awkwardly abbreviate our words so we look like we’ve sent a text from our old Nokia phone? Retweet and then send a separate tweet with comments about said tweet? Or just scrap the tweet altogether. Heaven forbid.

Well now Twitter has come up with a brilliant solution. You can now ‘quote’ the tweet and add your own comment with the increased allowance of 116 characters! Whaaaat?! You can basically comment on retweets. This is the best addition to Twitter in a long time. Most other recent changes have been morphing Twitter into a bit of a Facebook clone, but this one, well it’s still doing that, but it’s much more practical and useful than adding a new profile design.

It’s simple to use, on Twitter where you would normally click retweet you get the pop-up as usual and now you can pick ‘quote tweet’ this allows you to use the new feature. If you choose this option it will push the tweet you decided to retweet as a card into your tweet and then you can make your own comment and send! It’s really that simple.

This is a good step for crediting original authors in tweets as well as notifying others that their tweet is being mentioned, which sometimes gets lost in sub-tweeting. All in all a good step forward. Nice one Twitter.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 9th March – Emma Watson He for She and Farage’s Tweet

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Good morning, here are today’s Likes and Fails! Emma Watson spends International Women’s Day discussing gender equality issues and Nigel Farage sent a stupid tweet and got stupid answers.


emma watson

Emma Watson has been at it again, speaking out for women’s rights, this time she participated in a live web chat on Sunday 8th March, appropriately International Women’s Day. She hosted the live chat on Facebook and took time to answer some questions that women from around the world had sent in following her call a week earlier. Facebook helped to host the event and helped to stream the event to thousands. Greg James volunteered to help present and act as interviewer for the discussion about women’s rights.

You can watch the first part of this interview on facebook here:



Nigel Farage, a man possibly never to grace the likes section of our blog has been making a bit of an idiot of himself on Twitter. The politician posted a photograph of himself on Twitter and asked the public if they could name what was behind him in the picture. Of course the sarcastic comments came rolling in, though a lot of them were more straight up rude than sarcastic.

The best sarcastic answer I saw was ‘The Sea, dumbass’. Though many made a mockery of what he decided to wear comparing his outfit to that of Mr Toad from the Wind in the Willows. Another great response was ‘your best years’. All hilarious. Politicians should really learn to think before they post on Twitter. Though, I’m sure they all expect it nowadays.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 24th February – 6 year old boy gets Facebook party & Feminist banning on Instagram

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails!


A mother was so upset after she arranged a Birthday party for her 6 year old with autism and no children showed up she turned to Facebook. She had invited 16 children from her son’s class, but no kids, or realistically none of their parents took them to the party. Naturally you don’t want your child to spend their sixth Birthday alone so a mother posted in a local community group urging anyone who could come by that day to celebrate her boy’s birthday with him and boy did they turn up. Eventually 16 kids showed up to the party and not only that the local services, like the police and the firemen showed up and let the boy try out the fire truck. They even brought him lots of toys for presents.


See Facebook isn’t always bad.


An Instagram account called ‘feminists on Tinder has been removed and suspended and feminists are not happy about it. Th account shares messages that a female Tinder user has had with male users on the site about feminism. The account does not violate guidelines but has been removed from the site twice. bviously a lot of people wanted to know why the account had been banned and started the hashtag #wewillnotbesilenced to help discover Instagrams reasoning and also to hopefully get the account reinstated. For some reason Instagram has not yet commented. Clearly not all about equal rights. What a big fat fail.


by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails- 18th February – Video special

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Here are today’s Likes and Fails, and today we have a video special. Ooooh! The first video takes a look at dating on Tinder for the over 80s and the second is a funny fail video of a man ashamed he’s going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey.


