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Social media is not difficult; it is all about the conversation. We know how to start, facilitate and develop the conversation and more to the point, we know how to make it work for your brand.

We are part of 10 Yetis Public Relations, an award winning agency that excels in communicating across every platform. Our being unleashed as a dedicated social media channel to support clients in this field shows how well we know our industry.

We approach every conversation online in the same way that we work with every client; minimum jargon, maximum return on investment and by fully understanding what the goals of the conversations really are.

We differ because we are not shy about talking about the £value return on investment that is needed to get campaigns supported by your budget holders and stakeholders.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you and your brand plan in order to get the most from your social media presence, 01452 348211 or

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Social Media Training

Social Media Training

We have an in-house technical team that are experienced in delivering interactive and engaging content across every social media platform. What is more, we have a strong track record in delivering commercially-savvy widgets and tools.

We have built our own revenue tracking system that can interact with a brands shopping cart or enquiries system in order to see which social media platform has delivered the lead. In most instances, the exact message that created the lead can be traced.

Social Media Training
Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

You wouldn't go and meet potential clients and customers without at least planning what you need to say, and Social Media platforms are no different.

We can help brands plan for every eventuality; make sure your internal processes are set in place, identify content from within your business that can be shared on social media platforms and most importantly, how you want to be perceived and talked about online.

Social Media Strategy Planning

Our Awards

Two of our campaigns for have been nominated for industry awards, the SomeComms awards and the Social Buzz awards from the Drum.

Social Buzz Awards - Motormate Spotify Campaign

The 'Spotify' Campaign that we worked on with Confused to raise awareness of their MotorMate app was one of their most successful campaigns to date. We achieved over 40 inbound links to the site from high authority websites, and also gained coverage on the likes of Mashable, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times.

SomeComms -

In December 2012, we worked on a cross-platform campaign with in order to raise awareness of drink driving around the Christmas period. We filmed a "drunk" man attempting to get into his car, and then looked at how many passers-by tried to help him, and how many refused. The video has had almost 60,000 organic views on YouTube, and the campaign had coverage in a number of trade and national titles, including The Sunday Times and AOL.

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About Us

A Social Media Agency is part of the award winning 10 Yetis Public Relations family. We approach social media campaigns in the same way that put us on the map for our public relations work; we are disruptive, hard working and ready to do whatever it takes in order for you to hit your targets.

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Latest Project

We are currently working with, one of the UK's biggest and most popular price comparison services, on their social media campaigns. We have produced a number of video-based projects, which are all driven towards delivering high quality traffic to the website.

80% of marketeers questioned said they had difficulty in measuring the ROI of their social media campaigns - we have the tools to track this.

Founders of

Only 41% of brands that are active on social media platforms have a strategy in place.

Digital Brand Expressions

Among the world's largest 500 companies, 35% had Twitter accounts in 2009, but only 22% maintained company blogs.


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