Tinder is so hot right now. Seriously. I can’t go a day without seeing some sort of article about it online, or some male work-mates showing me something on it. I guess the women are more quiet about their tinder escapades. I actually even saw an article today saying that Tinder had reached a peak usage on Valentine’s Day this year. So this video comes bang at the right time, the video is about a Grandfather on Tinder. Yes, it veils itself as a funny experiment of how women would react if they turned up to a tinder date and found out their date was 89 years old. Really it seems like the 21 year old who made the video was using his grandfather as a conversation starter,  but still it’s blummin’ enjoyable.

One woman is slightly obsessed with ‘pegging’ I will warn you, but the rest of the dates are delightfully awkward and willing to talk to Joe before his grandson swoops in to lay on the charm. Enjoy this video below.


The second video of today is a funny news clip where it appears that a man is embarrassed to be walking into a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey by himself. I mean, Maybe he’d just nipped out to the loo and was coming back in to meet his date, but he definitely did not want to be caught on the camera that had been set up in the screen for quick vox pops of cinemagoers on their way in to the screen. The comedy back away from the camera he does is great and the slow resigned walk back in when he realises there’s really no other way past is great. The awkward smile planted on his face the whole time. I mean it’s a fail for this man, but a win for everyone on the internet.

by Helen Stirling


Facebook updates its handling of death and memorials – Legacy contacts

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Before now Facebook seemed to have a fairly simple stance on what was to be done with profiles after a user had died and now they have improved their system. Previously users had to contact Facebook if their loved one had died and inform them about the certain profile, show some sort of proof of death and then the page would be memorialised. This meant that all their info was kept on the page and it could be visited by friends and family members, but removed it from public places such as ‘suggested friends’.

Now users can be in control of what may happen to their profile if they were to die. You can now add a ‘legacy contact’ which means you can add in the contact details of someone you trust to deal with your affairs after your death and they will be able to take control and access your profile. They will be able to edit certain things such as your profile and your header image, and manage it as a memorial profile. They will be able to accept or reject friend requests and download an archive of photos, if the original owner had given permission to do so. The contacts will not be able to read messages or change any other account settings.

This is a great idea as it now makes it easier for family members to take control of a page (as long as they’re the legacy contact). It means that there will be no need to open up a new page as a place for friends and family to share their memories about their person. Their profile page can instead be a place for people to post and share.

The memorialised accounts are also changing slightly too. Any page of someone who has died will have a ‘remembering’ written above their name on their page to make it clear to visitors that this person has passed away.

The legacy contact setting is currently only available to US users but will be available in other countries soon.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 11th February – Boyhood honest trailer & Samsung fails

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Today our like is a simple one. This funny spoof video which is an ‘honest trailer’ for Boyhood. This parody has come out just in time for the Oscars where Boyhood is expected to scoop the Best Picture prize. Usually honest trailers have a sarcastic voiceover, but in this one they use the song from Boyhood and create lyrics over the top of it. Very funny. Worth a watch.



Samsung TVs have been freaking out their users (in Australia) recently and for more than one reason. The main reason is that they have been putting advertisements over movies and other content that users have been watching on them, that is not live TV. This is weird. People using the app Plex, a server for your own files and content, have found themselves watching a movie only to be interrupted by an advert for Pepsi. The company says that this was an error which occurred in the latest software update sent to TVs, but still it’s pretty unnerving that they can just put ads wherever they please on your TV, whilst your watching your own downloaded content! They are currently investigating the situation and hopefully can make users feel less concerned with the answers they find.

The other issue people are having is that someone realised the other day that Samsung could record the noises from your living room and sharing it with third parties. People got up in arms about the section of the user agreement they didn’t read and said that Samsung was spying on them. Samsung had put this clearly in their user agreement and if you read it properly it says that it will record noises only when you use the voice feature on your TV. So it records when you try and find a TV programme or a TV channel with your remote. As soon as the icon is off of your screen it stops recording. I think people are taking this a little far. Just don’t use the voice feature if you’re that worried.

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 10th February – WhatsApp and Twitter firing

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Hey there, we’re back with Likes and Fails and today we are looking at WhatsApp’s future plans and the girl who got herself fired over Twitter.



WhatsApp have decided to add another string to their bow by adding calling as an option in the app. They’ve been testing this feature out with a select group of Android users. There is no sign yet of when they plan to bring the update to iPhone, and also no insight as to when the feature will roll out to all Android users. It was initially brought to attention by some redditors that had noticed the feature appear on their apps. One user then posted a video demonstrating the new feature on YouTube. Obviously the advantage of this is that the calling only uses wifi and 3G which can be useful if you want to save money on minutes and if there’s no signal in the area. The feature was originally announced last year but there had been no sign of the call feature until now.

The app isn’t exactly struggling at the moment, recently announcing that they had 700 million active monthly users who exchange around 30 billion messages a day. It’s nice to see the app progressing though it is a fairly obvious next move for them. I’m hoping someday soon we get something truly innovative from an online messaging company, though that may be difficult.



A not so clever girl, lost her job before she’d even started it thanks to Twitter, well and herself. She tweeted that she was not looking forward to starting her job tomorrow, though in not such kind wording. Then the day after she claimed that she had been fired over Twitter. What a surprise. It turns out that her boss was alerted to her tweet by another employee, her boss, or rather never to be boss, got on his twitter and promptly fired her. He said that he didn’t want someone with that sort of attitude working at the restaurant/fast food place. Fair enough really. Make sure you pay attention to what you post on Twitter kids!

by Helen Stirling


Facebook Reports Huge Growth with Video Taking the Forefront in Engaging Users

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Facebook have released their latest quarterly statement and damn, is it impressive! With 1.39 billion active users (up 13% on last year) the social media giant is carving the way for even bigger profits than ever before. In the last quarter alone Facebook reported a profit of $701 million, which is a 34% increase on this time last year.

As I’m sure you know, Facebook makes most of its money from the use of advertising, making it an expensive social network for businesses. Their advertising revenue increased by a massive 53% to $3.59 billion, with almost 70% of that coming from mobile clicks.

Mark Zuckerberg declared, “We got a lot done in 2014″ (no shit, Sherlock!) with their total profits for the year reaching $2.9 billion, an increase of almost double that of 2013.

While Facebook have been busy earning money they certainly haven’t cut down on spending. Per each dollar of revenue made, profits have actually decreased from 44% to 29% thanks to Facebook investing heavily into marketing and research and development. Research and development costs have tripled to $1.1 billion just in this quarter, with a focus on Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus Rift, in-house messaging and video.

With a huge amount of users logging on via mobile devices, Facebook has focused primarily in providing relevant content for individuals. Be this in advertising or organic content, the usability and integration of this content on mobile platforms has been paramount to Facebook’s success. Clearly looking at the results, what they’ve been doing is working and a huge part of that has been video.

Last summer, Facebook reported that video was some of its most engaging content, with users viewing three billion videos daily. With that in mind, videos directly uploaded to the site get more priority over content such as pictures and status updates. As a business, we can see ourselves how much better video content is performing as opposed to traditional content. The reach is greater and it’s an easier way for people to digest information. Directly uploading video is important to Facebook because it keeps users on their site much longer, however, allowing the likes of YouTube links to be watched within the platform is also beneficial but certainly less so. Direct uploads tend to load faster and users are more likely to watch paid video content when it’s hosted within Facebook.

old computer social media gif

While a lot of videos that may be popping up on your news feed daily come from the likes of The Lad Bible, Facebook reported that, per person, video posts have risen by 75% in the last year. Whatever the content, making it in video form is especially important for business and that is very well demonstrated, again, by The Lad Bible – a business made almost entirely from recycled content.

Facebook’s algorithm can easily be amended in order to prioritise video by simply recognising the format, however it has no way to understand what the video is showing, therefore whatever your content, it’s definitely worth investing to make it in video form. If you do still want to pay for Facebook advertising, be aware that too much text in your videos will be rejected in the same way as images.

So to summarise, Facebook continues to invest heavily in targeted content with a strong emphasis on video. If you can afford to create video content that proves to be engaging, your business could flourish on Facebook. It doesn’t even need to be of particularly high quality, if you can make relatable or funny video content, it will automatically be given more gravity on news feeds and from there hopefully much higher user engagement.

by Hannah Reynolds


The Beard Olympics launch

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The beard is very much back in fashion. The hipsters have owned it, and now the every-man is getting on board, there’s no denying it, the beard is well a truly the male fashion statement of the moment.

So with that in mind we’re excited to introduce to you the beardy app you’ve been waiting for, The Beard Olympics! A sort of Tinder for beards, or perhaps a ‘rate my beard’ style app, it allows you to vote for the best beards of Instagram with the most popular winning the beard Olympics. It doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow so we’re giving you that sneak peek now.

The Beard Olympics follows up the other extremely successful app, created for Christmas which allowed users to log in via their Twitter account and find out whether they were on Santa’s naughty or nice list by the amount of times they’d sworn on Twitter over the last year. The results could then be shared to Twitter or Facebook which lead to the app being shared thousands of times.

The creator, Daniel Benzie said about creating the app: “The first thing I did was use the excellent Instagram API to begin pulling in any photos with the hashtagBeard. After this I wrote a small JS library which interfaces with the SQL database using Ajax to pull out records and randomly order them so that the user may play.” “Each card is weighted with an equal amount of plays so no particular card has a better chance than any other of ‘winning’.”

The great thing about the beardy app is the quick way it loads beardy photos from Instagram really quickly for easy voting, and if you notice a photo not of a beard in your comparison then you can simply report the photo and it will be removed from the game after 3 reportings.

There’s a section on the page where you can see the current top position beard, and all it’s runner up beards, which aren’t nearly as majestic. There is also a ‘worst beards’ section which houses all the crap facial hair of Instagram. Really, it should just house 20 pictures of Justin Bieber back when he attempted to grow facial hair, and look manly, that was hilarious.

As the great Ron Swanson once said: “Facial hair should be full, thick and square.  Nothing sculpted.  If you have to sculpt it, that probably means you can’t grow it.”

You can visit the app here:

by Helen Stirling


A Social Media Agency’s Likes and Fails – 26th January – Lovely Facebook note & Twitter annoyed at Instagram

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Here we are with today’s Likes and Fails!



A cute story has been making the rounds on the internet today, and the story goes like this. A young mother called Sammie was travelling on a long train journey with her 3 year old son, and they were about half way to Plymouth when a man dropped a note on her tray table as he got off the train in Bristol. Sammie read the note, her son was asleep on her lap s she couldn’t get up, but it called her a credit to her generation. He was impressed that she’d taught her little boy such great manners and included a fiver in the note as a gesture of goodwill and so she could buy herself a drink. Sammie di as any 23 year old would and posted up a picture of the note on Facebook and it was instantly shared again and again, she says that she wanted the man to spot the post so that she could say thank you for the note that made her day. But really, there’s little point of that happening, thought it is a great gesture of goodwill and makes a cheerful little story.



Twitter is acting like a  bit of a moody child at the moment, it seems their a bit jealous of their one time friend Instagram. Twitter has reportedly been telling their blue tick verified users to stop posting pictures through Instagram and instead posting them natively through Twitter. Twitter now offers filters on their own app, and have been pushing this fact in the hopes that people will start using the photo option on their app. They’ve been notifying people via notifications in-app, when wanting to link to an Instagram post. This push could be something to do with the fact that Instagram recently announced that they have now got over 300 million users which means they’ve overtaken Twitter for the first time who have 271 million users. Instagrams growth has been really impressive and they’re focussing on continuing that even further. They’ve recently decided to offer ‘badges’ to verified users, much like the Twitter blue tick. Looks like Twitter is a little upset that Instagram might be stealing their crown

by Helen Stirling